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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This all-in-one HP Officejet performs the four functions of printing, faxing, scanning and copying. It does each as good or better than the standalone version of each of these activities. On the printing side, the quality of the printed documents and pictures also rivals that of third-party publishers, especially those on photographic paper. The prints, which can be borderless, have sharp, vivid and nicely saturated colors.

The nine-step installation process took about 45 minutes. All four functions were then up and running. Connectivity can be wired or wireless Ethernet, or through a USB connection to a PC. I connected the HP Officejet 7500A through a wireless wifi connection on my home office network. The unit saw the name of my network on its LCD display, and then prompted me for the network password, which is entered into the display unit.

I printed two "draft" documents, one in black and white, and one in color. The 22-page black-and-white Word document printed in 56 seconds. The 16-page web document of colored product pages from, took 68 seconds. The quality of the draft documents is very good and perfectly fine for everyday use.

Since this is a wide-format printer, I printed a borderless 13 by 19 photograph from Photoshop Elements. The quality of the printed image is outstanding. It is as good or better than an emulsion-based print. I also printed the same image on a borderless 8 ½ by 11 to test for color consistency between various sizes of photographic paper. Both images were beautiful and consistent.

There are a couple of nice enhanced features of this all-in-one unit. The first is the auto document feeder, which feeds the FAX, copying and scanning functions. I stacked a 40-page document into it, and created a PDF file of the document in a few minutes.

The other enhanced feature is ePrint, which allows printing to the unit from anywhere on the Internet. During the setup process, an email address is assigned to the printer. You can print most standard document and image types by attaching then to its email address, and then sending it. The HP instructions say that "a print job might be delayed up to 5 minutes" before it prints. My delay time was eight seconds. This is a neat feature, which also includes a level of security that allows for limiting inbound email-based print jobs to a list of email addresses that you can create and manage online.

The HP Officejet 7500A is solidly built. It is replacing a 12-year-old Canon copier, an 11-year-old HP printer and a 5-year-old HP scanner. The quality of this HP Officejet 7500A is simply better than the "parts," so it is time to replace these older units. I think this HP unit will also last ten or more years as well.
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The price point of this wide format MFP was too low to resist. I was able to get rid of my old fax machine and my temperamental HP wide format inkjet and combine them into one machine, freeing up much needed space in my office. Free up space, it most certainly did, but the benefits of owning this frustrating piece of technology ends there.

As for large format printing, this puppy sure handles paper up to 13x19, POORLY. If you're lucky enough to get the paper to feed without jamming or trying to grab ten sheets at once, it usually feeds crooked and prints everything on the page at an angle. Then, when it gets to the bottom of the page, it freaks out and tries to suck back the freshly printed page back into the printer for some reason. At best, this rips the bottom of the page. At worst, it feeds the page back in so far as to jam the print heads that are still flying back and forth. Printing 13x19 is a great function, but only if it works. This machine literally has a 10% success rate with large format paper.

Printing on regular sized paper can be frustrating as well, as this printer likes to feed multiple sheets at once, or none at all. Reposition the paper in the tray, and it may then print or jam up on you. Depends on its mood. Trying to print wirelessly? Sure it has the function, but you will wait FOREVER for this thing to start printing a page. When it does finish printing, each page is shot out the front of this thing like a clown being shot out of a cannon at the Circus. Forget to flip up that paper tray "stop" at the end of the tray and you'll end up with freshly printed pages all over the floor of your office.

Copying, Scanning, and Faxing is handled fairly well, except for the fact that you have to use the touch screen interface to enter the numbers. Another exercise in frustration. The touchscreen key-pad is really fussy and either doesn't respond to your touch at all or responds by entering two or three numbers rather than just the one you're trying to press. Frustrating. Once you get the number entered, faxes go through as expected, though the paper feeder is louder than any other I've heard anywhere.

