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on April 14, 2011
I waited a few weeks before purchasing the phone so that I could read all of the reviews and make a smart purchase, the reviews came out and the only real downfall noted was the battery (which was to be expected). Having the HTC Incredible prior to this phone, I was aware of how quickly the battery goes down so I was not worried about that part.

My first mistake was purchasing it from the local Verizon Store instead of ordering it directly from Verizon. After leaving the store I noticed that none of the broadband functions were working (they never turned them on), I went to use the GPS and it wasn't enabled (lazy salesmen). Anyways, after getting everything in order I placed a couple calls and noticed that there was significant static in the background but though that maybe it was the area of town I was in so I kept using it for about 2 weeks and noticed it didn't matter where I was, the static was always there. In addition to the static I noticed that applications like Youtube ran like crap, very jittery and numerous pauses, my HTC Incredible worked perfect right next to it??

I think that the problems I experienced were from using a new 4G Phone in a 3G area but I could be wrong. It was unfortunate that my Incredible worked perfectly with virtually the same OS and while sitting right next to the Thunderbolt. As a result, the Thunderbold went back and I'm back on my Incredible....what a shame!
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on November 27, 2013
This phone was not in good working oder as described. The battery would not hold a charge. The cord would not stay in place to recharge.
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on April 14, 2012
I have been using this phone for over a year and a half. I got it when it was new, and have had the same HTC Thunderbolt from the beginning. I have dropped it many times and it is still working with no problems. The phone is very well built. It is a great phone with very few problems. Battery life can be a bit short if you use it non stop. however with all the apps out there on the market you can easily make the battery life last the day and even longer. This has easily been the best and most reliable phone i have ever had. That says a lot coming from a guy like myself. One year i went through 7 phones. It got really expensive to say the least. But with this phone i have had no complaints. If you are considering getting this phone, DO IT. It easily beats any competition.
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on August 2, 2013
First let me say that when I bought my T-bolt 27 months ago it was the best phone I ever had! Now let me break it down in years

Year One:

The phone was fast, the pictures where perfect and the only complaint was battery life. then I bought an extended battery for $20 bucks and I was able to use my phone for 2 straight days with no problem. I would have had this thing implanted in my arm it was so good.

Year two:

same as year one, never bought a screen protector and the screen never got a scratch. I did buy a protective cover because I noticed that the color rubbed off very easily, especially on hot sweaty days. Not a problem but who wants a ratty looking phone. I started noticing problems that I heard other owners complain about, which was that it would hang up or start making a call in the middle of a conversation when you held the phone up to your ear while using it on a call. I mainly used my phone with a bluetooth headset or through my car radio so I thought it would not matter, but for those few calls I did take or make using the handset it was unbearable. I would be talking on an important call and suddenly it would be put on hold and I would be talking to my voicemail, by the time you figure out what's going on the person on the original call has hung up! When the phone wasnt switching calls it would be trying to do stuff, I would finish a call and see that I accidentally opened all these different apps. that was anoying to say the least.

Then came Android 4.0 at the end of year two, I had been waiting for it with great anticipation. ANDROID 4.0 DESTROYED THE PHONE! REPEAT, DESTROYED THE PHONE! It looked cool at first but by now I was at the end of my contract and I noticed that the phone was getting slower and slower. Then the power button stopped working, so I couldnt cut the phone off or on, I could not wake the phone when it went to sleep either. So I downloaded a app called just flip (free) and it solved that problem, but by then the phone was creeping so slow it was practically unusable, it started making errors like crazy. I would try to make a call and it would dial two numbers at the same time, one that I dialed and one that it dialed, and guess what? my call was always the one to go on hold.

Year 3:

Contract ended in the first week of July, can this thing last long enough for the next big gee whiz gizmo to come out?

Been using just flip to wake my phone, but it needs to be recalibrated every week and a half or it gets unresponsive. I have to do a factory reset every other week in order to keep the phone up to speed, I dont know what is slowing it down. I no longer dowload apps, one because i know I'm gonna reset the phone again and the other because I'm trying to get a little extra mileage out of the phone before I have to reset it agian. Finnally because I dont know what could be slowing this thing down. I have tried app killers to no avail, I have cleared all shortcuts from the screen, I cut off GPS, bluetooth and mobile network, I even turn the brightness down as low as possible, nothing seems to help.

This is why I rated the phone a one star, at this point you cant reverse the last update and so far they havent corrected any issues through updates. I am ready for a new phone but I was trying hold out till fall when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes out, but I dont think I can hold out that long so I just cross my fingers and maybe the note 2 will price drop by September and I'll grab it. When I bought the T-bolt at full price the dang thing dropped to 49.00 a month later so I was trying to avoid having that happed again.

