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97 of 102 people found the following review helpful
on January 7, 2011
OK I received my VPad7 yesterday afternoon, and so far I'm MOSTLY Happy!
It's zippy, but I do wish they had put in a 1Ghz processor. Will probably force it out of a Honeycomb Upgrade.
I can not get Adobe Flash to install, but so far I haven't found that to be an issue on the web.

Viewing Angels not a problem, Battery life - We'll see after it's conditioned but so far I'd estimate 4-8hrs depending on activities.
Tested Transformers 720p HD and not one flicker
Sound from it's little speakers Impressive!
Dropped my T-Mobile SIM in and BOOM instant Big Phone :D The Speed only shows Edge, but I'm in a funky location.
Phone quality - Just got off a 1 hour conference call using both the speakerphone option and the plugin headset. No complaints from anyone. I heard the other end just fine.
Reception signal is actually BETTER with this than with my actual T-Mobile HD2 phone.
Highly Recommend getting a MicroUSB card as the internal memory is minimal. Get the more expensive FAST card for better performance.
Streaming music, sounds Great just as nice as an MP3.
GPS works like a champ!
Angry birds works great :D

My only other Gripe is the keyboard - It functions fine, but I'd like to use the Market's Better Keyboard, which after installed and enabled - doesn't swap out for the swype keyboard that is standard.

I may look into the "rooting" options that people have done with it's big brother, but so far it's handsomely accomplished everything I've tasked it with!

If you're looking for a Bigger Screen Smartphone, and don't want to pay that extra Data Fee that the carriers are forcing on us, this is CURRENTLY your best option! and with that extra Data Fee you can't use it's competitors (Galaxy Tab for example) as a phone, even though they have the capability.

If I have luck with rooting and installing any custom ROM, I'll post my results. It's not a top priority ATM as it's satisfactory as it is.
TO Viewsonic - Get is certified for Flash, and unlock it so I can use whatever virtual keyboard I want and you'd get 5 stars!!

Update: 5/30 OK after using it awhile I've come up with two major flaws - this may be MY actual device, or an actual design flaw - 1) Charging has become a game - I have to Cinch the Power cord behind the Tablet using something to Hold it in place back there then maneuver the USB plug just right or it won't charge. 2)the "Buzzer" now goes off if you hold the the Tablet too tight or if its in my computer bag; and won't stop until you slap it. So it now sits in a cradle, it functions fine and I still use it, but not outside of my home office.... I should have returned/exchanged it, but I had such problems getting basic information from Viewsonics' Customer Service, I just re purposed it and got the XOOM which I LOVE 110%. Hopefully no one else has had this issue, if not for that I'd Still give it 4 Stars.
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56 of 59 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2011
Update(Sept 21, 2011): The Viewpad7 ROCKS! I just got back last week from Mexico and used my Vpad7 as both a Phone and Internet Device. Picked up a TelCel SIM Card and it was up and running. Traveled from Merida down to Cuidad del Carmen and had 3G signal most of the way. Mostly did texting in Mexico and back to the USA without any problems. Checked my Yahoo Email Account without issues. Reserved a hotel room in Campeche using without issues. Updated FB with pictures and comments on the fly. I use it at home reqularly on the Home WiFi and where Free WiFi is available.

There were a couple of issues with Android trying to type and it would start adding characters on it's own so some texting got to be annoying. I haven't been able to link up with my T-Mobile Blackberry via BT using PDAnet and I've only got PDAnet working via BT when I had a Moto Cliq one time. I've been hit and miss on some Movies I've setup using FabDVD where some run and others don't. I think it's FabDVD cuz I tested the same files on an Acer A500 with Honeycomb and had some issues there as well.

Overall, still glad I made the purchase even with the annoyances. Currently watching for the US release of Acer A101 which is another 7-inch Tablet with 3G but has Honeycomb. I'll still keep and use Vpad7, especially since I want to test its Wi-Fi Sharing abilities the next time I'm out of the US. If you want a 7-inch Tablet with lots of Marketplace Apps then get this tablet...I checked out the Acer A500 and there are very few Apps available for Honeycomb right now.

