Customer Reviews: Visual Land V-Touch Pro 4 GB 3-Inch Touchscreen MP3 Player with TV Out, MicroSD and Camera (Red)
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on August 23, 2011
I'm happy with this purchase - it's a great deal for the money. The battery life is very long - I use it on my daily 3 hour commute and enjoy watching TV shows, movies and listening to music. The sound quality is very good for such a small player.

There are a few items that I don't like and I wish I was aware of. The screen became scratched from the very first day. In fact, the brand new player that I received in the plastic packaging was already scratched! I returned it to Amazon and Amazon immediately sent me a replacement. After a week of carrying it to work in my pocket, it is very hard to see the screen as it quickly becomes scuffed and scratched. I may need to replace it soon as I'm starting to see the scratches instead of my videos. You will also need to convert most of your TV shows movies to a format (mp4 or wmv) that is read by the player. It's not difficult, just a few added steps.

My other pet peeve is that the FM radio really doesn't work like it should. It uses the headphone cord as an antenna. Despite living in Las Vegas, where there are dozens of strong FM radio signals, I can't listen to one for very long. The signal fades in and out. I feel like they tried to cram too many features into this little player - I would much rather had an FM radio that worked well than a camera or video/audio recorder that I don't use. Again, for the price that I paid, these are minor issues.

If you're looking for a good mp3 player and a small video player with a great price, this is a good buy. Just be careful with the screen, perhaps put it in a case to protect it.
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on May 15, 2011
The V-Touch Pro is not an iPod . . . and that's why I considered it in the first place. I'm probably not the only one who has issues with Apple products-- the cost, the way Apple forces you to download their software in order to use their device, etc. Additionally, even the smallest iPod costs too much for a device that will be carried around in my pocket/backpack, take a beating, and get dropped (more than once). When it comes to portable music/video players, I'm looking for something that balances features and quality with price. Beyond that, as a PC user for many years whose music and video collection is currently in Windows Media Player, not having to download and utilize iTunes (AND Quicktime, now) is an added benefit.

For several years now I've found Visual Land players to be a great balance between functionality and price. If you're like me, with a tendency to punish your electronics (mainly by accident-- you've dropped your MP3 player while working out, too?) you want something that is easy to use, works great, and doesn't break the bank.

For the price, the V-Touch Pro offers more than the basic functionality: support for multiple audio, video, and image file formats, a 2MP camera, FM radio receiver, voice recorder, ebook reader, and a MicroSD slot. To be sure, this unit doesn't do everything spectacularly. However, those few functions that fall short are really only add-ons. I have other devices that cover these needs. For the things I really purchased this player to do, listen to music and watch videos, it either meets or exceeds my expectations.

1. Music Player: Since I've used Windows Media Player to rip my music collection, as well as sites like to purchase music, my collection is either in .wma or .mp3 format. In particular, ripping CDs to .wma means smaller file size so that I can cram more music onto my player. As someone not constantly plugged into my music, this is plenty of space. Adding my 2GB MicroSD card from my old cell phone gives me a full 6GB of space. Need more space? MicroSD cards have come so far down in price that having 8GB or more of storage space will still cost less than even the smallest iPod. Like most people, I've always used my own headphones with any music player. Sound quality is perfect, and the player has an equalizer with several presets. The external speaker is small and sounds a bit tinny no matter what the EQ setting, but this is an example of one of those features that is an "extra"-- not something I particularly use. Despite my earlier frustration with the iPod, it should be noted that the interface is not something I have an issue with. Having said that, the VTouch Pro's interface is very much like the iPod, which makes it easy to navigate. I like being able to sort my music collection by artist, title, genre, etc. For the price, I'm not losing any functionality with this music player!

2. Video Player: The VTouch Pro supports .avi, .flv, and .mp4 formats, along with several others. As before, I sacrifice nothing as far as my ability to download and play video here. As an experienced computer user, it's not hard for me either to convert my video to the proper format to be played or to ensure it is downloaded from YouTube in the proper format. This is one point to take note of-- you do have to have some familiarity with video formats to be able to use this player. Occasionally, I have to go through the extra step of converting a particular video for viewing on my VTouch. It doesn't bother me, but it may be an issue for some. Once you learn the basics of video resolution and file formats, you can easily pull video to this player. One complaint with the screen on the VTouch becomes apparent when playing particularly dark video-- the contrast ratio isn't the best, so darks aren't distinguished as well as I'd like. If you're planning on using this player mainly for video, keep that in mind as it can be occasionally distracting. The included RGB cable makes it easy to hook the player up to a TV, but this is another one of those add-on functions that I really don't use.

