Customer Reviews: SANS300 Wireless Multi-Room Audio Speaker
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on May 21, 2011
I was very hesitant to purchase this speaker after reading the abyssmal reviews by other customers. I chanced it and went ahead and ordered it anyway trusting the Sony name.

My intent with purchasing this speaker was to be able to stream music to other locations in my house, particularly Pandora Internet Radio. I am pleased to say, even though other reviewers have stated Pandora will not stream, that I am doing it as I type this review. I have a Sony Blue-Ray disc player that contains internet content, including Pandora, and is Home-Share compatible as well as Party-stream compatible (just like this speaker). I'm not sure where the other reviewers' difficulties were; perhaps in other equipment that wasn't compatible with this speaker.

This speaker is also DLNA compliant (if you don't know what that is, Google it and find out...I did.....I don't want to get carpal tunnel explaining it here). My PC is not DLNA compliant, nor does it have the appropriate OS to stream directly from my computer to the speaker (instructions said I had to download Windows Media Player 11...when I tried, it wouldn't install because I had to have Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 or later....mine is XP 2002; so that wouldn't work). Again, Google is awesome and solved my problems. My Sony Blue-Ray disc player is also DLNA compliant, so I Googled "how to make my PC DLNA compliant" and I was able to find Twonky. Twonky is a third-party server that you can activate on your computer which my Sony Blue-Ray player will recognize. I am in the middle of the 30 day free trial and if I decide to buy(which I will), it only costs 20 bucks. Essentially, I can now stream all of my music from my computer (including i-Tunes podcasts, music, etc.) to the Blue-Ray player, which, in turn, streams it to this Sony speaker. It is truly amazing and I am probably going to buy a couple more for the house.

The reason(s) I didn't give this product 5 stars is that the range appears to be somewhat limited (I was unable to locate a written max range anywhere) and can sometimes be intermittent....although I find this to be the exception rather than the norm. This speaker is somewhat smaller than I thought it was going to be; when I first picked up the box I thought they forgot to pack anything in it. Additionally, sound quality is just OK.....if I had to do it over again, I probably would have gotten the bigger one.

Hope this helps!!
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on March 24, 2011
I received the speaker today from UPS. I have the Sony BDV-e570 Home theater system and wanted to extend the reach of the system to my living room area. The setup was easy, I got the speaker to work in party mode streaming music from my laptop to the Home theater system and to the sans300. I was also able to stream music directly to the speaker also. The sound from the speaker was kind of descent for the size of the speaker, but the bass was really lacking. Ok here is the 2 main flaws that made me pack up the speaker today and send it back for a refund. Yes, I received it today and sent it back today. OK

1) I like using Pandora Internet Radio on my HTS (The SA-NS300 does not work in party mode with Pandora) This was one of my main let downs. I tried everything I could to get it to work and nothing did. I called Sony Tech Support and they had me change all kinds of settings. Nothing worked. Then we tried playing a regular CD through the HTS and hey the SA-NS300 worked in party mode. Well, I kind of guessed Sony has some kind of copy protection checking turned on and it doesn't play anything streamed from the internet. BIG 0 for Sony on this. You allow the HTS system to play Pandora but you won't let it stream to your wireless speaker. WTF!!!

2) ****** The freaking wireless connection constantly drops ****** I was sitting right next to the wireless wouter and it kept dropping the connection. So I assigned a Static IP Address to it. Same thing.. Sony Tech Support had no answer for this except to reset the speaker settings. Nope sorry that didn't work either. This speaker system needs some re-working. I would not waste anyone's money on this product. Don't get me wrong alot of my electronics is Sony products. So I figured I can't go wrong here. Well, I did. Back to the drawing board with the one Sony..
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on August 28, 2011
I'm going to have to concur with the majority and say that it's hard to recommend this item for any but a certain few. Sound quality is great and up to Sony standards, but it falls way short in ease of operation and features. It usually takes multiple attempts for my Win7/WMP11 PC to find the device and the worst thing is, there doesn't seem to be a way to play files on the laptop AND to the speaker simultaneously. A separate player for media devices pops up and runs separately from the regular player and there's no way to synchronize. This means what comes out of the computer's audio jack is not what is streaming to the network. The simple pop up player does not allow for shuffle play or any other feature but repeat. I know these are limitations with Win WMP and not necessarily the speaker, but Sony has not offered any other options. I've even had trouble getting it to work with the recommended Sony Blueray. It's just too much hassle. If this were 49.99 and not 149.99, it would be okay. There are plenty of other ways to get sound around the house in wireless fashion.
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on March 24, 2011
I bought these speakers hoping to get a wireless speaker that would work across my home wifi network.

while these speakers DO do that...they DONT do a lot of things that they should.