Overview: I place the Viewpad7 above the iPad for the simple reason that it has these more portable, has dual cameras, has MicroSDHC port and a SIM Port. The Samsung Tab shows up on paper with a higher resolution, but I would have expected the Tab to have an AMOLED screen for that price. The 1GHz processor on the Tab is definitely nice, but not a deal-breaker. I do have a problem with Samsung hobbling it's phone features for the premium price, even if it is subsidized by the Carrier. Samsung Tab, Viewpad7 and iPad are the only real choices if you want more features than an eBook Reader can provide.

External: I definitely like the portability of the Viewpad7 which fits in your jeans back pocket even if in the Leatherette Case. The Case could use an SD Card, Credit Card and SIM Card pocket...but that's a personal preference. The fit and finish are clean but they should have placed the Mini-USB/Charge Port and Headset Port on the side so that you could connect to them even when the unit is sitting on the Case in Easel Mode. The speakers are pretty loud and you'll get people looking your way if you're playing 'Video Poker - Jacks or Better'. Easy access at the top of the unit to the MicroSDHC and SIM ports are a real plus. Sure would be nice if this thing had an additional full-size/full-service USB2.0 port given the thickness.

Wireless Functionality: Popped in a T-Mobile SIM with 3G Internet and was able to make calls with no problems. You can use it as a Hub for making Conference Calls and a BT Headset works well. I was only able to get EDGE Internet, which was extremely slow. I could load up the WSJ website to read articles, but anything that used even a mildly graphics laden website just wasn't going to happen. A little research and I found that T-Mobile uses UMTS1700(upload) and UMTS2100(download) for 3G and this unit only has UMTS850/1900/2100. 90% of the world runs 3G Internet on UMTS2100 where it's available. The phone is World GSM ready with 850/900/1800/1900, but I won't get to test this out until mid-year from Mexico and hopefully Thailand after that. As far as 3G, it should work in Mexico with TelCel as long as they aren't using the mini-SIM. If you have a reliable Wi-Fi signal, the internet pops along pretty well. I was able to run YouTube clips with no issues. Flash 10.1 isn't available yet, but I hear it is in the works. I tried hooking up a Palm Folding Keyboard and Interlink Mouse via Blue-tooth with no doesn't play well with Pairing Codes that aren't fixed.

Android OS 2.2 - This is where I think the unit needs more work. Programs like Picture Gallery would 'Hang-Up' once in awhile and I'd have to hit the 'Return' to take a step back to get it going again. Transferring pictures from my PC was kind of hit and miss with some having to be reloaded in order to be viewable. The Gallery was nice when it worked properly, adjusting resolution of pictures automatically and allowing you to re-orient. 'Video Poker' would lock-up and I'd have to exit and restart. I'm still trying to figure out how to get imported music and video to work. The User Guide, which doesn't ship with the unit and is available from the Viewsonic Website, is pretty useless at best. Transfers don't work as simple as 'drag-n-drop' like on my Android 2.2 phone. This unit can be set up as a Wireless Hotspot, but since I haven't gotten to use 3G Internet it hasn't been tested real-time yet.

Hardware - The Cameras are nice, but nothing to brag about. A flash would have been nice and higher resolution always a plus. They work. The Internal 512MB is ROM, which means you'll have to add memory through the MicroSDHC port. I wish it had at least 512MB Internal RAM so I could keep an on-board secure file for passwords and other sensitive info. I haven't had the chance to run the battery down, but I've gotten 3hrs+ continuous use with some juice still showing on the Battery Indicator. The Google Maps feature with GPS-Sats used as a navigator works well. This should work fine with AT&T 3G Internet and allow me to order pizza on the run and then navigate to pick it up.

Docs-To-Go - Having this built in is very nice. Word and .pdf Documents seem to work best. I haven't been able to get a PowerPoint file to work yet and Excel works in basic mode, but still haven't been able to get it to function on a Workbook between sheets.

Future - Still have to get imported vids and music to work. Testing out on AT&T 3G Internet and Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. Root MagicJack so I can make International Calls back to the US. I want to print wirelessly and it should be able to hook up to a Projector using a USB Printer Cable available on eBay and Amazon.

Overall - This Tablet definitely has some issues still to be resolved and isn't as reliable as many Android Phones out there. But it seems to be the best of what's available. I'd still pick this over the Samsung Tab and if I had to go with the Tab I'd pick the AT&T version so it would function Internationally. I can see using this while waiting at the airport to board, or at the hotel to download my Electronic Boarding Pass before I leave. I should be able to hook up my laptop via the Hotspot feature in a pinch. Fiddling is the only way to learn this Tablet since the User Guide is very limited. The 7-inch format is definitely the way to go with lots of patience required. Ordering via Amazon with Free Shipping is awesome!
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51 of 56 people found the following review helpful
on February 10, 2011
This tablet is great for whatever you could possibly want to use a tablet for.

