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on July 27, 2012
I can't say enough good things about how sturdy the phone itself is and how I love the look and feel of it. That being said I absolutely hate the software and often times I wonder why I didn't choose something else. After almost 2 years with the phone I'm torn between loving and hating this phone. Coming from an LG that had great voice dialing and speakerphone I was heart broken that this had no built in voice dialing and the speakerphone is pretty awful. The browser is clunky but fairly usable for little things now and then.

As a texting device it really shows it's strengths and weaknesses. The on screen keyboards work well as does the auto-correct but get over 300 or so messages saved up and the whole phone starts getting laggy. The only fix I've found has been to clear out messages and reboot. This wouldn't be as much of a problem except a bug somewhere in the software can make you receive messages 2, 3 and up to 6 times. So you'll be replying to a text when the other 2 copies come in and send the text you were working on to the Drafts section. Extremely annoying especially when you have an alert tone and it's going off all the time because of identical messages.

Overall I really want to love this phone but AT&T doesn't seem to know anything about nor does HTC themselves. I've called both on several occasions to see what might be causing the multiple messages and the best they can tell me is to restart the phone or have it reset over the air. HTC even told me one time that they had dropped support for the phone and would not be completing the next update that a lot of Freestyle owners had been waiting for. That alone really swayed my opinion of HTC and I will not be going with them when I upgrade next month even though I really love the way this phone is built. I know that this was probably just an experiment for them working on a non-smart phone but the software really dropped the ball on this phone.
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on January 12, 2012
I just wanted to make everyone aware that, in addition to this being a horrible phone in both functionality & quality, AT&T will not honor the warranty and stand behind this phone. You're stuck with dealing with the manufacturer directly.
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on January 12, 2012
I got the phone sometime ago. While the phone is stylish, the software is complex, hard to navigate, and many functions, esp those related to Calendar, simply do not work. There is a reason the phone is free. It's a piece of crap.
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on December 29, 2011
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! I have made multiple trips to AT&T and Best Buy. I have called both AT&T and HTC customer service numerous times for the following problems with my phone:

3 to 4 duplicate text messages
Can't receive picture texts anymore
Battery drains very quickly
Error message says: Can't find SIM card
Phone automatically calls other people in my address book when I am talking on it

This is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE phone. I am also EXTREMELY displeased with AT&T customer service members who don't seem to know anything, AT&T store employees who try to pass the buck and say that it is an HTC issue and that though this is the worst phone they have seen in a while, the matter is out of their hands, and HTC for not recalling this phone. HTC is completely aware of the issues with this phone. They do not care. I found out recently that their solution, after many, many trips to AT&T and Best Buy is a software update for the phone. However, this software update is ONLY available to PC owners, NOT Mac owners! I called HTC to ask what I, as a Mac owner, am supposed to do since the AT&T stores will not perform this software update for me. Their solution: find a friend with a PC! Unbelievable! I am appalled by the lack of concern that HTC and AT&T have for their customers. AT&T will either allow me to break my contract for $142 or to buy a new phone outright. This is not my fault! Why should I have to pay the consequences for simply purchasing one of their phones?
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on January 8, 2012
after almost one year with this phone, I have to mark this horrible phone one star here. When you are in a rush to dial 911 for an emergency, it will suddenly reboot and keep you wait for at least three minutes.
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on October 17, 2011
I researched this phone prior to purchasing it from AT&T. I would've purchased it for $49 from Amazon however they didnt offer a low usage (cheaper) family plan like I needed. Where to begin, it's been almost 5 months that I've had this phone, I just got my second from ATT support center with the same issues. #1 Duplicate texts are intermittent and can be anywhere from 2-6 txts per message received. If you don't have unlimited txting this can be very expensive. #2 Delayed texts are beginning to be a problem as well coming as late as a day later WTH! #3 hardly any(none that ive found) free apps. #4 Phone freezes whenever it so chooses, causing you to lock then unlock it to get it back to normal. #5 Loses cell signal sterngth (2nd freestyle, 1st one didnt have this problem)not sure about this issue. I have researched this phone more and am looking for another phone I dont know where to start im stuck in a 2 yr contract and dont want to pay $80 for a prepaid phone with hardly any features. #6 Call quality is poor, on my LG Vu I could hear any and everything ery clearly, on this one uhh no, I can hardly hear what people are saying causing me to say " what'd u say" a gazillion times thruout a phone call. I will never do this again and purchase a phone with a lot of bad reviews. I went out on a limb since this was the only messaging/almost smartphone out there that didnt require a data plan. Do not purchase if u need a phone that won't frustrate u and actually works.
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on December 27, 2011
Update: Eventually the issues got fixed. Not the best phone, but not the worst. Still one of the only ways to stop AT&T from doing me in the rear over an automatic data plan, so that's a big plus actually.
OK photos with the camera, the interface isn't too bad.

