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on May 16, 2011
In today's world, the home phone has become increasing unnecessary. I had to get a home phone to aide for the security system, so when I researched some cordless phones, I came across this Panasonic device. I don't care much for a home phone as I have lived without one for several years, but this allows a home phone back in my life.

Link-to-cell is incredible. This feature allows me to answer and make calls using my cell phone. I don't have to search around the house for the cell...just keep it in the same place. Pairing was extremely simple, but you will need to read the instructions to navigate the hidden settings menu and whatnot(this is just a one time thing). I literally walked in the house and it paired automatically in about 30 seconds. The memory holds 3034 contacts. Is that too much? Maybe..but during setup, I just let my phone (Droid Incredible) bluetooth all my 400 contacts over...Again, real simple.

Already lost power-
Phone works great. The base receives power from the charged unit and powers the reception to the other handsets as well. The older panasonic models do not have this feature...

All the tones and melodies are terrible, but when your cell rings, it can mimic the ringtone which is good. I'm just surprised the technology of ringtones hasn't hit the home phone yet???

The fiancee uses a headset, and the manual headset does work with this model. The box claims bt headsets work as well (havent tried it).

Multiple lines-
I can make a call using my cellphone line, and make a call using the landline as well at the same time. So you won't be disrupted if someone clicks in.

The speaker quality and phone reception were fine, in my wi-fi/wireless surround sound/million wireless devices condo.

My review above is geared to what I was interested in this phone. If I missed anything..or you have a question, I would be more than happy to test and find the answer for you.

I am happy with this purchase, and will update this review with features/cool things as I encounter them:)

****UPDATE*** 26Jan2012
So I've had this handset system for several months now and I've learned a couple of things to pass on here..

Additional pros-
I have comcast for phone service, and you can program your voicemail settings into the phone for easy access if you prefer that service to the built in answering service.

Speaker phone works well, even on the lowest setting it's fairly loud.

Call block is easy to use. Go to caller id and press save number. It prompts to address book or call block. Done. What it will do in the future- ring once and then silence.

Base unit- I haven't been downstairs to adjust the base unit since I set it up. All the handsets play voicemail, so the one thing you can do on the base and not the units- set up bluetooth. So I definitely dig this ecosystem.

The intercom feature isn't a normal intercom feature. It should be called a page feature. You have to go into the menu and dail a handset. The handset rings for that user to pick it's definitely not a true intercom at all.
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on June 11, 2011
I had no idea this Cell to Cordless Bluetooth feature existed and it is one of the single best technology investments I have made in a very long time.

I have a personal cell phone, a work cell phone (Blackberry), and a home phone land line, and for years have had to either carry my cell phones around the house with me or go running over to where ever they are charging at the moment when a call comes in.

Well no more. The Panasonic KX-TG7643M came to my attention while looking around for a Father's Day gift. It is a Speaker Phone, Answering Machine, has Battery Back-Up, and I got the Base Unit and 3 handset option, and the keypad in the base unit.

First the star feature, Bluetooth link to my cell phone. Out of the box the manual is a little daunting and obviously Panasonic knew this and had a quick start on the inside cover for very basic operation but including cell phone pairing and a cheat sheet in addition to the full manual for more commonly used advanced feature, very nice balance of documentation, a rare thing these days.

Out of the box it was about 5 minutes to the point of trying to link my first cell to it, less than a minute later it was done, same for my second cell phone.

Next I transferred in the phone books from each cell phone, and in under a minute for each it added the 300 or so numbers on my two cell phones and the nice surprise is that it keeps each phone book in it's own group, however you can look at them combined also.

So for some test, the buttons for Cell 1 and Cell 2 had turned green meaning they were ready to go so I used Cell one to call cell 2 and answered cell 2 from the Panasonic base unit, worked perfectly.

Next I called out using Cell 1 and then Cell 2, again both worked perfectly. I then have my friend call each of the cell phones and I had configured the Panasonic to use the cell phones own ring tone for each, and so when it rang it had the cell phone ring tone letting me know which phone the call was coming in on, it also tells you on the base unit display and the handset display which line it is using.

I originated a cell phone call through the pani and then picked up the phone and left the house, it linked control back to the cell phone and there as not even so much as a beep or click, the call continued now from the cell unit. Works coming home while on a cell call, as soon as you get in the house (one minute actually) the cell auto links back the to pani and you can continue the call from the base unit or any of the handsets.

Can't tell you know nice it is to have all of this in one consolidated system now. So far so good, however I was replacing a Motorola cordless phone system that I had done a lot of homework of to get a great speaker phone, something I use a lot, and so I was a little worried that the pani might be crummy as most are, but it is actually as good as the Motorola was so no issues, you make make it plenty loud, and talk at a normal level.