If you can actually get this thing to print a page correctly, the print quality is quite nice, as expected. However getting this thing to work on a regular basis over the last year of having it has been an exercise in frustration. I am writing this while researching a replacement for this machine. Can't wait for the day I get to throw it on the trash heap. I generally like HP printers, but this one is a total dud.
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on April 23, 2011
As with many other reviews on this product, I had high expectations of this HP because I've owned 5 excellent ones in the past. I've only replaced for upgrades (like I expected to do this time, and that just isn't going to happen). I've never been disappointed in any HP product, until now. There are many pros and cons to this printer which is why I gave it a 3. Though for me, an experienced HP user, the cons are more outweighing the pros. The quality of the print is really fantastic. Pretty top notch, and the ink doesn't bleed like most ink jet printers, which is a WONDERFUL attribute. I've had problems with previous HP printer's ink cartridges included in the purchase pkg (the ink is usually too low and goes bad really fast), so I did my norm and purchased all of the necessary cartridges to get a valid opinion, and I can't imagine my prints getting any better. I'd even tested it with printing an 8.5 x 11 print using a picture from my telephone and the quality it returned far surpassed my expectations even on very inexpensive paper. The smooth operation of aligning, cleaning printheads, diagnostics were fantastic, typical HP. It may take a little time trying to figure it out, but the process is pretty simple and self-explanatory once you do. The quality of the prints alone is worth keeping the printer. The problems I'm having are:

1. This printer takes so long to start up just to print a 1-pg copy, certainly more than my previous HP printer does (which I'm suppose to be replacing with this one - FYI: that won't be happening), it's crazy to have two printers, but apparently that's what I'm stuck with and oh-by-the-way, I lack that printing space in my small office.

(The main reasons for the purchase of this printer was for the Wide Format print & scan sizes for my scrapbooking, as well as the wireless WI-FI printing and scanning process)

2. I can't even print a 12x12 print from a 12x12 print, nor can I scan a 12x12 page. When I print on 12x12, it gives me a border that I'm not really wanting or needing, and no other print option included. The printer is quite large, therefore, my expectations of print sizes were not met. I personally view this as a trial printer gone wrong.

3. Connectivity with the WI-FI print/scanning requires a cable cord that DOESN'T come with the pkg. So I'm not using this wonderful option at the moment either.

So, to sum it up, if you intend to purchase this for scrapbooking or just for quick normal printing and scanning, or unless you have an extremely bad printer, I wouldn't recommend this one. I even bought this printer for half the normal price, and it's still NOT worth it. However, the quality of the prints are really phenomenal if you plan to use it for picture printing, that's about all it's worth. Hope this helps...
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Picking up this unit, I had pretty high expectations. HP has always produced excellent printers; in fact, back in the 90s they were better known as a printer (and possibly calculator) manufacturer than a PC brand. Suffice it to say that with this latest generation, it's clear they still make great printers. It's also clear that their software has improved since the last generation I've used, and that they're making a serious effort to improve usability across the board.

The HP OfficeJet 7500A is a large all-in-one, designed to accept wide format print jobs and clearly catering to a small office setup. It has practically every feature you can think of: scanner, copier, wireless, USB, fax, and e-mail printing. It also has a color touchscreen display, memory card slot, and dedicated sheet feeders for printing and copying. The size and weight of the machine are both substantial, so this is not something you'd buy to put in a crowded room or if you plan to move around frequently.

Straight out of the box, setup is simple. If you can configure a Kindle, this is really no harder- just plug it in, then hook up the USB, ethernet, and wireless as applicable. Install the software on whichever machine you want to print from (or don't- see below) and you're good to go. I installed it on an old Win XP desktop, my Macbook, and a Win 7 machine: two using wireless, one physically connected. No issues whatsoever; I wish all hardware was this easy to install.

