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on November 1, 2010
Its tough to put this little netbook down; resume with-in 3seconds is pretty phenomenal! HD display with 1366x768 is extremely sharp/bright with much less scrolling.. the 3D SRS sound is a big improvement and is positively loud... the netbook handled all streaming (hulu, netflix, boxee, youtube) without any problems, dual core and wifi N worked flawlessly. 9hrs probably a stretch with wifi and blue-tooth; so far averaging 7hrs with active web... No bloatware at all (hats off to Samsung)... love the Matte screen... and highly recommend upgrade to 2GB ddr3 for a carry anywhere replacement! Prior to this had the highly successful Samsung NC10 (loved it) and with this one Samsung has raised the bar again and priced it right (initially blogs were indicating a base price of $429); Enjoy!
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on December 10, 2010
I got this as an Xmas present for a friend and after adding the extra RAM and some software, I wanted to keep it for myself! YouTube videos played well and the speakers were great--far better than my Sony laptop. This netbook is needed for light document work and needs to be very portable in case documents need to be revised while the user is nowhere near home. The keyboard size should be quite useful. In all, I had to wrap this up and put a bow on it or I would still be tinkering on it for myself.

Incidentally, I had never popped extra RAM in a computer before, but this could not have been simpler. I just unscrewed the panel, popped the old one out and slid the new one in. Simple enough for a chick like me. Like another reviewer stated, it took over an hour to get this up and running because it had to cycle through so many setup elements, but it was really painless (just long), and given how easily I could change the RAM, I didn't care!
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on November 1, 2010
This is a fantastic netbook for only $400 - I cannot bring myself to rate it any lower than 5 stars due to lack of Nvidia ion2, gigabit ethernet, usb3 or hdmi, mainly because the price could not have been as low. The other features more than make up for what's missing.

Battery life can be 9 hours if you aren't doing a whole lot, but with normal web browsing over wifi I've been getting about 6-7 hours. When putting the nf310 to sleep, it only takes 3 seconds to come back to the desktop which is awesome. Also the ability to charge a usb device when powered off is a bonus if I forget my phone charger on the road. The 10 inch native 720p display is impressive and I can't remember any other 10 inch netbooks with this high resolution and a $400 pricetag.

Browsing sites with flash enabled and youtube 720p videos all worked flawlessly with the dual core atom cpu. I wouldn't recommend this netbook for gaming but for the price I wasn't expecting to play the latest gpu intensive games/videos. The build quality is superb, and the Samsung software bundle is complete. A simple uninstall of some extra stuff I didn't need such as Norton and I was happy. The included Samsung restore/backup software was simple to use and reminded me to set a baseline backup once the nf310 was configured the way I liked it. I was surprised to also find MS Office Starter edition bundled, allowing me to open word and excel files without any extra installs.

After purchasing the nf310, I look forward to seeing what Samsung has in the pipeline for their netbook product line - I expect they will eventually add ion2 and usb3 into this form factor, but I'm sure the price would be closer to $600+ with shorter battery life.
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on April 25, 2011
Pretty much everything good that the other reviewers say about this netbook is true. It's stylish, light, with the very good screen and sound, good web camera, good keyboard, new "resume within 3 seconds" feature, and almost no bloatware (in fact most of the pre-installed programs are quite useful. I only uninstalled Bing toolbar and Norton Internet Security Netbook edition - good program if you want to pay for it, but I'm not using netbook that much, so I'm OK with the free antivirus program like Avast). It comes with only 1 Gb of RAM like most netbooks, but it's very easy to upgrade to 2 Gb. I cannot say anything about the battery life - simply haven't used it long enough on the battery.

The reason I took off two stars is that after 3 days of use the Wi-Fi connection died, and I couldn't restore it. I called Samsung (their support was pretty easy to reach - no long wait, no countless voice prompts), but they couldn't help me. In a few hours the connection was restored by itself, but the speed was slow. So I sent the unit to Samsung hoping that they would replace the wireless network card (should probably send to the store for exchange instead), but they did nothing. They said that they tested the connection and it was OK, and blamed my router for this problem, although I previously explaned them that I had several other devices connected wirelessly to this router and never had any issues with them, and that if I plug in an external USB wireless adaptor I get an excellent connection. I never had any connection issues with my previous netbook which I had for more than two years.

What's worse - they returned my netbook in the original carton without external packaging. As a result I was unable even to return it to the store later since the packaging was damaged.