Caller ID is has a voice feature and will say the Caller ID information out loud if you turn it on, this is really nice on the handset in the bedroom in that I can just listen to know if I need to pick up or not, no need to try to sit up enough to read the display while half asleep.

The last feature I will really highlight is the battery back-up. This is unlike most cordless phones offer, the batter back-up does not just save your settings until power is returned, it actually power the base unit and allows you to using any of the handsets during a power failure.

It has a ton of other features and they are pretty much as good or better than you find on any of the phones these days, lots of customization options, ability to link in your cell phone and land line voice mail, block specific phone numbers (not by the phone company, on your phone), set ring-tones to numbers, decide which handsets or set all to be able to get and make calls over the cell phones, and you can even use this with no land line at all, just tell it to only use the cell line(s) and it will but seem like a typical land line call. Oh you can also have a Bluetooth or wired headset if you don't like speaker phones for hands free operation.

If you have one or two cell phones and chase them around the house, hit dead spots in the house, want to have your cell phone charging and not be tethered to the wall while taking calls on it at home, want to use those free or cheap off-hour minutes from your cell but using a nice home phone, then this is a great answer and for a pretty good price.
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on August 1, 2011
First off, I think this will finally convince me that just about all the 1's in reviews are either plants or people that are just hopeless with modern technology. This phone does pair with two cell phones, and yes only one can call out or in at a time (it is a one line phone system after all), but it does indeed have both linked via Bluetooth at the same time, so you can receive calls from either at any time that the one is not in use already. That is more than adequate for me. The menu system is very simple and intuitive. The box came with a "do steps 1-5 and I did those steps and all 6 handsets came up active and known, could not have been more simple.

Then I tossed the instructions in the drawer, went into the menu and downloaded the cell phone's phone books in a couple minutes, easy as breathing. Then easily found the "name this unit" entry and named all six phones (yes, I bought a 6th one). Verified that the intercom was as simple to use as it seemed. then recorded my greeting, and sat down very satisfied customer. Then experimented some and picked up one handset and called the house's landline using one cell phone and guess what, the remaining handsets rang! I don't know why you would want to call yourself that way given you have the intercom feature, but it was kinda cool for a second or two.

The only thing I would have liked is the ability to tie in another two or three handsets, but I guess I did not really need them all that close at hand and will live with just 6 of them (order the Panasonic KX-TGA660M handset to expand to the sixth handset).

As for the guy that thought they were cheap and flimsy, I disagree, they are light, but I take that as a plus when I am spending an hour or two talking to my dad. They also have a nice grip tight rubber area on the back that prevents it from slipping on the counter when you lay it down.

They also DO have a micro plug jack for a headset (micro, not mini) [somebody gave it a 1 because they obviously could not find it there on the side of the phone... go figure].

They also have a nice little light on the top so you can find it in your mancave when the lights are low and you are watching that movie.

Oh, and the dude that complained they had no battery backup obviously did not read the first few pages of the manual. Any of the headsets, when sitting in the base units cradle, can power the base unit for 2-3 hours in a power outage. A nifty way to stay a little greener but cutting down on the number of batteries needed and cutting the amount of charging that occurs. I give them a gold star for a nifty solution. (Yes, I am an engineer, so I can appreciate a good design when I find one). Yes you have to leave that handset in the baseunit, but you always have the other four or the baseunit speakerphone.

And last, but not least, the keypad is pretty large with large numbers for us slightly older folks.

So, completely ignore the people that dumped all over this phone, buy it and enjoy it.

And no, I did not try to connect a Bluetooth headset because I don't like those and don't have any, and wanted both cells linked anyway.
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on July 14, 2011
Let me first talk about my phone setup.

1. I use google voice + Obihai 110 (highly recommend) as a free land-line, google voice will forward calls to both my cellphone and panasonic 7644M.

2. I have one cellphone paired directly with 7644M with link-to-cell.

3. Finally, I use link-to-cell to pair my computer with 7644M, so as to make computer calls with skype, etc.

Below are the results for this setup, I numbered them corresponding to the above 3 different ways of using the phone.

1. There is no problem using GV this way, I read from one previous review that if GV forwards calls to both a landline and a mobile-phone, there will be a glitch that the other side cannot hear your voice. But in my case, GV forwards calls to google chat (which is converted by ohihai 110 to voip signal), and mobile phone. And there isn't any glitch at all. When receiving a call, usually 7644M would ring first, then after 2-3 seconds, my cellphone rings, I can pick-up either phone to answer the call.

