Customer Reviews: Motorola Atrix 4G Android Phone (AT&T)
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on June 8, 2011
This is phone of the best phones out there. For the everyday consumer who don't know much about phone modding and software modding this is definitely a great phone

1)The phone sports a 1900mah battery, which is one of the largest OEM battery for a phone.
2)The Tegra 2 Dual Core by NVIDIA blows away the competition in terms of heavy graphics and flash contents/games.
3)The size of the screen works really well if you're one of those people who love to watch videos or view web content on their phones
4)The "4G" although not true 4G, it is HSPA+ is pretty fast on AT&T network, of course that is only if it's available in your city
5)HDMI port allows viewing of your phones media content on the big screen if you really want to.
6)If you bought the Laptop dock or Multimedia dock, you can use it as a on the go web browser.
7)The specs on this thing is a beast, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory, and a 5MP camera with VGA Front Facing.
8)For those who want security, the fingerprint swipe is something new that no other smartphones have.

This phone packs a big wallop for its form factor.

1)There are some technical software issues on the phone, however most of it usually gets resolved pretty quickly with OTA updates from Motorola
2)If you're a modder, the boot loader is locked.
3)For those who care, Motoblur is somewhat a CON, but Gingerbread(2.3) should make it better.
4)Laptop dock requires additional tethering plan on AT&T

This phone is a powerhouse, and there is no denying that. The software, IMHO could be better as I am not a fan of Motoblur, but I can't say it's a bad phone. This is one of the few smartphones that have lasted me more than a day with moderate to heavy usage on a single charge.

For those of you who have experienced Android, or are coming to Android from iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, or a dumb phone, the Atrix is definitely not a let down.
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on July 10, 2011
THIS PHONE IS GREAT! I have never had a phone that did not have any issues nor lagging, freezing, black screen, drop service. I have had all kinds of phones, and each phone I had, had issues. I use a phone as a mini-computer, im always on it and clicking too fast. This phone keeps up, no lagging. The battery is great. I was able to not charge it for a whole day (24 hours) and it did not die at all. I never had a phone where you can keep clicking on different things, and it would bring them right up.. No problems! I even have 4g in my area, which i live in BFE. It is great, the internet is fast, and so is the phone.

My only complaint is the video calling, one the other end you hear a screaching sound and the quality of the video is lagging and freezes. I have not tried a mic with it, so i don't know if that would help at all. I don't use video calling, so im not worried about it at all. Also, the screen is very slippery, so do not sit it down on a surface where it can fall (like the edge of a couch) or on the box of the phone. It slides.

The camara on the phone is great, to even have a front facing camara to take pictures, so you can see yourself (so you are not turning the phone around all the time, looking at the picture. You see it is bad picture, then turn it back around and take another picture). It even has the light, so you can take pictures in the dark.

The call quality is great. No dropped calls, nor hissing or even hitting the end button on the phone (since it is touchscreen). My last phone, was a samsung captivate and I was always ending the call since the end button was on the screen and screen would not stay dark during the call (it flashed the screen). It is great to not end the phone call all the time!

The more pixels on the phone is great, even though it is a 4" screen, it seems bigger. I had the captivate with the 4" screen and AMLOED (spelling?) screen but, the atrix's screen seems so much bigger and better. The keyboard on the phone is great also, I have always liked the slide out keyboards. The keyboard on this phone is great.

Videos on you tube load very fast, typical phones. Internet is fast. No long lagging periods.

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on December 11, 2011
I purchased this phone in June, 2011.

First of all, this is my first smart phone. My son and DIL have At&t I-phones and have dropped calls all the time so I was determined to find something else. After a lot of research, I bought the Atrix. What sold me was the front facing camera and the dual core. This phone is FAST!!!

The call quality is a very important thing for me since I mostly use a phone as a... phone. I have never dropped a call in the 7 months that I have owned this phone. The speaker works great.

At first I wasn't crazy about Motoblur. All of my Facebook contacts appeared in my phone contact list:( But after I discovered the "favorites", I can find the people I actually call easily.

The battery life isn't bad unless you leave the wifi on. I have a wifi switch saved on my home "page" and keep it off unless I'm going to use it. Even with Lookout running all the time in the background, I have at least 24 hours of battery life.

I love the fingerprint sensor. It's nice to know that I'm the only one who can use my phone. If I want to let someone else use it, I just disable it. You don't need to swipe your print to answer the phone or mute it.

I cannot get the phone to take good photos.. but the video is awesome!!! I don't' use my video camera any longer, just my phone. I also like the front facing camera.

