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on February 19, 2011
I've only had the phone for a few days, but I really like it. Easy to use and the keys are not too small for my thumbs. Call clarity is great (not sure what the echo is that others mentioned) and texting is very easy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could text from either keyboard. I couldn't find that in any review before I bought the phone and it is a nice feature. Battery life seems to be better than my old LG VX8360 which would die after 2 days in the black hole that is my workplace.

The display is bright and clear and the camera works very well. Pictures are sharp and the camera is easy to use.

I don't know about Internet on this phone because I bought it to use as a phone. I have 3 computers at home for Internet.
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on January 25, 2011
We purchased two of these phones to replace LG Voyagers. They are very well suited to people who want a phone with real number buttons and a qwerty keyboard. The options are easy to follow and more logical than previous phones. The keypad unlock feature is effective by pressing the OK button twice, especially with the screen prompts. The qwerty keyboard is very small but works fine--even for my old pudgy fingers.

The sound quality is superior to our LG Voyagers and this improvement was immediately apparent. The sound level complaints in other reviews may be the result of the default settings on the phone. When the sound level seems too low, press the "increase" bar on the side to maximum volume and then press the OK set button. Remember to get those software upgrades as well.

NOTE: Since we are "olds", we got the very inexpensive 250 email per month plan because we do not text with anyone. We set up free email accounts with one of those big online services and dedicated an account for each mobile phone. We use those accounts to send and receive messages when we are away from our PCs. It's inexpensive and convenient that way.
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on February 11, 2011
This is a decent phone for a feature phone. Its not amazing, but its not awful either.

-Easy to navigate and use
-Comfortable to handle
-Does not turn off or on when in a pocket or purse
-Does not pocket dial when in a pocket or purse
-Can use your own music as ringtones stored on a MicroSD card
-QWERTY keyboard

-Internal keyboard too flat- makes it hard to distinguish buttons from one another
-Messages are threaded but the complete message does not show at once unless it is very short. Means an extra click to read the full message if the first 2 lines don't jog your memory.

Would I buy it again when this one dies? Probably not. But it'll do for now. I use it primarily for texting (3000+ texts a month) and rarely for talking (less then 2 hours a month).
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on June 4, 2011
Just got this phone through Amazon.. Process was very easy..This phone replaces my Lg Env which I had for many years. The Octane so far is a perfect replacement. I have had none of the problems of some other reviewers. This feature phone works great as basic phone/IM/camera.. Also good if you must check email on occation. I am happy I waited for the Octane for replacement. One final comment is that I saved 99 dollars by buying through Amazon as opposed to direct from Verizon.
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on January 8, 2011
First of all, keep in mind that most people who take the time to write a review are going to be unhappy with the phone. I really really wanted to love it. I talked to the sales lady at Best Buy upon returning the phone, and she said that they have sold a lot of them, but I was one of the few who brought it back. They don't get any sort of kickback from Verizon, so I feel she was being honest.

I got this phone to update my Lg EnV2, which I loved. I just wanted something a little newer with a tad easier keys to text on. I also didn't want to pay for the data plan. This phone is awesome for texting. If you are primarily going to be texting on it, then you probably won't be disappointed with it. The keys are large and easy to use and there is easy access to all the symbols, unlike my EnV2. It had some updates that I liked over the EnV2, such as key placement and message threading. It also has an awesome camera for a non-smart phone.

Here are the problems that I noticed with it (I used it for close to one month):

1. There was a constant hissing sound in the background of ALL calls. I thought that maybe I was being picky, and you heard that with all cell phones and I was just used to it on my old phone, but after trading to the EnV3, I realized that this is not the case. Occasionally during longer conversations, the hissing sound would "click off" (there would literally be some sort of soft click) and I thought that I had lost the call, but suddenly it was crystal clear. If this was the only problem, then I think I would have lived with it

2. The problem that I couldn't live with was the issue with the volume. While talking on the phone, the volume would suddenly shoot up to full volume. Despite the volume bars visually going down to nothing, the volume was still at full blast. I actually had to hang up because I couldn't talk like that. I thought this was a one time thing, or that I was doing something wrong, but it happened at least once a week. I looked on some phone forums, and found that this was a common, reported problem with the Octane. This led me to trading in the phone.

3. It would not work with more than one memory card that I put into it. I also had this problem with the EnV2, and apparently, that was a known problem with the EnV2, but I don't know about the Octane.

