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46 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2011
It is a good TV, period. Make that GREAT! No issues that are really causing a problem have come up since its purchase. Some minor issues that I expected after doing my research really never came up (except for poor sound), and really even they were nitpicky type things. We have ours hooked up to our Toshiba 3D Wi-Fi Blu Ray player, the Wii and our Tivo, everything works wonderfully. Would buy this TV again and would recommend to friends.

In a nutshell --

What needs improvement:
Sound is poor, volume setting goes to 100, but, sound only really increases till about 45 on volume bar.
LED local dimming can show flickering (minor), if not set-up just right.
Just a little slow to power on and to change channel inputs/channels (but, not really that bad).

What makes it Great!:
Touch panel buttons on front are great (power, channel, volume, etc.).
Smart features are good (could be improved, but, are OK.)
Easy wireless connectivity.
Flawless 3D - very low eye-strain, little or no cross talk, very sharp image.
Thin and lite-weight for its screen size.
Hi-end, multi-featured, backlit Remote with quick access buttons (Netflix).

We have had several Toshiba products in the past and I knew that they make a good product, this is no exception. Here is my experience...
After months of research and looking at this, and looking at that, I knew that there were three TVs that could do what I wanted. 1) 1080p 2) Passive 3D, 3) the "just right" refresh rate, 4) LED backlighting, 5) Wi-Fi/Smart TV capable - and at least 55in. screen. There were about 3 that came out of that quest, this Toshiba, an LG and a Vizio. The Vizio had a 480hz refresh rate, but, more is not better. Also, the Vizo had edge lit LED, which would contribute to less than desired contrast ratio. Then, I learned that there were numerous customer complaints, on several sites - so that is what axed the Vizio early on in my search. As for the LG, well, there again the refresh rate came up (I'll get to that in a bit). The LED back lighting was identical for the Toshiba and the LG, I was even told by the sales person that Toshiba had licensed that particular form of LED Local Dimming from LG (don't know if that is true or not), and in that aspect they performed the same. So, with everything being almost equal I went back looked at the refresh rate. When I was looking at the LG 55 in. passive 3D TV model, I decided against that one because at best, I could not confirm that it even had 120hz refresh rate (which is what it said it did). Even if it did, the way that passive 3D works (two different fields) you would need to half the 120hz and you are down to 60hz. So, when I could confirm that this Toshiba has 240hz refresh rate, that is what sold me. I know I kind of sounds like Goldie Locks, this one is too high and the other too low - AND one was just right. But, remember, you will be looking at this thing for hours - the last thing I wanted was eye strain and/or a headache - and that is what you will get if the refresh rate is too low or two high. After all, one of benefits of passive 3D, is less eye strain, so I thought I should think seriously before tossing that out with another feature that put you back in a situation that could bring back eye strain. OK then, back on track, with the Toshiba, I have 120hz for each of the passive 3D fields. The Toshiba still works out mathematically with 3D video and 3D film to deliver a very smooth image, even in a very active movie or 3D sporting event. So, that was my pick. I know... broadcast station still send their signals out at 60hz, that is not what I am talking about (and for the record I am not talking about power supply either). I was able to compare both the LG and Toshiba at the same time, when I bought the Toshiba, and it was a fair and close comparison. However, the Toshiba is clearer, sharper, brighter and less blurry (for actions scenes and text/credits). Plus, the information for Toshiba is in the manual, on their website and sales people seem be very knowledgeable when it comes to the Toshiba. It seems like LG's marketing team will say one thing, there manual says another and sales people are just as confused (if not more so) than the customer. I know some are calling this a value 3D TV and are willing spend much more, but, for my family this is still a lot of money. So, after I did a lot of research and if I am going to put out $1K or more for a TV, I need to know what I am going to get, sorry LG - THANKS, TOSHIBA!