2. Basic feature of link-to-cell phones, works like a charm, really easy to setup. One thing worth mentioning is its ability to transfer contacts from mobile phone to landline. However, to copy all contacts together as a whole to 7644M, your phone need to support PBAP (phone book access profile), which seems not existing in my cellphone. So I have to transfer contacts individually. Another good thing is you can make multiple calls using different handset at the same time. For example, if one handset is making calls using cellphone signal, another handset can still use the land-line to call someone else. I believe there can be 3 simultaneous calls (1 land line, 2 link-to-cell) at maximum.

3. This is like using it as a bluetooth headset paired to computer. The manual doesn't mention anything about it, but it turns out working well. Here are the steps to achieve this. First, use link-to-cell to pair the phone with your computer. After pairing is successful, your computer will automatically install the drivers for this blue-tooth handset. Then in the sound and recording devices, you should be able to see one new device named blue-tooth hands free audio. Now, if you want to chat on skype with this handset, dial a random number (I dialed 1) using the handset via the computer link-to-cell, since this is an empty number, you will not be connected to anyone. But after a few beeps, the handset will establish a voice connection to your computer. You can now chat via skype or any other chatting software with your handset, assuming you have properly setup the sound devices within these softwares.

One major problem using it with skype is that the handset would hang up either when skype finishes a call or when there is no call and no sound from computer for like 10 seconds. This means after you dialing 1 with the handset, you need to dial the person you need to call immediately on computer, and the connection only last one call, after which you need to repeat again to establish connection. The numberpad on handset works with some lag in skype. I guess there is some workaround for skype to maintain a constant or automatic connection, but didn't figure out how.

I also tried to set my default audio device as 7644 on computer, and played mp3 via the handset speakerphone. It's mono sound obviously, but acceptable for some audio books. I tested for about 10 mins without seeing any problem, and handset automatically hang up after I stopped music for 15-20 seconds.

As you can see, this phone integrates all of my phone services. Whenever I receive calls from cellphone, GV, skype, I can answer them with it. I can also make calls with it using all the above services.

A few comments for the difference between 7641 series and 7621 series if someone wonders. They are basically the same except for
1. handset on 7641 have headphone jacks.
2. You can dial and speak via the base unit with 7641, while 7621 only have the answering machine function on the base unit.
3. For the same reason, 7621 doesn't have base unit display, and there is no intercom between base unit and handset.
4. 7641 have power back-up mode during power failure, which means you can still make calls even there is a power outage less than 13 hours.
5. I didn't see on 7621 description page it has range-boost, while 7641 clearly says it has range-boost, which allow 20% more distance between base unit and handset.

So if you only use your handset to make calls, and your area doesn't have power outage once in a year. Then probably 7621 could also meet your needs.

I just played with it for half a day, so cannot comment on its reliability. But for its versatility and good sound quality, I would vote it for more than 5 stars!

Update: 2/21/2012

a few small glitches of the phone.

1. Bluetooth headset: This phone system supports connecting to a bluetooth headset, as one would usually do with a regular cellphone. The headset function works, but probably not in conjunction with link-to-cell. However, my problem is, after the headset is registered with the phone system, it cannot be removed, and this causes problem if you want to connect the bluetooth headset to another device, like cellphone or computer. Suppose I paired my BT headset to my cellphone, if someone rings me and I want to pickup the call by pressing the button on the BT headset. Right now, every time I tried to do this, the BT headset will connect to panasonic phone rather than my cellphone. It's not a big issue, but annoying sometimes.

2. Voicemail notice: The phone has built-in voicemail. But as others mentioned in the comment, after receiving the first voice mail, there would always be a "new voice mail" notice appearing in both the base and the headsets. Since I usually use GV voicemail, it's not a problem for me.
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on July 20, 2011
All the reviews are pretty much dead on. They mostly focus on the positives of the phone. Other reviewers have said basicly how I feel. It is a pretty good phone, but I wish it could be made better by improvements in the shortcomings listed below.
I will give my thoughts more on what I feel are some shortcomings.

1. The phone feels cheap, compared to older phones I have had in the past including AT&T and VTECH and others. For me, not the most comfortable to hold.

2. Handset volume is definitely lower compared to older phones I have had in past.

3. The display name of handset is limited in character length and so are names in address book.

4. Software driven menu is not the easiest to navigate. You might need the manual handy to figure things out. Not the most intuitive design.

5. Volume control is hard to adjust during call. You have to take phone away from ear to adjust. It would have been nice to have volume control on side of phone.

6. No dedicated intercom button. You have to press "menu" button then scroll down with center pad and get to "Intercom". Once again, it would be nice to have a dedicated intercom button.

