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on August 11, 2011
This is a high quality well thought out smart phone. I purchased it because of its high end dual cpu and memory as well as its ability to link up with usb devices and a full size monitor through the dock. The performance/price is excellent. I was very surprised to find that, when tethered, it provided a huge increase in internet speed over the dongle I had been using. I use the phone for long distance calls and have been very pleased by the quality of the sound. I am a bit hard of hearing and hence very sensitive to poor sound quality on hand sets.

I live in a pretty remote area where the only connection to the internet is through the cell phone towers. This phone has provided a large upgrade in my internet access.

I am thinking that Motorola has a winner here and if they continue to refine the idea of a smart phone also being a desktop tool they may be on the leading edge of a new niche in the market.
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on June 12, 2012
this phone is a year old and it's STILL amazing. it's 6 months older than the iphone 4s and still faster and overall better. has a super unique fingerprint unlock that i've never seen in any other phone. my ONLY complaint is the build quality. not to say it's bad in any way. just could be a tiny bit better. it's a phone that really has everything. hdmi, finger scanner, sd card slot, 4g, dual core. HIGHLY recommend this.
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on April 21, 2011
I have so many good things to say about this phone, so I'll only write about the things that are wrong with it. i.e. lets' get critical. As of my writing this on 4/20/11 there is an issue with charging performance in the car dock. I'm using the OEM Motorola ECOMOTO Rapid Rate vehicle power adapter (850 mAH) with dual USB ports. You can tell this USB charger is a good product just by the weight of the thing! A test charge began at 7:45 AM and the phone's charge was 20%. At 9 AM 30% and 10:30 AM 40%. This is obviously nothing like the wall charger so it makes me believe that the phone is powered by the charger while docked plus receiving a trickle charge. Conneting the phone directly to the USB car charger (without the car dock) using a stock USB to micro USB charging cable, at 8:00 AM the phone was at 20%, 8:20 AM 40%, 9:00 AM 70% and 10:00 AM 100%. What a contrast!! So there is an issue with charing performance while in the car dock. I'll be reporting this to Motorola and would expect them to address with a firmware update on the Atrix phone or a recall on the car dock, depending how they device their solution. You can say you read it here first as from what I know, this has not been reported on any forums yet.

Another issue that I have identified, is that when setting MOTOblur to only update only wifi, this does not stop the phone from performing updates to Social Networking, in fact there does not appear to be a way to enable/disable or manually refresh Social Networking. Setting MOTOblur to update only over wifi, seems to only disable syncing for the FB, linkedin, MySpace, Twitter inbox. THe only way to stop the phone from using data for these services si to turn Data off on the phone. THis then forces the phone to only use wifi, when available.

Again, this review was intended to be written as a critical review. The list of reasion to have this phone is endless. As you can see, the list of reasons not to have this phone is pretty short! :)
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on March 12, 2011
love to have this phone and take it everywhere i go my favorite phone so far.

The hardware of the Atrix 4G is notable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is design. The body of the phone is largely plastic, but don't let that bother you too much -- it's put together so solidly that it feels like a much pricier material. The handset measures 2.5 inches wide by 4.63 inches long, and just 0.43 inches thick, which means that the Atrix is nearly as thin as the iPhone 4 -- quite a feat considering how much horsepower is packed inside. The phone probably gains a little of its solidness via its weight, which clocks in at a not-feathery 135 grams (about 4.8 ounces) -- and we like that a lot.

Like most slate phones, the front of the device is nearly all screen, save for the familiar Android buttons along the bottom, and the front-facing camera and earpiece up top. Along the top rear of the phone is a power / sleep button which just happens to be a fingerprint scanner too, and the 3.5mm headphone jack. Along the right side of the phone is the volume rocker (easily accessible with your thumb during calls if you're right handed). On the left side you'll find the Micro USB and HDMI ports. Around back, the stylishly patterned casing is broken by the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, and a speaker along the bottom of the phone.

As far as truly unique hardware goes, the fingerprint scanner seems fairly novel -- but in practice it's a little frustrating. It does work as advertised, but being told to re-swipe your finger if it doesn't take when you're trying to get into the phone quickly can be a little bothersome. Unless you really need the high security, a standard passcode will suffice for most people.