All the tech websites are setting super high expectations, and many of the negatives i read about before buying this device turned out to not be the case at all.

Youtube works great, lack of flash not a problem because browsers like skyfire convert flash into html5 anyway.

Everything is smooth, apps from the android market work great.

I thought I couldnt install much without the memory card. My memory card comes in tomorrow and I've already installed like all the apps i want. im sure ill find more.

Really really a great device, good for the price.

Free SIM card is a great feature, especially for someone like me who is overseas a lot.

If you don't want to pay too much, and don't want a data plan, BUY THIS TABLET.
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21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on June 10, 2011
Due to some of the reviews on this side I had reservations about buying this device. I needed an inexpensive all-in-one solution so when the proce dropped, I took a chance. I've had my Viewpad for a couple of weeks and I'm delighted.

First of all, it's a hands free phone I bought as a replacement for my crappy pay-as-you-go T-Moble phone I bought a couple of years ago. I popped in the sim card from that phone to the vpad and made a call, no problems. The T-Mobile pay-per-use program is the least expensive option I've found for keeping an emergency cell phone with me. Problem was, I kept forgetting to charge to cell phone because I never use it. Well, I won't have a problem keeping the Vpad charged since it's so much more useful than a phone, both at home and when I'm out and about.

I don't have 3G service, just edge. It's enough to grab an address from the Internet if I need directions. When at home, I have a wireless WAN for Internet access. The vpad jumped onto my home network without any problems. There is a setting to turn off data access for the phone so that I don't accidentally use my minutes for the Internet.

If in the future I need better service or 3G access, AT&T has some inexpensive pay-per-use options - $15 a month for data access on their Gophone 3G plan. They also have the "Buy $100 minutes, won't expire for a year" option as T-Moblie. I don't know if the unused portion rolls over like with T-Moble. The site doesn't say. But since I'm home most of the time, I can't see myself wasting the money. Most of the places I visit have free wi-fi, which is better anyway.

For my car, I bought a ToothPik Mobile Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit that also plays music through my car speakers. The Vpad connected to the toothpick right away. For at home and when I'm shopping, I bought the Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (both phone and music) the vpad connected without problems. I'll be looking for a bluetooth keyboard next. I'm hoping the case/keyboard combo for the Galaxy Tab will work. I've spent enough money this month, so I'm holding off.

There's no Netflix app for this device, which is a Netflix issue not a vpad issue. I don't travel often and I have a 27" widescreen monitor for watching movies at home, which is much better than a 7" screen. Would be nice to have to entertain the kidlet when on the rare road trip. But he's taken over my ipod which does play Netflix via wi-fi. And he's happy with the screen size. Oh, to have young eyes again...

I loaded videos to play on the vpad, which uses the same formatting as an ipod. Of course, I purchased an "optional" 32GB memory card, which really isn't an option. The user manual doesn't give instructions on how to do a data transfer from a computer. But the vpad comes with a USB cable to connect to a computer. When the device recognizes it is attached to a computer, it asks if you want to enable USB transfers then shows up as a device in My Computer. It's drag and drop from there (create your own folders). Just remember to close the connection before removing the device from the computer or you have to turn it off and back on again for the card to be recognized. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to learn.

The device does not use Media Player or iTunes for sincing. For that, you are on your own. (USB connect, drag and drop)

It is supposed to sinc to contacts in Outlook. I don't use Outlook, so I have no idea if that works. It did not work with Windows mail contacts so I had to type in my contact data. The T-Mobile crappy webservice-backup wiped out my contacts, way back when, and I never added the contacts back or I probably could have grabbed the data from the sim card.

Documents to Go - one of the reasons why I purchased this device - allows me to view and EDIT MS Word files and has a decent pdf viewer made much easier due to the 7" screen. Docs to Go for Word does not read rtf or txt files (just doc) kind of a bummer but I can deal. I'm a touch typest so I won't be using the onscreen keyboard for writing novels. But I can edit one and write notes and ideas while away from the house. ;-) I haven't used the Excel or Powerpoint Docs to Go and probably won't.