**UPDATE 02/22/2013**
Clearly the best TV out there! Still working great 1 and half years later (bought this one in Fall of 2011). I was planning on buying another TV at about this time, but, this one is still going strong (as is the Toshiba we bought before this one back in 2008). I am excited to see what Toshiba will come out with for there next TV! For all it's features, the high quality 2D and 3D picture and hi-end specifications this is the one to have. If you can find this TV, BUY IT!
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28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on August 29, 2011
There are a lot of settings in this TV that can overwhelm some people. My experience with most newer HDTV's is that factory pre-sets suck. In order to get the most out of the picture they have to be manually adjusted. And I have had a couple of people tell me their TV is broke because the screen keeps getting dark. And adjusting the one setting that is "adaptive contrast" or "Auto Contrast" fixed it completely.
The images and experience that I received from this TV was phenomenal. Set up the image settings and installed new firmware (didn't watch with original firmware) watched 3d blu-ray, x-box, and 2d-3d convesion of standard blu-ray. All of which were great. Wi-Fi set-up just fine, Internet apps seem to be slow, TV does take a longer than expected time to power on. Settings,I started with for those interested:
-- Picture settings menu:
Picture mode: Movie (1 or 2)
Backlight: 64
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 1
Color: 0
Tint: 0
Sharpness: -50

Advanced Picture Settings submenu
ColorMaster: Off
Base Color Adjustment: [grayed out]
Color Temperature: 0
Auto Brightness Sensor Settings: [Off]
Dynalight: On
Dynamic Contrast: 0
Static Gamma: 4
Noise Reduction: [both settings Off]
Edge Enhancer: [Off]
ClearScan 240: On
Film Stabilization: Standard

Expert Picture Settings submenu
Test Pattern: Off
RGB Filter: [all three colors On, Color/Tint: 0]
White Balance: [Window Display Off]
2pt White Balance:
Red-Offset: -1
Green-Offset: -1
Blue-Offset: 1
Red-Gain: 3
Green-Gain: 5
Blue-Gain: 0

PIC SIZE remote button: Native
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22 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on July 8, 2011
Alright let's get started. I will admit that the price of the Toshiba was very interesting at first. I have had Toshiba TV's in the past without any concerns. Since my past television decided to wear down I needed a new one. The passive 3D option was the direction I was willing to pay for rather then getting an active display and all the extra costs. So I went with the Toshiba hoping for a good product at a great price. Got the TV shipped for free through Amazon. Shippers did a good job. Set it up and powered it on. First thing that was noticable was the horrible, HORRIBLE backlighting problems with this set. Since I had never seen this TV before, I went to another TV store to find out by looking at several edge lit TV's. None had a problem with black like this TV had. So I returned it to Amazon and tried to replace it with the same model TV. Returning the TV was fine, and the shipping was great again. So here is the review of the same model and brand of TV.

Backlighting-Still had problems with backlighting during dark scenes. A streak of light gray moved from the top right of the screen to the bottom left of the screen. This was to much of a problem for me to spend the amount of money that I did on the TV.
Sound-The speakers on the TV are very poor and high pitched. I tried to adjust them, but it never really changed.
Powering on-This set does take a long time to power up. Not really a big deal.
Channel changing-takes longer then you would imagine to switch between channels when watching HDTV through the internal tuner.
Passive 3D-The passive 3D was great for gaming and movies. No problems at all.
Picture-The options availiable to adjust the picture is amazing. It displayed great colors and images when the TV was used and the picture was not in a dark screen.
Remote-Was easy to use and the setup was easy to understand.

Overall this TV is not a bad TV. Maybe I am just picky, but when you spend money you want a good product. This TV did not meet my expectations for the price it costs. Maybe it is because they purchased the rights of the technology through LG but did not build the TV the same. I don't know. And the poor backlighting problems I was experiencing with this TV was just too much.

