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on June 1, 2011
Overall excellent phone. I don't ever see myself getting an iphone unless Apple includes a slide-out keyboard for it. The one negative about this keyboard is that it's got three rows of keys while my old HTC Windows Mobile phone had four (numbers on the top row). Because I have to use the function key to type numbers, and because the letter "o" (as in "Oscar") corresponds to the number "9" (using the function key) I keep making errors that should be avoidable with slightly better engineering. (OK, and better attention on my part, too. But I've got to whine about something.) Also, it's annoying that the space bar also has a function key assignment to it (symbols). Anyway, these are the only bad things I can really say about the phone. Overall very solid feel to it, like a Motorolla. And just plain easy and fast. I'm also waiting to pair this phone up with a Samsung Galaxy Tab when it comes out in software version 3.0. Finally, one last bad thing -- Sprint's 4G service. I think the "G" should stand for "Get Real" because there are very few spots in the Atlanta area in which the 4G signal is strong enough to be usable. Sprint needs to address this if it's going to try to keep up with AT&T/TMobile. For now, though, I'm satisfied with Sprint and believe that it's really improved its service since I last dumped it about 10 years ago.
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on April 29, 2011
I've had my HTC EVO Shift (w/ Sprint service) for 4 months and am extremely happy with it. I think it's like the ThinkPad of cell phones because it actually does useful things (!), has great build quality, places substance over style, and doesn't need to be babied by placing it in a case.

I heavily use the phone for work communication (email, downloading work documents in Word / PDF) and personal communication (chatting w/ MSN, Gchat,

My ***favorite*** feature is that I'm notified INSTANTLY when I have new messages w/ Yahoo! (via Yahoo! Mail app) or Gmail (via Gmail app). iPhone does not even have a Yahoo app, and I thought it's Gmail app was lame. The instant notification can come via (depending on your customization):

1 - flashing light
2 - vibration
3 - beep

For my line of work, I need to see email messages within about 10 seconds of receiving them, so this phone is PERFECT for that.

Summary of pros:
(1) great build
(2) awesome physical keyboard (and I prefer on-screen options to iPhone too)
(3) screen size is a good compromise between being big enough to use but small enough to fit on your pocket
(4) Android + HTC's Sense user interface is intuitive and customizable
(5) multitasks flawlessly

Summary of cons:
(1) volume can be a little low
(2) occasionally the notification light is buggy and will flash after I've already read the notification. Doesn't happen often enough to be a problem, and only happens with chats, not with email.

**Comparison w/ iPhone 4:

I bought an iPhone when Verizon released it. I was planning on keeping both phones. However, I ended up dislking the iPhone so I returned it to Verizon.

Because it's so hyped and because people are in love with their iPhones, I fully expected to love mine as well. Actually, the only positive things I can say about it are:
(1) it's shiny
(2) the Netflix streaming app worked flawlessly on Verizon 3G and it was a fun app (Android does not have this app)

Other than that, I pretty much hated the iPhone. I think a debate between iPhone and HTC Shift is akin to iPad vs. ThinkPad.

The iDevices are shiny and the Shift and ThinkPad are black and not exciting looking. I'm interested in durability and basic functionality, so I'm sticking with my Shift and ThinkPad! When I tried to do (what I thought) were very basic things on the iPhone, I was so disappointed.

Here's a list of the basic things I wish I could have done with the iPhone:

(Some people might point out that it's possible to do these things with the iPhone... I'd like to point out that I was able to do ALL of these things with my HTC within 10 minutes of taking it out the box! And without having to search online about how to do it!)

1. Hold the phone without dropping it
2. Get a notification that I had a new email
3. Utilize a dedicated Yahoo Mail app
4. Utilize a dedicated Gmail app w/ the same features and setup as web Gmail
5. Surf YouTube and view smooth videos without pauses or skipping
6. Multitask and toggle between open programs with a couple finger motions
7. Use chat programs (QQ and Gchat) running in the background

Also, a couple of my apps in Android can be buggy, and I know that Apple has a more stringent process for apps so I assumed that the iOS version of the same apps I used on Android would be better on the iPhone. Wrong! Several of the apps that were buggy on my Android were just as buggy and two that I use a lot were even more buggy!

