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on February 26, 2011
This is a great phone with an awesome screen. It's a little big and heavy, but once you get used to the size you'll have a hard time going back. My old Nexus One feels puny in my hands now.

- Big and clear screen that works surprisingly well in direct sunlight.
- 2nd Gen snapdragon is fast. Not dual core fast, but fast. And the kernel source was just released, so watch for overclocked kernels soon.
- Feels super solid in your hand. Doesn't have that cheap, plastic feel like other phones sometimes do. This feels expensive.
- Under a hundred bucks on contract, without any rebates involved. Awesome.
- Once you uncripple the radio and get HSUPA back, the internet on this is pretty fast. Not really "4G" fast, but fast enough for my needs.

- You have to uncripple the radio if you want HSUPA speeds. Instructions are on the XDA Developers forum, but they aren't for the faint of heart.
- More difficult to root than some other phones. This one requires a "gold card" microSD, which isn't too hard to make but the whole process will scare off a lot of people.
- Power button and the top speaker grille are right next to each other, making it difficult for case manufacturers. The power button will usually be right up against the plastic there, making it more difficult to press.
- No sideloading apps out of the gate. This is easily worked around if you're savvy enough, but again most people will just put up with it. Not cool, AT&T. Knock that crap off already.

Basically, this is a great phone and the only real downside is AT&T and their meddling with things that they shouldn't. Once you get rid of their bloatware, their crippled radio and their restrictions on what apps you can install then this is a heck of a device. I recommend it, but if you want to unlock its true potential prepare to spend some time on XDA and READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!!!!
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on February 22, 2011
Got this one yesterday, and it is really big. Too big, I do not think so but I have to say it is boarder line. I would go no bigger than this. First impressions, getting the battery cover off was a bit unnerving as the "insert finger here" spot opened that side, but the door only half opened so care had to be taken to pry the other side open. The sim card cover came open easily by grabbing the sides of the cover and sliding off, not exactly what the instructions said, but seemed way easier and safer. Nothing damaged, so that is good!

As for the phone itself, I have shown it around the office, and general consensus is that it may be a bit big for one hand operation. Do not get me wrong, it can be operated with one hand, but getting the thumb to swipe from side to side fully is a stretch. I was using 2 hands and was completely happy. The screen is wonderful, and begin the recent owner of a Droid 2, I was very worried about not having a keyboard, as other phones I tried, well typing was frustrating as it never choose the right letter. But the Inspire is better than I imagined. I have set up a bunch of stuff now, and so far mistyped only one letter if I recall correctly. Absolutely wonderful!

Android works great, customizable and all. Not sure how to rate that type of thing, as it is so customizable it will be each to his/her own. Makes sense, things seemed to be findable without too much trouble given that I had the Droid 2 as my first smartphone for all of 2 months before it died in a watery grave.

I have also played with the camera, again in comparison to the Droid 2 the Inspire blows it away! Wow! The color is very real, and the flash... the flash is not some wimpy light it enough to barely recognize a face in a dimly lit bar type of flash. It lights up the room like a real camera would, almost to the point where it seemed too much. More testing on my part is needed, but hands down Inspire blows away the Droid 2.

Will post more as I get further along, but so far it is great, 4.5 stars and the half star off is only because it may have been better to not be as big, but I guess I will have to see what the new 4 inch screens do in the coming months.

2/24 - Update: I am getting used to the size now, not as big of a deal now that the initial shock is over. I have to say I was initially really concerned. But fits in the pocket just the same, and using it more and more every day. Phone calls are clear and audible. I do not have to ram the phone to my ear to hear people. I know, sort of a secondary feature, but none-the-less it is supposed to be a "phone".
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on April 11, 2011
I am beyond overjoyed on owning this phone. I have always had 'dumb' phones with no data plan. I made phone calls and that was it, on a small screen. I decided it was time to take the plunge. I am so happy I did. It has the biggest screen of any Android I know and I really enjoy it being easy on my eyes. It's attractive, well thought out, and an eye-catcher. I had to get used to all the features and free apps it has and I am constantly asking myself "What CAN'T this phone do?"

The phone is svelte and not too thick, it's really great engineering. I LOVE that it isn't plastic, it's high quality aluminum. I don't mind the weight, I want my phone to feel like something, not a lightweight plastic shell of a phone. I am done with those cheap phones. I tried the iPhone in the store and was so happy with my decision to get this one!

The 8 MP camera is shockingly good. I have found I rarely use my "real" camera anymore (Panasonic DMC-ZS7); it'll probably be just for trips and rare outings. (There you saved $200-300+)! The zoom, focus, and MP are great. Video capture is great. Within seconds I can upload to Facebook or email. Shockingly easy! It recognizes bar code scans beautifully!

What I love is you can change ANYTHING about how the screens look. Don't believe those that say they "hate this and that" about the screen. There's 7 screens and they're all customizable! Hate the clock? Hold it down and drag it to the "remove" recycle bin. Choose another clock under "Personalize..Widget..clock" and scroll through the options!

The Google voice recognition app is shocking. I have it as an app on my screen, I hit the button, say what I want to look up and it's usually right.