So I returned the TV and purchased the more expensive LG 55LW6500. What a difference 400 dollars makes! If your just looking for something to throw in a room and don't really care then the Toshiba will be perfect.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2011
Over all a very nice tv. It's not quite as "plug-and-play" as my two year old Toshiba LCD (takes some work on tweaking the video settings) but does have a very nice picture. The speakers aren't the greatest BUT they also fire down and backwards. I'm currently using a couple of books to help divert the sound forward and it made a huge difference. I'll figure out a more permanent solution soon. With the 2D->3D conversion you can tell it's not true 3D, but there's definitely more depth to the picture and is a nice feature that works well. I also like the passive rather than active 3D implementation. Connected to wifi easily and automatically found a firmware update and updated without an issue. So far the only negative is the power on time. It's not a huge issue by any means to wait 20 seconds for the tv to be usable, but it's definitely quite a bit longer than my LCD.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on November 5, 2011
I am so glad I finally decided to purchase this TV,I must have looked everywhere I could think of over the past few months looking at 55" HD TVs. I already own a 47" HD Vizio TV, but I wanted a bigger one in the living room, but I also needed to find the best deal I could. When I came across the Toshiba 55", 1080p 240Hz LED-LCD HD, 3D, Wireless Internet connection television at the price I found it for, I knew I had finally found what I was looking for, but I still had my doubts as to what the quality would actually be as I have never owned a Toshiba television before (I have owned several of their computers however), so I took a little time to think about it before I actually purchased it, and I read the reviews, most were quite positive so I decided to give it a chance. Boy am I ever glad I did, I thought my last HD had an excellant picture, in fact people use to comment on how good the picture was until I got this one, the picture is so clear and so detailed you feel as if you are actually there(I still really like my Vizio to though). I think it is safe to say that I love this television. The set-up was so easy, and connecting to the Internet was effortless, I just told it to look for my home network and it found it, now I don't have to go through my game counsel to watch Netfix, and I love all the free widgets and Vudu and everything else you can get to online through this television. It has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. The sound is good also, but I have my TV hooked up to my stereo system, it always makes the sound so much better when you hear it through an actual sound system. So, if your considering buying this TV I wouldn't waste any time, especially at the price they are selling it for!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2011
I've had the TV setup and running for a day now, and after watching football all afternoon I must say I'm very happy with the TV! The 3D is neat, and the built-in WiFi with Netflix instant streaming is fantastic! Much nicer than having to stream Netflix through my PS3. The TV, even after being on for hours, gives off practically no heat; big change from my 40" LCD.

Spend the needed time to get the picture calibrated properly, it's definitely worth it. The TV has a ton of features and adjustments so take advantage of them.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2012
I wanted to replace move SONY LCD TV to our bedroom and get a TV for our family room. After a fair amount of research I decided on an LED, primarily due to: picture quality and energy consumption. After a fair amount of research, I realized i could get an LED TV with 3D capability. So, I did price comparisons and read about active versus passive 3D. I settled on passive and found this Toshiba model having all of the features I wanted, including Internet capability with wireless component included. After searching for a week on all sites, no one could beat the Amazon price which came with free shipping. So, I ordered it and was given a 10 day shipping timeline.

This coincided with the New Year holidays, but on January 2nd, I got an e-mail from them that the TV has been shipped via Pilot with the expected arrival date of 1/10. I was not familiar with Pilot so, i started reading the reviews about Pilot and discovered a lot of negative stuff on this site about Pilot. A couple of days went by and I kept watching the tracking system, the TV was en-route. On Thursday January 5th at 10:00 a.m. I received a call from someone what said he had my TV and was in the neighborhood and could deliver the TV that day. This was a company that Pilot uses in Michigan to make the delivery. So, I called them back and asked them to deliver it after 3:00 p.m. They transferred my call to the driver and he said ok. He showed up at 3:15 p.m. So, for those who are concerned about Pilot, I had no problem, just that I did not get an advanced notice of early delivery.

He brought the TV in and unpacked it, but because of the cold, we decided not to turn it on at the time. He wrote on the shipping slip, "subject to inspection" meaning I could return it. After a couple of hours I connected the TV to our cable box and other devices and it worked just fine.

This TV does exactly what is described as its features. When you install it, just take the picture setting "auto-view" and set it at "standard." The picture quality is excellent. Also, after a little playing around, I connected it to our wireless and was able to get into Facebook, Flicker, etc.

