Customer Reviews: Motorola Atrix 4G Android Phone (AT&T)
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on July 18, 2011
I upgraded from an iphone 3G to the Atrix a few weeks ago. I'm nearing the end of my 30 days to return the phone so I figured I would post some thoughts. The MotoBlur system running on this phone is a disappointment. My wife has a "pure" android, it's much more user friendly and just plain looks better. I tried some apps like launcher pro, but at the end of the day I just wanted a pure android experience without having to root the phone. Outside of a couple of neat widgets, MotoBlur is just a pure fail. I would consider the battery life average to poor and it takes a long time to charge. If you're going to use the GPS you better have a car charger and a good air conditioner because the battery goes fast and the phone gets very hot. Data management and backup capability are average to poor. It will take some time to get this phone up and running as a true "smart" phone unless you're already a power user. The camera quality is poor compared to other phones with similar specs. Still shots get washed out unless the lighting is perfect and the video camera does not capture sound at all. The touch screen is not as responsive as any iproduct on the market. I hate to make that statement, but after using an iphone/ipad for so long i'm used to a higher quality touch experience. The boot loader is still locked at the time of this writing, but supposedly it will be unlocked when the phone gets a Gingerbread update. Pretty much the only good thing about this phone is that it's fast and you're free from the tyranny of iproducts. If you're on the fence with this phone, I would highly suggest waiting for a Gingerbread update to see if the boot loader gets unlocked and make sure that you play around with the MotoBlur "experience" compared to other android devices. I don't want a phone that I have to download an app for every function of the phone because the product out of the box is an inferior experience. If Gingerbread isn't out and running smoothly by day 29, this phone is definitely getting returned. In the case of this phone, for me at least, being fast just isn't enough.

Update 8-10-11
Well, Gingerbread came out just in time to get a good look at this phone before my 30 days was up. What a difference an update makes. I'm surprised at how much the update improved virtually everything about this phone. Battery consumption seems improved, GUI is vastly improved in all areas, boot loader can be unlocked and even the touch screen seems more responsive. I had read some comments that Motoblur caused lag but didn't believe it until this update. The phone is no longer JUST fast, it's fast, user friendly and powerful without having to root it or jump through hoops. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is my first 20+ days of battling with the Froyo Motoblur. It feels good to be iphone free.
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on October 6, 2011
I liked this phone; after having used 3g for 2somehting years, this phone gave me the same feeling with a lot better speed. However the day I started to use I had the screen problems. the screen started not to turn on when someone is calling or when I press the power button. I felt that I need to contact with amazon about this and they sent me an replacement overnight... unfortunately I had a similar but worse problem with the replacement too... the power up/wake up didn't work after a while, I tried everything recommended, resetting, uninstalling applications, using with out a simcard, however the problem kept happening. I sent the seconf one today and not asking for an other replacement since I think either I am doing something wrong or this phone is not really reliable. There is no certain troubleshooting available about the issue. Too bad I have to wait for Amazon to reset my upgrade eligibility from att, return shipping takes a week, and recovering the upgrade will be done as soon as they received the phone, or maybe within 72 hours. just consider all these when you are buying a phone online. I gave 2 stars since I liked the phone in terms of size (galaxy is a bit larger for me to carry in pocket) and speed. I didnt have a better chance to check the battery issues, i was always keep powering on the phone to recover the screen.
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on October 28, 2011
I told myself I'd wait at least a month or two before reviewing this device. It's been exactly two, and I think I have a pretty good feel for the pros and cons of the Atrix.