First off...only certain devices can stream music to them...and while they say that a windows 7 PC can stream audio to them...I've only managed to do that with music and NOT tv or any audio input into my pc. I couldnt figure out for the life of me how to stream the internet tv from my pc to them.

If you read about them on the sony site they SEEM to be made just for listening to music. So far I havent managed to get my tv to play audio on them.
You have to buy a 'renderer' (200+ dollars) and a 'server' (another 300+ dollars) to maybe get any audio sources except your windows media player to play on them.

Second, they look for DRM copy protection and wont play media that doesnt have it. So analogue sources of audio or video cannot stream music to these things or at least I havent been able to get them to work that way..
I bought four of them...took two out of the box, realized how they worked and am returning two of them.
I bit the bullet and bought the renderer and server hoping that I could overcome the built in limitations that way, but I think I may just have spent an extra 500 dollars and will end up finding that I am back at square one.
These speakers are too 'big brother' for their own good and are too limited and too copy protection driven to make them useful for what I wanted them for...which was JUST a wireless speaker.

I DONT recommend them unless ALL you want to do is listen to music.
Just get some wired or wireless analogue speakers and skip this digital speaker headache
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on June 2, 2012
Bought this item today at Best Buy as open item for cheap (< $30). I consider myself as an IT savvy person, but there times when I was ready to give up and return it. The worst part is that as a Mac user you need to download 3rd party software that expires after 30 days in order to use.

In short, I had to manually configure the device on my network (1 hour), download eyeconnect from Elgato, download Sony remote audio app for the iPAD, and then try multiple times to get it to work.

It now works, but from a playlist on iTunes about 1/3 of the songs won't play, while the rest is fine. No way of predicting which songs will play and which won't.

The sound is ok, but only if you paid like me close to nothing for the device.

For $200 I would consider this another audaciousness from Sony.

Not recommended to anybody.
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on September 18, 2011
I bought this so I could listen to online streaming audio sources such as Pandora and online radio stations. I connected this to my WiFi and Windows 7 PC. Then I found out it would stream NOTHING. Customer Service told me I could stream from two specific music sites (that I'd never heard of) - but only if I bought an additional Sony product with broadband capability (like a blu ray disc player). As a standalone product, this will only play files off my PC - and even that was disappointing because you HAVE to use Windows Media Player. You can't use iTunes, PowerAmp...etc). I'm returning it today.
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on January 29, 2012
Update: important note in retrospect, UpnP settings on router greatly affect utility of wifi lag and the android app. This is important info since the Sony instructions and online FAQs do not detail how to improve functionality of the devices by this method. Update UpnP to make them report to the router faster and to prioritize UpnP traffic and the system works much better. I like the set even better now, upgraded my rating.

Bought this speaker, and like it a lot. We have the SA-ns300 and the 700Ni stereo system, they join party mode and work well together. I like it because it streams from your home media server, internet radio, or regular FM radio, which we use a lot.

Also, I am beholden to the android app that allows you to choose music on the media server and send it to SANS300. That is a key piece of awesome software for this device.

I see that many gripes with this product here at Amazon that gave it 1 star are because a) people are not using with 700Ni or other homeshare stereo system that actually has internet radio capabilities, and b) they don't have home servers with music or home servers that access internet radio. Thus this little cool speaker has had its character assassinated by people who don't understand how to use it.

