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on June 3, 2014
Finally! It is so wonderful to see a phone company actually take a step forward in terms of being more environmentally conscious. I hate buying new phones because of the rare metals that must be extracted to produce them, as well as the problem I have with getting rid of phones (most end up in landfills or are taken apart by underpaid workers in Asian countries being exposed to dangerous chemicals).
So when I truly needed a new phone, I was excited to find that the samsung evergreen is made of 70% recycled materials!
I have had this phone for 3 years and have had no complaints, barring a few minor annoyances. I was looking for a simple phone with a good set up for texting, and the evergreen delivers. It has a really handy messaging button that goes directly to all of your texting conversations - no going through any menus. The keyboard is easy to text on, and the screen is nice-looking for a non-smart phone. The backgrounds are cool and nature-themed (which I love!), and there are even cool tools such as an eco walk which counts your steps.
The minor annoyances: doesn't get great reception, the enter button is too large and is easy to accidentally press, and texting without using the messaging button (such as when you need a draft) is a pain.
Lots of people have had trouble with it turning off, but i've never had that problem.
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on April 3, 2012
Like others said, it will turn off on you. I had some problems before the 30 days. After the 30 day period, i turns off more than before. Also, I can no longer delete alarms. I can select and make changes, but I cannot delete alarms. Occasionally I can access the address book, which is frustrating. One time I lost my entire address book. Luckily for that I still had those contacts on my old phone. There's so many bugs, but the ones I mentioned are the worst ones for me. I hate this phone and will return it for a different phone.
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on June 19, 2012
Less than 6 months old. Started having problems within 3 months, will not hold Bluetooth connection , locks up.,shuts off on its own
I bought this phone because of the slide out keyboard , but the phone is no good to me if it's turns off all the time. And from reading the reviews I'm not the only one with this problem.
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on February 12, 2012
1 star means "I hate it." I would like to add the word absolutely into that sentence. I still want to tell off the AT&T salesman who told me it was a great phone that he gets few complaints about, I know he was doing his job but if he was honest I would have spent more money on a better phone. In any case, here is my review:

Service: Within a week of having this phone, I found myself consistently having dropped calls. I wanted to blame AT&T but my previous phones with AT&T never had any service issues. This phone loses service in my room, most areas of my house, in the law school, at my job, actually in almost any place with a roof over my head. Generally about once a week to two weeks the phone goes into what I call non-service mode, I attempt to text and it either repeatedly says try again or states there is no service. When I attempt to make a call it states emergency calls only. The only way to fix this is when I remove the battery and sim card and place them back in. How I usually realize the phone is acting up is when I don't receive a call or text for a long period of time and once I take out and plug back in the battery and sim, I suddenly I see 8 new texts and 4 missed calls. I cannot even begin to explain how many issues this phone has caused me due to these problems. Other reviews talk about the phone turning off randomly, I have experienced this problem a few times but my main issues have mainly been those mentioned above.

Battery: When using this phone mainly for texting, I can get about 2 days out of it. However, a 2 hour phone conversation will usually kill the majority of the battery. Further, once the battery goes from 5 to 4 bars, it dies incredibly fast, which is why I have to charge it as soon as I see it decrease to 4 bars. For a phone as low grade as this, there is no reason the battery life should be so short for conversations.

Interface: The interface is basic and easy to get used to, however, if you are looking for something some more advanced, this is not the phone for you.

Camera: As for the quality of the pictures this phone takes, 'poor' would be a fitting description. I wouldn't put up any photos on facebook from this phone.

Miscallaneous: If there is any positives for this phone, the slide out keyboard is decent for typing. I have skinny fingers so it is not likely as problematic for me as it would be for others with large fingers. I do not have a data plan at this time so I do not know how this phone fares with apps and online features, however I can't imagine it would be too good given the amount of problems with this phone in the first place. One last complaint about this phone is that it does not store many texts and I find myself clearing out my text history about once per week.