A bit of context for this review: I jumped on the Android bandwagon a little too early with the orignal HTC MyTouch 3G (T-Mobile) and then switched to a Samsung Vibrant (also T-Mobile). The HTC was simply awful. Honestly, almost unusable, and that's not hyperbole. It was excessively laggy and always locking up to the point where I couldn't even place calls without waiting a minute or two. I swore off HTCs after that debacle (my wife has an HTC Evo, which though somewhat more functional than it's MyTouch predecessors, is still an awful, unintuitive device, full of bugs). The Vibrant was better, but was permanently crippled with GPS bugs right out of the gate (any GPS function would lock up the phone 50% of the time and force a reboot) and a number of other issues. But I'm getting off-topic here; we're talking about the Atrix. All that to say, I've been around the Android block and have been more than a little frustrated, though I continue to hold out hope, because I love the open-source philosophy behind the devices. And I was hoping to avoid the two brands that had underserved me thus far. So...

I'd heard decent things about Motorola's offerings. And since I had recently switched to AT&T for business purposes (reluctantly), I thought I'd give the much-hyped Atrix a try. It is the first Android device I've been largely happy with--BUT there are a couple potentially significant cons potential buyers should be aware of.


1. It's fast. Dual core process is snappy. Yeah, I experience lag on occasion, but it's minimal and almost never cripples the phone the near or total un-usability like it did with my previous two devices. The Atrix is robust enough to keep me happy. This is the first time I've been able to say that with an Android device.
2. Display is nice and crisp, and the touch screen seems a little more responsive/accurate than my Vibrant.
3. LED flash and front-facing camera are nice additions (though the flash honestly isn't good for much).
4. Seamless integration of Microsoft Exchange capabilities is nice for business users who don't want to shell out the extra dough for AT&T's absurd Enterprise plans.
5. Battery life is surprisingly excellent. My Vibrant would seldom last a full day with light/moderate use. The Atrix would easily last two with light use, and with moderate to heavy use, I've never had it die before pluggin it in at night.
6. I like Motorola's spin on the Android platform. It's very intuitive and easy to use, unlike HTC's offerings.

1. Gorilla glass is far from as durable as advertised. I had the phone for two months. It was in my pocket--IN MY POCKET--and I pulled it out to find the screen shattered. Didn't drop it or bang it against something. Apparently a little bit of pressure was enough to shatter it. And in true AT&T form, they refuse to backup their products, so I have to replace the screen at my own expense. I thought perhaps this was a rather isolated incident, but a quick perusal of the message boards indicates that a lot of Atrix users are dealing with broken screens--and with no warranty support. Unacceptable if you ask me. (I'd give it 4 stars if it weren't for this.)
2. Phantom resets seem to be common to varying degrees. From time to time, it simply resets itself. While my Samsung and HTC would freeze up from time to time, leading to a reboot, the Atrix simply resets itself for seemingly no reason. It's happened maybe 3 or 4 times to me in a couple months--once in the middle of a call. I've heard of other users having the problem more frequently. Hopefully it's a software issue that is ironed out in the next update. It hasn't been a huge problem for me, but it sound like it really could be for others.
3. I'm a little disappointed with the camera. Picture quality is decent, but nothing more. This is about the only thing my previous phones had over this one (and now the iPhone 4S optics make this look even worse!).
4. Underwhelming design. It's obviously not as sexy as, say, Apple's offerings. And it feels flimsy. The plastic back cover looks cheap. Slapping a decent cover over it helps.