4. I found the outside number keys to be too tiny. (I am on the petite side and have pretty small fingers, so it's not lik I am used to having that problem). They put on a bigger outside display, which is nice, but I actually wanted to use it as a phone, believe it or not! The EnV2 and 3 have much bigger dialing keys.

5. The occasional echo problem. This is one that I read about prior to getting the phone. This was actually not a big problem, and I only heard it on a handful of phone calls (I actually had this with my EnV2, but only when I talked to people on the AT&T network)

I ended up getting the EnV3, which sadly enough is being discontinued. I decided to pay for the data plan, and am actually very satisfied with the EnV3. I have not experienced any of the problems as I did with the Octane.

I really feel like cell phone companies are heavily pushing their more expensive Smart Phones with the top data plans and have dropped the ball on the other phones for people who don't want all the bells and whistles. There were no other phones that had the quality of the EnV2 available (I also tried the Samsung Intensity 2 for a day-a little plasticy, but I just didn't feel like adjusting to the tinier keyboard. This is overall a decent phone and my mom loves it.)

So, there you go, 3 phone reviews in one!
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on May 23, 2011
I purchased this phone for my wife about a week ago. She is absolutely computer and cell phone illiterate, so I loaded her pictures, songs, visual caller ID, contacts,etc. - generally set the phone up. Verizon's ( free download ) V Cast Media Manager made it easy.

I purchased a Droid Incredible 2 for myself, and while her Octane doesn't have all the high tech bells and whistles, it is a very nice feature phone, IMO the best Feature Phone available from Verizon. It's expensive looking and very solid in the hand, QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 Mpx camera with flash, Video, etc.

The external screen is pretty small, but if all you want to do is talk on the phone, it's perfectly adequate. Open it up, though, and see the Octane shine. The internal screen is decent sized, not big, but large enough to view pictures OK. We are retired and neither of us texts, but the QWERTY keyboard is not wasted - it was very easy to load up her contacts using the internal keyboard.
As per previous reviewers, we made sure the " Voice Clarity " was turned off, and have had no one complain about the dreaded " Echo ". Very good coverage and talk quality. Plus the battery seems to last forever.

Two issues, one major and one minor have cropped up:

1. The screen locks automatically, and as delivered, it locked almost instantly, and then required 2 hits on the unlock button to unlock it. I have since changed the setting so that it takes 30 seconds to lock, and now unlocks with one tap on the unlock button. Minor issue solved.
2. The major issue is the ringer - it's simply not loud enough. Turned up to max, it's still hard/impossible to hear when you're in another room of the house, or with the phone in your pocket or purse. They have put the ringer on the inside of the clamshell. Duh.

I hope they come up with a solution to the ringer, but it's not a deal breaker since there is absolutely nothing else in the Verizon Feature Phone lineup that's anywhere close to the LG Octane.
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on August 29, 2011
If you're like me and are torn between getting an LG Cosmos 2 or an LG Octane
(nowadays, the number of basic phones out there is extremely limited), read this review.

I already have an iTouch, so I was looking for a basic phone that makes phone calls and texts, that's it - and nowasdays unfortunately,
there isn't much out there since Verizon's goal is to sell you a "smart" phone to make you pay them more each month.

I first originally purchased the LG Cosmos 2. I liked everything about that little phone, but the keyboard was small compared to the LG Octane,
so I went ahead and exchanged my Cosmos 2 for the Octane.
BIG MISTAKE. Let me give you a list (pros and cons seem to work well for cell phone reviews):


-small and wider than your other basic phones, making it hard to hold up to your ear.
-absolutely horrible voice quality (I talk on the phone more than I text). I found myself having to talk very loudly as well as repeat myself all the time to enable the person on the other line to hear me clearly. I am not a loud talker and do not expect others to hear what I am saying on my cell phone while out in public.
-missed so many calls because the speakers are on the INSIDE of the phone when closed. How retarded is this? I downloaded a louder ringtone and had the volume as high as possible, and it's still silent. The sound is very, very low.
-THE KEYBOARD. It looks nice and roomy and easy to text on....NOPE. The keyboard is so damn flat (there's no space between the keys) that you end up pressing the button next to the one you originall wanted to - and I do not have big fingers at all.
-and the biggest con of them have to hold the phone horizontally and use both hands in order to go through your settings and other menus. You are unable to browse through all of your features from the front of the phone. It's extremely limiting and annoying because you need to have the phone opened from the side in order to do anything more than call or text.