7. Mailbox system is pretty basic. Would be nice to have multiple mailboxes. At least three...Mailbox 1 for dad, Mailbox 2 for get the idea. My old Vtech had 3 mailboxes. Worked great!

8. Caller ID list needs multiple presses to see list. WTF? Should go directly to Caller ID list.
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on June 8, 2011
This was a seriously pricey phone for our family, but it had every feature I wanted. I needed to be able to wall mount the base and answer calls from the base for when the kids lose the phones. I won't have to buy expensive replacement batteries. I easily paired with my cellphone and download over 100 numbers to the shared phonebook. Then I could go back in and easily remove the ones I didn't need. Once it was paired, I also was able to receive cell phone calls through the unit. I heard the cell phone ring first, followed by the panasonics. The ring volume can be lowered, but I love being able to have it loud so I can find the phone that's fallen behind the cushion. The intercom system works great. It's easy to customize each phone with a more descriptive name like kitchen or bedroom and you can easily intercom without drilling through menus. I love being able to turn off the ringer in the bedroom just at night,. You can set a turn off time and turn on time. The only thing I haven't tried yet is transferring a call to another phone. I know there are still loads more features available, but I'm seriously happy with my purchase.
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on August 20, 2012
I bought this phone system to replace an older Uniden one that was wearing out. I had two complaints about the older system that I expected the Panasonic KX-TG7645M to address:
- The Uniden was starting to have problems with static and interference
- The speakerphones on the handsets never worked that well

The reviews for this phone all agreed that its transmission quality was excellent, but there was some disagreement about the speakerphones. I was also interested in its ability to connect to my cellphone via Bluetooth, as I hate having to carry my cellphone around in my pocket when I'm at home and I even more hate having to run around the house hunting for it when it rings.

Having now had the Panasonic KX-TG7645M for a couple of weeks, I am glad to say that it's performed excellently in all regards. The audio quality is superb, I have no complaints. In fact, the voice quality when I'm using it to answer a cellphone call is better than when I'm using the cellphone itself; clearly it's using the full capabilities of the digital Bluetooth connection and nothing is being lost.

The speakerphone is also excellent quality, much the best I've used in a home phone. However, one caveat: even on max volume, it's still not very loud. It'll do very well in a quiet room, but you wouldn't want to try to use it in a large room or with several people, it just doesn't put out enough volume for that purpose. Pity really, because it's crystal clear.

The Bluetooth cellphone handling system works superbly, but has a few frustrating limitations you should know about. First, the automatic call transfer could not work better: as soon as you walk in range with a cellphone you've programmed to connect to the Panasonic KX-TG7645M, it does so automatically BUT it doesn't disconnect the call from your phone. You can keep talking on your cellphone if you prefer; or, you can pick up a handset, select the cell line, and carry on with your conversation there instead. No different than switching between handsets in the middle of a conversation, super useful!

The phone will also ring with a cellphone call even if you are using the landline. Despite confusing hints in the instruction manual and in other reviews, it IS possible to talk on one handset on a cellphone call, and also have someone else on a different handset using the landline. To this extent, the Panasonic KX-TG7645M is kind of like a 2-line phone. I've done this with no problem.

However, the Panasonic KX-TG7645M claims to be able to connect to 2 cellphones at the same time. It can, in the sense that it'll ring for either of them, but you cannot actually carry on a conversation on both cellphones using 2 different handsets at the same time, the way you can with a landline and 1 cellphone. If you're using a handset and 1 of your cellphones and the other cellphone rings (say, your spouse's phone), they're going to have to run and answer it on the actual cellphone instead of a handset.

I'm not sure why Panasonic didn't spend an extra couple of bucks to allow the system to actually communicate with both cellphones at the same time, it would make this feature a whole lot more useful. As it is, I treat it as being limited to doing only 1 cellphone.

The phone will also use a Bluetooth headset, but if you do that, it can't handle a cellphone call either. It just can do one Bluetooth device at a time, period, so if you want to use it with a cellphone, you might as well consider it as not having Bluetooth headset capability at all. Fortunately, all the handsets have a headphone jack, so you can just buy a wired headset and plug it into a handset, accomplishing the same goal with just a little more wiring bother.

Talking Caller ID is a dream feature; it really does read the name of the person calling. It can also download your address book from your cellphone and read those names instead, again a super useful call-screening feature. This is a good thing, because the Panasonic KX-TG7645M only has a handful of totally generic and similar-sounding ringtones with no capability of adding more, so while you can assign ringtones to specific people, it won't be much help because there's not enough variety. Oddly, when the handsets ring for a cellphone call, they play whatever ringtone you have set on your cellphone. So the system does have more capabilities here than Panasonic has provided an interface for.