Oh yeah... my experience is that the iPhone on Verizon 3G was significantly slower than HTC on Sprint 3G. Obviously this will not be true everywhere, but it was true for me where I live. Weirdly, the Netflix app streamed videos flawlessly to my iPhone but I could not get the iPhone to show smooth YouTube videos. General movement between programs is faster on my HTC.

I do not play games or use my phone for much entertainment, so I can't speak to those aspects of the HTC or the iPhone. However, if you're looking for something that's durable and reliable for heavy communication use, I'd highly recommend the HTC.
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on February 24, 2011
I agree with most of what everyone said. The phone is just great. The HTC email app gets messages before my Outlook mailbox. The keyboard is worlds better than the old droid and a joy to use. The construction is solid. The volume rocker is easy to accidentally press, but this is so minor. The screen resolution is the same as the Evo 4g but at a smaller size, so the quality looks better. Although, as I noticed in the store and out and about, this phone does not get as good reception as the original Evo. Fortunately I live in a city and mostly get 5 bars, but out in the suburbs is only at 1. Luckily, the sprint call quality is still good at 1 bar, in fact, better than my old at&t phone at 5 bars. For the battery: I keep the 4g and wifi off, HTCs "friend stream" up and the weather widget up, and still get a full day of battery at about 30%. I send/recieve about ~30 emails a day, some angry birds at lunch, 10 texts and 20 minutes of calls.

If you have a Sprint store or dealer around you, try the phone out. The lower specs and screen size may seem like a loss to the Droid X and Evo 4g, but this is a more enjoyable phone in my opinion. Plus, the 5 star keyboard makes it an obvious choice for me.
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on March 30, 2012
I have this phone through CREDO (look them up on the web), but CREDO uses Sprint's towers. Since CREDO is in San Francisco, I can't get face to face technical support. Also, I believe my phone is stuck at Android 2.2, although I say at least one horror among these reviews about an upgrade to 2.3.

So this is my first Android phone, and the learning curve has been steep. I am pretty familiar with technology in general, but my previous phone was a Palm Pre Plus, and I actually found Web OS pretty easy to use. I like the keyboard of this phone, and mostly I like the way the various apps I have downloaded (maybe 30 or so) work. Videos seem to work pretty well on this phone, although I feel like wearing my reading glasses when I do watch stuff. It works well with a bluetooth headset or a plugged in headset. I have not been able to load music onto the phone yet (someone here said I need to have my music in MP3's?).

On the minus side, I do charge the phone obsessively. Maybe that hurts the battery, but it's what I do. And even though I put a 16 gigabyte micro SD card in the phone, some apps refuse to load there, and between that and that I don't clean out texts all that often, I ran out of memory once and it always seems low. This bothers me, makes me like the phone less.

Still, it has a keyboard, the processor is fine, the 4G works fine at home, at my girlfriend's and at work (although I rarely use it because the 3G is also fine) and I have some amazing apps, so all in all I can't complain too much about this phone. CREDO now offers it for free (with their services, including a data plan) at Android 2.3, so it seem like a decent deal.
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on January 6, 2014
I got this phone December 2011.. Ive read some of reviews the screen would freak out during text messages, trying to make a call, or browsing the internet, or just simply do random things. I experienced this problems the first time like 6 to 8 months after i purchased my phone. So i went into sprint and they replaced it. A little after a year later(November 2013), my earpiece where you hear people talk went out, so i had to take it in and they replaced the screen because the earpiece is part of it. And now just today I had to take it in because my phone would turn on but the screen would not, so they had to replace it again for the third time. Its an alright phone just a lot of frustration. All the "bad reviews" people write about this phone are true. I've experienced almost all of them. I wouldnt waste your money on this phone, there are better phones out there that are better quality.
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on August 12, 2012
I had an HTC phone before and it was buggy but it was working. After a year or two you have to think of getting a new phone, I guess they make it this way on purpose. Planned obsolescence. I have the Evo Shift for about a year now, and I am getting more and more frustrated with it. I chose this phone because of the keyboard, that's the only good thing about it. First my headset plug broke, so now I only hear mono. I hate to hold the phone to my head, I get a head ache. Now the camera stopped working. I didn't drop my phone, no water get into it, just simply stopped. I even reset my phone, and didn't fix it. I had to reload everything but my camera problem didn't get fixed.
The phone like other say act on his own. Sometimes the music player start when it wants, calling random people, restarts whenever it wants. When trying to read messages and going down, the scroll sometimes scrolls me back on the top and I can start from the beginning again, hoping next time it won't do it. The whole phone is sluggish, slow and sometimes doing the simple things like calling a number, redial a number or sending a simple text takes minutes. This is my last HTC, I will try to get rid of it and going back to NOKIA. I always had NOKIAS before and those phones were reliable. This HTC is like a toy, it sometimes works, sometimes not, whenever it wants to. You can't rely on it.
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on September 30, 2011
When I upgraded my phone after my contract was renewed I got some cheapo standard android phone thinking it would do just fine. I was super wrong. The phone glitched out and practically died after a couple of months. I then researched into the newest and best looking phones Sprint had, knowing it would be worth the money to have something that actually works well. When comparing the newest phones, I found that hands down the HTC Evo line had all I was looking for in a phone. I've bought the Evo shift 4g about five months ago and I literally love this phone. It's especially perfect for people into social networking like I am. Here are some of the best features that I discovered:

