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VINE VOICEon July 13, 2015
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 If you don't care about a CD player and a radio, then just buy a bluetooth speaker. But if you're looking for a way to cover the airwaves, your CD collection, and streaming from your phone, this Panasonic Compact Stereo will do very nicely for you. It doesn't have a massive output (especially in bass), but it does sound nice and fits well for a kitchen or single room. Please watch the ~5 min video for more info, and make sure you mark this review as "helpful" if you appreciate it. Enjoy!
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on June 1, 2011
I purchased this, and I think it's a great system. Great sound, and the ability to open the iPod and CD sections with a hand wave is a cool feature. The design is slick, and I like the thin size of it. I've played around with the Internet radio too. Some people will balk at having to buy the vTuner app, but if you're not going to use Internet radio, skip buying it. Of course, if you're not using Internet radio, you may want to look into the SC-HC35, which costs less, and has the same basic function as this unit.

The only real issue I have with this unit is that it seems to be designed for the iPod Touch or the iPhone, as opposed to the iPod Classic. When skipping to the next track, there are times when the system will fast forward about 5 seconds, instead of moving to the next track. This happens about every 5 or 6 tracks.

Aside from that small gripe, this really is a nice system.
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- Great sound quality for this slim sized device
- Lots of nice extras and features
- Nice design and easy operation
- Supports many audio sources
- Excellent Bluetooth features and quality
- Snazzy CD player,aux audio, clock, timers, etc.
- Nice standby features (Bluetooth devices can "wake up" the unit for playback)
- Good remote that is fully functional

This is a nice unit with many features. It has an attractive, slim design, all plastic, but with a nice finish. It's a bit retro "old school" maybe (Panasonic has been making units like this for many years), e.g. includes a CD player, but, for me, and maybe you, that's a plus (I have a huge CD collection). There is a decent printed manual included, a remote, battery, A/C cord, and an FM antenna wire. Put the battery in the remote, plug in the A/C cable and FM antenna and you're ready to go.

There is a USB charging port (5v, 1.5 amps), a welcome feature, and a handy aux audio input (3.5mm) on the back under a flap. Also on the back is the FM antenna jack, and the power cord receptacle. On the front you have the speaker "wings," the display and the CD player with the snazzy sliding door. The siding door for CD's works well and inserting a CD is easier than I expected. It goes into place quite easily.

You can plug in any audio device with a headphone jack or audio out (via the 3.5mm audio input), play a CD, listen to the radio, charge your phone or tablet, all the bases are covered. And then there is the Bluetooth capability complete with a setting for higher audio quality or connection priority. It also includes a nice Bluetooth "Standby" feature that will let your Tablet, Phone or other device "wake" this unit up for playback. I tested this and it worked very well. (You need to enable this feature, instructions are in the excellent printed manual, very easy.) So you can play just about anything through this unit. It comes with small, nice remote control, in addition to the controls on the top of the unit itself. It also come with brackets for mounting on a wall (it's a very slim design, so this would be quite feasible).

The overall sound quality is quite good (no thunderous bass in this style cabinet, but the sound is very good and quite satisfactory), clear and crisp where it counts. There are controls for Dynamic Bass (On/Off), Bass(+/-4), Treble(+/-4), and Surround as well as simple equalizer presets ("Heavy," "Soft," "Clear," "Vocal," and "Flat"). The controls are not as good as those on more expensive sound systems, but seem fine to me, since the sound is basically very good to start with. With good source material, I was very happy with the sound quality. I tested CD's, radio, bluetooth (tablet/phone), and aux in and all sources sounded very good. I used the default "high audio quality" mode for Bluetooth.

This device is plenty loud and will fill a large room with music easily. I usually have it at about half volume or below for personal listening. It has a nice, clean sound, so no fatigue after listening for long periods of time. I've listened to mostly CD's so far and they sound great. The FM radio portion also sounded very good. The audio drivers and two resonators combine to put out a decent level of sound pressure with good presence. A relief after some of the smaller bluetooth speaker systems I've been listening to lately. Very good for such a slim cabinet.

