Customer Reviews: Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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on January 21, 2011
I read the previous review and decided to purchase this vacuum anyway. Before purchasing I looked at practically every vacuum on the market and if I lived in a slightly bigger home, I probably would purchase a Miele or bigger Dyson instead. As it is, I live in a VERY small condo that has practically no storage space and this has turned out to be THE ideal vacuum for me! I have hardwood floors, tile and carpet in my home so I LOVE the fact that I can use this machine on all three! My place is so small that I had been using a hand-held Dirt Devil vacuum for my carpet and a Swiffer for the hardwood floors and tile. I really wanted to get a canister vacuum to get under my couch, furniture, etc. but I needed to also have something that would be reasonably small to store. This vacuum has been perfect!
It is true that the vacuum does NOT leave "waves" on your carpet when you vacuum, but that is not a deal breaker for me. The vacuum is also rather expensive for what you get, but again, there is nothing else on the market that is this small and this powerful! One thing I would add is that once it is assembled, it is a bit bigger than you might expect because of the hose. I had to wrap the hose around the "stick" part to store it in the available space I have, but it fits perfectly!
As far as actual cleaning, it works great! I find it to be much quieter than the vacuum it replaced and it has TONS of suction. The exhaust is so strong that it slowly spun my ceiling fans around as I cleaned. Impressive power, indeed!
If you live in a very small home/space/condo, then I would say look no further! This is exactly what you want to buy! If you have a lot of space you may want something more powerful and/or cheaper. However, I'm very impressed by the performance and I LOVE the small size...nothing bigger would fit in my home!
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on November 21, 2011
I've done a lot of research before purchasing a vacuum. Considering this is called the "city vac", the vacuum is perfect for small apartments.

-Its light! I cant lift a heavy vacuum.
-It fits in my small closet and doesnt take up much space.
-Not a hassle to setup. I vacuum at least twice a week b/c I have a baby that crawls.
-It picks up a lot of dust (#12 in HEPA; the highest you can get)
-The vacuum can reach under the bed and other narrow places- very impt!
-Can detach vacuum head and attach other accessories that are already provided.
-It is BAGLESS. So easy to clean out.
-Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warrenty

-The cord isn't the longest I've ever is annoying, but manageable for an apartment.
-Doesnt pick up bulky things (like cheerios) HUGE minus b/c I have to place the vacuum directly over it and wait for it to get picked up. Sometimes I just sweep the cheerios up before vacuuming.

I've had the vacuum for about a year now and after so much use, it is still in excellent shape. I was willing to pay the money for it b/c I dont plan on buying a vacuum annually.
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on March 8, 2011
My house has mostly hardwood floors, and I've been looking for the optimal vacuum for a long time. I've tried various cordless and corded vacuums but haven't been satisfied. The problem is that most vacuums have a rotating brush. The brush, when on, rotates very rapidly and causes undue wear on the wood finish, dulling the floor after a few months. I imagine this would not be a problem with really hard floors like tile/stone. Some vacs allow the brush to be turned off, but then the cleaning is not as effective since the nozzle was designed to be used with the rotating brush.

This leads me to what I love about the DC26, besides its small size and weight: the included "articulating hard floor" attachment. It's much wider than the standard head, and looks wider than most uprights. This attachment also has two pivot points on different axes, making it very easy to get in narrow spots and under furniture. Other canister vacuums' hard floor heads seem to have only one pivot point and thus probably are not maneuverable. I know my older canister isn't as easy to use.

The downside of this vacuum is that it does not clean deep carpets very well because the rotating brush on the standard head is not adjustable and does not extend very far below the bezel. Since the rotating brush is powered by the air flow instead of electrically, I suppose a deeply extending brush might stall and affect the suction. I'll admit my older, much cheaper upright did a better job. On the other hand, I can easily see "waves" in my carpet, despite what the other reviewer said.

One final note, which is expected given the small size and weight of this vacuum: the dust bin is VERY small. Thankfully, it's easy to empty, but expect to empty it often if you haven't kept up with cleaning.
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on November 8, 2013
I really wanted to love this vacuum. We've got a lot of hardwood floors, and a couple of small area rugs. I wanted to buy a vacuum that I wouldn't have to replace in a few years. It's been a few months, and I already want to replace it. Small rollers get stopped by hair and needs to be cleared out almost every time we use it. The canister itself is awkward and tips over. It does do a good job on cobwebs, I'll give it that. But so does my $12 round broom.
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on May 4, 2011
Received this DC26 thirty hours ago. Unboxed and actually read all the directions, most of which are visual drawings. There are two filters, which are supposed to be lifetime, non-replaceable. The "donut" filter that hides behind one of the wheels was quite hard to get to, the release button didn't work as freely as expected. Regardless, I got that figured out and then went to using it.