The onscreen keyboard is okay as on screen keyboards go. Due to the larger screen, I don't make as many typing mistakes as I did on my ipod and I can type much faster. I don't use the Swype feature.

As an ebook reader - another reason why I wanted this device - it is decent. The Kindle app loaded without any problems. Eyestrain after a few hourse was a problem until I changed to a black background with white text, which seemed to help. I usually use my laptop for reading ebooks when at home. The vpad is for when I'm away, waiting for the kidlet for whatever reasons.

The vpad connects to the official Goggle app store where there are plenty of free and paid apps. So far, I only have free apps like Angry Birds (almost a requirement for smart phones), Spider Solitare, social networking apps and more ebook readers.

The touch screen is more sensitive than the reviews here led me to believe. My ipod doesn't feel nearly as sensitive. BTW, with the vpad sometimes you touch and hold to activate hidden submenues (a feature not discussed in the user manual). I have to be more careful when scrolling in the vpad than I do on the ipod or I activate a feature I hadn't intended. That's more of a technique problem than a problem with the device. The more I use it, the fewer problems I have.

I'm still getting used to the four "buttons" (hot spots on the bezel) on the side of the device for "back" "Search" "main screen" and "Settings" that light up for a few seconds when touched then go dark. I'm getting used to the location and find I'm not fumbling for the right one as often. Sometimes I grab the device the wrong way and activate one of the buttons. Happens less often the more I use the device.

I can create music playlists on the fly and delete duplicate files. The Media Player playlists I downloaded from my computer are recognized as lists on the vpad but do not play correctly. Don't know what is up with that. I have 8GB of music to organize. Sigh...

The case that comes with the device is perfect for me. The flap covers the screen when in my daypack and flips into easel for tabletop use. I don't like that the power and headphone jacks are on the bottom of the device. Kind of annoying when the juice is low and I can't use the case the way it was designed.

I use facebook. No problems there. The notifications (set up to make a sound) show up at the top of the device. I pull down the tab and see who said what. Tap and the app launches so that I can comment.

The same notifications show received text messages. Hubby and I are sending little love notes, something we never did when I had the crappy old cell phone. If I had know buying a vpad would add a bit of romance to my life, I would have purchased it a long time ago.

So far, the battery life is the same as a cell phone. The more I use it, the faster the battery drains. The more options I have running in the background, the faster the battery drains. In the settings, there's options to turn off the background items like wi-fi, bluetooth, (and airplane mode) to help save battery. I don't charge this device as often as I do my ipod, which was almost every day.

There is so much more to this device, many options I have yet to play with like the voice to text, cameras (still and video), GPS navagation, video chat and whatever other apps there are to discover. I'll know more as summer progresses and we go on a vacation.

When Smart Phones become intelligent enough to get a job to pay for their high monthly service fees, I might consider getting one. I "played" with an iPad one time, which was enough to know I wouldn't be happy with the size vs features vs price issues. I can't afford the other 7" tablets like The Tab, Zoom or Dell and I wanted an inexpensive cell phone replacement option, which the others do not provide. So even if the Vpad isn't perfect, for me, it is the perfect all-in-one solution.
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20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2011
I read [and re-read] the reviews on this site for Viewpad7 and all others...finally got it on Feb 19, 2011, because wanted [NOW] an android tab with SIM unlocked [Huawei S7 is the other one out there - but don't buy a poor battery, resistive screen android 2.1 brick for 299 and tax S7 Android Tablet (WiFi, 900/2100 3G, 7-inch Screen)]. There is no 'viewing angle' issue as someone has pointed out [of course some deterioration at acute angles lower than 30 degrees], the WiFI is super stable [on a b network] and the whole Android mktplace is there for you. Downloaded TIME mag,, Yahoo Mail/Finance, youtube apps and am up and running. While youtube works very well this DOES NOT have a flash enabled browser. Of course Dolphin/Skyfire etc. may help there. Wife is happy she gets her Facebook, Y!mail, Goog calendar updates,Picasa all neatly integrated on a well designed notification screen - tap, tap, tap and there she goes. Kids impressed with the youtube and Voice search feature. The capacitive screen is just fine and virtual keyboard comes with Swype and works well. Password entry is good. Do turn on 'predictive text' - you will find it very valuable. Ordered a 16GB card with it, haven't got to use it yet, system says 110 MB still available. As noted by community the T-Mobile SIM works just like a charm and the phone design is great [checked out a conference call - b/n my cell, wife's cell and land line - Ha!] - BUT the voice comes out on a speakerphone, so public use is limited [unless using supplied earbuds]. Form factor is sleek and sturdy and the included case is well designed. As mentioned the power-in location could have been different, but no deal breaker. The 600MHz CPU is my problem and web surfing is obviously slower compared to my 2.33GHz laptop, so apart from short bursts of info usage I won't persist with this for surfing...but a tab is not for writing code for 6 hrs at a stretch, one should not compare aggressively. Included Documents to Go handles MS Office well. Hey it's a real GPS, MP3, 'laptop', cell phone, dual facing camera [no flash], organizer, barcode scanner {?}...if double the bucks don't bother you [for similar sounding competition] and you recognize that this is pretty much it - for an integrated tab/phone out there then go for it [don't know much about the 10 inch iPad, but from what i hear there is no camera, no SD card slot, no USB and no SIM slot] is not a bogus/outdated product [like some others on sale on this site - beware of bricks/paperweights] and is a nice home/office network appliance for easy info updating. [btw, battery life is super and bluetooth works]. My 2 cents in return for the effort that 10 others before me put in, to put the info out there. Thanks and Ciao.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on April 28, 2011
Ok, so I have owned this thing for about 2 and a half months. Here is the short version review up front:

