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on March 15, 2011
And thats the only thing the iphone beats it in. I had the iphone 4, but this is miles ahead of it. Faster and you can do such more. go to youtube, look up the same videos, the quality blows it out the water. we looked at both with jay z empire state of mind through wifi connec. On the atrix the video was bigger and in hi-def.Theres an app where you can download any song into your music library. I also downloaded the Power Amp Player. So i was messing around with the phone and said to myself " can i really download this song". 30 seconds later free in my library. turned of the phone and internet connection and the song is still there.... you can download youtube videos onto the phones memory. you can run a million apps at the same time. and at the same time recieve a text but it wont mess anything up. The iphone has 2 things. it is easier to use and has better looks. But when it comes to performance and what you can do with this phone. its not even close. You can customize so many widgets. for example i have 2 people that text me alot. so when they text me i dont have to open the text message icon. There message is placed on my screen as a widget with the persons picture. with out interupting what video im watching or music. on the iphone the message forces you to read it or click on something. Just go to the motorola atrix website. there is soo many things this phone does. the iphone 4 is a great phone, but this is far superior. did i mention it has flash
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on March 23, 2011
This Phone is amazing but instead of repeating what others have said I want to clear up some missconceptions.....

Call Quality is bad.....Not true, often people complain about others not being able to hear them clearly. Turn off noise suppresion and you will sound perfect.

No flash....Yes is has full flash support.

Battery Life=Bad...Also not true, First time you get phone let it die all the way to nothing (powers self off) then let charge to full and you have ensured the battery will retain is recharable memory (yes actual thing). Also with battery saver settings turned on, automatic backlighting turned on, and the right programs set to "Auto End" in the task manager the battery will last over a day with VERY FREQUENT USE. (wii-fi and gps should also be turned off when not using them, a widget already installed makes this a one touch feature)

Notable FREE Apps worth downloading:

Google Goggles
Any and all "soundboards" (Step brothers is my fav)
Angry Birds (duh)
Vid Trim (awesome video trimming software, Makes uploading to Youtube faster easier)
Tiger {insert game system} ex...Tiger SNES gets you a SNES emulator (super nintendo)
ROM Gripper (this lets you download games for your emulator....infinte games no joke)
Shopkick (gives you deals on stores you are close too....needs gps active)
MP3 Music download (lets you download music....for free)
Myxer (free ringtones)

Again Strongly recommend phone!
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on August 11, 2011
This is a high quality well thought out smart phone. I purchased it because of its high end dual cpu and memory as well as its ability to link up with usb devices and a full size monitor through the dock. The performance/price is excellent. I was very surprised to find that, when tethered, it provided a huge increase in internet speed over the dongle I had been using. I use the phone for long distance calls and have been very pleased by the quality of the sound. I am a bit hard of hearing and hence very sensitive to poor sound quality on hand sets.

I live in a pretty remote area where the only connection to the internet is through the cell phone towers. This phone has provided a large upgrade in my internet access.

I am thinking that Motorola has a winner here and if they continue to refine the idea of a smart phone also being a desktop tool they may be on the leading edge of a new niche in the market.
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on August 10, 2011
I dont know if i consider this in my hand just a smartphone. I remember the day i had the pentium 1 MMX 166mhz, and i was frustrated, because i was not enabled to play the Metal Gear Solid 1, and now, i can play this game at my "smartphone" with a spontaneous FPS.
Ok, i know this what a said is far from the main function we expected for this product, but if this product can do that, what it can not do ? This question, at this time, dont have answer for me.
The product have a wonderful LCD, if you compare with Iphone, you will realize the iphone have a different contrast configuration, the pictures have a different colors, but just that.
The processor is amazing, i can run a lot of apps, without realize a lag
The unique problem i have, is the battery. I use my Atrix full time, so its not a surprise see my battery leak fast with my wifi,3g,gps and other things power on. So, to solve this, i will buy a extra battery with more mAh.
I use The ebook function with great frequency, i read a lot of pdf's documents, and at this function i realize a difference with the iphone, when i see the next page, the page dont shown at the same time, but i know the Atrix have more to show me, and i solved this problem with a simple solution , i just use the ezbook reader instead of the adobe reader, and Voilà, the pdf opened and pass the pages really fast.
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on April 19, 2011
Have had the Motorola Atrix 4G for 2 months now. Love Android now.

I went from a Blackberry 8700 to an iPhone 3G and then back to a BB Curve (all AT&T) in the past 3-4 years. I went back to the BB because of the lousy email interface/capabilities of the iPhone and I just didn't like the onscreen keyboard. The BB keyboards are great but the phones are too slow and can't display some attachments and larger html emails. The tiny screens didn't help either now that I need reading glasses.

