Customer Reviews: HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone, Black (AT&T)
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on June 2, 2011
I recently purchased the Inspire 4G - and its a beauty to behold. This is a powerful phone with great pre-loaded applications. The phone itself is extremely lightweight and feels robust at the same time.
The massive 4.3 inch screen satisfies and it has excellent outer covering aesthetics.

The phone gives support for replacing batteries (just pop open a removal hatch at the back, replace your batter and you're good to go!). This is a huge step up from the stuck-with-one-battery with the iphone.

However, there are a few annoyances that stop from giving a terrific rating.
The single biggest issue is with the battery. The battery performance is quite poor - forcing you to recharge every other day. I use the phone leniently - yet the battery discharges extremely quickly - even with bluetooth, GPS , Wifi switched off!!

Another difficulty I faced is with finding appropriate accessories!! The biggest problem is finding a carrying belt pouch - that conforms to the phone design. If you're like me- and like to keep the phone protected by covering it with a silica gel or plastic covering - good luck in trying to find a suitable belt case that will accommodate the casing!! Iphone cases and pouches have no issues accommodating "covered" iphones!!
Another troubling thing is - none of the cases I see have a slot for the earphone jack. The only option is for you to find a belt pouch that has an open top so you can insert the phone upside down just to get access to the jack!!!

Other than these few gripes - the phone itself is a marvel!!!
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on May 6, 2011
i been an htc user ever since 8125 came out. i got the 8125 2 years after it came out and it lasted me 5 years or more. what can i say its my fault that i broke that phone. but i couldve kept it alive if i were to take better care of it. now this phone THE HTC INSPIRE. just like bruno mars song just the way you are. INSPIRE IS AMAZING JUST THE WAY IT IS. I call this the iPhone killer simply coz i hate iphones every since then. the iPhone4 was ok but not too thrilled about it. i had the htc tilt 2 on sight until i found this phone for a good price. instead of buying the tilt 2 which is more for business ppl i was like, i dont need that this fits me and its HTC the best smartphone pda cellphone maker out there.

pro's: everything from features to camera to apps and all that other good stuff.

con's: battery life is ok but not the best. No front camera as ppl complain. wifi sometimes kinda short ranged.
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on August 14, 2011
I got an Inspire and after 2 weeks had trouble hearing on it or people hearing me. Garbled, and could hear every other word only. Sounded like people where on a tractor and they said they were in their office. They worked with it 5 times and finally said it was defective on the speaker. They sent me another Inspire 4G refurbished as that is what ATT warranty does. Thought these phones were too new to be refurbished?? Now I have this one and it has been to the ATT store 3 times and checked and same problem, but ATT (warranty dept -) will do nothing.. I paid good money for this and like it for text or email, but what good is it if you cannot talk on it all the time, sometimes you can but mostly no.
I would say stay away from this phone until they fix the sound problems in speaking on it.. Two other people were in the ATT office and they had the same problem and returning theirs.. now I don't know what to get. ATT says Motorola Aria but it has bad reviews also., they won't replace mine with another type pone just the same one, so it would be as bad...
I don't have a home phone - so this makes it bad not be able to talk and get constatnly cut off and broken up no matter where I am... it happened in the ATT Store at Rockwall Texas. So I have Magic Jack on my computer to use to talk if I am home - otherwise leave a message.
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on August 21, 2011
I've had this phone for about 5 months and sure it may work for the first 30 days, but afterwards it's not a reliable device.
Firstly the phone has terrible battery life on a basic usage it only lasts about 5-6 hrs.
Secondly, the phone gets no reception and as I browsed through various ATT forums on the issue apparently I'm not the only one having this trouble.

My story is as follows: I live in Baltimore, MD and a few days ago my phone no longer functions as a phone. Its has become an over glorified iPod touch. Basically no matter how many bars show on the phone I get no calls, no texts, I can make no calls and no texts.
And I've taken pretty good care of my phone. Dropped it once 3 months ago and nothing was wrong.
I've lived here for the past 4 years and I've had ATT in this location and an iPhone before this device. Then I upgraded to this phone and few months later nothing. It's a dead phone useless and I'm stuck with a phone that cannot make calls or receive calls.
And I've taken pretty good care of my phone. Dropped it once 3 months ago and nothing was wrong.