The T-bolt was a great phone worthy of 5 stars, but not anymore. I cant say I babied my phone but I never droppedit either. I realy dont use the phone to make a lot of calls, I mostly text and read news so the call situation wasnt a problem. If you make a lot of calls it could be an issue for you. but the slowing of the phone since the 4.0 update is the real deal breaker.
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on May 21, 2011
About two months ago, I lost my old, handy, had it for years....NON-smart cellphone (Motorola V750). What an opportunity for all the dataheads in my life. "Just you wait a week or two and go get a new Thunderbolt!" they said "It's going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread!". After living with a loaner for nearly two months while busying myself waiting for the launch of the Thunderbolt, I (along with my father-in-law) bought one two weeks ago. BIG MISTAKE! I've never been so dissatisfied with a new product in my life. In spite of having an AP KILLER, there were as many as 20 apps running in the background all the time, almost all of which I have no need and only a couple of which I could permanently turn off.

Although the phone's power manager said these running apps didn't kill battery life (consuming, according to the phone, only about 12% of the battery's life) on the third day out, I had to put the damned thing on the charger three times during a day of moderate phone use. In the thirteen days I had it, (after charging all night) it was on the charger at least one additional time during the day on six days.

I don't remember how many "pocket" dials I had but one person called me to ask that I PLEASE delete them from my caller list so I would stop dialing them (and YES, I had used the lock just had a mind of it's own). I told someone that for every thing I asked the phone to do, it did three I didn't want it to. Maybe it was a lemon but I think the line is just a dud.

One of the reasons I wanted the phone was it's WIFI hotspot feature. But what I found out when I went in that it's a WIFI hotspot AND a phone ONLY when you're in a 4G/LTE service area. In 3G areas, it's either a WIFI device OR it's a Cellphone, but NOT BOTH. USELESS in the many 3G areas I often find myself.

I used it in the 4G environments of Houston and St. Louis and the downloads were fast but not lightning (pardon the pun) fast compared to my old 3G phone. Maybe I just don't need 4G speed for my personal use. I'm not a heavy data user on the telephone. Yes, I know the V750 wasn't a smartphone. I was using a DROID for the two months previous and that was my comparison.

I liked the size and weight of the Thunderbolt (a bit heftier than others and larger screen.....I like that) and the default day/date screen was nice, but the battery issue was simply too much. If the damned thing can't go all day on one charge, I don't need it. For every positive feature, it seems the phone had a half dozen I didn't like and couldn't force to turn off.

I got home from my road trip to St. Louis and my pa-in-law said he was ready to take his back.......he hated the battery life issue. No need to convince me. So, together we went back to Best Buy today, had our old phones turned back on and surrendered the Thunderbolts. If battery life is an issue for you, my advice is to forget the Thunderbolt, at least until someone comes up with a OEM replacement battery that can handle the obvious battery drain problem.
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on September 22, 2013
My daughter broke her "contracted" phone so I looked over the options online and was able to find a suitable and even possible upgrade to her Lucid.
Price was great, much better than that of Verizon's refurbished options. The Thunderbolt came earlier than expected through the mail that I paid std shipping for, was packaged well, and also had a note from the seller jic there was a problem.
The phone was as close to as new shape as could be expected, extremely happy that the screen was perfect!
Daughter has used it (a lot) and reports that she is very happy with the phone! This exchange made the hunt for a quick replacement phone extremely easy and I am very Thankful! Awesome :)
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on October 26, 2011
I have had the Thunderbolt for almost 8 month now and I am very happy with it. I use the phone for everything. It literally is my pocklet computer. The phone is a bit large but I usually carry my cellphone in my back pocket which makes it a none issue. The kickstand is an A+ addition to any phone and the speaker can belt out tunes for the masses. This phone takes great pictures and videos. My only drawback is the battery life. If I am streaming music or or using the navigation without having the phone pluged in, the battery dies in about 4 hours. Sometimes less if your running multiple apps. All and all I am very happy with this phone and hope it last until my next upgrade.
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on July 12, 2013
Only a couple of months after I bought this phone, it turned itself off inexplicably and would not turn back on. It just broke for no reason, sitting in the passenger seat of my car while I was on a road trip. No one touched, nothing happened to it. I had to get it replaced. Fifteen months later, I am now on my third replacement and the touch screen has so many dead spots that I can barely use it for emergency calls, forget text or internet. This phone breaks. Also, it eats battery life, even with the extended life battery. This phone will not live through your contract!
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on March 23, 2011
Great phone and nice features. It is not as big and heavy as many people claim to be. The battery is not that bad. I have had the phone for a couple of days and I usually have to put in on the charger for an hour around mid day due to the fact that I cannot put this phone down. I switched over from a blackberry. Android is so much better. Phone is super fast even when you are in a 3G area. I debated between the Thunderbolt or the iphone. So much more options than the iphone and the Thunderbolts speed blows the iphone away.
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on May 28, 2011
If you're looking for an alternative to the I-Phone this is it with one glaring exception: the standard battery's life is dismal.(the extra capacity battery/cover is a little big but lasts 10-12hrs with moderate use) I knew this before purchasing and bought it anyway- the great features were just to much to ignore. The display and available apps are awesome.

Wish Google would design an application/task killer and include it in the Droid OS.
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