- Blazing fast 4G speeds are not overrated, you'll smile when you first experience it. It also makes for browsing on normal non-mobile web pages tolerable.

- Facebook, Twitter, and other social apps like Flickr are integrated into this phone through the picture albums and contacts making it easier than ever to stay connected.

- This phone is Android, so have a hay day with their hundreds of thousands of applications!

- Other things I love about this phone are how personalizable the screen set up is, the sturdy reliable feel--scratch resistant screen, it's wi-fi capabilities, and especially how it can have my dozens of apps downloaded and not lag.

I'm extremely impressed with how smooth operating the Evo Shift is. I still have yet to restart or pull out the battery because of glitchiness!

This phone has been more than awesome so far, so you should give it a try.
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on March 27, 2012
You will have any time of issue with this cellphone. It's no too fast, sometimes it takes too long to load the home page, freeze up many times, force closure many times.

The battery life sucks! Be ready to buy a extended one. Otherwise, it won't last more than 24 hours (no gaming, no texting).
If you play or text a lot with the original battery, it will last approx 4 hours.
I AM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!

This is what happened to my many times after doing an updated: Every-time I was trying to text something, the damn phone was doing something different. Example, If I touched the keyboard "S", it asked me if I wanted to save the text message.
NO IDEA how I fixed this issue but I did not do anything.

I am not happy with my phone (I got it one year ago) but as soon my contract expires/ends, I will get an iphone or Samsung Galaxy 2.
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on July 23, 2011
I had previously the HTC Hero...ha, so enough said, right? Everyone hated that phone. It did nearly everything the Evo does, at about half speed.

The Evo is so much more responsive that I am really having a good time with it.
My music is all on the cloud now, and the other apps help me a lot.

Yes, the battery button is badly designed and takes me several tries and one has to deal with it all the time because of the battery saving feature that shuts the screen off.

4G is usually not to be had, and when it is to be had, will drain the battery much faster, so disappointingly, like many people I just don't try to use 4g much.

I have bad thumbs so I wanted the slide out keyboard. But funny, now that I have it, I often don't bother to pull it out and just use the touch screen.
But I prefer the smaller size of the Evo, it fits in my pocket and I don't watch movies on my phone.

The Evo Shift is a bit on the heavy side. Guess there is no way to avoid that.
Over all, a very good phone and I am not tempted to go get an iphone.
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on November 11, 2012
I've had this phone for a little over a year. This was my very first smart phone, I LOVED it at first!! Took it everywhere. Now after a year it is terrible the screen dosn't respond to my touch anymore. It randomly calls people as I am playing a game or on facebook. It has spurts of crazyness where it starts pulling up menu and picking random things. To be honest I have dropped this phone a few times never any water damage though but my keyboard wont stay open anymore. Oh and EVERY SINGLE case I buy for it brakes after 1 drop. I gave up on those.
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