So in short, all in all, I'm pretty happy with this phone (wish I could say the same about AT&T's horrendous customer service!). The poor build, which lead to the broken screen in my opinion, and the lacking warranty should be considered before purchasing, as those weight heavily enough on the "cons" side to be potential deal-breakers. But hey, HTC has yet to make a passable device, and Samsung rolls theirs out crawling with bugs, so despite it's apparent flaws, the Atrix is a whole lot better than many of the phones out there.
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on February 6, 2014
Was NOT unlocked, but it is a good android phone with great features. The screen is not large, but it isn't small either. It was one of first android phones to have HD cameras, a dual core processor and front-facing camera as well as rear-facing camera
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on January 11, 2014
phone is awesome to bad Motorola stopped making the atrix line. We have a couple spares now for future use. Our daughter has this phone and is in Unniv,she has no internet in her apt but this phones capabilities are getting her through. We also bought her the laptop dock and are excited to get it and give it to her,perfect fit for her at this time. Highly recommend this phone as it is sturdy and powerfull.
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on October 31, 2011
I got this phone and immediately loaded Advanced Task Killer so that I could stop all running apps when not in use. with that done the phone is lightening fast and the battery lasts well past the 18 hours I have it off the charger. I have it getting email, weather, txt constantly and play games at lunch and breaks. I could do without motoblur, but after the 2.3.4 update, that isn't much of an issue. Couldn't be happier.
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on March 1, 2011
I am android user since start. Started with G1 and Nexus One ( all on AT&T without contract and payed full price :-( ). This is my 3rd android phone. I didn't need a new phone, nexus one was so cool. But I wanted to feel the Nvidia tegra 2 and $149 with contract wasn't a bad deal. Jumped on to this cool device.
- Best Android phone. Highest resolution in the android bandwagon.
- Blazingly fast !!
- Good build quality
- Nice to add a HDMI cable with the phone, so you can watch the videos and photos from your cellphone in your big screen.
- Comes with DLNA app, so you shoot your media from your phone to TV wirelessly !!!

- Phone is extremely slippery in my hands. Got used to the rubberized feel of Nexus One. It slipped out of my hands few times. Better to put a silicon sleeve or something.
- It doesn't have Amoled so videos won't popout as in Samsung or Nexus one, but is pretty nice.
- Moto blur :-(. But for someone who has used only stock android for 2+ years, moto blur is annoying.

By the way it beats my wife iPhone4 phone easily.
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on February 22, 2011
Android is here to stay and this phone is probably best suited for the OS. Version is upgradable when flash will be available for the newer Android version. Ordered a laptop dock bundled along with the phone from another online vendor and is $50 cheaper than AT&T and does not require a tethering plan. For someone who wants a powerful tablet but does not want to spend a lot or someone on the go or both this combination seems to be the best in the market at the moment.
iPhone4 is buggy and expensive and does not offer 1/2 of what Atrix can offer. Compare the specs and you will see why this is the king of all smart phone offerings at the moment. Laptop Dock makes the difference between the Duo core 1 Ghz phones coming to market, this phone will remain current for the next 2-3 years in the market.
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on August 31, 2011
I bought the Atrix and have been playing around with it for a couple of days. The only other 'smartphones' that I've owned/used are the Motorola Backflip and the Optimus V.

Keep in mind that a lot of the older reviews are based on the old 2.2 (Froyo) version of Android. The newer phones are already loaded with the 2.3 (Gingerbread) version, which solves a lot of the issues.


- Lightweight but feels solidly built - better with a cover though.
- Wifi works well, always connects and seems to have good range
- Fast - opening programs and loading games is very quick
- Huge, vibrant screen. Everything looks crisp and clear
- HDMI out capable and the cable is included
- Two cameras (front and back)
- Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) and Flash pre-loaded
- Speaker is loud


- The touchscreen sensitivity is AWFUL when the phone is plugged into a wall charger. It is nearly impossible to text. However, if the charger is plugged into a computer, the sensitivity is not affected as much.
- Battery life is not great, especially when using wifi. Also, if you use the phone when you're charging it (primarily via plugging it directly into a socket - charging through a computer isn't quite as bad), be careful because it gets VERY hot
- Motoblur is bulky and slow. I replaced it with LauncherPro and Go SMS Pro, which are MUCH better
- Phone randomly restarts. This has happened maybe 10 times in the few months that I've had it, so it's not too excessive, but it's still annoying
- Another gripe about screen sensitivity in general - it could be better, especially at the top near the notification bar. I consistently have problems pulling that down - it doesn't even register that I've touched it.
- Fingerprint reader is an interesting feature, but only if you have the patience to swipe your finger over it multiple times.
- Front camera quality is noticeably lower
- The power button is in the middle of the phone slightly to the back, so it's difficult to turn the phone on without picking it up
- No manual comes with the phone, so you will have to look it up on the internet.