Many have complained about the shorter than normal power cord. I must agree, this NEEDS to be longer, but I'm not sure they could do this, without making it larger. So the trade off for small size and low weight, is a short cord. I may look for a light weight two-conductor extension cord as an accessory at the HW store.

Not being able to simply clean all the way round the sofa without stopping to move the power cord, is annoying.

It is much quieter than any similar vac I've used in the past.

See below, due to having to stop and empty the dustbin OFTEN, I also found it a convenient time to simply move to another outlet.

Another tradeoff, is the small capacity dustbin. I found myself stopping to dump the bin every 3 to 4 minutes. Most of this was due to having a new carpet and I am currently having lots of carpet fuzz bunnies developing on the new pile. Still, I quickly generated a large can full of carpet pile and the results on the carpet were great. Cleaned carpets with zero left over specks of dirt or fuzz.

The dust bin detachs from the motor/wheel unit easily and one button pops open the bin (over a trash can) to empty it. Then you snap it back on and keep going.

Results on the hardwoods and kitchen tile were even better. No having to sweep over and over on the same spot. One pass and it got the debris.

I found the light weight of the canister/motor to be a bit awkward, as it seems to "flip" over if I turned a corner, but after some practice, I was able to avoid that. Overall the case is plastic, not cheap, but I do have to wonder how it will hold up over time.

I also tried holding the motor in one hand and sweeping with the other. Not impossible, but over time, it gets heavy.

The long ridge wand that connects from the hose to the floor head, is adjustable for multiple height users. This is nice when doing the carpets on the stairs. The carpet floor tool has an air driven beater brush that can be easily removed and cleaned. I find this quite nice, as other carpet tools don't give you this level of ease at removing stuff that get's wound around the brush.

I have a few oriental rugs that have fringe. The beater brush worked quite well in actually straightening them out, and if you were careful, didn't get sucked up or wrapped around the beater.

Meaning, if you push from the carpet out to the end of the fringe, the beater seems to straighten the fringe. Not sure if this is by luck or design. Regardless, better than having to having to "comb" out the fringe later.

One minor nit, the hose coming out of the motor seems to be "handed", better for lefties. This feels a bit awkward and there's really nothing that can be done about this.

I suppose as long as I keep up with the periodic cleaning, I won't be having to stop to dump the bin as often. I bought this due to having moved from a house with central vac. I've been here seven weeks with lots of movers and living, so there was initially, a lot to clean up.

I'm currently looking at possibly mounting this canister on a backpack frame that I have, or hanging it from a shoulder strap so that I can move easier and concentrate on the floor I'm cleaning, and not the motor behind me. I don't care for upright style vacuums due to the heavy nature of having to move the entire weight. I think I might have been spoiled by the central vac that was just a wand and a long hose.

I bought this a Bed/Bath/Beyond, via a 20% off coupon, which ended up giving my $80 off, but taxes and shipping (BB&B didn't stock it) ate up half that discount. (sorry Amazon, you didn't give me any better offer!)
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on September 19, 2012
I have a 1900 square foot house and the only scrap of carpet in it is a small runner in my upstairs hallway. I have a long haired orange cat and a short haired black cat. All my furniture is leather but I do have a couple of ottomans and some pillows that need vacuuming. I used to use a Bona dust mop to sweep then a handheld vacuum to vacuum up the piles then get out the full size Shark vacuum for any rugs or upholster. I would also use the Shark on the stairs so I didn't have to throw a lot of dust into the air sweeping. This involved dragging way too much junk around my house and didn't get up all the dust. I won't knock the Shark, if I had a carpeted house it would be great.

I wanted a canister vacuum but I didn't want it to take up a lot of space and I have a bad back. I was hesitant to spend so much on a vacuum but my cleaning routine was killing me. This seemed to be the bets reviewed ultra lightweight canister vacuum that also did not use bags. I did not want to ever have to deal with tracking down and buying bags. I don't mind emptying the dirt cup on vacuums. I just do it outside and hold a garbage bag around the cup so no dirt escapes.