I paid $75 for this in June. Now I see it's free which would have made this decision a no-brainer.
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on September 10, 2011
The Atrix 4G is my first smartphone. I chose it because it had received good reviews and because it is made by Motorola. All of my previous cell phones have been Motorolas. The phone is as advertised. It is fast, especially over wifi. I have big hands and the phone feels just right. It is a thin, good-looking black slab of thoughtful product design. Even the touch screen keyboard, with spell and grammar correction, was easy to acclimate to. I do have a couple of caveats: if you are new to smart phones, I suggest you research the permissions that a user must grant to downloaded apps. GPS, when used for other than intentional navigation, is a helpful, if eerie, companion, noting perhaps too much information about one's whereabouts.

I think a key, if not THE key, to fully appreciating the phone, lies within the pages of the owner's manual, which can be found online. I've always gone through the owner's manual of each new car I get as soon as I leave the showroom. Cover to cover. I push every button, try every mode of everything. I set up the jack as if to change a flat tire, locate the fuse box(es), etc. You may not be so inclined, but I imagine you see the wisdom of doing so. Read the Atrix's owner's manual, cover to cover. Try everything. At the very least, by doing so you'll probably enjoy customizing the phone to your tastes, understand how to re-customize features, extend battery life and avoid writing a scathing review about something you don't understand because you didn't bother to READ THE MANUAL.
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on March 23, 2011
Phone responds very fast to every input on every application. Display is excellent and bright which makes it easy to see even in sunlight. Text is easy to read and sharp. I absolutely love it!!


Fingerprint lock
Speedy processor
removable battery
Voice clarity/volume
Ability to dictate versus type text
Front facing camera

Plastic body
Slippery touch
Outlookk sync (thats an android problem though)
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on May 30, 2012
Warning: I'm not technically sophisticated and this is my first smart phone. I use the phone for quick access to fb, email, and twitter, occasional browsing, games, maps, and, obviously, phone calls, texting.

It does everything I need it to do. The call quality is excellent, Android is fun to personalize, access to social networks is very easy, there are plenty of apps for my needs. The phone is fast--downloads are fast, games play without a hitch, there's no stuttering w/flash on youtube. Screen is excellent. Typing on such a small screen is obv not ideal, but it's not impossible, either. The battery is huge, and has yet to go below 3/4 full in a day's use. The thing feels solid, not too heavy, not too light.

No complaints whatsoever.
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on June 8, 2012
This device is amazing. Super crisp display, very responsive touchscreen, fast processor. I love the customization and the versatility. It's the best handheld device I've ever had.

So why the 3 star review?

Because it's a phone, first and foremost, and that aspect of it is lacking. The ear speaker is crummy. I hear distortion at all volume levels. I have to really try hard to hear. And I get complaints from those who listen to me on the other end, too. They say it sounds like I'm in a bucket. Actually, they say it sounds better with my bluetooth headset. Something's wrong there, y'know?

I'd give it 5 stars without hesitation if call quality was better.
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on April 15, 2011
First I would like to say that this android phone isn't for everyone. If your a newbie and refuse to do research...Your gonna be one of those whining idiots giving this a 1 out 5.

This phone is getting negative reviews because of At8T and not because the phone lacks something necessary. A&t capping upload speeds is a valid argument but you should have know about this before you buy/Bought the phone. This also the same with sideloading apps from Amazon. Do your research and you"ll be able to get it.

My Review will be based on the phone itself and I'm gonna keep it simple

4.0 inch screen( its not a huge phone)
Front facing camera( I don't get why the inspire was missing this)
Dual-core phone with 1gb ram( You'll be able to do multiple things with noticing any slow downs)
Nvidia and tegra Zone(its not much now but I think it will expand soon)
Starts with "R" ends with "ing"
Great Battery( have you ever seen the Evo4g in attention?)
Finger print scanner(Very cool)
Android( The amount of freedom you get vs Blackberry/Iphone to customize your phone)

Keyboard( Just download swiftkey, stock is meh)
Camera(Could be but it does a ok job)
MotoBlur(Most people don't like it, i recommend Launch pro)
Expensive accessories

>>>>>>>Neutral<<<<( this ins't the phone's fault)
At&t locking the phone down
Lack of "real 4g"
We want 2.3+ not sure when moto will bring it.

