Customer Reviews: Motorola Atrix 4G Android Phone (AT&T)
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on February 28, 2011
I still have my Iphone 4 and i just got the Atrix 4G... This phone does everything great, and flash works better on this phone then anything i've ever seen. The 4G is really deceiving because i see no difference in internet speeds except the browser is just faster then that of the iphone, but running speedtest its still gets only 3 mbps like my Iphone... I honestly can't say this phone is better then the Iphone bc Apple has everything integrated such as video calling, and the music player so it runs a lot smoother, but the Atrix brings a lot to the table that I did not have on my Iphone... If its not better, I've felt it was just as good and would totally recommend it to anyone...
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on December 6, 2011
The only thing downside of this phone is MotoBlur.

It's supposed to be a skin or a launcher that helps managing your SNS life.

But it simply doesn't work!!

Other than that, with Launcher Pro working as the launcher, this phone is great.

Calling and receiving calls is whole lot better than an iPhone.

It's got enough power to be as snappy as any latest phones.

The best part of this smartphone is that it's got a huge 1900mah battery that outlasts any other smartphone you can think of.
Now with the Gingerbread upgrade, if you use it as a feature-phone, it'll last weeks.

Display is not the best and the prettiest you can get nowadays, but it does the job.
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on October 20, 2013
The phone at least is working, had to update the software because it came in japanese I guess. Came with all the accesories , but if it wasn't because I used to have the same phone I probably wouldn't have a battery that actually last. Good phone but don't recommend the seller much
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on September 14, 2011
This is my second ever smart phone. My first being an iPhone 3G which I've had for 2.5 years. My wife recently upgraded to an iPhone 4, and I switched to the Atrix after reading the very positive reviews of this phone after it was upgraded to the Gingerbread release of Android. So far I really like this phone. It had very mixed reviews in its early days but the recently upgraded OS has drastically fixed most of its issues.

- Price! Can get this phone for $50 from Amazon, Radio Shack and Best Buy. Motorola's flavors of this phone for Sprint and Verizon are $200 and $300.
- Battery life for me is excellent. The upgraded OS now has a built in "task killer" which stops unused programs from continually running and draining the battery. I read other reviews that said they would lose 30% power overnight. I had mine on for 3 days with normal usage before the battery got low. Basically as good as an iPhone. The battery itself is about the largest in its class. More power than most other phones.
- Screen is quite nice and high resolution. It has basically the same resolution as an iPhone 4.
- The phone is VERY fast and quite stable. I have not had any issues with applications lagging or hanging. No reboots and such have been necessary. Again this is related to the recently upgraded OS.
- Call quality is quite good. Motorola phones are generally acknowledged as being superior in this area. Any call quality issues would be related to the network and not the phone itself.
- There is no longer any artificial upload/download speed restrictions. The ATT network can't compare to Verizon LTE but the Atrix has very fast transfer speeds compared to my iPhone 3G.
- It's a nice size with its 4 inch screen. Some of the newer phones have 4.3 and 4.5 inch screens which means they can't be easily placed in a pocket.

- The only critique for me, since I am slightly far sighted and sometimes need reading glasses, would be that the native font is a bit small due to the high resolution of the phone - but side by side it is identical to my wife's iPhone 4. It would be nice if the native font could be adjusted, but that is really an Android limitation (unless you root and then hack the phone) and not a limitation with the Atrix itself.

Other notes:
- I bought the Invisible Shield screen protector which thus far is working better than other shields I've used in the past. Medium difficulty to install and more expensive than most but is supposed to have a lifetime warranty.
- Picking a case can also be a hassle. I settled on the Ballistic SG for Motorola Atrix. It fits the phone perfectly and gives it a lot of protection.
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on September 18, 2011
I've had this phone from the day it came out in stores and I couldn't be happier! My previous phone was slow and crashed frequently, but I've only had this phone restart on me a handful of times. It has some cool Apps, and now there are more opportunities as the Amazon App Store is now available! There is some "bloatware" on it (applications that come pre-installed on the phone) but it can be managed or deleted.

I have not tried any of the attachments for the phone (like the Multimedia HD dock or the Laptop dock), but the phone by itself is simply amazing.

No problems with the phone so far and I couldn't be a happier Motorola customer!


I've had this phone for 13 months so far, and I still couldn't be happier! (This is especially amazing for me considering this is by far the longest I've had a single phone since I started using a cell phone 7 years ago.)

- I've heard some reports of the fingerprint reader going out, but mine still works just as well as it did the first day I owned it.
- I have never put my phone in a case or put a screen protector on it, nor will I ever. There is no need! I'll be the first to admit that I'm clumsy, especially with my phone, but it still works great. There are some scratches on the plastic at the corners from the times I've dropped it, but they're difficult to spot unless you're specifically looking for them.
- Even though I download a few new apps a week, my internal memory has not run out of space yet, nor does it appear to be getting close.
- Bluetooth connection is wonderful, I have a single-ear bluetooth for calls and a pair of dual-ear headphones for music, and they both connect without issue.
- The full version of Quickoffice that comes pre-installed on the phone has saved me in more meetings than I can count. The internet is fast and allows me to download any files I need within seconds, and open them easily on my phone, ready to be simply read or even edited.

- The one con is with the front-facing camera. I very rarely put my phone anywhere else besides in the pocket of my bluejeans, and the lint from said pocket has creeped under the face of the phone to lodge in the front camera. However, I never used it anyway, so no biggie for me. The rear camera still works great, though!
- For the music-lovers out there, I installed a 32 gb micro-SD card with around 3,500 songs on it. Unfortunately, the music players I have used (Amazon MP3, the pre-installed Music player, Cloudskipper) have had issues with the number of songs. Typically it will only list 2,000 of the songs, leaving out nearly half of my music collection. New players may have been released, or updates may fix this issue, but it's one of my main pet peeves.