Everyone seems to be complaining about it not working with Pandora. Well my wife has Pandora on iPhone so I tested this to see whether there is really an issue, and I got Pandora to work in every situation. In the first test I used the iPod dock on the 700Ni and ran pandora on the 700Ni AND the SANS300 in party mode and it worked great. The second test, I used a 3.5mm Jack (shorter end of the jack or the SANS300) and the longer for iPhone. In this mode you are using the audio input port on the SANS300 obviously. Well, this works too. You have to make sure you press the input button and then it switches to the wired 3.5mm jack audio input. Also, you might have to jack up the volume. This would work better with 2 short ended 3.5mm jacks for better volume I think. Also people, 3.5mm jack cannot determine whether there is DRM on music so you are all daft if you think that it won't work. Pandora is the only one who can decide not to allow output on 3.5mm jack. So, in the end, I don't know why everyone is complaining about pandora. It works great for me. One thing that would be great is if pandora built in a feature to work with the speakers by sending stream to LAN router that can then stream to SANS300. That is up to that company to do in the pandora app though~ not Sony I guess.

One thing that is an issue with the system is if you use 700Ni and SANS300 in party mode together there may be lag time from a) internet radio being slow to buffer or b) the speakers lose sync- usually this SANS300 goes silent for a secont and 700Ni continues playing and then SANS300 jumps in again. Unfortunately we live in an apartment with a LOT of wi-fi interference, so this could be the problem. Overall, we are pretty happy with the system. UPDATE: After a lot of tinkering I found out that this buffering lag can be greatly eliminated by updating the UpnP Universal Plug and Play settings on your home wifi router to allow devices to report the the router more frequently, thus keeping them more in sync.

I also use SANS300 to stream music (usually by the network remote app on android by sony from my media server) more often than I use the two in party mode. And it is just kickass to be able to play music in your apartment by using your phone to do everything and not having to interact with the hardware as long as it is on. I will say this app is glitchy though, the app loses "control" over the speaker, sometimes SANS300 needs to be restarted. UPDATE: Also, this problem is related to wifi buffering lag updating UpnP settings seems to make this problem go away a little better.

My stars is 3 for great functionality with home networks and relatively nice sound (the best part of sound is 360° sound in a room so its very stylish and functional, but as some people wrote it can sometimes not be loud- one problem with loudness is that the mp3 encoding affects the volume so that is an issue) It gets minus 1 for sometimes laggy streaming, (probably my fault), but also minus 1 to minus 2 for the Android app losing control over the speaker. My recommendation to Sony for this product line is to lower the price, get it into more households, get people to register and then fix the glitchy app, and fix the SANS300 firmware. Yes, the firmware for SANS300 can be updated so this could be a 5 star product if they get on it. Also, I didn't use the software for PC becuause I have a mac... come on Sony make mac software for streaming to this puppy, there isn't any reason not to, it's 2012.

Also people, if you have to choose this or an extra $100 for 700Ni which has an LED menu for internet radio etc. spend the extra money for 700Ni its a better stand alone device. SANS300 works great with the other stereo not so great solo.
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on March 14, 2012
The sony SANS300 homeshare Wi-Fi network speaker is the ultimate speaker I always wanted to own. The homeshare allows me to listen to music from my laptop, home theatre, ipod or mobile in superior quality. The speaker is so compact and can be carried anywhere. I downloaded the network audio remote app and my music from my iPod was available on the sony network speaker. I was also able to sync the speaker with my bluray player. My music has become wireless with this truly innovative sony homeshare WiFi network speaker.
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on July 3, 2012
I received the Sony SA-NS300 as a gift. As an individual speaker hard wired directly plugged into the iPod, I thought the sound was nice. While the 360 degree sound was a neat feature, how many people are going to put the speaker in the middle of the room? It took a while before I was able to test the wireless component.

At best, I can connect two speakers (party streaming mode) at one time, and it still cuts out every 30 seconds.

The distributor of this product was great, fast, and efficient. The product itself, however, missed the target on functionality, ease of use, hardware, software, and firmware.

It is definitely not worth purchasing at full price. Refurbished, however, it may be worth the money, but not worth the installation effort.
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on September 7, 2011
Short and simple: Epic Fail.

I consider myself tech savvy, and I've been trying for quite some time to make this work, with no success. The signal drops every 25 seconds, it messes up my whole home network. Sony tech support tells me its a problem with my network, but I've tried 3 different locations with the same result. I've never encountered such a difficult device to hook up.

Reseting the device doesn't work, assigning a static IP just makes it worse, its simply a terrible product.

If you need a wireless music device, Sonos is the one to beat. Simple, fast, hassle-free.
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