So when my contract was up, I started shopping for other options. My wife's new iPhone4 was not much better than my old iPhone 3g, AND it still can't support multiple email accounts! It still allows only one outgoing signature for all email accounts. I have several businesses so need different outgoing email signatures. As a minimum, everyone needs 2 - one for personal and one for work email accounts. Anyway, a friend suggested that I check out Android phones since they have apps for everything. I ended up with the Motorola Atrix

PROS (Many):

- Android is the best. Incredibly flexible with apps for everything. My son likes my Android phone more than my wife's iPhone4 because more apps (2x as many) are free. He downloaded 3 Angry Bird games immediately - all free!

- The Atrix is fast! Downloads, opening and closing programs, everything is fast. Puts my BB Curve to shame. Html emails and webpages load nicely, just like on my PC. No more blank emails.

- Multiple email accounts is a snap. I downloaded the free K-9 email client (one of several free email Apps) and it runs just like my desktop. You can use IMAP, POP, etc. The best part, the Atrix even has a little LED indicator light that flashes when you have new mail or messages - just like the Blackberry. You don't have to turn on the screen to see if you've missed a call or have a message or email waiting. My iPhone 4 wife is so jealous.

- Voice to text capabilities are built-in! I still don't like typing on a glass screen so I was thrilled to discover this feature. Basically, you talk to the phone (or blue-tooth device) and dictate your message to it. Amazingly accurate (almost 100% if you talk slowly). My kids hate my long, no abbreviation text messages now. I haven't had time to learned to use the feature that reads my messages/emails to me. These voice feature just solved California's no-texting/emailing-while-driving law.

- Moving all my contacts from Exchange was a breeze. Just export to your gmail account on your PC, turn on your Android phone, and wham, all your contacts, phone numbers and calendar are on your phone. Amazing. And every time a contact is changed or added on your phone, it is updated on your gmail account so your PC is updated too!

- File management is a breeze. Download a file management App and you can see and manage all the files in your phone's internal memory and SD card (yes, you can add an SD card to your phone, so instant 32gb increase in memory for $60).

- USB tether to your PC. Plug in the mini-USB cable to your PC and you can move files back and forth from your PC to your phone! How great is that! I now have 32gb of my work files and technical library on my phone for meetings with clients! And there is still 16 gbs left on the phone's internal memory for songs, photos and videos. The phone has an HD Camcorder so videos are easily 500mb large, so 20-30 videos can fill up your phone memory. With the USB cable, you can download the files to your PC immediately and free your phone up to take more. My wife's 16 gb iPhone4 is so full of kids sports videos that she has to delete some to make room for others, instead of saving them to her PC. The only way she can transfer files is to email them to herself (10 mb attachment limit so can't email large video files) or sync them with her Mac, then move the files to a different location, then delete them on her iPhone, then re-sync. Not easy. And Apple calls themselves geniuses!

- Build in GPS is fantastic. It talks to you like my Garmin GPS, but using Google Maps; which are always the most up to date. No need to pay AT&T $10 per month for the phone GPS option anymore. No need to pay Garmin $100 for map upgrades. Google is the best!

- Customization is a breeze. Unlike the iPhone4, I can put whatever features I want on my home page by adding Apps or Widgets. My phone for example has the following on my homepage so I can turn things on and off without having to go through multiple screens to get to the settings - contacts, phone, email, texting, voice command (voice dialing, typing, search, etc.), web browser, weather, phone ringer volume control, blue-tooth, wifi, gps, AT&T network, camera, alarm clock, world clock (with 5 different cities), calculator.

- HDMI port to connect to your HD TV to show movies captured with the HD camcorder. Very good quality videos.

- Google Docs. The limited version that came with the phone is not great. Google charges $10 for the full version; which I have not downloaded yet, so can't comment on how good it is. I use my phone mostly for reading pdf files so I downloaded the real Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) App; which is great.

CONS (not many):

- Battery Life. Coming from a BB Curve that needed charging once a week, I was now back to the once a day iPhone mode (another reason I hated the iPhone). Then I discovered the "Task Manager" App that came with the Atrix. Depending on your setting, this App will kill all non-essential applications 3 minutes after your screen blanks out. I set it to kill all but my K-9 email App (so the phone keeps downloading emails while the screen is blank) and now I have to charge the phone about every 1.5 days. My wife is still charging her iPhone4 every day.

- Screen on-off button is on the back of the phone so one has to pickup the phone to turn on the screen. Motorola did this because the button is also a finger print scanner so one doesn't have to type in a pass code to activate the screen. I prefer the front iPhone like home button.

