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on August 19, 2012
When I first purchased this phone I was so please, 7 months later the phone would randomly shut off and sometimes restart. Also it freezes and I can only get it going again if I restart the phone and at times it won't let me so I have to pull out the battery to reset. Not even a year and the phone is a mess!
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on August 10, 2011
Skip this one. Sure the screen is big and has lots of apps, but the call quality is very bad. The advertised "stereo speakers" is a joke. Worst sound ever, validated at an ATT store by a rep who had the same probs. Forget about good picture quality from the supposed 8MB camera.
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on May 17, 2012
I love this phone but, no front facing camera, low battery life and mine freezes sometimes and no one can hear me when I have speaker phone on. Those r my only complaints, I don't mind the weight of the phone. Its functionality is good. Easy to navigate the software on it.
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on January 24, 2012
I decided to get this phone after reading the reviews for this model and a for a few other phones that were eligible for the AT&T upgrade. I am very pleased with my choice. It is reasonably easy to learn to use (although a user's guide would have been helpful). Voices sound crisp and clear during calls with no interference; this was probably the most important factor for me. I have even been able to use the speaker phone successfully. It picks up a sufficient signal in all the places that my previous phone did, and in some areas is even better at getting a signal. It has a lot of internal memory, and also comes with an sd card for added memory. Currently, if you have this phone with AT&T service, you will not be able to use the Amazon android app store; instead you will need to go directly to the Android app store; if I had known this sooner it would have saved me a lot of time trying to find out where to go to download apps. I have read that Amazon has been working with AT&T to change this. The only major drawback that I have found is the limited selection of profiles for incoming calls/alerts. This phone allows for 3: Normal, Vibrate, and Silent (plus airplane mode). They can be customized as to ring volume, etc. However, my previous phone, which was a very simple one, allowed for several different sound profiles, so that I could quickly choose according to various needs. For example, I would really like the ability to have this phone "beep once and vibrate" which was the setting on my old phone that I always used while at work. Perhaps there is an app somewhere that will allow for more choices like this. All in all, this is really a great phone!

ETA: I found an app in the android store called "Quick Profiles" that allows you to make additional profiles. Now I am even happier with the phone!
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on December 15, 2011
I have had this phone for 5 months, and it is by far the best phone I have ever had. I have owned a very many phones over a period of 17 years. Not only did I fall in love with android, but I fell in love with HTC. I was a little leary about getting a phone I knew nothing about, but I trusted my at&t sales rep and bought it. I have had almost no problems with it. I have way to many pictures and text messages on it and it causes it to freeze up sometimes but not much(which can be expected with so much space taken up). I usually just restart it and it is fine. Every so often I go through and delete things to give it a little bit of a break lol. I have never loved a phone as much as I love this one. I have dropped it on my ceramic tile in my kitchen and bathroom and it didn't even have so much as a scratch on it. I also dropped it on my concrete steps in my garage and again nothing happened to it. I have to say if you are going to get a smart phone (or any phone for that matter) this is the one to get. It has an 8MP camera which is awesome and the color is so vibrant I can hardly stand looking or using anyone else's phone. I have to say this phone has me spoiled. When it comes time to upgrade I will get another HTC phone. Also if you lose your phone you can download an app called android lost from your computer to your phone. It will send you the last messages sent and received, phone calls, take a picture from your phone, send crazy loud "help me I'm lost" messages (the phone can be on silent and it still plays it loud), you can set the phone to lock up and notify you if a different sim card is inserted, and many more great things to find your phone. On top of all those things it gives you a gps location within 7 meters of where your phone is. Trust me it works. My phone was stolen and I used this app and it had an arrow directly on the house where the phone was. All of this is emailed to you and the person with your phone has no idea any of this is going on. Awesome phone I highly recommend it to everyone!!!
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on September 26, 2011
Although I've just gotten this phone I realize that it doesn't pick up a signal nearly as good as my old trusty broken hinged LG cu515. The old 515 will have several signal bars on it and this super smart phone doesn't have any...ANY!!!! Granted I do live out in the country but if the other phone works out here then what's the problem ATT?

While navigating the labyrinth of all the features, I've discovered that the interface isn't exactly intuitive. Between the navigational difficulties and the off and on signal issues, this hasn't been an enjoyable phone day.

Next adventure: Tethering.

Ok update: one month later. I turned it back in at the ATT store and the only regret I have is that I never got to use the "square" credit card app. Of course if I had wanted to use it I'm sure this little treasure wouldn't have had any signal.

Let me just send out a big *SHAME ON YOU ATT*, spending all that money on advertizing and not enough on infrastructure to support this phone. I spent PLENTY of time on the phone talking to a bevy of "customer care specialists" who all apologized profusely for my problems. I'm figuring they have plenty of practice with the apologies. Also, what's with a company that doesn't mind you, the customer paying their salaries, having to wait 6 minutes for the next customer care specialist? They must have spent plenty on the studies to tell them just how much crap we would take.

So I've gone back to a little old Nokia. I can get reception where the 500$ phone would still be saying "out of service area".
It seems the first function of the Inspire isn't to be a telephone, but to be a small money making machine for ATT. I found it difficult to use while driving, impossible to punch a number in while holding it in one hand, but it did have the 3.5mm head set jack that allows you to use that universal plug. Damn all those other phones that have their particular headphones and adapters and all that. The touch screen takes a lot of getting used to as the "end call" button is right next to the dial pad and even after waiting 10 minutes to speak to one of those customer care specialists you can inadvertently hang up on them with one careless swipe of a thumb.... oh just imagine the aggravation. Another problem is that if your caller hangs up before you, in that split second when you press the button to hang up, because they've already ended the call, you'll call them back. Touch a name in the address book and you'll call them, even if you don't want to. Try to figure out how to save your numbers to the SIM card once they're "linked". I did say that the interface isn't intuitive.