Fingerprint scanner quibbles aside, the Atrix 4G is one of the better looking Android devices we've had a chance to use. We would have liked to see higher quality materials in play here, but despite the housing, the phone comes off as both sleek and rugged -- a great combo for something that will likely be doing double (if not triple) duty in your connected world. From an industrial design standpoint, this device more than holds its own against the the best of the best on the market right now.
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on April 18, 2011
I just went from the 2g flip phones to this phone, my wife choose an iphone 4. (I also had a 3rd gen ipod touch) In keeping with previous reviewers that compared the Atrix to the Iphone 4, I will tell you that side by side the Atrix blows it away. Being able to customize your phone with Android is a huge benefit that you cannot get with the iphone. Plus my GPS receiver seems to be better than her's. Another big difference is the Atrix car dock (buy this now on Amazon). If you own this phone and drive you must buy the $50 dock.
I drive a lot in the DC area where navigating is a pain. With the car dock, Atrix and blue tooth my experience is awesome.
Pro: The phone is fast
Battery lasts all day as long as you don't have bluetooth, GPS and wifi on at all times.
car / vehicle dock

Will freeze / crash once a week or so, but I just restart it and everything is fine.
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on October 10, 2011
I ordered an Atrix with high hopes and was one of the first Android phone owners, the HTC G1. Since then I've been an iPhone user now for a couple of years and was in the mood to go back to Android and the Atrix seemed like a well reviewed phone to go with. However this was not the case for me and how I use the device. The Atrix with nearly any other application running in the back ground will stutter and skip on both streaming music and locally played MP3 files to the point of absurdity. I had the phone for two weeks trying to resolve the issues, performing factory resets and installing and reinstalling applications and posting on forums to resolve the issue. In the end I sent it back disappointed and chose not to waste my upgrade on my phone. If you are a power user and expect to stream music via Pandora I expect that you will be very disappointed with the Atrix as well.

The Atrix has a serious issue with music playback that has been well documented by user groups online and on Motorola's support forums. It's unfortunate that Motorola will not address the problem or even comment on the issue in their own support forums and this speaks volumes of Motorola's support. I would suggest you read up on these issues before burning your upgrade to get an Atrix. At this point the Atrix community only has a new kernel install to address the problem which voids your warranty and can brick your phone if a mistake is made.

In my opinion there are other Android devices more worth your time if you are a fan of streaming music.

See Motorola support forums here:

Atrix Owners Forum here:
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on October 26, 2011
Bought the phone in May 2011, and by the end of October the touch screen started acting strange. The phone randomly senses a touch aka ghost touching. The touch screen was replaced and that did not fix the problem. The issues include random touches, dead places on the screen (particularly the notification section at the top), randomly dropping finger drags using Swype, will start jittering between panels, home/back/search buttons at bottom become unresponsive. Because this issue is constant it makes the phone unusable.

Based on feedback from other users on this issue, it is a Motorola defect. Would suggest those looking for a phone to pass over this one and not buy.

Loved the phone up until this issue arose.
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on July 23, 2011
A few comments on the Atrix:

Call Sound Quality : Very Good to Excellent. I'd have to say between T-Mo and ATT it's a toss up but they're both better than Verizon in my opinion. GSM just sounds better.

Speaker/Speakerphone: FANTASTIC. I'm a big fan of Pandora + Phone + Shower and this is the first one that really does do the job. Iphone 4 and MyTouch 4G come close. The iPhone sounds good but not loud enough and the MT4G gets a little distorted at full volume.

Battery Life: Not the best for sure, but worth it as the phone is a speed freak. If I am careful I can get 1.5days without a charge. If you drive buy a car charger, if you bus/walk/ride consider a "backup battery" either an external pack or an extra battery that you keep charged.

Lapdock: If this was $149.99 retail I'd say pick it up. I love mine. It's like having a first gen Atom Netbook. It's thin, does the job, nice build quality and it acts as a "second battery" for the phone which is awesome. But the retail price is just horrible. I suggest looking on a local classified website or the used section on Amazon.

Screen: The best I've used. Good off angle viewing. I think the pixel density is high enough.... I know there is a lot of hyperbole about resolution but qHD I think would be fine up to 4.3" screens. Once you get to 5" though it really needs 1024x600 or higher.

Build Quality: Solid. Not an iPhone 4 but it also will not shatter if you look at it funny. No flexing or weirdness when in your hand. If anything it's a little slippery/smooth... I've had it slide out of my hands a couple times now.