-looks cool
-seems ok for texting - NOT for calls.

Luckily, Verizon was nice enough to give me back my Cosmos 2
that was still in the back since they didn't ship it back because I hated the Octane within 1 day.

I see there are many great reviews on this piece of crap, and I realize different
people like different things in a cell phone - many people hate the Cosmos 2, but I love it.
My mom for instance hated the Cosmos 2 and exchanged it for an Octane
and every time I talk to her on the phone, she's always breaking up.

With my LG Cosmos 2, you can do EVERYTHING on the front display,
you can actually hear the phone ring, people can hear me on the other line,
it's small but not too small - it's perfect for me.

Why someone would like such a limiting phone that has horrible voice quality that you can't even hear ring is beyond me.
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on January 18, 2011
I purchased this phone in mid-January (following some software updates) and so far I have been pleased. I have not had the problem with Echos or voice quality that others have reported. My daughters tell me that they can hear me more clearly than with my old phone. I believe that the software updates have solved these early problems. I like the keyboard and I find the user interface easy to be logical and intuitive. I like opening it up and being instantly in speaker phone mode.

Two things caused me to limit my evaluation to four stars. 1) I wish that I could generate more volume with both the ring tone and also hearing the person that I am talking too. There are controls for this but even the loudest settings are not quite as loud as I would prefer on occasion. 2) The camera is not the greatest, but that is not all that important as I do not plan to use the camera very extensively.

Overall I am happy with my purchase
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on November 1, 2011
I did all the research on which Feature Phone to get with Verizon since my family was switching. It was between this and the Cosmos Touch. We all went with this beast and I bought us all cases and screen protectors. The buttons are easy to type with, the stereo speakers are loud and perfect for playing all my MP3s. I've been converting some nifty videos to watch through my 32gb micro sd card since the screen is a good size and again the stereo speakers are a plus. I bought a bunch of 2.5 to 3.5 speaker adapters off amazon for less than $3 a peice so no biggy on the size of the output. I've never had a phone that could use gif images as its background so thats definitely unique. I can use all my ringtones from phonezoo for calling or text messages. I've only ever had one phone that has individual text tones for each of your contacts but thats not a problem. The only thing I did not really like is that you can't have folders separating your Media which messes with my OCD but I've gotten used to it. The camera takes good pictures at a high resolution and the camcorder's video is sharp as well. The texting is so easy on this phone and it doesn't take forever to read the messages like some other joker was saying on here. I rarely use the phone for voice calls but I usually have it open and on speaker, it sounds perfect that way or just using the outside all old-school like. I don't know if these other crtics are technologically challenged or are just getting defective phones but I am loving this phone. All in all this is an awesome phone and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to be entrapped into this new data plan craze the wireless companies are trying to force people to get. I mean who doesn't already pay for internet at their own home? Internet on your phone? How lazy are we getting that we can't sit down at a computer and look up what we need?
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on December 27, 2010
I have had this phone for about a week now and am loving it. I had no unrealistic expectations about a feature phone having smart-phone capabilities (as I read frequently in reviews for this and other feature phones at a variety of sites), but what this phone does, it does right for the most part.

On the positive side, there are a myriad of customization options/settings for both the internal and external displays. The included tools are of the typical fare (i.e. calendar, notepad, calculators, etc.), but they are all easy to use and useful and include some (to-do list, stopwatch) that weren't on my last phone. I imported some .mp3s via bluetooth, and the sound quality of the speakers is superb for a cell phone (although I'm not sure how often I will actually be playing music on it). If you are a medium to high frequency texter, this phone should satisfy with both T9 and a full qwerty keyboard. The keys are raised making for happy texting fingers. The voice clarity has been excellent on all the calls I've made and received.

On the negative side, the camera does leave some to be desired. While it is a 3.2 megapixel camera, I have seen 2.0 megapixel cameras on other phones take similar quality shots, although I haven't yet tested the camera in various light settings/environments/etc. or exported any pictures to a computer to see how they look full-size. If the camera does zoom, I haven't been able to figure out how to do so when taking a picture. I haven't encountered the echo issue that some other reviewers have mentioned, and the "voice clarity" setting was automatically set to "off" when I got the phone which I read was the culprit of the echo issue. Finally, the phone is a little big overall and could have benefited from an eighth-inch trimming here and there.

All in all, I am thoroughly satisfied with this phone and am glad I got it.
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