I'm sure there are a few people who have had a good experience with the freestyle... out of the thousands sold.

At this point my phone doesn't even work. With the crappy AT&T signal (in the MIDDLE OF CHICAGO!!!), it's just not worth it anymore.

duplicate txt messages
slow operating system
now it says I have no sim card. All the time, completely broken. (edit: AT&T messed this up, not HTC)

Maybe the worst thing of all? The battery dies within 24 hours of fully charging the phone, and I don't have a data plan or use apps, and that's sometimes without making ANY CALLS!? I used to have a Motorola RAZR that would last me for days. It was reliable, it worked. This phone doesn't.
This phone uses touchscreen technology just because it can. it doesn't offer anything new. HTC clearly wanted to vomit up a phone to serve the low-end market without any consideration for usability or quality. If HTC loses a ton of money on the 3-4 replacements per user I've read who hate this phone then HTC deserves to eat it HARD for such an ill-conceived venture.
Get your head out of your butt, HTC!

Isn't technology supposed to be a step forward?
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on April 10, 2012
My wife and I upgraded to the HTC Freestyle and have been sorry we did that. My wife's phone within a few weeks started freezing and the only way to reset it was to remove the battery. She got a replacement phone and within a month she started getting intermittent SIM card errors messages. AT&T replaced the SIM card and she still gets an infrequent "SIM card not found" message when taking the phone out of standby, but not enough yet to go through the hassle with AT&T to replace the phone again, powering the phone off/on corrects it.

My Freestyle has just started playing the low battery game. Like others, I get the low battery alarm, charge it and the low battery alarm goes off again within 8 hours of the charge and the back of the phone is warm to the touch. I thought maybe it's the battery so I purchased a new one but the same crap is happening with it... interesting note, we just tried an experiment, the batteries work just fine in my wife's phone.

I've noticed that whenever I get the low battery alarm, when I plug it in,the battery level indicator shows the battery is only 50% drained, what's up with that?

Given that this phone looks to have an ongoing track record of others having the exact same issues with freezes that need the battery removed to clear them and rapid battery discharging, save yourself some grief and steer clear of this lemon of a phone.
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on June 5, 2013
Class Action Suit Product against AT&T and HTC ... On paper, the specs looked good. It's a Non-Data Semi-Smart Phone. Within its first week, phone would lock up and freeze before, during, or after phone calls. Had to pull out and re-seat battery to reboot phone Repeatedly. Followed both AT&T and HTC forums on tips and tricks to keep the phone running. Tried my best to like this phone - it does have an attractive GUI and appearance, but Fails Horribly at just being a Phone! I installed a recommended memory card - found the Phone would corrupt the data in the memory card. Tried to use Bluetooth to play music to Bluetooth headphones -- doesn't work. Tried to return phone to AT&T for a replacement, found out that I could Not Replace the phone because a "Sticker" fell off from the inside of the phone's battery flap (because I had to pull the battery all the time). Just recently checked if there were any new downloadable updates for the phone - found that HTC HAS CLOSED ALL LINKS FOR THAT PHONE (AS IF IT DIDN'T EXIST!!) To say I'm Livid and Disgusted with AT&T AND HTC is an Understatement. I would give this phone a "-10" Stars, if I could. I'm Dumping AT&T Wireless ASAP and I'm Never Buying another HTC product again!! I'm SURE this product was released to steer consumers to Smart Phones with Expensive Data Plans.
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on October 31, 2011
I was excited about this phone when I first purchased it, but I am now very disappointed with it. Here's the highlights of the frustrating quirks about this phone:
There is some issue with text messaging that no one can explain- I'll receive 3 or 4 copies of the same message, but only from certain numbers.
The message notification light goes out when you receive more than one message. So I'll miss important messages.
It will dial one of my friends when I am checking my voice mail.
And if I am composing a text and another message comes in while I'm typing, it will shut off the keyboard sounds and I can no longer adjust my volume for the ring, only for the "media" volume. I have to restart it at this point.
The internet is a joke on this phone. VERY slow and difficult to look at.
And the icing on the cake- it locks up all the time! The power button won't even work, so I have to pop out the battery.
-If someone knows how to fix/avoid some of these issues please leave a note. I'm not afraid to admit that I might be doing something wrong.

I gave it two stars because there are a couple good things about this phone, like the storage capacity for texts, the camera is pretty good for a phone, and that I can make my own ringtones.

Don't waste your money.
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