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VINE VOICEon December 18, 2010
Occasionally a product changes how you experience something you use almost every day. This is one of those products. I have been listening non-stop to my Iphone since receiving this. These headphones provide an almost being at a concert like experience. They are especially good with vocals but have a great blend of lows, mids, and highs. The bass will not blow you away but is, to me, as it should be, there but blending in to the rest of the music.

I have been going through almost all my Pandora stations with it, and my Ipod music library. Classical sounds great, pop, folk, rock, etc. A couple of things about this model choice. I would go for the regular HD 238. I can not find a difference on the Sennheiser website and if you look at the brand new HD 238 it is also labeled precision on the headphone. This one you get a 90 day warranty and the bag, brand new you get 2 years. I got this during a lightning deal, though, so very pleased.

I have gone between ear bud headphones and over the ear headphones and I am now not going back to ear bud headphones. They simply do not, no matter how expensive, allow the type of listening experience that over the ear headphones do. There is music leakage from these. In a work environment that might be a problem. And I do keep the volume level a little higher with these compared to ear buds but there is zero distortion at any volume level. You will be very thankful if you get this product, but unless on sale I would buy new if the prices are similar or even check if there are refurbished ones being sold on the new listing. GREAT product, well done Sennheiser.
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on January 17, 2011
I bought these on-ear headphones as a compromise between the heavy duty cans and the too light/lower quality headphones or earbuds -both of which I find umcomfortable. The sound on these things are terrific in terms of bass and sound clarity for the money. Perfect for Ipods -if you have been listening with earbuds up to now, it is like you've never listened to your ipod songs before you put these on. The only ones who might complain would be audiophiles. But they would be hardpressed to find a sound equivalent in terms of price range and size. Recent price drops for reburbished on these make them unbeatable. They are quite light and comfortable. One of the better purchases I have made on Amazon.

update 9/8/11: durability seems to be a problem with these. Given the headphone plug size is in common with the smaller headphones it falls prey to the same issue of "jiggle syndrome/one ear not working" that plagues typical earphones. I had 3. Only one works now since writing this review originally. I'm sure many might be more careful with wear/tear, but if you are the avg user you might run into a problem with quick wear/tear issues like I did.
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on December 27, 2010
These sound really good and as for being a B stock refurb, they looked like A stock refurbs to me. I use these with my apple ipod and the sound volume is a little low, but I am going to try using an headphone amplifier with it. My girlfriend was considering the sennheiser 202 model headphones until I bought a pair for her as well. Now she loves these and is not looking back. The build quality on these seem like that would have a good life span. I am by no means an audiophile, but am very happy with my purchase.
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on March 12, 2011
I hate earbuds, and wanted good quality headphones to use with my iPad and iPhone. The headphones had to be portable and produce good quality sound while driven by a mobile device without needing a separate, bulky amplifier. I didn't want Skullcandy junk, or big-bass-but-nothing-else noisemakers. I found the HD238 after reading a few reviews, and they are as good as I had hoped. They have sound quality as good as the Bose OE and AE2, but cost 85% less. And it's still Sennheiser, not some no-name crap from China. You can read about the specific audio profiles, sound leak due to the open air designs, etc. elsewhere. I haven't seen an unfavorable review -- and it's all well-deserved. Sure, they don't look as slick as a pair of Bowers and Wilkins, and they're not as flashy as Monster Beats -- but they easily sound just as good, and get the job done at a fraction of the price. And they're very comfortable, compact, and well-made. I'd rather be smart than fashionable with headphones. Buy them -- you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended. Wish I'd bought them years ago.
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on May 13, 2011
I bought these due to the amazing reviews and the fact the brand name is one that is comparable to bose. I tried them with my ipod touch 4G and omg it was a noticeable difference from the get go. It was like a whole new world of audio. But I had heard the Ipodtouch 4G only pushes these head phones 60 percent. I plugged these in and put on shinedowns new CD Somewhere in the stratosphere and I could not believe my ears. The bass hits were top notch. The audio was crisp and clear, each sound was just perfect and well separated. These are well worth the price they cost.

The product came in bubble wrap with the pouch and was well sealed. I had no use for the box in the first place and got everything I wanted from the box anyways.

Lets start with the bass. The bass hits like you would not believe. This isn't the over exaggerated bass of Monster Beats or some of Sony's new bass hitters. This bass is hard, heavy, but is not exaggerated and does not take away from the quality of the vocals. For Bass I used Techn9nes - T9X and was highly impressed.

In terms of quality of the body, the plastic is very high quality and very thick. These are not your wal-mart thin little toy head phones. This plastic is sturdy and thick and feel like they could fall from a roof and play fine after. They look phenomenal, they look in no way cheap. The back side where the air flow is could have been done a bit better.

I love the length of the audio jack and the fact it is not a y neck. Y neck i very annoying in my opinion. The length of these is at least another six inches from what my old ipod headphones were.

8/10 - These may not be thousand dollar head phones but these are audiophile headphones. These new are 100+ dollar headphones, we are getting them for a refurbished discount. So make no mistake, these are nice, expensive, amazing sounding head phones for 40 dollars.

