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on June 30, 2012
I owned an HTC Hero, a Legend, a Desire(Bravo) and an iPhone as well.

The Inspire is the worst of them. It's huge, like a brick, heavy, quite inconvenient to keep it in pocket, even with a relatively thin case.
The display quality is not so good, the colors are worse than on my previous generation HTC smartphones.
The display is also very reflective, it cant't be seen in sunshine. I also don't like that all controls are on the touchscreen.
The battery life is a joke. Even I use Juice Defender app, it can't keep running for a day. Actually, if I disconnect the charger at morning, it will die at early night.
Sound wise the ringtones are not loud enough to hear when it's in the pocket or backpack.
The GPS is also very weak, takes 5 minutes to find the satellite and often went out without reason, interrupting the navigation. The only help was in that situation to restart the system.

The only thing was satisfying is the speed. Usually it worked quite fast, if worked. I would never buy again.

Update: it's getting even worse day by day. I have to restart it every day 1-2 times. It fails to receive or start calls, fails to connect to Wi-Fi, etc. The most frustrating device I have ever used.
Update2: It getting worse week by week. It's latest trick is to shutdown the phone every time I use the camera flash. It's not about the battery, because the same shit happens if the battery is full. What a piece of crap...
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on October 27, 2011
I've had my Inspire for 6 months and I am extremely pleased with it. As noted, the stock battery life is terrible! However, there is a setting that comes enabled on the phone, and turning it off makes the battery last all day and then some. Just turn off this setting: Settings --> Wireless controls --> Mobile networks --> Enable always-on mobile

On to the phone: At the time I bought it, this phone was the fastest phone at around $50. Its quick. Really quick for a mid range smartphone. Its noticeably faster than the Droid Xs that people I know have. The screen is great, and the data connection is fine for me (and I just have 3G where I live). This phone has great performance on every app I've used with it, including games. The performance is so good on this device that I don't really feel it would be worth upgrading to anything else until some apps come out that require a bit more horsepower.

The phone body is quality for its price level; solid construction, mostly aluminum exterior. It feels nice and is surprisingly light for being a bigger phone. Its not up to comparison versus an iPhone in its design and exterior quality, but it does have the performance of an iPhone without the price.

Highly recommend this phone, but right now I'd probably see if there was anything a bit newer or wait for a new phone to come out. This one is probably going to get replaced shortly.
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on October 4, 2011
I've had this phone for about 6 months now, and I love it. Both of my brothers got one as well. None of us have had any regrets. In fact, my brother's girlfriend and my wife both switched to HTC Inspires after using ours.

Is it better than the iPhone? Without a doubt. The Inspire is more like a small computer than a phone. An iPhone, even the new 4S, is more like an iPod. It is a very limited device characterized by rows of apps (many of which are more expensive than their identical Android counterparts). The Inspire, on the other hand, has widgets, can play flash, has multiple stores to buy apps from (including the Amazon app store, which gives you a different paid app for free each day!), had a much bigger screen, and costs much less.

I have rooted my phone and put Gingerbread and HTC Sense 3.0 on it, and it is still running smoothly. Battery life is fine - I charge every night and get through every day without a problem. The screen still looks great. The only cons I would mention are the battery cover and the bloatware ATT installs on your phone and won't let you remove (unless you root the phone).

If you've never used Android before, there is a small learning curve - but you went through that when you used a computer for the first time as well:-) Embrace the change, and you will be surprised at how much more you can do with this phone.
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on December 27, 2011
I know people always say they don't write reviews, but I really don't. I just feel compelled to let you know how great a phone this is. I am a 42 yr old mother of 2. I've had this phone for 8 months and simply can't live without it! I live among a family of I Phone users, and was determined to not own another Apple slave product! :)

Aside from that, the screen on this phone is just indestructible. My Autistic 5yr. old son plays lots of games on it, I throw it in my purse along with my keys, I wear earrings that have scratched every other phone I've owned and this screen is still pristine after 8 months. I do not have a screen protector on it. I do suggest buying a soft rubberized case for it as the design and material it is made of make it a bit slippery to hold. The case has saved this phone from slipping off of the table or any sleek surface.

I've noticed some complaining about the battery life, but that is just typical of a smart phone. With normal usage, I only have to charge the battery every few days. If my son plays games it may need to be charged daily.