The Market has so many free apps, I haven't paid for one app yet!

The touchscreen keyboard took about a week to get the hang of.

Plug in your headphones (not included) and you have an instant MP3 player and FM radio - you just saved $100-300!

I could not be happier!

The only negatives I can possibly think of is that the battery installation is really, really hard. I had to get my nail in the corner of the plastic and virtually break my nail to open it up. It could definitely be an easier process, but you really only do it once (hopefully). 2nd - I had all my apps setup on the screens and I went to change the theme and everything disappeared! I was so upset, I am just leaving the theme as-is now. Maybe I did something wrong?

The only other problem was after a week the wireless stopped working. I loved getting free internet in our home with our wireless setup. I almost returned the phone I was so upset. Google 'cyberphreak htc inspire' for our fix. No problems since then.

My husband loved my phone so much he got the same exact one, but instead of going through AT&T's website like I did, he bought it via Amazon and saved even more money. It was effortless, it arrived, we activated it, done. I thought it'd be way more complicated than ordering from AT&T and it wasn't! And he saved money!

Don't think of owning this phone without a case! I own the black body glove case and my husband owns a silicone case.
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on May 11, 2011
I made the move to a smart phone as part of the AT&T buy out of Alltel. Apparently it's no longer possible to buy a regular phone that's designed for adults, not tweens. I was completely prepared to buy an iPhone 4 (I'm an avid iPod Touch user) when I made the trip into the store. I saw this phone while standing in line and was very impressed by the size and clarity of the screen. Many times with my iPod Touch I'm scrambling for my reading glasses, which is a real inconvenience, especially while driving (spare me the hands-free device lecture, that's my next project). With this phone I can see the screen clearly, navigate and type on the on-screen keyboard easily.

I love all the apps and features. It's easy to customize and by turning mobile data off and using wi-fi at home and work, I've only used around 14mb of my 200mb plan, eighteen days into the billing cycle. This may increase as I find more mobile apps that I want to use while driving, but you do not need to have mobile data enabled in order to use Google maps; only to do things like check email or surf the web.

On the advice of several people I downloaded a Task Killer app. Similar to a pc, there is a lot of stuff running in the background which can be shut off in order to speed things up and reduce battery drain (not that I would ever describe this phone as slow). I charge all my devices every night so I have no issues with battery life.

My only complaint is that the speaker-phone sucks. Callers on the other end can't hear me and even in a quiet room they report excessive background noise.
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on April 15, 2011
I switched to this phone from the Samsung Captivate, which I was very happy with. Even though I have had the Inspire for less than a full day, I am already happier with it than I was with the Captivate. Although the display is not Super AMOLED, it is slightly bigger than the Captivate's and plenty clear. I love the design of this phone, the 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, Android 2.2 is significantly faster than 2.1, and I am anxious to see how useful HTC Sense is. After getting used to Swype on the Captivate, not having it is a minor issue compared to all of the other features on this phone. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone and I'll update this review after using it for a longer period of time. But for now, I love it! By the way, as far as the battery life is concerned, any smartphone will have issues with battery life if you're a heavy internet browser, video streamer, game player, or multimedia message sender.
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on June 3, 2011
I was extremely aprehensive about buying this phone after reading the negative reviews. I am new to the smartphone experience but knew that I didn't want to pad Jobs' pockets any more than they already are so I wanted an Android device. I know battery life is said to be an issue with all smart phones, but most reviews say that this phone is particularly horrible. I would have to disagree, if you are a moderate user like me. I get more than a full day's use from a charge and I surf for approx. an hour or two a day and use apps/play games for another 1-2 hours. If battery life is the only reason you are not considering buying this phone and you do not plan on using it as your primary business computer you should purchase this phone.

I have been using the device for a couple weeks and could not be happier. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a functional and aesthetically pleasing phone.
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on May 2, 2012
This phone has been OK -- I agree with most of the other reviewers' comments and have found the HTC interface and the phone overall very easy to use despite its size and weight (which is not a huge problem for me since I usually have it in my purse). It is also much more durable than expected -- I've dropped it several times on various surfaces and the screen is still intact...the battery life is not great but I don't notice it too much as I have chargers at home, at work, and in my car.

The camera is OK -- kind of blurry at times and not as naturally warm toned as the iPhone but gets the job done. Voice calls (which I don't do very often) have been good -- as clear as a normal non-cell phone. I've had this phone for almost a year and am mostly satisfied with it. However, it had been having a lot of software problems lately, so I took it to an AT&T Device Support Center in the middle of had been almost a year since I had ordered it, but since I still had about a week left until it would be exactly a year, I thought it should still be covered under a one-year warranty.

However, at the Device Support Center, I learned that they would do a hard restart of my phone (erasing everything) but that if that didn't solve my problems, there was no way they could replace my phone for free because the one year warranty had expired. Thinking that I had bought a brand new phone off of Amazon Wireless, it was an unpleasant surprise to hear that the phone had gone off warranty about a month before because that was when the serial number that corresponded to it had been activated. Amazon Wireless has simply said that it cannot offer any additional insight or action after I asked them why they sold me someone else's used phone as new, so my only advice to others is buyer beware!
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on April 10, 2011
After realizing I was due for an upgrade, I read the reviews about this phone and decided to go shopping. I started at the AT&T store so I could actually try a functional phone. It looked and felt great. This phone is loaded with apps and has lots of options. I decided that this would be my next phone, but not from AT&T for $100.00. I eventually found it at Costco for $19.99...SOLD!!! I was even able to grandfather in my unlimited data plan.