There are many nice extras like being able to adjust input levels for the aux audio and Bluetooth feeds, a sleep mode, a timed start mode (there is a simple clock), NFC pairing, an auto off(standby), the Bluetooth standby mentioned above, and more. In my use so far, everything has worked great and I have found the unit easy to use. As mentioned, the sound is great, it supports nearly every source you could want, it looks nice, and the remote is fully functional and of good quality. At 15 watts per channel at 1% THD = 30w total (20w at 10% THDor 40w total), it has plenty of power for personal and group listening in any reasonable size room. So far, I have found absolutely no flaws in performance. I am very happy with the overall functionality and sound quality for the price (prices fluctuate, so shop carefully). It would make a superb system for an office, study, or kitchen, I think. I am giving it five stars for the excellent sound quality and robust feature set.
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on July 5, 2011
I was skeptical at first upon purchasing this item based on the reviews here on Amazon. When reading more carefully I found the one out of four reviewers that rated this stereo poorly was based on the customer service of Panasonic, rather than the actual performance of the device.

Just received the stereo today and unwrapped it. It only took me a matter of minutes to pair my iPhone and my iPad to the device. I was previously using the Panasonic SC HC3 Micro system which is designed for iPods only and not iPhones. When I used my phone with that stereo I had a ton of distortion and interference with the speakers to the phone which made the sound unbearable and annoying. Not to discredit the product, it wasn't made for iPhones.

This stereo however far exceeds its predecessors by leaps and bounds. I love the motion sensor to open and close the iPod/CD sides. I feel like saying "Open Sesame!" I was worried at first that by simply walking by the stereo, it would activate the sensor, but that isn't true. Works seamlessly.

I have a 'speck' case for my iPhone 4 and I was concerned it wouldn't fit in the docking station. I was wrong. The phone fits in the docking station with room to spare WITH my case. However I was unable to connect directly to the stereo due to the limitations of my case. The port connector wasn't big/long enough in the stereo to make a flush connection to my iPhone. This is a fault of my case and not one of the stereo. When I took my case off, my phone played like a charm. No distortion or interference to be had.

After reading the directions on how to pair my phone and ipad, I successfully paired two separate devices to play music from, including Pandora, which was my main goal/concern. So now as I type, my iPad sits next to me with the stereo across the room easily playing my favorite Pandora station with a clear and loud sound.

Honestly, I haven't played around with the internet radio yet as I have no need to. I'm sure if that was what I was interested in, the app purchase of 2.99 wouldn't be a problem for me.

The design is sleek and stylish and quite compact. Very classy and eye appealing.

After setting up the stereo antennae I have to say I didn't have much luck of receiving more than four stations on the FM channel. I live in an apartment in a city, so that may play a role.

Overall I am VERY pleased with my purchase and feel like this was an upgrade well played out!
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on December 28, 2012
After researching Panasonic's line of compact stereo systems on the web for a few days, I decided to pick one up. Upon returning home from the store I realized the model I had bought was the SC-HC27, not SC-HC25 as was on display on the shelf. At first I thought "Hey, it's a newer model obviously, if anything it's better". Man, was I wrong!!!

The SC-HC27 is the "low end" model with 10 watt speakers, and yes, I was well aware when I purchased it. In fact, the sound output is really the very least of my disappointment with this unit. What really ticked me off about it is how Panasonic dramatically cheapened the 27 as opposed to the 25 or the 20. It's an over-all lousy unit compared to those previous models. So what makes the 27 lousy in comparison? Let's take a closer look at what Panasonic stripped from the new unit, shall we?

- AM radio support
- CDR/RW, and MP3 disc playback
- Support for iPod mini, iPod Nano 1st gen, iPod 4th gen, and iPod 5th gen (video iPod)
- AUX input

All of this is stripped from the 27 model, while the MSRP is left basically the same. So Panasonic cuts corners, and consumers get the shaft. This is the oldest trick in the book, make a lousy low end model that offers basically nothing for the money and it will entice the consumer to pay extra for the bigger one. In other words, this is not a good value at all and they know it.

I wanted this mostly to play along with using my 5th gen iPod video and my CDs, but there's no way I can even use my iPod at all. So I'm going to have to return this dumbed down version, and maybe see if I can get a hold of the older model, or else go with another brand all together. For a low end compact stereo, I cannot recommend the HC27, especially knowing what the previous model offered.
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on October 26, 2014
GOOD Radio/Speakers! I bought this to run as an AUX unit for a sound machine that I run at night to sleep. Excellent rich sound!