I am very satisfied with this phones performance, in fact impressed at times. It has become an intricate part of my day and I rely on it more than I thought I ever would rely on a phone. I highly recommend this product.
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on February 13, 2012
Don't buy this phone!! I purchased this phone in May 2011 from Amazon wireless. Later in the summer, HTC sends me an OS upgrade, so I download it. The results? Terrible glitches in the texting (particularly when it qwerty mode), frequent crashes (several times a week the phone shuts itself off and restarts), the touch screen often freezes or goes to black and I have to remove the battery to get it to come back on (no easy task given the way the battery is shoved so tightly into the battery compartment). Since I bought this on Amazon, I turned to HTC first. The HTC rep told me over the phone they are aware of all these issues, but they don't have a fix for them. Thanks HTC. So, I went to the AT&T store, the rep there said they couldn't help me, to try AT&T technical support. Tech support sent me on to warranty. Warranty ships me a new (refurbished) phone to replace the old glitchy one. Not 6hrs after turning on the new phone, it's already doing the same things as the old phone. At this point, the warranty on the phone runs out before I am eligible for an upgrade. I will NEVER buy another HTC.
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on March 15, 2011
Converting to the Android from the iPhone was a smart decision. This phone has many features which suits most of my business needs which I am pleased.
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on November 27, 2011
After reading some reviews on this phone I could not believe that some people actually put a bad review!!! This phone is so incredible that it could change a stubborn old ladys mind .... Really. I just want to say especially to the guy who lives in Baltimore , actually I want to say this to everyone who put a one star- IF THE PHONE DOESN'T WORK THE CALL THE COMPANY!!!! YOU HAVE A WARRENTY !!!! This is obviously true because everybody else ,including me - put a five star!!! About the battery - if you use any phone ..including iPhone (trust me my wife has one) for five hours straight of course its gonna die that goes for everything!!!! this phone is gold and unstopable ther isn't anything this pho.e can not do .. if your gonna put a bad review at least do it on something that's actually a flaw in design ,such as the speaker is on the back.. in my opinion ,that is the only thing wrong with this phone at all. Almost went with Samsung infuse -only reason... Front facing camera - but if that the only reason go with this because it can do all the same stuff - final words - this phone is classy
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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2011
My husband and I just recently replaced the Apple iPhone 3G 8GB - Unlockedwith these HTC Inspire 4Gs. I have to say they are a huge improvement but there is a huge learning curve. I am pretty tech savvy and I've been having a lot of problems learning out to use it. It has a lot more options than the iPhone and it comes pre-loaded with dozens of apps, almost all of which I didn't need. Some of them just led to a screen promoting a service from ATT. This I did not like at all.

However, it does get 3 stars because I think if you were incredibly tech savvy you will love this phone. It has a large screen and lots of personaliazation options. There are tons off free apps that can be downloaded if you went with the Android platform. I would steer clear of this phone if it's the first smart phone you're getting, however, if you're pretty knowledgeable on smart phones, or you don't mind reading a lot of instructions and documentation, go for it!
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on April 12, 2011
I absolutely love this phone! Although this is my first Smart Phone and have nothing to compare it to, I know I made the right choice. This phone does everything I thought it would and more. After using the tutorial, I found everything I needed.
The phone is large, but not too big or heavy. The screen is clear and colors are brilliant. The camera takes great pictures and internet browsing is fast, even if you live in a rural area, like me.
Yes, battery life is questionable, but I bought a car charger and an extra battery...problem solved. And as far as the difficulty with the battery cover, simply use a rubber jar opener to slide the cover off easier.
There are so many apps that come with the phone and tons more that are available for free. I especially like that it came with Adobe Flash. I can also use Firefox as my Internet Browser. I'm not stuck with Safari! I highly recommend this phone. 5 stars!
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on July 19, 2011
This is my first smartphone and its really nice. I bought this phone after going through several reviews and looking at the price (I got it for $1 in a month ago). The only complaint I got in the reviews is about the battery life. I have been using this phone for over a month, and has absolutely no issues with the battery. I am a moderate user of the phone and its battery on an average works for more than one and half day. I dont use the internet often and if you use the internet, as any other smartphones its battery life drains quickly. I have a wifi on-off icon on my homescreen, so that I can turn on wifi or mobile gps only when I am using them. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone. I pretty much like the customization available in android phones ( iphones are way behind in this regard).
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