After almost a month I absolutely love this vacuum, it is seriously the best thing ever for laminate floors. I was concerned that it did not come with the "flat out" tool or the dusting tool but the included accessories have worked great. I use the floor tool for almost everything, including vacuuming my walls since surprisingly cat hair gets on your darn walls. I even use the floor tool to dust tables. The rotating brush tool is great for the small amount of upholstery and rugs that I do have, though I don't think I would be as enthusiastic about this vacuum if I had carpets. The crevice tool with brush is great for getting into nooks and crannies in my kitchen where cat hair likes to accumulate. The weight is fantastic, I no longer feel like I'm going to injure my back lugging around a vacuum. The hose height is great.

I have a relative who is allergic to cats. I usually completely clean the house before she comes over and offer her a zyrtec or she becomes progressively more stuffed up. The past two times she has come over since using this vacuum she has not taken zyrtec or had visible allergy symptoms. This vacuum is definitely doing a much better job of keeping the dust and fur at bay.

Some people complain about the cord length. I have not had a problem with this. My house is 1900 square feet and two stories. I've always had to re-plug the cord in to get both halves of my downstairs. The cord is shorter than my Shark but I've never found this to be a problem. I would much rather have an automatically retracting cord that is slightly shorter than a longer manually wrapped cord.

Here are my only negative comments, though I would buy this again in a heartbeat for my purposes.
*For as much effort as they put into the weight the extension hose/handle seems like it could be made a lot lighter. It's not heavy by any means but seems very bulky.
*There is no where to stow the floor tool when putting the vacuum away. The rotating brush tool docks into the top of the vacuum keeping the hose and extension handle upright but there is no where to attach the floor tool during storage.
*This is not fantastic for carpets. The rotating brush tool is very small. The brush is not motorized, it spins from the air flow so it can stop rotating with pressure or on high pile carpets. For an all hardwood or all laminate house with a few upholstered items and a few rugs this is not a problem at all. If I had a small apartment it would be OK. If I had a fully carpeted house
*When I'm holding the canister and carrying it while I vacuum I feel like the blower vent is on the wrong side. I hold the canister in my left hand and the tool in my right hand, I have to flip the canister from the way I would naturally pick it up so the hot air is not blowing on me. Not a big deal.

The vacuum I ordered from an Amazon seller had been opened before. It was still brand new and never used but it was repackaged in a way where the hose was permanently crimped. Amazon of course refunded my money with no problem and I just ended up buying it from a brick and mortar store so I didn't have to wait to re-order. Check your package when it arrives and make sure there are no crimps in the hose. This also makes me be careful not to store the vacuum squished up or bent in a way where this could happen again.
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on June 30, 2012
I was very disappointed with this model Dyson, the DC26.
I own another model Dyson, the animal, for which I luv, but the DC26 performed very poorly on anything other than hard surfaces. However, on hard surface areas, it's performance was wonderful and I would recommend it IF the only use intended was on hard surface areas or use of the attachments.
The DC26 just doesn't seem to have the power needed for carpeting or other non-hard surfaces. On carpeting, the brush roller on the powerhead doesn't want to spin, leaving all the work to suction only, for which doesn't seem to be powerful enough to get the job done on carpeting or other non-hard surfaces!
I did like it's compact and lightweight design.
Again... For a Dyson...
Very Disappointing!!
Needless to say..., the Dyson DC26 that I purchased, I returned to the merchant for a refund!
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on April 15, 2013
Dyson has always been an excellent product, but this model is terrible. I bought it Nov 2012 as a gift for my sons' vacation home. It has been used about 4 times and the suction is NOT good. Also the power head keeps shutting off even though the brush is clean (no hair, etc). This home has wood floors and 3 small carpets, there are no dogs, just 7 small children. Somehow I am going to find a way to return this machine!
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on April 27, 2014
4 months old and beater brush will not stay on. The hose is weirdly hard plastic -seems cheap. The hard floor attachment is worthless-seriously. It flip flops all over and has no suction - the design of the tools is awful. I am so disappointed in this vacuum. I have a large Dyson Animal but wanted smaller for in between quick jobs- tired of wasting money on those other stick vacuums and didn't want to have told power button for handheld. I am so sorry we wasted so much money on this piece of trash. I thought Dyson had a customer for life - the Animal is phenomenal., but, they lost me on this one.
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on July 8, 2012
Save your $$. Suction is ok, not great. Short cord is ptless, and recomendation from Dyson is not to add extension cord - you'll need to unless you like to keep unplugging or live in a tiny apt (in which case you probably wouldnt pay this much for a vc). Poorly thought out product, our B&D corless vc is better and gets more use. Read some negative reviews before purchasing but went ahead anyway based on prior experience with Dyson - dont make the same mistake!
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