I take 2 points Because I wish they would get a bit louder, but for the average person these are perfectly loud enough. They drown out the noise in a talkative movie theater line perfectly. The other issue I have is with the air flow pattern on the back of the ear pieces. It looks to be made of higher quality in the image than in real life.
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on March 20, 2011
I have actually bought these headphones twice. Once when they came out at Best Buy for $100 and again here on Amazon (refurbished) for $29.99. Both times, they had amazing sound quality. I couldn't tell the difference! The first pair broke after 5 months because of overuse I assume. They were used for anything from a TV stereo headset to headphones for my Microsoft Zune.
Some pros: They were comfortable, they sounded spectacular (best I've ever heard), had *fantastic* bass, music/ sound was clear. If loud enough, they would actually block out all sound without hurting your ears. Also, they are really durable. I would sleep with them on and they would keep falling off my bed. No harm was ever done from that. I was absolutely in love with these headphones. Like I said, I overused them.
Some cons: I feel that these should be brought up, although I don't mean to deter people from the product. The life was just way too short for both sets. My second pair, the refurbished ones, only lasted for 2 months. 2 MONTHS! Granted, I kind of bashed them around because they were so cheap, but that is just too short of a time for 30 dollar headphones. Also, there is a *great* amount of sound leakage. What sound leakage is is that what you hear on your side of the headphone, others can hear at a slightly reduced level, but is still noticable. If you actually turn the headphone around and try to listen to it through the back, it sounds like it's exactly the same volume. These are not reccommended if planned to be used in a workplace or a quiet environment. Also, they look kind of dumb in public from what my parents say.
These are definately worth the money if you want a pair of fantastic headphones for watching movies at night or for listening to your music on long car rides. You can toss them around for the price and they will not disappoint!
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on January 18, 2011
As I became more interested in a better music listening experience, I stumbled across these. After looking at some favorable reviews online, I figured for $29.99 it must be a great deal since these headphones usually retail for $50+. If you have any doubt about purchasing these headphones let me ease your mind by telling you that these headphones are awesome. Even though they're refurbished, these headphones looked brand new to me. Like many other headphones, these require some burn in (in other words they need to be used for an extended amount of time) before they reach their potential. The first time I used these it sounded like I had a sub woofer attached to my head and it had me a little worried, but with every hour I used them the bass slowly calmed down and everything else became clear. To date I've used these headphones for 20+ hours and the sound quality is great. In addition to sound quality these headphones are comfortable too and can be wore for hours without them hurting your ears. The only negative thing about these headphones is that due to their open design they leak sound. It probably won't be a problem if you're walking on the streets, but if you're in a quiet setting and like to listen to your music loud then you will disturb those next to you. Other than that, I cannot recommend these headphones enough. For the price, it's simply an excellent deal and if you don't believe me then google some reviews and see for yourself.
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on February 26, 2011
I purchased this headphone for the office two weeks ago. It arrived in a Sennheiser bag with some bubble wrap but otherwise, it was pretty barebones. I almost thought it was a counterfeit until I listened to it. I've heard a new HD238 at Best Buy so I knew what to expect. The sound was identical so I was pretty pleased. However, the more you listen to it, you discover an annoying mid-bass hump that you can't get rid of no matter how long you burn it in and how much you amplify it. I purchased a Fiio E5 to go with this so I figured that would be better than powering it with just my Zune HD. Well, that didn't change much so I looked around at modding options.

If you search "HD238 mod" on Google, you'll find a forum topic (Head-Fi) referring to removing the foam in back of the headphone cups. The conclusion was that aluminum foil made the headphone sound substantially better than the headphone was stock. I did this mod in about 15 minutes and it opened it up tremendously. Instrument separation was greatly improved, the mid-bass hump was reduced and the sound stage was also increased. If you like open, portable headphones and don't mind opening it up and throwing in some foil, this gets a solid recommendation from me.

Oh, did I mention it's also lightweight and comfortable? Yeah, you definitely want that in a portable headphone.
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on April 1, 2011
After having this headphone for 2 month, I still have no clue what the practical purpose of an open portable headphone is. The headphone leaks sound like crazy (worse than my HD595s)and I hate being that guy in the coffee shop who appears to have his music blasting. I only really use these headphones when I'm just not in the mood to wear a full sized headphone cause I have a headache or cause my hair is still wet. With all that said, if you are looking for a portable headphone that leaks sound, you will not find a better headphone in that niche for the price.

Sound 9/10: The sound is surprisingly forward unlike the laid back characteristics of most Senns. The bass hits hard and is very clean. The midrange is a little weak but improves when I amped it. I'd say an amp is not that neccessary.

Build 8/10: Its sturdy but the headphones do not fold up which makes me again wonder about the practicality of this headphone. Earpads swivel to 30 degrees

Comfort 9.5/10: Super lightweight and somewhat sturdy.

Isolation 1/10: Virtually no isolation since there is zero clamping.

Value: You cannot complain for $25 but I rarely use it only cause I am a headphone whore and cant figure out when to put this into the rotation.
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on March 15, 2011
I just got this one as B-stock from Amazon. After burning-in for nearly 20 hours, the sound is not very good.

Coming from several Grado SR60/80, Sennheiser MX470/471 and PX100 headphones, I can honestly say this one is quite muddy and way too bassy. I tested this using a Sony A-818 and my laptop equipped with external sound card, resulting the same unpleasant darkish sound. I could not believe MX470/471 and HD238 all come from the new product line of Sennheiser, because they are so sonically different (MX470 being very transparent but lacking some bass while HD238 has too much low end and very little clarity compared to the new MX series).

Overall, I would say this model is over-rated. Even with its B-stock price, it could still be over-priced. With its MSRP, I think this got to be the worst new product that I have tried from Sennheiser in the last two years.

P.S. Maybe my particular phones are really defective? Since I opened them up, the left earpad won't stay on without holding up with my ear.
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