- Android 2.2 - While currently supplanted by 2.3 and 3.0, it was in immense upgrade for those of us who had been used to using 1.6. There are a lot of tweaks that make this version fun and functional (thanks Laptop magazine!)
- SIM slot - I bought it for use in Afghanistan, while deployed. My only semi-reliable internet option was Afghan Wireless Cellular Company(AWCC). While there was nothing better than Edge network speed available, sending an email or surfing the web at the drop of a hat from anywhere was a lifesaver.
- Android Market - Even though I could not purchase paid apps while out of the US, just having access to the free apps(yes, there really are thousands) kept me from losing my sanity.

- 3G - In the US, I used it with T-mobile, who does not operate their 3G network on a frequency compatible with the Viewpad7. I assume that its meant for use with AT&T or another company.
- Case - The leather case that came with it started coming apart at the seams after a month or so. Not the end of the world since I bought a neoprene case to better weatherproof it. Still, the leather case was nice because it allowed the unit to be propped up at the optimal viewing angle.
- Speakers - The volume of music played through the speakers, or a call on speakerphone, is ok for a quiet room, or even the inside of my truck with the radio off. In a room with 2 or three other conversations going on, however, a bluetooth headset or the supplied wired headset is a must. Since I didn't buy it to replace a boombox though, its still a great device.

I pit it daily against a coworker's Ipad, and day in and day out this one is the winner. The 7 inch size is clearly more portable and the GPS, Sim slot, phone, and Market are icing on the cake. The only thing that would have been nice is more internal storage and RAM since it only takes a handful of apps running to bog it down. But with judicious use of an app killer, I can play Angry Birds or edit an Excel spreadsheet with no issues.

Currently, its primary use is as my mp3 player/workout timer/journal, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on June 4, 2011
Short Review
Overall I haven't decided if I am going to keep this tablet. There is nothing wrong with it but at the price point the Dell Streak 7 may be a better choice since I am looking to implement this into a business application that will be getting heavy usage. It does have some lag on occasion but overall the tablet is snappy and responsive.

How To for AT&T to save people time and frustration.(Tmobile does not have 3G/4G in my area so I cannot test it but from what I have seen in the specs it should have the capability to work on Tmobile's network on the 1700 and 2100 frequency):
First thing you need to do is go to an AT&T store and activate a sim on the DataConnect Personal for Tablets plan they will need to use an IMEI from a valid AT&T device that they sell since their system will not accept the IMEI from the Viewpad.
Second item is once the SIM card is active and you install it in your Viewpad all of the APN info will be incorrect. I tried to copy the APN info off of a Samsung Galaxy in the AT&T store that was working but it did not work for me on the Viewpad.
The settings that worked for me are as follows (These settings are found in Settings-->Wireless & Networks-->Mobile Networks-->Access Point Names):
***I think all settings are case sensitive***

Name: AT&T
APN: broadband
Proxy: <Not Set>
Port: <Not Set>
Username: <Not Set>
Password: <Not Set>
Server: <Not Set>
MMSC: <Not Set>
MMS proxy: <Not Set>
MMS port: <Not Set>
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type: None
APN type: <Not Set>

**If this still doesn't work try setting the Network Mode to GSM Only and once it connects change it to GSM/WCDMA auto to get faster 3G speeds.

