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VINE VOICEon August 14, 2011
I am an avid photographer and reluctant global traveler (business). I have, for a number of years, been using a Canon Powershot SD800IS and recently purchased a Samsung WB210 to replace it. There is nothing wrong with the Canon...I just wanted a newer digital point-and-shoot. I have had the WB210 for over two months and have found it to be an excellent replacement.

I have been also been considering adding a high end SLR but each time I get close to a purchase, I think about the convenience of my point-and-shoot, and am not sure I would get the extensive use a high price camera warrants.

I am quick to upload pictures and videos so I have not been too concerned about the battery life as some reviewers. The camera provides for plenty of manual adjustments and I enjoy playing with its magic frames which allows unique framing of shots.

I was most positively surprised by the shadow lighting when shooting subjects that are backlit. Oftentimes, I do not need a flash.

This camera suits my needs and I would recommend it to others without hesitation. November 2012 add: The price has dropped considerably since my purchase making this an even better buy.
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on September 26, 2011
I was hesitant to purchase the Samsung WB210 because of the reviews. I bought the WB210 two weeks ago and I am very happy with the product. A couple of things that you need to be aware.

a) Firmware Upgrade - Download the Software from the Samsung web site and copy it to the external hard disk of the camera (your camera needs to be attached to your computer). Once you disconnect the WB210 from your computer, you need to turn on your camera on and a message will appear on the screen - click on the arrow and the install will be done after a couple of minutes (make sure your battery is fully charge).

b) The WB210 supports HD 720 and HD 1080i - I have created nice DVD's in 1080i and they look great!

c) The battery life is decent (60 minutes); it will be nice if Samsung makes a battery with a life of two (2) hours.
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on July 3, 2011
I hesitate to recommend this camera. In some aspect modes, when the camera takes pictures of outside scenes, if there is sunlight and shade, the parts of the picture with sunlight are literally almost pure white. Unfortunately, video is one of the aspect modes where the exposure does not work well. There is a firmware update available for this camera, but no one at Samsung knows how to have the install done. The firmware update might have fixed the problem.
The one touch option is very cool, and works well. You just touch the screen you want to focus on, the camera focuses on that spot and takes a picture.
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on December 17, 2011
I bought and subsequently returned this Samsung WB210 camera. As an advanced photographer with 30 years shooting, I just wanted a camera somewhere between my Nikon D700 and my iPhone 4, that was small, provided good quality images, and was easy to carry. While the Samsung images were okay, the camera was difficult to focus and had no manual controls for aperture or shutter, except in some limited fashion. It really isn't a camera for people who like to use camera controls at all. Also, the camera requires micro SD cards. They are so tiny that it makes caring for them an art.

One other note is that the WB210 has almost no hard controls; everything is done using the touch screen. It feels much more like a mobile phone than a camera.

I was at Costco today (Dec 2011) and they are selling these cameras for $80. I think they just want to unload them. The cameras are not on the Costco web site, but they are in the stores. At $80, I was considering buying it again. But I decided it was still not worth it.
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on November 17, 2011
I have to disagree with Loren fairly completely. I bought this camera from Woot (my first purchase) and other than the ridiculous wait time in the local post office (3 days), the camera arrived and did everything I expected and then some. The camera is wonderful, easy to use and the software is very intuitive. I can do most anything I need to do and have never looked at the instruction manual. I admit to being a little hesistant about the touch screen (being an old school camera guy) and found this method of camera control to be quite nice and easy. I use the camera for building photos and love the super wide angle. The 12X telephoto is amazing.

Granted, these are still first impressions but unless the camera self destructs sometime soon, I can see no reason to give it less than 5 stars.

The camera already has passed the acid test - I was taking a picture of a large building and dropped the camera on asphalt. Outside of a slight scratch, the camera was no worse for wear. It is solidly built and has some signficant heft. As far as I am concerned, the camera is better than I had expected and would have no problem buying another camera from Samsung.
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on May 26, 2011
This is a good camera, but with some disappointing features. The first one is the horrible battery life. It lasts less than 100 shots! And when you are recording a video, the battery runs out in just a few minutes! The other feature that I didn`t like is the night video mode. Very bad! Except these two problems, it is a good camera at all.
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on February 6, 2012
I'm an amateur photographer that is continuously looking for a compact wide angle camera. The advertised ultra wide angle feature on the Samsung EX WB210 impressed me. (advertised focal length 21mm). Normal zoom lens range is advertised as 24mm - 288mm.
Compared the picture quality and zoom / wide angle feature with my ultra compact Sony Cybershot WX-5.
Picture quality on the Sony WX-5 was better and much less grainy.

Comparing wide angle settings: The Sony's 24mm settings covered exactly the same range as the Samsungs ultra wide angle setting of 21mm. Go figure that!? Looks like I'm better off with keeping the Sony since I'm not gaining anything on picture quality or wide angle coverage with the Samsung - which was the very purpose for which I bought the camera.