Alternatively, you can simply turn on the printer, connect it to the internet via WiFi/ethernet, and use the e-print feature without installing any software. This also allows devices that can't install the software (e.g. phones) to print. Setup involves creating an account on the HP e-print site, after which you can specify a list of e-mail addresses allowed to use this feature (or let anyone, which is probably not recommended). To print, simply attach the file to an e-mail addressed to the printer. This feature recognizes most common document formats (.txt, .doc, .pdf, .xls, most image formats) and works pretty well. I did notice some quirks with it, for example it will not print graphics that are small size or low resolution. Why not just use this feature instead of installing the pretty big HP software suite? For one, it can take a while depending on how snappy your e-mail is. It also doesn't let you specify any formatting- you can only choose black & white or color in the general printer setup. Lastly, it doesn't support ALL document and image formats.

The third alternative is to put your media on an SD card and physically insert it into the printer. This allows you to print images directly from a digital camera, for example. The touchscreen allows some simple formatting instructions as well. The primary advantage of this is you don't have to have a computer running to use this.

Print speed is comparable to most modern printers- very fast for B&W, decent for good quality color. Print quality is fully configurable, and is very high (photo print detail) on best quality. The scanner/copier works as well as any comparable device; having the dedicated sheet feeder is a plus, as it allows you to automatically scan stacks of documents instead of doing it one by one.

The machine itself comes with a pack of photo paper to play around with, plus the standard four color cartridges. The black cartridge is the same size as the color ones despite the fact that the print head can fit a considerably larger one (as is the case with most modern inkjets). No doubt this is to get you to buy one sooner, which is a bit cheap on HP's part.

Additionally, this printer has built-in fax via a standard phone cable. I haven't tried this particular feature and don't use fax in general (it's such an 80s way to do things IMO). Especially with the scan-to-email feature, this is rather obsolete. However, if you need it, it's there.

The next big question is, who is this printer for? It's probably most suitable for use as a home office or small office machine. For personal use, it's pretty massive overkill in terms of features and power and is too bulky besides. For a large business, assuming most print jobs will be B&W, it'll work but will likely cost more than a laser printer in the long-run due to the higher cost of black ink. On the other hand, if you plan on printing color frequently this machine is going to be hard to beat. The fact that it can take outsized pages is an added plus.

Bottom line: though a tad on the pricey side, the OfficeJet 7500A has pretty much every feature you can imagine and can handle anything you can throw at it. It's easy to set up, the touch LCD is a nice feature, and the scan/print options are effective and powerful. It might not be the most cost effective unit for massive amounts of black and white printing, but it can definitely do the job.
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VINE VOICEon November 24, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To start off, this printer was a HUGE upgrade for me. I had been using a Canon printer/scanner/copier for the past couple of years, which was fine but didn't do more than was intended. So I was primed and ready for an upgrade. This printer did not disappoint.

To begin, it comes in a huge box. I knew ahead of time that it would be a big printer because it prints 13x9, so it at least had to be as big as the bed where this paper would sit. It was packaged well, and was easy to put together. Within a few minutes we were all set up.

First I set up the wireless printing. This was a total breakthough for me, and I will never go back. Imagine - being in the basement with my laptop and printing a recipe for dinner 2 floors away? Genius! Now I know other printers offer this, but to me, it's simply wonderful.

Then I used the touchscreen (which I love because my phone is touchscreen) keypad to set up the web printing. You also have to go online to coordinate which websites you'd like to print from. Basically how to can set this up is to have various websites programed on your PRINTER to print to their websites when you ask it to. Without opening your computer. I use this once in a while with a craft for kids website and can print colorings or crafts whenever my kids are having a "moment" - it's super fast, and they love the variety.

I also printed a huge photo on the largest photo paper, it was 13x9. The color was fantastic. Just make sure you feed the paper the right way (face down).

I have also used the scanning feature, though can't seem to figure out the "Stitch and Scan" CD they sent with it. I am assuming this would bring multiple scanned docs into one large .pdf to email, but I can't seem to get it to work. Might be user error.....

I have not used the fax feature because I don't have a land line.