Update:Device seems to be more stable than expected. The Viewtab is significantly more stable than my LG Android 2.2 phone. Even though this tablet is not the fastest device, overall for price/features it is a keeper.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2011
I am very impressed with this tablet. I had been looking for about a month and decided on this unit because of versatility. The ability to plop in my phone SIM card (GMS) is a major plus. Although my phone (Galaxy S) has 1Ghz, so presumably faster, I find no lag in the functionality of this tablet. I am very impressed with battery life. When I first got my phone, I freaked when it was out of juice in 12 hours (now lasts 2 days after 2.1 update). This Viewsonic device is still going on a charge when I first got it Tuesday. Unplugged at 3pm, heavy use that evening (youtube, etc.), moderate use the next, no use Thursday, and now it is Friday noon and the battery icon is half full! Actual percentage after going into setup is 39%, but that is not bad. This thing is essentially a big cell phone, which is fine because I love my Android cell phone. I think that is how it got certified by Google so it could have Marketplace, where Viewsonic 10 inch (G) does not, or phone features (but it costs less too). Also, a 7 inch tablet seems bigger than I would think too - plenty of real estate for browsing. I get great viewing from all angles, so it is a good screen. Plagued with same issue of all like devices, including laptops: shiny glass covering LCD creates tons of glare and refections. I will get a screen protector that reduces that like I did for my phone.

Con: One thing that prevented 5 stars. Home page (desktop) does not want to rotate. It stays in landscape mode. Most everything else does rotate though, so not sure if it is Viewsonic Launcher or some glitch. I can live with it though.
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31 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on March 9, 2011
When I saw the specs, price and fact that it dropped the Tap 'n Tap UI, I was super excited to get my hands on one of these. I checked everywhere to see if they carried them so that I could go play with it before I bought it. Nobody was carrying it - Best Buy, local places, etc... so I bought on Amazon. The packaging looked great and unit was beautiful - then I turned it on and things went downhill. First, the screen was locked in landscape mode with no way to switch to portrait or landscape in the opposite direction. Also, the display was grainy and would often times show vertical lines. The biggest 2 problems I had though, were:

1) The sound jack is on the base of the unit, so if you want to watch a movie and have headphones plugged in, it just doesn't work. I brought it to the gym with me and went to put it on an elliptical when I found out and had to view the movie on a tilt. HOW DID THEY NOT REALIZE THIS WHEN ENGINEERING IT!?!?
2) Unit crashed and reset on me 4x in the 2 days that I had it.

I don't like to use cliches, but I'm going to. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I returned this item and I'm gonna wait for the Xoom Wifi later this month...
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on May 29, 2011
Well, this viewpad is exactly what I was looking for.
It is similar to samsung galaxy tab with a lower price.

I researched a lot online for a similar products, my requirements were:

- 7 inch tablet, 10 is too big for my needs (I already have a netbook of that size), it stays in a pocket.

- android 2.2 at least (to save big apps to microsd card), I already have a htc wildfire smartphone with the same OS, so nothing new for me.

- wifi, gps, phone features. Many other products only have 1 or 2 of these, haven't found another with all of them.
I wanted the phone feature so that I don't have to bring with me both a phone and a tablet, I use the same sim card with data transfer plan.

- android market, not all the tablets sold on the internet have this feature, that is very important.

Impressions after using it:
The processor is slower than galaxy tab, but is faster than my htc wildfire, and using it I don't find it slow.
The screen is much bigger than a smartphone, you can do a lot of stuff with a screen that big, I can read pdf documents for study and work easily as an example and other documents of microsoft office thanks to the app pre installed.
Mp3 music and videos also work very well in my opinion. And also games are enjoyable.

I live in Switzerland, and after I put my sim card in it and turned it on in few minutes all was working fine, internet connection included.

Only reasons why I give 4 stars and not 5 is that there is no flash installed, there is a limited number of languages and maybe the plastic material is not the best one, but I am clearly satisfied with the purchase.
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