I've had this unit for a little more than a month now, and I really like it. The sound quality is very good, almost mellow compared to the unit it replaced. I confess I don't use it for any of it's other functions, so I can't comment on those. But the unit is easy to set up and the manual is concise and clear. The English version does not appear to be translated from another language so it makes sense! It is also all of 21 pages long, with about 12 of them being instructional, the rest the usual specs, hazard warnings, etc. I'm NOT suggesting that you don't read them, I'm just saying that for a quick reference it is easy to find what you need, unlike the phone book that comes with your smart phone!

I highly recommend this unit based on price, looks, ease of use and sound. It is good for a large room or kitchen/family room set up.
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on August 6, 2011
First off I'd consider myself a bit of an Audiophile. I was looking for something to replace my Logitech Audio Station which is getting a bit long in the tooth. I was attracted to this unit because of the slick look and bluetooth capability. Setup was easy enough and I was able to sync my Ipad and Ipod touch after reading the directions, no problems. For the most part it has a lot of features that I wish a lot of bookshelf units had like the "magic door", streaming bluetooth and internet radio (via $1.99 app you have to buy from Itunes). The tuner seems to work fine and CD player is very nice as well.

Now for the bad. For some reason I cannot get this unit to sync with my HTC EVO. Don't know if it's only geared for Apple products but I tried my phone and my wife's BB to no avail. Number 2 the sound quality, the high and mids are just outstanding and I would consider it on par with Bose and Soundfreaq units. The bass, well that's another issue. The bass is just OK but not earth shattering even on high settings and the "D bass" sound option seems to muddy everything up. With a unit this thin I knew there would be compromises, but if your a fan of hip hop and like earth shattering bass this in not the unit for you. I wish there was an option to connect a subwoofer but that does not seem to be the case. Maybe because it's wall mountable the unit needs something to reflect bass back?

I'm debating whether to send this back and get something else but I'm going to wait and see if it grows on me. It has a lot going for it but the lack of bass really hurts this unit.
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on June 11, 2012
Frankly, I LOVE this product! I bought this to use in a spa treatment room. I needed clear sound with very little space for wiring or additional speakers. This product achieved exactly what I wanted with great sound! I would highly recommend this for anyone like me who cant make it a day without music in a confined work space. The sound quality exceeded what I was expecting without paying the extremely high price for a Bose system. The coolest aspect is the docking tray works like a DVD tray in that it slides in and out for easy storage.
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on January 15, 2015
Good sound and pretty easy to set up. Takes a little playing around through the menu set to get to everything - i.e. time / date. The only caution is that it took 3 units to get one that wasn't damaged! Amazon customer service was great in getting new units out quickly but each of the first two had doors that were damaged and would not open or close (see picture). Once we got a working unit no problems.
review image
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on January 2, 2014
I bought one of these as a gift for my mom, who is technically challenged but OK at age 77. I used it first to so I'd be able to explain how it works, etc. Anyway, It sounds really great, ESPECIALLY for the price. Way better than fat/heavy "boomboxes" but a bit less than a Bose Wave(?I'm not spending 500 on a radio, sorry) kitchen radio (about 500+ dollars) for example. I bought this model (...something HC38) at Bestbuy for 149,btw before Christmas. I have an older Iphone in a big otter case and so it can't plug big deal as I use the usb cable and it charges phone if I need it. Also, bluetooth is awesome, once you pair it to devices. My mom has a kindle and listens to music on it with it's tinny/crappy little speakers, now it plays on this radio if she simeply selects "bluetooth" since they've been linked already. OK it doesn't have an aux-in...that's true. ALso, doesn't have a headphone jack! The digital display is old-school not "awe inspiring" as today's youth seem to need,but it's fine. Aint life a beitch?? Those little faults aside, it's a (really kinda impressive when you crank it) good soundling radio and cd player and iPhone or anything bluetooth player. Not meant to rock the whole house, but great for BR or Kitchen/LR area. ANd its light (almost cheap feeling) and THIN. Can be mounted on the wall. Remote is good and small. HNY
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