Final thoughts:
After owning for a solid 13 months, I still highly recommend this phone for workaholics, studious students, casual users, new users, and everyone else!
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on May 22, 2011
I went straight from a Blackberry Curve to this phone, and I'm blown away by the difference. A lot of it is just Android in general, but the phone itself is quite nice. Very fast and good battery life. How/why did I put up with the Curve for so long??
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on July 8, 2013
I've had this phone since 2011. The phone randomly reboots daily, often multiple times a day, for no apparent reason. I can't make sense of it. It will reboot while it's just sitting there with a dark screen, in standby. Or, it will reboot while I'm using it. The phone did not start to reboot until I owned it for about six months. Motorola support is non-existent. They seem to be unaware of a problem, yet, check out any message board and the reboot problems are well documented. But if I send it in with $100, they will repair it, of course. I strongly believe the reboot problem is a component or software flaw. My son also bought an Atrix at the same time and his randomly reboots as well.
I'd like to support Motorola by purchasing their products but this ruins their reputation for me.
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on August 1, 2011
The M Atrix is a great phone. Had it for 2 weeks now and this is what I have to say about it.
Good thing:
- Very fast, You can notice the difference in gaming, probably because of the Dual Core.
- Very good clear and touch sensitive display.
- The Android OS is great and easy to use. Updated easily to the latest Android.
- The Android market is full of apps and games.
- Front and back camera with Flash. 5mp Back one.
- LED for Notifications.
- Worked for skype, mobilevoip, messenger, Pandora, ...
- Nice design, slim.
- Good loud speakers.
- WiFi. 8GB of Memory but can add SD.

Not so good,
Battery life is bad but similar to most smartphones, last around 18 hours for moderate use with internet but charges fast, may last 1-2 days for light phone only use.
Warms up when turned on for few minutes.

Can't judge durabilty, GPS or freezes issues yet.
Will update my review in a couple of months.

Overall, very good product. Recommended.

3 months update:
Going to retract some of the great things I mentioned about the Atrix.
The Power button stopped working including the fingerprint feature.
Researched this and was one of the things people complained about.
I'm using an App that let's me use the Vol button to turn on but this happened
less than 5 months from buying this phone.
Otherwise still working okay.
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on November 12, 2012
Shortly after my warranty expired (though from researching on owner forums, it's clear the warranty is worthless anyway), the problems started. I realized I was burning through my data plan, then found it was because my wireless internet was not working. When trying to connect, it would simply say Error. This is a common problem with this phone. Customer support walked me through wiping my phone, which did nothing. They then offered to "look at it" for $120. I declined the ridiculously inadequate offer, and then my phone started getting worse. It now powers off and back on several times an hour. This drains the battery quickly, and I need to charge it every chance I get. It seems like any interaction makes the phone power down. It's no longer good for phone calls, because it is guaranteed to power off mid-conversation. The problems I'm describing are very common for this phone, and no one I've talked to in forum has gotten any help from Motorola, with or without warranty. Please research Motorola's inferior products before buying.
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on June 12, 2011
I have owned this phone for four months now, and I love it! It has many good features that make it stand out among other smartphones, such as decent battery life which lasts up to 15 hours (with the assistance of Juice Defender app), fast hardware with minimum glitches, an amazing fingerprint reader that makes unlocking the password protected phone speedy and effortless (and makes everyone around you envious for this feature), and very light weight compared to some of the other smartphones out there. This is my first Android phone, and second smart phone after owning a Blackberry Bold for two years, and I must say I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

However, I give it a four star rating because it has some problems that a buyer should be aware of. For example, this phone heats up... a lot! I noticed this to be a result of mainly three things: GPS, display, and long phone calls (>30 min). The heat buildup is on the bottom back side of the phone. I can circumvent the GPS heating by turning the screen off when using the navigation. This way, I can still follow the navigation voice commands without heating up the phone. As for the display, I try not to keep the screen on for extended periods of time and turn the screen off every 30 to 40 minutes. However, how am I supposed to prevent the phone from heating if I have an hour long conference call? There have been two incidents where the phone gets so hot it drops the call and I basically end up with a nonfunctional phone. I hope this will not be an ongoing problem.

There are some other problems with the phone that may not sound serious alone, but collectively makes the phone a lot less functional. For example, I still don't understand the philosophy behind Motoblur. It is neither functional nor attractive! It has very basic integration with social networking websites (compared to HTC Sense, where I could view a person's profile and pull up their pictures from facebook, Picasa, etc all from the same page). The interface is so bland it looks like it came from the 80's (but a grey scale version since there were too many neon lights back then). I had to purchase Launcher Pro for a better looking and more functional launcher (you can hide all the junk icons in the drawer!). Also, typing is very unintuitive. Even after you insert a space, punctuation marks are always inserted immediately after the last word (as if you did not insert a space). I guess this idea works well for commas, periods, question marks, etc. But every time I enter quotation marks or apostrophes, Motoblur automatically sticks it to the last word I typed and I have to go back and insert a space again! I must admit that I hated my Blackberry Bold, but the keyboard on it is the best. Also, I was happy to have a front-facing camera to use in chatting, but you can't use it with cross-platform apps, so you are restricted to use it only on Qik with other Android users. Finally, the back facing camera is not something to replace your point and shoot just yet. No zoom, no manual focus, and the gallery does not integrate with Picasa.

Overall, I love this phone. It is not perfect, but it keeps me happy.
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