Also, My first Atrix was disabled(the screen would freeze) but amazon sent another one. Thanx Amazon! Now I could been a moron and diss the phone but mistakes happen.
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on August 15, 2011
After having an Inspire 4G for two weeks, I was hooked on Android. I was a longtime Blackberry user, and tried the Inspire 4G after the Torch was the last straw for me. I love everything about Android, but as a heavy user, wanted more battery life out of my phone. I also want 4G (or the closest thing ATT has to it), which is why this phone is as close to perfect as can be. The Atrix has much faster data speeds the Inspire 4G or Iphones have, but you can delete bloatware on it, it the OS speeds are much faster, without all the HTC clutter! Its also got a ton of internal memory, which is great to use as an Ipo/Iphone replacement. I love the front facing camera too, as well as the clear, crisp reception and sound! The new Gingerbread 2.3.4 makes this phone pretty much perfect: now the dock stays in place as you browse. Its also durable, unlike HTC phones, where dropping it means death. This phone, in my opinion, actually outdoes tablets, especially android tablets. I strongly recommend.
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on April 20, 2011
I have been waiting for the release of fast dual core Android phone since some time. Although Android phones were adequately fast before the Atrix came along - there is something to say about the fluid and unrelenting experience of the Atrix - the phone feels very quick and doesn't show any signs of slowing down - more so than any other phone I have tried before. And that's with version 2.2 (Froyo) of the Android OS - with 2.3 it will only get better.

First thing you notice when you turn on the phone is Moto BLUR - enough has already been said (may be mostly negative) about BLUR but frankly speaking I did not find it to be a bad experience - in fact I did not have any issues keeping that as a default, even though downloading a replacement launcher is both free and quick if you don't like the default launcher. (Launcher Pro for example.) In fact since BLUR keeps most of my Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Corporate Sync etc.) in the cloud and restores them if I restore the phone - it's useful. Point is you have a choice.

Next thing you will need to do is install the System Update 4.1.57 - recommended as it definitely improves battery life. Speaking of battery life - it is very good for such a powerful phone - I can easily get through a heavy use day after the update.

I make lots of voice calls for sustained periods of time - sometime on speaker phone, sometimes over Bluetooth headset and sometime just normally phone-to-the-ear. Atrix really shines in this department - I haven't had a dropped call and call quality has been excellent. Motorola knows their stuff and it clearly shows - audio is just flawless, the speakers are good and there is virtually no "noise" to the calls.

As many have stated - AT&T and Motorola have not enabled the HSUPA - yet - on the Atrix. I have not noticed any limitations due to that - streaming Audio Galaxy over 3G works just fine and I don't have any uploading going on.

Browsing with Flash - it's there and it mostly works well. Way better to have Flash than to not - just set the browser to load Plugins on-demand and you can click to flash.

Storage - it shines in this department too - it comes with 16GB storage and an empty microSD slot. I used my Sandisk 32Gb card and it works great - 48Gb total storage.

Webtop - I bought the HD Dock and have used the phone with a Microsoft USB Keyboard and Arc Touch Mouse - it works well for browsing and other lightweight desktop tasks. Motorola's Media Center application works great for watching your movies, photos etc. on the TV - you can use the bundled remote control which works great and comes with all regular Android controls.

Fingerprint sensor sounded like a gimmick at first but I have now gotten used to it as the only method to unlock the phone and I prefer it - it works well if you are a bit careful. (Based on how you hold the phone it might be a little tricky due to alignment issues.)

At home the Atrix is paired via Bluetooth to my Panasonic KX-T series cordless phone in the Link-To-Cell mode. It works well - all phones ring when either one is called - and so I can put the Atrix on the charging dock and take calls over the cordless phone at night. I was also able to transfer contacts from the Atrix to the cordless.

AT&T bundled apps - I was able to uninstall a few of them. The other ones - Launcher Pro allows you to hide the ones you don't need. With plenty of space I don't think this is an issue but I would much rather prefer AT&T did not bundle needless stuff.

WiFi - Phone works great with my Linksys E3000 Wireless-N router. Wireless sync worked OK using DoubleTwist AirSync.

The phone also comes with DLNA client which is handy for wireless media transfer if you have UPnP based media servers like the PS3. Video format limits remains an general issues with Android although most common ones seem to work. The one other somewhat geeky feature is Phone Portal - you can look at your messages and other things on the phone using your desktop web browser over Wi-Fi.

Atrix ships with 2 keyboards - Motorola's Multi-Touch keyboard which is the default and is a pleasure to use - Swype is also available and works great as usual. You can also install SwiftKey if you like.

Camera - Rear one is decent - the front one could be better but I don't care about it.

Email - Corporate sync works great - auto configured all settings and the Motorola enhancements over the stock Exchange client are mostly welcome.

Overall I find the phone provides a very pleasant user experience - it surely seems to be powerful enough to handle whatever is thrown at it for next couple years.
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