3. Touch Screen & Battery Life: The touch screen interface has a bit of give to it, and requires a slightly more forceful touch than your typical smartphone, but this is easily adjusted to. I couldn't say exactly how much time I've gotten out of a battery charge, but with use of a couple hours a day, I can often go several days without charging my VTouch. (Note: A charger is not included. However, with the included USB cable, I charge mine by plugging it into my computer. I haven't yet felt the need to purchase the charger.)

4. Extras: A few extra functions of this player-- not things I use frequently--
* The FM-Radio player works fine, but you must use the included headphones because the cord functions as the antenna. Not something I use much, but a plus if you plan on listening to the radio.
* Camera: The camera takes 2MP stills and records standard definition video, however the quality of either is not great. At the same time, this isn't something I use the VTouch for, so it's not a complaint!
* Voice Recorder: The included voice recorder works well, especially if I need to capture an idea. It records to .wav format, which is easily transferred to my computer, or I can listen to it through the player. A nice touch.
* Ebook Reader: Don't expect a Kindle on this one. Files need to be simple text (.txt) files. Again though, who buys an MP3/MP4 player to read books?

Final Impressions
I use my VTouch around the house, while working out, working in the yard, or just laying down to listen to music, and it fulfills each of these functions perfectly! Better still is the fact that I didn't have to fork out three times as much (like I would have for an iPod). I don't need the prestige of owning an Apple product. I just want a solid unit that does what I want, the way I want it to, for the right price. The VTouch Pro more than meets these requirements!
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on April 6, 2011
I will admit I was first skeptical about this product after being an Apple fanboy for many years. But as soon as I got it out of the box I knew I was never going to use my iPod Touch ever again.

The weight and size of this MP3 player just feel perfect, it fits well in my hand but it doesn't feel clunky like many others. The camera, a feature I've wanted for a while out of iPod's MP3 players but never got, takes great photographs. The touch screen for navigating the menus are flawlessly easy to get used to and seems much more responsive than my old iPod Touch's. And not to mention the display looks great!

I absolutely recommend this product for anyone looking for a replacement to ANY of their iPods or anyone looking to give someone a very nice gift! I am so glad I found this product before shelling out to get yet another iPod just to have it break in a few months.

Great buy. :)
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on May 19, 2011
Okay, when I found this player on Amazon, the other reviews were good, but confusing. Glad I went with my gut. Most of the reviews sounded like textbook promos for the device & gave it 5-stars. And one was 2-stars for a weak battery. Well, let me tell you, after having this player( has MANY functions)for over a month, I have only 1 tiny complaint: it seems to favor certain songs when on shuffle/random, and even replays the same "random" list of shuffled songs. Which isn't much of a complaint since I only put great songs on it. Just annoying. 4.9 stars?

Other than that, it's awesome! I have never had the battery die. Even though I use it over 6 hours a day, almost everyday. While working hard/physically, and skateboarding all day long. It was super easy to learn to use with a 15 minute browse through the functions. I don't even think it came with directions. If it did, I didn't read them. I did do the "fully charge then fully drain battery for the 1st time" steps like I do with all rechargeable batteries/devices. It makes them perform better & last longer. The way the unit is used may have a big influence on how fast the battery drains. I don't mess with it a lot. Mostly just playing mp3s, and output to headphone jack.(not much button pushing or video watching, or speaker usage, etc)

Also, this replaced a simple little mp3 player(with same price)that I got from Radio Shack (NEVER shopping there again!!). Broke 2 of those, had a HORRIBLE shopping experience, and it didn't do 1/20th of what the Vtouch does. I also was impressed that Amazon got it to my house in under 17 hours!!

And to add, I have a fm transmitter that plugs into a cigarrette lighter port (made buy Scosche, bought at wallyworld). I plug my Vtouch into it, to listen to in my truck, and can charge it up with the usb connector, which I've done only a few times.

Want one? Get one! ....and enjoy.
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on September 19, 2011
I have wanted an Ipod for so long but they are just way too expensive. This product was a lot better then any mp3 or walkman I have had. At first I was skeptical about buying it because I had read other bad reviews and a little worried at the same time because I ordered the product BEFORE I read the reviews. However, I have had it for a month and i listen to it to and from school (20 min each way) and i still haven't had to charge it!