If you've already got enough stress and tedium in your life and live outside of a city then this phone probably isn't for you... it only took me a month to find that out.

Oh and I never even got around to "tethering" as the service sucked so badly that there was no point.
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on April 11, 2011
The ATT/HTC Inspire 4G is a lovely and sexy phone, but is not anywhere near ready for a serious business user. I've invested many hours into the phone during this past week, but have been unable to achieve reliable Outlook or Gmail synchronization. Weak email and phone features, plus a basic phone bug didn't help either. What a disappointing waste of my time. I have returned this phone to ATT.

Phone bug. The included Voice Dialing included app did not work out of the box. The program failed on startup and gave an error message. ATT customer service told me to repair or exchange the phone. I've since found that voice search also did not work.

Clunky HTC user interface. Answering a phone call requires three separate actions: turn screen on (button); unlock phone (swipe screen); answer call (touch on-screen button). Two separate actions to hang up a call. Much too complex - it's one movement on any other phone.

Poor Microsoft Outlook synchronization software. HTC Sync software (from is barely beta quality and simply doesn't work: only one Outlook Contact folder gets synced (same as Apple's MobileMe, but far inferior to BBerry); sync is not performed on full Contact names - it omits second and middle names; the software corrupts my Outlook Contact folder with truncated Contact names; not all new phone-created Calendar entries make it back to Outlook; Bookmark sync has no effect on the phone's bookmarks; HTC Sync software opens very slowly - takes up to 3 minutes on my business laptop while it says `Updating htc library...' I corresponded with, then spoke to HTC support, who acknowledged most of these shortcomings, promised upgrades, but couldn't say when.

Poor Gmail synchronization. The phone, surprisingly, also integrates poorly with Gmail: Contacts do not sync completely: not all of my 3000 Contacts moved to the phone from Gmail; new phone Contacts didn't always get back to Gmail. (Contact Sync between my laptop Outlook and Gmail works fine with Google Apps for Business.)

I had expected to spend time on setup, but was surprised by the immaturity of both the phone and its supporting software. I am already a Google Apps for Business customer and find that it generally works. But with a week of effort, I was simply unable to get this ATT/HTC phone to the point where I could use it for my business. It's certainly an attractive product. But it is simply not ready for a business user.
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on March 20, 2011
Okay, I was a little silly on the title but in all seriousness this is an excellent phone. I've had it for about 3 weeks and admit I still have a lot to learn but everything new I learn about this phone only solidifies my opinion of it. I guess the main objections I have are two-fold.
1. The ring volume is really poor. At nearly 50 my ears aren't quite what they used to be and my last phone had a very loud max-ring volume and I really enjoyed that.
2. The vibrate feature is also very poor. The phone is far too large for me to put into my pocket so I rely on a hip-pouch and unless I have that puppy sitting RIGHT on my hip-bone there's a good chance I won't feel the vibration. Now, couple that with my first objection to this phone and...yes, I've missed some calls. If I don't hear it and don't feel it then obviously I don't always know when I'm receiving an incoming call.
However! These two 'cons' are not enough for me to rate this phone with anything less than 5 stars. I LOVE this phone. The 4G is truly lightning-fast. I'm shocked at how fast this baby downloads whatever I am doing. The clarity of the screen, the 8 Mega-pix camera, ability to record/take pics in HD, availability of FREE apps for Android phones, SD Card is removable WITHOUT having to pull the battery, the phones ability to be a WAP (Wireless Access Point) so other devices can connect to the Internet via WiFi being provided BY the phone...oh, and BTW, you can have the phone doing that while you're talking on it, etc. Oh, and don't forget...this is Android 2.2, not 2.1. Do a little research and you'll see the advantages including managing the hardware resources of the phone.

I've read some reviews that object to the battery life. To that I say, "People need to understand what all this phone is doing". Yes, I have to charge the phone every night - big deal. I expect that and so should anyone running a smart-phone of this caliber.
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on August 11, 2011
great android phone, everything works excellent - no draw backs, slowdowns or freezing up.
the only thing that bothers me is that it is on heavy/bulky side - but that's what makes that screen big and crisp.
my battery life is ok.
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on June 11, 2011
Have had this phone over 3 months now and love nearly everything about it. I returned an iphone 4 due to problems and like this MUCH better. It is very responsive & the screen is gorgeous! Calls are very clear and rarely ever drop, unless I'm talking to someone on an iphone (think we know what the problem is there). The 8MP camera takes great outdoor pictures - as good as most digital cameras, if not better (indoor acceptable, but hey it's a phone). Video & sound are also excellent. The 4.3" screen size is just right for me - not too small to watch videos and not so large that I can't pocket it.

DATA speeds were initially not the greatest, but that problem was solved with the recent software update & continuing ATT network improvements (I am in the Boston). I now get around 2-2.5 Mbps down and 1-1.5 Mbps up (prior to update, upload was capped at 300 Kbps).

Downsides? The screen is not so easy to see in sunlight, but don't find myself doing that much anyway. Battery life isn't great, but definitely much better than I expected with this size screen. It got even better with the recent software update. Turning off some apps that auto-start, especially location services you don't use, helps a lot. I turn off GPS, Wifi and bluetooth unless I'm using them (it still uses cell tower location services) and I usually get 2 full days with moderate calling before needing a recharge.

The only problem I had is that the SD card cover cracked in half when I was trying to take it off (known defect - don't hold it by the sides when removing). But I could still put it back on in two pieces, and HTC sent out a new one at no cost to me.
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