Overall, this would be a great addition to a small business or home office. I always feel like the ink is expensive, and I wish they would sell it wholesale somewhere (I looked at Costco, nada) or in bulk for less. It takes 4 different ink cartridges, so lots to replace. But I have been using it for almost 2 months now, printing every day, and still don't need replacements.

Overall, a huge change for me, and a great upgrade for anyone looking for a fantastic printer/scanner/fax.

update 11/26/12

This printer is still great. One issue: envelope printing. I have tried using the tray, but it just gets jammed. Every single time. Very frustrating. Still a great printer, tho.
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VINE VOICEon December 14, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this printer for about a month. Here are some of the things I like and dislike:

The positives:

1. Very compact for a legal size printer
2. 'Green': low energy consumption, relatively low ink cost.
3. Very good print quality. Text has just a hint of smudge. Close, but not quite laser quality. Black is really black. Good color saturation. Very, very good photo printer when used with HP's photo paper.
4. Very good scan quality. I've tried text scans only, and it works great.
5. Easy to use. Set up is a breeze. There is even set up animation on the printer's screen. I used mine in wireless mode at primarily. No problems finding the printer.
6. Touch screen is awesome. Very informative and easy to use.

The negatives:

1. Wireless print and scan is slow. Takes a while to transfer image from computer to printer, and back during print and scan.
2. Actual print and scan speed is adequate, but not quite laser printer speed. No way this is a 33/32ppm printer. Slower than my color laser, which is rated at 21ppm.
3. Firmware not quite mature. This is more like a small computer than a printer. Very sophisticated firmware. But not that stable. I had to restart the printer a several times due to lock ups.
4. Mobile printing is simply not ready for use. I can print emails from my iphone without any problems. However, the print app for the iphone keeps locking up during image print and scans. It loses the printer. I can occasionally print a photo from my iphone, however, the printer locks up after the printing is done. Scanning is almost useless. Perhaps it's the wireless connection speed is slow, the printer locks up every time. I've tried to scan over a dozen images. It worked once. The rest of the time the scanner locks up.
5. Software installation does not allow choice of drive to install to. A bit nit picky, but this is a large software package, and hogs up valuable space in my ssd primary drive.

Overall I like this printer. As long as it's used in wired mode for the basic functions of printing, scanning, and faxing from your computer. I was really disappointed that the iphone print app is so unusable.
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on February 8, 2011
The initial printer that was shipped to me was a lemon - during initial set up the printer gave a paper jam error, even though there was no paper jam. After a couple hours of following the troubleshooting instructions on HP's website, including cleaning the printer, I broke down and contacted HP Support via webchat. After about an hour, the technician decided I needed to return the product.

After receiving the second printer, I couldn't get the scanner to work. After a couple of hours searching the web I found that I needed to delete an entry from the computer's registry to get the scanner software to install properly. Now the printer is working as it should, but I'm not confident that it will continue working for an extended period of time.

The print quality is decent, and it's a good price for a printer that will print on 11x17 paper. However, if I was doing it over again, I would order a different wide-format printer.
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on December 18, 2010
this is a great printer. a lot of people say its hard to set up and its noisy, its high speed and high output combined with the quality of photo printing make it a gem for the price. it took me 5 minutes to set it up wireless to two computers, and the noise is minimal. you may spend hours screwing around with all the features and apps on it but that doesnt count. the online apps on the printer are really handy say you need a check list, graph paper or paper airplanes its all there. the large print and scan are a huge bonus.
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on February 6, 2013
We bought this all-in-one for our new office back in November. It has been nothing but a nuisance since day one. I want to commit Office Space like acts of violence on it every day. Here is what issues are in brief:

1) The scanner/fax/copier feeder tray jams every time. I have to guide it in with my hand, which defeats the purpose of a multi-page feeder tray. The other option is to scan each document one at a time, which takes about 3 minutes a page. I am routinely scanning 50-75 pages at a time. I do not expect the feeder to accept the entire batch at one time, but I do expect it to take 5 pages at a time without ripping each of them. However, because of the jamming issue, I am forced to scan each page of the entire document one at a time. It takes a very long time.