- Android documentation is weak. I've learned that Android is an incredibly flexible operating system that is easy to learn. However, there is no formal documentation to explain even basic operations. I've had to learn by reading online Android forums (there are hundreds out there and they are very helpful) and trial and error. But a two week learning curve to get the phone to do everything the iPhone4 can do is not bad. Just type your Android question into google and the solution usually comes up immediately.

- AT&T sucks. Bad customer service and interface, and lots of erroneous charges (always in their favor). But I need their international coverage. I'm in the San Francisco area and I rarely get 4G. Thank God for wifi. And AT&T is throttling my download speeds so we don't overload their system. This is the only area that the iPhone4 beats everyone else. My wife's iPhone4 downloads webpages faster (about 25% faster) than my Atrix because AT&T throttles everything but Apple! I hear this is going away with the next upgrade.

Summary. By now, you can see I use my phone mostly for business. Other than the keyboard, this phone beats any blackberry hands down (the voice dictation feature eliminates the keyboard problem). And the iPhone 4 is far inferior with its limited user controls. It took me about 2 weeks to learn enough about Android to make my phone do more than the iPhone4. After 2 months, the iPhone 4 is like the old 1981 Apple II - a toy that can't be changed. I'm glad I didn't buy the iPad2 a month ago. This Atrix has taught me that any good Android Tablet will outdo the iPad2 for business.
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on March 2, 2011
I have been using cell phones for nearly 24 years, the first 14 as a part time salesman. Most of those years have been with the "B" carrier which is now AT&T.
Except for using my wife's iPhone, this is my first touch screen phone. In the past I never found the need for anything but a basic hands free compatible device and the AT&T service has been great. Yes there have been disconnects, but I have found most of them related to the phones, not the service. The exception, the first floor of my house is for the most part a dead zone.

The main reason for purchasing the Atrix was it is a 4G phone and its "Lapdock" accessory. I needed a new phone with the iPhone being the one of choice, but could not wait for the eventual new 4G product. I also considered keeping my old phone and purchasing the iPad, but did not for the same reasons. Therefore, the Atrix and the Lapdock appeared to fit my needs perfectly.

The lack of a complete user manual is a slight minus but one I can deal with. The only two problems I have experienced are touch related. The keypad is small and I still find myself tapping the wrong key(s). The other problem seems to be sometime slow responses (having to repeat) to some of my touches. Either it is my finger touch or I am attempting to transition too quickly. The verbal command features are fantastic.

The one major flaw I have found is with the "Lapdock" accessory. It is a great device and should easily replace my basic needs of having to travel with a heavier laptop. One would think with its two USB ports it would be compatible with many USB devices. Not so. Other than accepting flash drives it is useless for my purposes. The ports do not support card readers (SD to USB) or cameras. When attempting to open these devices a not compatible or "unmountable" message appears. The usually savy sales people at AT&T were surprised by the lack of this ability as was the first Motorola Tech I talked to. After scanning the Motorola support site and receiving two computer generated emails which led me back to the support site, I finally had my suspicions confirmed by a lengthy call to a Motorola support tech. I suggested this be reviewed and corrected with a possible firmware update. I did the same with the Motorola follow up support survey.
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on September 24, 2011
I have owned this phone since its release early this year and these are my honest comments. To clarify, I am a Google fan and don't like Steve telling me what I can do and cannot do with MY device.

Recently the Atrix had an upgrade to Gingerbread, and until then I was pretty disappointed with the phone. The instability issues really ruined much of the features that other reviewers have highlighted. Till date, Facebook for iPhone is a MUCH better app than for the Atrix/Android and Skype has STILL not enabled video calling in its app.

Basically Apple severely controls the developer environment and this results in a restricted but a much more stable user experience. That is why you will not have flash on the iPhone, but at least your phone will not reboot while playing Words With Friends, Ninjump or Chess Free. Honestly, I looked at my wife's iPhone 3GS with jealousy a lot of times in terms of the user experience.

But what is important is the here and the now. Motorola released the Gingerbread upgrade and this has saved the Atrix. Seriously.

1) Instability issues have come down significantly, and I have not had any random rebooting
2) Battery life has almost doubled with the new release, it is spectacular compared even with my wife's iPhone 3GS
3) Flash is cool of course, I am able to watch anything including an hour long Top Gear episode from streetfire while at the gym (they only place where I get network)! Netflix has an app which works superb too.
4) The GPS is as good as any Garmin for where I have traveled. (Mostly East Coast/midwest)
5) AT&T is the worst part of the phone. Just pathetic dropped calls and network speeds in NYC area. They sent me a free Microcell for use in my phone, and the phone refuses to connect to the microcell too. As soon as my contract is up, I plan on trying out one of the cheaper Virgin/ Boost or whatever. Anything but AT&T
6) Overall, apps like facebook and skype will irritate when compared to iPhone functionality. You need to buy this phone realizing that Android apps are just not as well made and feature laden as for the iPhone. If you are a power user with the ability to deal with these issues, great.