The phone comes loaded with some 'bloatware', but you can uninstall most of it. It will take a while to customize the phone to your preferences, but once you do, it runs quite well.

All in all, I believe this is a good phone. It certainly has its issues, but none of them are deal-breaking yet.
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on August 27, 2011
First, before Review (below) let me mention:
No, I don't work for Motorola/Google (they're partners in Atrix), and did blast Motorolas when they release poor products, but this Atrix has a potential of Razr. Remember Razr?? Back in 2004 thru 2008 it ruled. Then came i*Phone. Now I think Atrix is simply the best. better than i*Phone.". Below is the Review:

Moto Atrix is the world's bestest Smartphone @release time, from my technical point of view (I did own plenty Telecom equip. incl. latest i*Phone), +Dualcore w/nVidia Tegra chip packs more computing power & Corning's "GorillaGlass" ==> both unseen in iPhones.
If you go further and add Moto add-ons it turns into a NETBOOK. I feel like wasted money on a Netbook when this phone if not a fullblown Laptop, certainly a Netbook killer (docks are great), builtin Display is latest technology & of course microHDMI output. All else you can find in other reviews BUT:
Two specific Tech spec I wish to mention, especially:

The new generation (teenagers?) are forgetting what the Phone was invented for - core feature is to TALK (or Text), not computering :)
What I like in Motorolas, is RADIO/RF/Antenna module & Voice Processing, as this defines Voice Quality. Some Smartphones forget that they're Phones first, and all else second, remember the now historical case of an i*Phone released to market with defective Antenna design, as one example? Something infested with "smartphone niceties" but working poor as a Phone/Voice, is worthless at least to me. i*Phones might be better in some respects but they traditionally suffered from less than perfect Radio chips. On the contrary, Motorola is also a Semiconductor company which makes their OWN [RADIO] chips (I used to own Moto V3xx, it let me talk on a remote beach with nearest Cell towerantenna far far away, no other phone worked!).

Another thing people overlook in nontechnical reviews, is repairability.
Apple is notorious for using proprietary stuff (from screws to connectors), in their i*Phones they often GLUE LCD panel to GLASS, if you drop/crack/scratch glass, you're likely to pay for entire LCD replacement. Why?? Atrix's display is not just BETTER looking/specs, not just using "GorillaGlass" (new product from Corning Specialty Glasses), but also they had wisdom NOT to glue LCD to Glass, nice! So if you do damage glass by applying a hammer or dropping a pile of bricks on it (less brutal accident is unlikely to damage GorillaGlass) , you only replace this cheap part rather than whole LCD panel as would be for i*Phone.
This thing was torn apart by some geeks (as an experiment) & confirmed to be far nicer to deal with than with Apple's i*Phone & i*Pad insistence on using proprietary hardware - e.g. Torx 5-point screws (normal Torx screws should be 6-point!), so people would be forced to pay extra.
Just to show "i*Phone" logo?
It is about as clever as paying extra to have "Gucci" label on your socks, which your carrier will let you upgrade in 2years anyway.

Having mentioned these 2 overlooked specs, I now go back to the overall impression:
Really they don't lie or lie tiny bit - it is indeed world's smartest Smartphone.

I got mine from Carrier (can't mention names due to Amazon's Review policy), not Amazon b/c I didn't know at that time Amazon had Atrixes (or Atrices?) ! Mine cwas a result of upgrade (w/as usual required 2-year Contract). Hate to sound like a "Motofan Boy", but I thought a good product deserves my review:
Love this Phone? Computer? Both?
Probably made a mistake getting a Netbook a few months back, when instead "Atrix" does what I need on the go (or connect to large Display/HDMI & keyboard), like i*Phone Atrix got FingerPrint (biometric) Reader for security & Remote Kill !

As usual w/good Smartphones, you can start a car, lock home security, and things lke that using Atrix.
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