When buying your phone think about how it'll work out 6 months from now before you get into a 2 year contract you can't get out of.
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on March 17, 2011
So I write this as I upgraded from my old school Motorola Razor to the HTC Inspire 4G. I have had the phone since it released on 13 Feb 2011. Not too much I am not happy about. As this is my first smartphone and Android phone, it's hard not to like it all. Overall, I am very happy with the phone itself.

-Gorgeous large screen
-Fast processor
-Camera takes really good pictures, however, I noted in a large room the flash is kind of slow and you may get some blurred images. But up close or outdoors the pictures are impeccable.
-Android. I love the apps and the ability to multi-task (something my wifes iphone doesn't seem to do so well)
-I find the android interface and the interfunction of the menu to be much better than that of the iphone 4

-I have had some problems with the micro SD card. The phone will randomly lose it's connection with the SD card. For instance, I was listening to music and in the middle of a song the phone told me that there was no SD card installed. I had to reboot the phone (no change), remove and reinstall the SD card for the phone to recognize it. This has happened multiple times. This is the 8GB SD card that came with the phone.
-On day two of owning the phone, I had the aforementioned SD card problem. When I removed the cover, the compartment cover where the SD card and SIM card reside, snapped in half. Fortunately, I was able to get a replacement cover from the AT&T store about a week later from a return. BE VERY CAREFUL REMOVING THIS COVER.
-Battery life is short. It will last the day in standby....But if you use it for anything else frequently, such as a game app, you will be charging it all the time.
-Battery cover is difficult to remove, but I believe will get easier as I do it more.

-Noticed signal strength in home is less than it was on my razor, but doesn't seem to affect call/messaging performance.

Hope this helps.
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on March 28, 2016
When this phone was first introduced it was one of the best. I had it until recently when I got tired of it rebooting itself during phone calls or other times for no apparent reason. It would also freeze and the only way to fix that was to remove the battery case and the battery. After researching the problem online, I found that I was far from being alone with this problem. From what I gathered, an update at some point during it's life caused headaches for everyone, with rebooting itself. The standard answer that was being given by the service provider was that it was being caused by a battery that needed replacement (that is, an old battery). Not true, as many bought a new battery and it didn't fix the problem. I put up with it for nearly 3 years, but have had enough. Mine is going into the recycling bin after I run it over with my car. Don't buy this phone at any price from anyone looking to sell one. You'll probably be buying someone else's problem.
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on October 12, 2011
After a reasonable amount of deliberation, my fiance Denis and I decided on the HTC Inspire when it came time to replace my old phone. Our decision was based on three major criteria: operating system, functionality, and reviews. I expected a pretty good product, but have been pleasantly surprised - HTC's Inspire is an excellent phone.

Here's why I love it:

1. Android OS - OS preference (Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Mobile) is really a matter of personal preference. I like Android because it's robust and efficient and because it doesn't tie one to any specific purveyor of apps. Countless free and inexpensive apps add nigh-unlimited functionality.

2. Functionality - three important features carried this phone to the top of the list of contenders.

First, it works with ATT's 'FamilyMap,' a service that allows Denis to locate my phone (and thus me) from his (and vice-versa). As the fiance of a cyclist who often puts in 50+ solo miles per day, it does a lot for Denis' peace of mind. He feels better knowing that if I ever get stranded somewhere or am hurt in an accident, he can find me easily.

Second, it doubles as a mobile hot-spot, allowing me to connect my laptop or tablet PC to the internet anywhere I have signal. As a highly-mobile college student, I appreciate having the ability to keep in touch with my professors and peers and submit assignments from almost anywhere on earth.

Third, the built-in GPS allows me to map and track my rides easily - very handy for my training plan as a competitive cyclist - and to use GPS-based cue sheets on long solo rides or brevets. Mounted on the stem of my bike in its iArmbands holder, it doubles as speedometer, navigation system, and training tracker. Brilliant.