I just want people to know what they are getting into. The hardware on this phone is leagues ahead of the iPhone, but the execution made me want to cry a few months ago, now it still has a lot to be desired.
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on March 12, 2011
I've had the phone for 1 1/2 weeks now and I'm fairly happy with it. Coming from the iPhone 4 and Samsung Focus, I find that the customizability of Android to be a refreshing experience but found the hardware to be lacking. Here are my main complaints:

Phone build : The whole thing is plastic but has a nice heft to it. There is some play between the rear battery cover and the phone on the unit I received. This causes the phone to squeak when you squeeze it while holding with one hand; it's annoying and the phone is definitely not the same quality as the iPhone 4 but about par with the Focus.

Pentile screen: The pentile screen is almost as good as RD on the iPhone 4 but not quite. I can't see the individual pixels when reading text in Google reader with the phone about 2' away, but they are visible if I hold the phone 1' away. "Dithering" caused by the pentile screen is also apparent depending on the content being viewed. I can barely notice the dithering when looking at still pictures or not scrolling in the web browser, but dithering is pretty bad when playing games or scrolling in the browser.
Screen ratio: The screen is longer and narrower than most other smartphones. The extra vertical real-estate reduces the need for scrolling. 16x9 video seems to fill out the screen better, less black boarders when compared to iPhone 4.

HW capacitive buttons: I found that when holding the phone with one hand, I either have to hold the bottom half so my thumb can reach the hw capacitive buttons, or I have to hold the top half of the phone so my thumb can reach the notification tray. I don't like the placement of the capacitive buttons, I think it's a side effect of having a "taller" screen.

Battery life: Battery life is hit or miss. I definitely get less usable hours per day than my iPhone 4. I have very similar usage pattern on both the Atrix and iPhone 4 and uses mostly the same apps. I have the same number of email accounts set to push and the same social apps with notification turned on. After 5 days of normal discharge/recharge, I drained the battery and let it charge up completely. I now get about ~13 hrs of use from a single charge on the Atrix (gradually increased from 6 on the first day), compared to ~20 hrs on my iPhone 4. I noticed that some apps on Android uses polling instead of push notification like their iOS counterpart. For example both FaceBook and Twitter is setup to poll for new content/msg.

Overall I think I'm an Android convert and will be keeping the Atrix after several generations of iPhone and iOS devices.
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on February 23, 2011
This is my second smartphone and a replacement for my iPhone 3GS. I have no regrets about making the switch to Android, especially when installed on this particular phone. I could go into detail about why I chose this particular phone, but there are some good, professional reviews out there that can do a better job. I just wanted to add my rating and also confirm that Flash does come pre-installed and has worked just fine every time I've used it so far. While this does only have 2.2 for now, one review I read mentioned that Motorola has committed to upgrading to 2.3 by the end of the year (though I hope they don't take quite that long).

If you are thinking about buying this phone, especially if you currently own an iPhone and can't decide if you want to make the switch to Android, do it. You won't regret it.
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on March 8, 2011
I have had this phone for about a week now and I am thoroughly impressed. I came from a rooted, fully customized and overclocked Nexus One to this phone, and I am glad I switched although I still like the N1. The battery life is amazing, after a full day of mixed use (12-14 hours) the battery is usually only about 50%. This includes short periods of watching movies, using 3G, calling, etc. in addition to this I usually spend a lot of time listening to music. The Tegra 2 really speeds everything up, with only negligible lag when doing most things.

However, I gave this phone only 4 stars due to two things, the screen and the bootloader. Coming from the AMOLED screen on the N1, I've been a little spoiled concerning great viewing angles, high contrast and color saturation. That being said, the screen is definitely not horrible, and I appreciate actually being able to view the screen in direct sunlight (Super AMOLED supposedly is much much better in sunlight). The next thing is the locked down, signed bootloader. For most people this is not that big of an issue and for the others hopefully XDA will be able to crack it soon. It basically means that you will not be able to load any custom roms/kernals on the phone (no overclocking, no Gingerbread until official update, no crazy Sense roms, etc.).

All things considered, this phone is absolutely amazing, especially for the price if you're eligible for an upgrade or starting a new contract. Plus, its the first and only (I believe) dual-core phone on the market.

PS: It will display H+ regardless of whether you're using 3G or higher, and it may occasionally have some problems with connectivity (nothing major). AT&T sucks, but this phone is great.
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