Overall: As I titled this review, please do not buy this phone. If you find one laying on the ground and cannot find the owner, use it as a hockey puck or sell it to someone who did not bother reading the reviews.
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on February 21, 2012
To start, here are the pros and cons:

-simple and easy-to-use phone for texting and taking/sending basic pictures
-decent quality camera
-the ability to lock messages (to prevent them from being deleted)

-randomly resets, and after enough use it will just shut off as well. This can be during a call, text, after sending a text (which results in the text never being sent). As time passes, the problem only gets worse. There is no fix for this glitch besides avoiding this phone altogether.
-inaccurate battery estimate. Though the phone displays five bars of battery, it seems as though it is divided into three: the fifth bar, the fourth bar, and the third, second, and first bar combined. The battery dies very quickly after it passes the fourth bar. This is terribly annoying, as you don't know when you need to charge and when you don't (if it's on the fourth bar).

Though I listed more pros than cons, the con pertaining to the glitches is awful, as it is much more than a minor inconvenience. Try to avoid this phone if you can. If not, then just beware that your phone will gradually get worse as you use it more.
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on December 20, 2011
I liked many aspects of this phone. I already have a smartphone for work and didn't want a second huge phone -- I wanted just the basics. Good clear screen, and the speakerphone quality was good. The keys had a decent tactile response and the arrangement was not messy. Photo quality was good given correct lighting conditions, rather bad in poor light, but that's to be expected from cell phones.

The second day I had it, it turned itself off. It turned itself off at least once a day, sometimes twice, sometimes rebooting, sometimes staying off. After that, I could not get rid of this phone fast enough. It had been something of an impulse buy (my Motorola had taken a 14-foot header onto concrete) and I had selected this one at the last minute because it had an instant rebate rather than a mail-in. I should have read the reviews first as it would have saved me the restocking fee. It's a real shame that this phone hasn't been pulled off the shelves after all these reports of shutoff/reboot problems.
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on February 26, 2012
AARRGH. This phone is driving me nuts! Constantly dropping calls, turns itself on and off. Had it "factory restored", didn't help, take the battery out half a dozen times a day for "soft reset", doesn't work. I am talking on a call, all of a sudden, silence...another call dropped. Set the alarm for morning, phone shuts itself off in the middle of the night, no alarm. Called Samsung tech support, useless, they act like I am the only one with this problem. If you google Samsung Evergreen, you will see the same complaint everywhere. If only this phone worked, it would be great. Totally unreliable. If you are waiting for an important call, forget it. I dropped my skinny old Motorola Razr on concrete, it broke in 2 pieces and it still worked. They don;t make em anymore. One of the techs told me it's because they were too reliable! I think there is a conspiracy to manufacture crappy basic phones to force everyone to go to a smartphone.
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on August 5, 2011
keeps powering off and cant seem to read the sim card a lot of the time wouldnt recommend this to anyone
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on March 8, 2012
I gave this 2 stars because it has potential. The phone had just been released when I got it so there were no reviews to draw from. I see now that I'm not the only one who hates this phone. It looks cool, has full qwerty and has good functionability, but the execution of those functions is a headache sometimes. The phone randomly shuts itself off and reboots. Upon rebooting it takes about 2 minutes to become fully operational again. From time to time it says "Initializing" when I try to access my contacts to make a call. It never does recover from that - I have to shut it off and reboot. Sometimes when I hit send to make a call it just sits there "trying" to connect, at which point it gives up and shuts off, reboots itself and acts like it did nothing wrong. I wonder how far I could hit it with a baseball bat? I've had good Samsungs before, but this one's no good. Consider something else.
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on October 7, 2013
I use bluetooth alot since I'm calling frequently. Sound quality for bluetooth for this phone sounds like landline quality from the time of invention of the telephone. Absolutely awefull. I have a very good quality headset that has worked very well with every other phone I've tried. Not this Samsung piece of junk. DON'T buy it if you want anyone to hear you, or you want to hear them!
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