I was hesitant to adopt a fully touch-screen-driven phone, since I'm a textaholic and I've had some bad (if hilarious) results with other touch-screen phones (especially Denis' Blackberry Storm). The Inspire's touch screen has allayed my fears. No need to worry about my texts suggesting that I'm both illiterate and inebriated - big 'keys' track touch extremely well.

Perhaps the best surprise, though, has been the excellent 8MP camera. I was expecting crisp high-resolution pictures, but not the array of real-camera features packed into this pocket-sizes phone: auto- or manual focus, auto-or manual ISO, and a great deal more. It also offers fun effects (I especially like the sepia-tone and black-and-white options).

Battery life is better than expected, even with GPS turned on. How long it lasts, of course, depends on usage -- some of my favorite games are huge drains, but riding around in my pocket or on my bike, sending the occasional text, and so forth, it's good for at least a full day-and-a-half without a recharge.

Oh, the sound quality is also good. On the rare occasion that I actually used it as a *phone,* my old phone made it ridiculously hard to hear whoever was on the other end. On the Inspire, callers come through loud and clear.

Bravo, HTC!
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on March 8, 2011
I got the HTC Inspire a few days ago and I am beyond happy with it! The touch screen actually works great and the screen is huge and very clear. The battery life could be better, but with moderate usage, it will still last all day for me, if I just charge it overnight. This phone is quick and has so many different options. It's great, the first phone I have been completely happy with!
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on May 29, 2011
I've had this phone for two months now, and for the most part it's pretty dang good. I rooted and upgraded the ROM the first day I got it, so this review might be a little skewed. Also, I'm kinda picky, so while I have more cons and pros, the cons are small things that don't detract from how good this phone is.

-I almost broke the damn battery cover trying to open it. Trick is to peel the plastic at the volume rockers, not where the indent is. You'll only do this once, so it doesn't really matter.
-The screen really takes up the entire front of the phone. I have long fingers, so I keep accidentally pressing things depending on how I hold it. Also, buy a screen protector, you'll probably need it
-The voice quality didn't seem to be as HTC Tilt I upgraded from.
-WiFi randomly disconnects occasionally. However, it seemed to pick up better WiFi signal than a MacBook, so....yeah
-The back of the phone is slippery! Get a good case so it doesn't slide everywhere.
-Battery life? It lasts about as long as all other smartphones out there...I can get through an entire day of heavy use. Just charge it every night. New ROM that gets rid of bloatware helps battery life.

-Large, bright screen. The screen can be seen under bright sunlight, though you might have to get a little closer.
-Unbrickable phone, since it's based on Android. I thought I bricked it trying to get a new ROM on it (stuck on black screen), but after half an hour of research I was able to fix it.
-With ROM upgrade, HTC Sense 3.0 and Gingerbread much better than default. There's also certain ROMs out there that can overclock the phone to almost the customizability of it is really up to you.
-Fast, but there's sometimes tiny lag when scrolling.
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on May 19, 2012
To begin, I have owned this phone REFURBISHED since last September. I have had no problems except for things I have done to make the phone freeze. I never turn it off to let it "rest" either. I have dropped this phone multiple times (and they were pretty hefty drops) but it has never failed to be perfectly fine when I check it out afterwards. It is very fast and loads everything up very quickly unless I don't have good wifi or service. I have adored this phone and when it's time for a new one I might just stick with the same phone. Also keep in mind that I am a teen girl who gets over things quickly. AND I do a lot on this phone. The battery life isn't fabulous but then again if you're on it all the time the battery isn't going to last you all day. Actually I put it on airplane mode throughout the school day when I am not using it so that the battery doesn't die with my phone searching for service. (I don't get service in my school.) One, the single one and only problem that I've ever had with this phone is that on the keyboard (which is touch) when I try and push a certain button sometimes it'll be like the button isn't there. Which isn't a big deal because the few times that it does happen I can turn the phone sideways and use the keyboard fine like that.
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