The TV has a feature that converts regular 2D viewing to 3D and comes with 4 pairs of glasses. The remote has a very convenient button that you push to switch between 2D and simulated 3D. All of the HDMI functions work fine as well and they communicate with my cable box, surround system and 2 DVD players.

The one drawback of this TV is its audio. The speakers are weak and point downward. So, you might be a bit disappointed if you are used to high quality sound. Make sure you set the audio setting at SAP (that is not the default setting) or use a pair of external speakers. This TV has a ton of features, I have not discovered all of them yet. Overall, I am satisfied with it and it certainly exceeded my expectations.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 31, 2011
I got this for $1300 including taxes & shipping on

came with adapters to be able to still use the old rca & component cables. Has a 3.5mm audio jack & vga port so i can plug my computer directly into it. Very thin lightweight tv, i lifted & set this up all by myself. The ps3 plays 3d blurays & looks good on this tv, i prefer passive 3d like on this tv because there's no flicker & the glasses are basically free at theaters. i dont think the sound is as bad as some people say, its fine with me but if im watching a new movie i use my surround sound anyway.

usb port is only 2.0 and doesnt play .flv files, doesnt play audio on some .mkv files (if the file size is too small), no usb keyboard support (needed since there's no keyboard on the remote). 3D is not worth the extra $ so far, I wish I had gotten a bigger tv instead of 3D. The digital optical audio (fiber optic) has a delay unless you downgrade the video quality, so peoples' mouths dont sync with the words.

** update 3-3-12 **
downgrading this from 4 stars to 3, just discovered this tv doesn't play media from external usb hard drives or sticks unless they are formatted to FAT32, not NTFS or exFAT. FAT32 doesn't allow files over 4gb in size, so this means I can't have 1080p movies on the drive since they are sometimes up to 20gb. And if your drive has partitions, sometimes the top usb port will only view the 2nd partition and the bottom usb port will only view the 1st partition, which is backwards. I got a tv with USB built in so I wouldn't have to get an xbox or ps3 as a media player, so this really annoys me.

** update 6-6-12 **
the 3.5mm jack for the pc audio has slowly degraded and now is barely audible. now i would have to get a new computer with hdmi built in, thats the only way ill be able to use the tv as a computer monitor (btw the tv has a vga port but dvi would be better). Save your $ & get a bigger non-3d tv

** update 12-31-12 **
this tv just lost another star, down to 1 star now. Because it doesn't accept NTFS drives, the standard for over 10 years now, I had to format my new 3tb external usb hard drive as FAT32 which is unstable. After plugging it into the tv and back into my computer, I lost 500gb of data!! Windows converted 5000 files - movies, tv show episodes, family pictures, and a book I was writing - to an unrecoverable .chk format. Again, 3D and 240hz are not features i ever use so I suggest getting a bigger non-3D tv that recognizes NTFS drives.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on June 24, 2011
This product is easy to set up and performs and produces an outstanding quality picture in 1080 P and net streaming.
The 3D feature is great and have only minor glitches with set up from DVD and direct TV this tv is compatable with Direct even though it is not listed.
All and all this was a great purchase.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2012
I have a Toshiba Regza, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is a great TV. However this current model leaves a lot to be desired. It seems like a great deal at first glance, but once you take it home, unpack it and start viewing, you will surely be disappointed. If you have never owned an HDTV before, and have no point of reference, then you might be amazed. However, if you are used to looking at an HD screen, you will be instantly disappointed. The 2d performance is poor. When the TV goes blank, you can actually see the horrible uneven streak of grey (backlighting) on the screen. Before buying this TV, I was apprehensive about the 3d quality, which turned out to be my folly. It was 2d I should have been worried about. After all, 90% of the time is spent watching regular 2d programming and like Fredo, the 2d broke my heart. The picture is horrendous. I played with it for about 3 hours, and that is a long long time. I read other reviews and tried suggested settings, but this is a true turkey.

3d (equivalent to other passive 3d, though not as good at the LG)
240 Hz
Very thin.
Great Aesthetics

2d image quality
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