The music quality is great. A draw back is that the order you put it on the player is the order that it plays, whether it is on shuffle or not. But you can choose folders according to artist, album, genre, so that makes up for it in my view.

The camera Quality is ok. It isnt the best, but i wasnt buying a camera! It still works and that is the main point. As well as the video camera.

The screen was said to be scratched in some cases and when i got mine i was a little sad to see scratches and then i realized it was a plastic cover and the actual player had absolutely no scratches on it!

The radio quality is bad unless you hold the headphones above your head. And this is strange because the antenna isnt in the actual head phones, because the player still has a bad radio no matter what headphones you use. But to me that isnt a big deal because if i wanted a radio i would go buy a little portable one from he 99C store.

The e-reader is well there, but it only reads .txt documents. Honestly i dont think i would ever use it if it read other types though.

There are lots of other gadgets on it to, like an alternative webcam when you plug it into your computer, which works well. There is also a calculator, which i have used in emergencies.

The battery life on the player is very good!!! like i said i havent had to charge it once since i bought it over a month ago and i use it every day!

It is a very light and well made alternative to an mp3. And you jsut let you know, i am a teenager and i love it, so if you want to get it for a son or daughter as a gift, i would recommend it! It is worth every penny.
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on April 6, 2011
Great video quality, MP3s play well, nice battery life.
Easy to use, intuitive controls make it easy to switch between songs.
The camera takes crisp, clear photos.
Definitely worth buying.
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on March 20, 2011
This player looks exactly like the one I have, except mine is black.
I just got this today, so keep that in mind.
This player is great. I got this after another slightly cheaper one of a different brand wouldn't scroll past 10 songs before cutting off, and starting back over. So I am satisfied with this one.
I am not too fond of touchscreen gadgets, but this seems great so far.
I am listening to it right now on the speaker. The speaker is louder than the one on my netbook. I also like the radio feature. only thing I don't particularly like about the radio is that the headphones are the antenna. so I cant listen to the radio on speaker.
I'm also not too fond of the camera. I also don't like cell phone cameras without a flash. In the light though, I think the camera is fine. The video recorder too.
I like the earphones too. They're the kind that fit snugly inside your ear.

UPDATE: Be very careful to not drop this thing. I had mine in my purse sandwiched between a book. I dropped my bag on the floor, and when I got home my poor screen was cracked in a upside down V shape. Half the touch screen doesn't work anymore. The player is stuck playing the music straight down the list.

I did like the radio feature, becasue it let me easily record songs from the radio. When I would sync with my computer the song was of course already in mp3 format.

Other than the cracked screen, this was a great player. I don't use it much anymore now that it has cracked, but it still works.
Oh, and I had the problem with needing to reset it also. Only about 3 times over the course of owning it though.
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on June 29, 2011
This arrived today - two days earlier than I expected - and I fell in love with it at first sight! It is more than I expected. It is so light, has all of the accessories one needs, has GREAT sound quality for such a small product, is easy to navagate (even for a novice like me), and I am delighted. This was a great deal for my needs; although I did order an extra 8G MicroSDHC card just in case, but who knows when I'll need it. Again, thanks Amazon.
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on April 7, 2011
When my second iPod Nano stopped turning on, I decided to search for a cheap alternative until I could afford to replace it. A friend directed me to the V-Touch Pro and I can now say that I won't be switching back. The device features a crisp touch screen display that is responsive and doesn't hang. The device feels solid in the hand, but sleek in the pocket. The controls are very comfortably pooled together at the bottom, giving the product an overall polished appearance. What had me sold, though, was the MicroSD slot. Expandable storage? Yes, please! No more combing through my music library to figure out which songs were getting the axe this week. All in all, I was blown away by the quality of the product, especially at a fraction of the cost of an iPod.
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on November 1, 2011
I bought one of these Visual Land V-Touch Pro players for my 15 year old granddaughter. And, she loves it! Her friend wanted to borrow it to listen to some music my granddaughter had downloaded, so they swapped players for a little while. My granddaughter was NOT impressed with her friend's Ipod, and couldn't wait to get her V-Touch back! This product is a great alternative to the Ipod, which has a much higher price tag! I strongly recommend this MP3 player, and so does my granddaughter :-)
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