So I ended up keeping this unit but most of the time I'm using my ASUS USB network adaptor. The connection works so far, but the speed is about 3-4 times slower than with this adaptor, and very unstable - jumps up and down.

I'm not sure whether this is a problem with my particular unit or the model itself, but the fact that Samsung did nothing about it made me quite unhappy.

There is another thing that I didn't like much. With my previous netbook - HP Mini - I could insert the SDHC card completely and carry my netbook with it, with Samsung this is not possible - the card always sticks out. For most people this is not a problem at all, but if you want, for instance, to replace the hard drive with the smaller SSD and use the SDHC card as an additional permanent storage like I did with my HP Mini - this might be an issue.

But I would definitely give this netbook 5 stars if I wouldn't have this connectivity issue and inability of Samsung to resolve it.

Update 8/3/2011:

After using this netbook for several months, I've noticed that it's network adaptor is very sensitive to interference. When I keep it in my office, near PC and other electronic devices, the connection is very poor. If I move it away, to another room, for instance, the connection speed increases dramatically. This netbook comes with the network utility, and it does show a lot of interference when I keep my netbook in my office.

But, again, all my other network devices are located near my PC and don't have this issue.

I've just bought a new netbook for my friend from a different manufacturer. Connected it to my network - the speed is excellent, no connection problems whatsoever. So I was absolutely correct about the problems with the Samsung network adaptor.
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on December 27, 2010
Linux Mint 10 (based on Ubuntu 10.X) installed from a USB drive in fifteen minutes. The installation program asks for permission to download and install a proprietary driver for the wireless network adaptor. The Samsung NF310-A01 otherwise works perfectly on GNU/Linux open source software.

I meant to make this a dual-boot machine with Mint 10 and Windows 7. Upon first boot, right out of the box, Windows 7 launches a configuration program. A message appears that says "this may take a few minutes, please wait." I waited 15 to 20 minutes but the message remained. I finally powered off the machine and did a full installation of Linux instead. Now it's plenty fast. Goodbye Windows 7.

The 1.5 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM is beefy enough to run Firefox, Skype, and OpenOffice without a hitch. Battery life is right around 4.5 hours but drops to 3 hours if you run 3 or 4 programs at once. The excellent screen resolution is comparable to that of a full-sized laptop, making the full width of a web page visible without side scrolling. The result is a small image of a complete web page, which is an acceptable compromise.

The footprint is a bit smaller than a sheet of printer paper. It weighs almost nothing in your hand, even with the battery attached.

You get the power of an entry-level laptop in the portable package of a netbook priced at one of the best values available today. Get one.
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on February 16, 2011
I like this net-book so far, the other reviews are pretty spot on... get the additional RAM. Not too much bloatware. Looks good and sounds good, etc. Just wanted to point out that it comes with Windows 7 starter... That means you can't change your desktop background, personalize your windows, etc. Look it up on Microsoft's website. By the time you spend about $25 on the RAM and $80 on a Windows upgrade.... You just paid $500 for a pretty cool net-book, for the price of a pretty cool laptop. I like it though.
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on November 11, 2010
Pros: nice keyboards; fast start; better screen resolution than the typical netbook(1024 x 600); the sound is way better than most of netbook I have tried; matte screen; somewhat faster compared to Atom N450 netbook.

Cons: Tons of bloat-wares and crap-wares-- are netbooks for people who like to play all sort of internet type flash games? It took about 43min to first start and install all bundled software, and another 2 hours to remove them, thus one star off. The screen does not tilt as farther back as I want(I knew this before I bought it). Cheap plastic feel on the mouse button.

Other thoughts: Forget about 9 hours of battery life, you won't get that!!! I had 6h40min and I was on the net most the time. I bought this because I wanted (1) a better screen resolution netbook (2) to install ubuntu. I am indifferent to the wave design; it looks nice but I'm not impressed. Also, I don't need a HDMI out so I won't miss that.
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on January 30, 2011
I came from full spec laptop to this first netbook.
I have ordered the memory but not yet arrived, so tested with 1GB.
No upgrade of windows 7, so just starter.
Everything FINE, except for Youtube HD : However, my laptop could not do it either.

Netflix HD : Fine, sometimes there is a lag for 10s of seconds, but it runs Smooth most of times.

Xvid avi files are running smoothly with this 1GB ram.

Tabbed browsing with 10 tabs : Fine
More than that : old tabs will go to the hard drive and needs a 2 seconds to get back : Fine.