The iPhone like menu and touch screen is nice and works well. Pretty user friendly. Has lots of fun filter effects in case you don't have access to a photo editor like Photoshop or Picasa, etc.
Video recording was good.
Like the fact that the battery does not have to be removed for charging, but don't know why Samsung uses a proprietary charger plug and not a standard small USB.
Also uses a micro SD card.
I'm in the process of returning the camera, since I'm not satisfied with the picture quality and the ultra wide angle feature did not work for me as advertised.
Filed return form twice and directly contacted the seller "Platinum Buys" , have not heard back. Had to file a direct claim with Amazon. Would give the seller PlatinumBuys 1 star for not responding.
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on October 1, 2011
This is a very nice camera for someone who wants very easy to use camera with a good zoom at 12x but the 3.5 wide lcd very bright screen is the best thing about this camera with decent pics and the price waslowest through amazon with very slow free shipping took 12days .
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on November 9, 2011
Great pictures, zooms right in, sharp focus, easy to use, everything you want in a camera. This replaced a Sony that gave up, and it is much more fun to use, and provides more variety when taking pictures.
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on December 4, 2013
This is certainly a different experience to use than most cameras.

A touch screen camera....seems like a cool idea.....but...The touch based menus take some getting used to. Trying to scroll can be a challenge, if not done just right. Takes some practice (And clean fingers). Screen will need to be kept clean or it will affect the touch sensitivity.

I still find it easier, faster and more natural and safer to have physical buttons right at my thumb to use. You especially have to be careful with this camera when you want to adjust a setting on the have to move your hand away from the natural and secure holding position of taking pictures with a camera... to touch the screen...whereas, cams with physical buttons, I only had to move my thumb and not alter my grip on the camera. Because of this, adjusting a setting while taking pictures could result in you losing your grip on the cam and dropping it. Be sure you use the wrist strap!

For non tech savvy people, as long as they are practiced with using touchscreens, it should be easy to use. Although, Even I, having used touch screen phones for years, am having some fumbles or mis-touches with this camera...sometimes selecting or changing an option I didn't mean to, especially when trying to scroll.

It's pretty easy and simple to use UI...certainly not as complex and confusing as other cameras I have used. It does remind me of using a very basic smartphone.

I got this used for cheap to replace my mothers Sony Cyber-shot she wanted a better zoom. (That Sony cam, lcd screen is blurry and image quality isn't that good.) This Samsung....takes much better images and the zoom is great.

The Auto mode seems to do well with indoor photos. It is much better at selecting the best settings than my Panasonic ZS19. (Panasonic's iAuto mode is the worst of all the cams I have is always selecting high iso's (400-800) when all the other cams I have tested under same indoor test condition selected lower iso and took better pictures .) This Samsung's Auto mode does seem a bit more accurate than the Sony W650. Images are crisp with minimal noise...even at higher iso's.

Some other random things I noticed about this Samsung WB210:

Takes Micro _SD.....(thought only smartphones took those) very tiny...not as easy to handle as regular sd cards...need adapter to insert into sd card slot on laptop. Many older folks or those with large fingers many not like this.

Very Proprietary charging cable...its a usb cable that has a chip and led in the head part of it....bulky and very short(12in?) Only can plug into an outlet that is at arms level(like kitchen counter or something)

No way to force Flash to be ON in Auto mode(only settings are Auto Flash and Off) - Sometimes, especially if you focus on something bright, Auto mode will not activate the flash when it should...

Zooming is very slow while recording video.

Super Wide angle it zooms out by a few mm....barley noticeable...

LCD Screen is a 16:9 ratio(most cameras are 4.3) when the MP setting is set to 14(default is 10) it does not fill up the entire lcd, there are black borders on the left and right side. When u set it to 10MP 16:9 setting, it will fill the screen.

(A note about MP and ratio settings: . If you want your picture file to display full screen on your computer monitor or hdtv, set your camera to a 16:9 MP setting. Pictures taken in 4:3 will display with black borders on the left and right sides on a 16:9 display. Lowering the MP to a 16:9 ratio basically is just cropping the top and bottom of the image a bit.) Do some online research into the way digital camera resolutions and aspect ratios work....its not all about the highest MP.

Adjusting settings via touch interface yields mixed results.

Its a bit slow between processing pictures...

LCD screen itself is not as bright and sharp as my Panasonic ZS19. It is noticeable better quality(though a tad dimmer) than the lcd on the Sony DSC-W650.

When you plug the camera into your computer, Install the Samsung software....this allows you to Update the firmware of the camera.

The camera has angled "feet" on the bottom of it....when u set it down on a hard surface, it tilts the body slightly back...I find this top heavy and easily falls backward. There is no need for slanted feet.

Battery life seems average for these types of cameras. It goes quickly when taking flash indoor pictures. I do plan on picking up the Wasabi Power 2x battery packs and external charger for it. Hopefully, it won't complain about generic batteries.

Overall, I think its a nice camera. I just hope that my mother doesn't find the touchscreen too difficult to work with...(especially since she likes to use lots of hand lotion all the time.)
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