2) If, by chance, the feeder does not jam, then there is a very high(%50) chance that the printer will encounter a software error, and find itself stuck in a loop. I am then forced to shut the printer off and turn it on again, and then restart the job. I once left the loop running when I left for work, and when I arrived the next morning it had not resolved itself, so the issue is nit solved by waiting it out. There is something very wrong with the software. I have updated my drivers, I have uninstalled and re-installed my drivers and printer software and have used HP's "Print and Scan Doctor" utility often. Nothing gets resolved by this. This happens whether you are scanning, printing or faxing, and does not matter if you are using the feeder tray or not, it will experience this error.

3) If you get past the first two issues, then the likely hood of the printer loosing contact with the computer is very high. When this happens, the entire scanning job must be restarted.

In conclusion, this all-in-one makes some very simple and routine jobs both adventurous and stressful. I am in the market for a replacement machine and look forward to not having this one to deal with anymore.

UPDATE: No on will read this, but I need to vent.

So I'm printing payroll. And the printer jams, and starts feeding and ripping paper as fast as it can. Currently there are 4 checks jammed in the printer so tightly that I can;t get it out. I have opened the rear door, and have removed the front tray. I cut my hand trying to reach into the printer to get at the paper. I called HP, and after a 20 minute wait on hold, the "tech support" couldn't help me until I provided all sorts of details. He knows what printer I have, and what my issue is, and I could not wring any helpful information from him. Totally useless.

We have a a Brother printer in the office as well. It has performed perfectly since day one. I will never touch another HP product in my life.

This thing is going in the trash, and I will be purchasing a new printer this weekend. Good riddance.
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VINE VOICEon November 10, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been thinking about getting an all-around printer for quite a while now. I have a separate printer and scanner both from HP which are a few years old and they are pretty reliable. The printer that I own is a Photosmart printer which I mainly use to print images off my camera or memory card. It has served me well over the years and just when I was about to come down to purchase a replacement, here comes an all-around printer from Vine.

First impression was "this printer is awesome!" It possesses all the capabilities that you will ever need to make your printing needs, whether it be documents or photos, glide like a breeze. On the plus side, it will also do scanning, faxing and copying so you are pretty much covered as far as document-related tasks are concerned. Another aspect of this printer that totally blew me away was its wireless capability. You can connect it to your network at home and print wireless from your pc or laptop anywhere in your house where you are connected to your wi-fi.

Installation was a breeze. If you have installed a printer to your PC via wired configuration before, then you will not have any problems here. If you have an HP PC, it will auto-detect this printer right away and auto install the necessary drivers. However, if you want to be have the flexibility in printing, you might want to install the included software. Installing this via wireless network, wasn't a problem either. There is a setting on the printer for a Wireless Wizard Set-up where it will detect your network and you can just follow the instructions on the display screen to finalize the connection. Once it is connected to your network, you have to install the software to configure your pc to print wirelessly from this printer. And once set up is done, you might want to place this hunk of a big printer somewhere stationary and unobtrusively so it doesn't get in the way of anything. The sheer size of this office printer did not fit anywhere on my computer table.

The printing aspect of the Officejet 7500A is where it totally blew me away. First, the speed at which a consumer-based printer can print 33ppm for black and 32ppm for color is just plain fast. You can without a doubt, print documents to meet any deadline. The photo printing aspect of this printer is another factor that is just plain amazing. I tried to print a simple photo from my pc and detail on the photo was great. The quality is almost the same as you would get from a photo developing shop. The memory card slot is also a useful tool if you want to print documents or photos from it, no need for a PC. The scanning function is also great if you want to scan documents directly to your pc as with the copy function to produce multiple copied of a document.

This printer is definitely a workhorse but it is definitely intended for an industrial or office setting. Its sheer size and speed is not usually intended for the casual home use. Nevertheless, it is a highly recommended product!
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