Samsung 3 seconds wake up feature: Excellent!!
it just instantly comes back!! Movie playback including netflix is all resumed without problem.

Display : Amazing.
I love galaxy S because of its wonderful HD display. It looks like real.
Same thing happens to this.
High display option, with samsung movie enhancer program makes everything more real!!!!

Watching movie in direct sunlight at angle : possible. (Not best situation, but twice better than laptops)
Though, Viewing angle is not any better than usual LCD monitors.

Not glossy at all!! no eye strain.

Adjusted to a larger font since font becomes a bit too small.
The characters look really smooth. Almost like a paper printed. Better than the Kindle (sorry kindle, you are too slow also)

Sound : Is this a netbook, even laptop? Better than most of big PC speakers under 50 dollars.
Of course it will not have the Boom base. But crisp, clear, and powerful.
I also connected to premium stereo system, and sounds nice.

Keyboard : Comfortable, and feels great.

Battery : Watched 2 hours of movie in highest brightness, Still 70% remaining.

Else : VGA slot!! Blootooth, SD card slot( will be used for readyboost to speed up)

The glossy cover looks nice in Titanium color. But be prepared for scratches.
I got big scratches on my first day. Will be more careful in the future not to place with hard object.

Touchpad : A bit slow, needed to make it fastest in the control panel.

A bit heavy with the 6 Cell battery. Not as light as the lightest netbook.
But I feel my IPad heavy also (1 lb)
What is light? Galaxy S cell phones ^^. Paper thin and light.

Charging is not that fast. Fully drained battery will need more than one hour without use, and more with use.
(the Adapter is just 40W, but very small size and light. Can be a plus)

Runs warm. I expected cooler operation with netbooks. Display is cool though : again excellent.
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on April 5, 2011
I bought the NF310 a couple of weeks ago on a competitor website ( -- given that it was $15 cheaper than Amazon.
But regardless of where you purchase it, rest assured you'll be making a wise decision.
I see the last reviewer had issues with his Samsung. But hey, the odd bad apple is an unavoidable aspect of mass-produced products. I've been there myself (in my case, a Cannon printer and Dell laptop). No one is immune from picking up a defective product. My advice should bad luck befall you: promptly replace the product at the store and give it another shot. That shouldn't be a deal-breaker. The real issue is whether the product operates as expected once you're dealing a non-defective one. The NF310 certainly does.

Let me sum up this puppy:

RAM: get the 2GB upgrade (it's only an extra $25)
HD: the 250GB HD is pretty standard for netbooks
DESIGN: sleek finish with sharp contrast between silver frame and dark touches (definitely stands out in a room and will draw compliments)
KEYBOARD: chiclet-style keyboard offers sufficient separation between keys for comfortable typing
RESOLUTION: video-playback is pretty smooth
FAN: absolutely silent
HEATING: one of the best cooling systems I've ever witnessed (after hours of intense usage, the base will barely get warm)
BATTERY: I've been squeezing a solid 7-8 hours from plain Internet and word-processing use

In sum, this is quite possibly the best netbook available today. I'll definitely be a repeat-customer going forward.
Samsung has been on the laptop scene for about 2 years now, but based on the look and feel of this machine, you'd think otherwise.
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on February 25, 2011
I bought this to replace my samsung go310. I am not a High power user, just email, surfing the net etc... So far i love it! I read dozen of reviews on amazon, cnet etc... Sometimes it so hard to decide what to get. If you are a casual user i'm sure you will be pleased. One big improvement is speaker volume, I had to use headphones on my go. These speakers are LOUD. Work well for news type videos. Music not so much. You will want a good set of 'phones for that. The only things I don't like is the battery life 6 hrs, not a dealbreaker but a couple hrs less than the go. I believe this is due to the win7 operating system. Also you cannot change the background without resorting to various "voodoo" regedit type changes that i don't want to fool with. I did order the 2gb memory from crucial. Very pleased with their sevice. Amazon was great as always. Frankly I am reluctant to buy anything anywhere else. I also downloaded decrapifier from Cnet. Go easy with this tool as I think you could get rid of some stuff you might want. I just got rid of the games and stuff that was obviously not needed. I also took another reviewers advice and put google chrome on a thumb drive and loaded that instead of using IE7. I'm not sure that this is necessary but I did it anyway. There is a lot of conflicting advice around that makes choosing a netbook harder than it should be. Samsung products seem to be some of the best stuff out there. By the way, my go is still going strong. I just wanted a new toy!
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