I initially had the same "short battery life" experience that some complained about, but after doing some research and downloading a battery tender app I have greatly extended the battery life. I'm still learning about this phone and enjoying everything I discover about it.

Anyone who has this phone should go to this forum to discover answers to any questions or problems: [...]. It has lots of good info about this phone that makes it an even better experience. The App Market is full of lots of free and paid apps to do just about anything you can think of. I haven't found anything about this phone that I don't like so far.
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on February 26, 2011
I had an Inspire for about 10 days before I broke down and decided to return it. Screen is beautiful, although the glass seems to give a lot of glare. 8 megapixel camera takes great (although in some circumstances slightly high contrast) pictures overall, I tried some night shots and was fairly impressed. Sense 2.0 is... well it's Sense, if you like the htc interface you'll probably be happy with it. I'm not a big fan of htc's full page widgets, but I was able to switch to Android widgets instead fairly easily. The absolute killer for me was the battery life. With moderate use I felt like I needed to put it on the charger at every opportunity; I thought it might have been a bad battery but a little research showed htc put a tiny 1230 mAh battery in it, and that battery life concerns were a pretty common complaint for it and it's European namesake, the Desire HD. Charging twice a day or so seems to be about normal. Some things I tried did seem to help the battery situation, but I can't recommend the Inspire to anyone unless they are a very light user, or don't mind being tethered.
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on August 14, 2011
The HTC Inspire is a great phone at only $100 in many places, well worth the price with the exception of a few negligible details and quirks. I'd recommend purchasing it.


The Android Market is easy to use and once you have your applications organized it's fairly simple. One of the most enjoyable features is the search function, which is one of the four main buttons on the front of the phone (the others being 'Home' 'Menu' and 'Back'). In almost every application or setting you can hit the search button to immediately query the phone or program for an item or function you're looking to do. Very handy.

If I had one large complaint about the HTC Inspire 4G it would be the keyboard function. When trying to place a cursor between areas of text to select or copy, the magnify function -- that makes it so you can place the cursor directly, much like an iPhone or myriad other smart phones -- often ends up magnifying the text downwards instead of upwards. This means that it appears under your finger and you cannot see what you're trying to get at. It's very awkward and clumsy to use at times. What it really does is slow you down and make you try to type texts and social media updates correctly the first time lest you have to go back and fix them.

The phone also comes with a few select built-in applications that are all but worthless, including a few games and services that require ongoing fees should you choose to subscribe to them. I've yet to find a way to delete some of them without coming across some kind of error message. It's easy to live with every day. It fits into my front pocket without making me look too silly since it's so enormous. I'm not hiding it from anyone, but it's not like having a brick in your pocket.

Battery life is acceptable: After a night of charging, being unplugged from 8AM to 10PM each day, with heavy usage for three-to-four hours a day, the battery will start to die sometime around 9PM. It's not going to blow you away with its reliability but it won't leave you in the dark either. I'm a heavy user and I wear it out just about every day, which is what I'd expect considering it has such a giant screen.

The camera function leaves much to be desired. In comparison to an iPhone 3GS, the HTC Inspire does quite poorly in low-light or even a well-lit incandescent setting. You must be in either a well-lit, outdoor setting or use the flash. Having said that, it does try to compensate by having white balance features and some very Instagram-ish artsy settings that create finished-looking photos. The camera does produce incredibly high quality photos. Unless you're going to be taking a lot of moon-phase portraits, I wouldn't worry about the lack of low light performance.

Settings for colors and sounds are plenty and won't leave new users wanting. You can specify just about anything you need on the phone including sounds, colors, views, themes and skins.

It has a nice, crisp, large screen that has a great array of colors and blacks. Customization is fairly easy and the animations between screens is up-to-date. The touch screen is responsive without seeming overly deadened or sensitive.

The Android Market is stocked with everything you need. If you're an iPhone user looking to make the move but aren't sure about applications available, don't worry. As a former iPhone user I promise you the Android Market has everything you've come to expect from Apple. I also enjoy some of the built-in applications, including the Friend Stream function, which lets you administer your social network with a middling amount of depth.


Overall, the HTC Inspire is a very comparable phone to the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. If you're making the switch from Apple you may find the menus for each item less than standardized, with some applications requiring additional clicks of the 'Menu' button or otherwise. The text-magnify function is a little odd, but it just makes you type slower and with more care so you don't have to use it. At $100, the phone is an absolute steal. If you're looking for a cheap smartphone that is of high quality, the HTC Inspire is the best choice.

-Large screen
-Easy to use
-Largely customizable
-High definition camera
-Good applications

-Middling battery life
-Poor camera performance in low light settings
-Infuriating type-magnifying function
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