Network Quality: Well. This is a "how fast do you need it?" kind of question. I can say without a doubt that T-Mobile HSPA+ in Seattle is darn fast. My MT4G gets 14Mbps down easily. I can only get like 6Mbps on my Atrix. Does it matter? Not really. Even when using it as a wifi hotspot. Though It's a HUGE jump from my Palm Pre on Verizon... That poor guy was lucky to get 2Mbps and it was noticeable when using wifi hotspot on it.

Quirks: It's weird, but sometimes it just turns off. I might just have a bad device. Since I usually root/mod/etc I don't care (I have not done it yet, but I am sure that it'll happen in the future)..

Software: The Android Gingerbread (2.3.4) update dropped today and it seems to have really made a great device better. I hope it can help with the battery life. It made a HUGE difference with the Lapdock as they update to Firefox 4.0 (I mean, HUGE difference...).

Other accessories: The media dock is overpriced but useful if you don't have anything else plugged into the TV. Car dock is awesome and comes with a very nice car charger. The only thing that I've had issues with is finding a case thin enough to use with all of the docks. Have not found one yet.

Right now if I had to suggest a phone on AT&T this would be it.
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on July 18, 2011
I upgraded from an iphone 3G to the Atrix a few weeks ago. I'm nearing the end of my 30 days to return the phone so I figured I would post some thoughts. The MotoBlur system running on this phone is a disappointment. My wife has a "pure" android, it's much more user friendly and just plain looks better. I tried some apps like launcher pro, but at the end of the day I just wanted a pure android experience without having to root the phone. Outside of a couple of neat widgets, MotoBlur is just a pure fail. I would consider the battery life average to poor and it takes a long time to charge. If you're going to use the GPS you better have a car charger and a good air conditioner because the battery goes fast and the phone gets very hot. Data management and backup capability are average to poor. It will take some time to get this phone up and running as a true "smart" phone unless you're already a power user. The camera quality is poor compared to other phones with similar specs. Still shots get washed out unless the lighting is perfect and the video camera does not capture sound at all. The touch screen is not as responsive as any iproduct on the market. I hate to make that statement, but after using an iphone/ipad for so long i'm used to a higher quality touch experience. The boot loader is still locked at the time of this writing, but supposedly it will be unlocked when the phone gets a Gingerbread update. Pretty much the only good thing about this phone is that it's fast and you're free from the tyranny of iproducts. If you're on the fence with this phone, I would highly suggest waiting for a Gingerbread update to see if the boot loader gets unlocked and make sure that you play around with the MotoBlur "experience" compared to other android devices. I don't want a phone that I have to download an app for every function of the phone because the product out of the box is an inferior experience. If Gingerbread isn't out and running smoothly by day 29, this phone is definitely getting returned. In the case of this phone, for me at least, being fast just isn't enough.

Update 8-10-11
Well, Gingerbread came out just in time to get a good look at this phone before my 30 days was up. What a difference an update makes. I'm surprised at how much the update improved virtually everything about this phone. Battery consumption seems improved, GUI is vastly improved in all areas, boot loader can be unlocked and even the touch screen seems more responsive. I had read some comments that Motoblur caused lag but didn't believe it until this update. The phone is no longer JUST fast, it's fast, user friendly and powerful without having to root it or jump through hoops. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is my first 20+ days of battling with the Froyo Motoblur. It feels good to be iphone free.
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on October 6, 2011
I liked this phone; after having used 3g for 2somehting years, this phone gave me the same feeling with a lot better speed. However the day I started to use I had the screen problems. the screen started not to turn on when someone is calling or when I press the power button. I felt that I need to contact with amazon about this and they sent me an replacement overnight... unfortunately I had a similar but worse problem with the replacement too... the power up/wake up didn't work after a while, I tried everything recommended, resetting, uninstalling applications, using with out a simcard, however the problem kept happening. I sent the seconf one today and not asking for an other replacement since I think either I am doing something wrong or this phone is not really reliable. There is no certain troubleshooting available about the issue. Too bad I have to wait for Amazon to reset my upgrade eligibility from att, return shipping takes a week, and recovering the upgrade will be done as soon as they received the phone, or maybe within 72 hours. just consider all these when you are buying a phone online. I gave 2 stars since I liked the phone in terms of size (galaxy is a bit larger for me to carry in pocket) and speed. I didnt have a better chance to check the battery issues, i was always keep powering on the phone to recover the screen.
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