One last note about cellphone interaction: If your cellphone receives a text message, all the handsets will ring as if you are getting a cellphone call. Of course if you try to answer the call, there's nobody there, which confused the heck out of me the first few times. The text message doesn't display on the handsets either; again, I don't know why Panasonic didn't make it work that way, as the handset displays are fully alphanumeric and there's no obvious reason it couldn't just display the text message there for you, instead of making you go find the cellphone and read it there. But at least the ringing lets you know that you HAVE a text message, so that's useful.

Bottom line: This is an excellent phone offering many high-quality, useful, well-implemented features, and at a reasonable price. It's just a shame that it could have been an insanely great phone with just a little more effort and Panasonic decided not to bother. :-( Oh well, maybe some future model will be a bit more refined.
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on May 9, 2011
My husband just got these phones for me for Mother's Day and I LOVE them. I am a long time Panasonic cordless phone system user and am always happy with the new features and improvements. The bluetooth is the reason to get this model obviously. So easy to link your cell up to the phone system. I no longer have to run downstairs or across the house to answer my cell. I was able to copy my entire phonebook/contacts from my cell into the phone system which is soooo convienent! The system holds around 3,000 number in the phonebook. I can access any of those numbers from any handset and use either my LAN line or cell through the home handset. This is nice because it is so much more comfortable to talk from the home handset than my cell and I don't have to look up a number on my cell then dial it from my house phone. I look up the number, and either press TALK to go through the LAN line or press CELL to dial through my cell phone. You can also check answering machine messages through the handset which is nice when you may not want to play then in front of visitors. You can also record your answering machine greeting from any handset as well. Nice big easy to read display which is important as my eyes are not as good as they used to be! The handset is backlit when dialing so you can see what you are dialing even in the dark. It is a nice compact base and the color is charcoal gray and black which is fine with me. Also, each handset has speakerphone which I use regularly and never get any complaints. Hope this was helpful and that you purchase these phone and love them as I do. Big thanks to my hubby for such a great gift!
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on September 12, 2011
UPDATED: 9-11-14

I bought this phone system to replace my six year old uniden 5.8GHz system, which I had nine handsets in use. I was down to only a few handsets that were still working, and my option was to purchase new batteries for the phones, which would have set me back around $5 or more per handset. So, new batteries for six handsets would have cost me $30, and I was really interested in an upgrade.

I researched and liked the reviews on the Panasonic phones in the Dect 6.0 category. In my searching, I found this system with the link to cell feature, and what appeared to be basically the same system without the link to cell system. The pricing for the systems were approximately $130 and $100 respectively. Both systems were identical with five handsets, and the additional feature of having my cell phone linked into the home system sounded great, but when I pulled the information up on the internet for the link to cell feature, my Palm phones were not listed. I am looking at replacing cell phones in the next four to six months, so I went ahead and chose the link to cell feature.

First off, after owning several different cordless phones in the past twenty plus years, the power for the handsets being supplied by two AAA batteries is a plus. If you've shopped for replacement batteries, you've seen price tags on replacement batteries that replacing all batteries could set you back more than the phone system did originally two years prior. These handsets use standard rechargeable AAA batteries, which you can find at grocery stores or just about anywhere these days for a competetive price.

Setup was simple, with unpacking the box, attaching cords to charging bases, installing batteries, and plugging everything in took approximately 15 - 20 minutes. Programming, depending on how many features you will use, will take you anywhere from 10 minutes, or much longer. I did not find any major challenge to the setup, and there is a quick start guide included.

Although my Palm phone was not listed as being supported by this system, I thought I'd try it anyway. First try, and it connected to the system. I was able to receive calls to my cell phone on the home system, and in addition, use the home system to make calls using my cell phone. You can also download your cell phone's contact listing, which I did successfully with little effort.

My wife and I both have Palm phones, and I have the system set up to connect to both phones when each of us is home. The description was not clear, and I believed I read a review that indicated that only one cell phone could be connected at a time, however, we have both connected and when one rings, it goes through the system. One note of caution is that the connection is anytime your phone is in range (approximately thirty feet) and if our phones are several rooms apart from the base unit, the sound could be affected when answering or making calls through the system via your cell phone. A habit of placing your cell phone on a charger within range of the base unit when home would be recommended if you are using the auto connect mode.

I have a fairly large house, and have used this phone in every room with success, as well as outside the house with no issues with sound clarity until I'm at least 150 feet from the base unit when outside. If you have an outbuilding or a distant location, the range extender would probably be a good idea, but my just under 4000 square foot home has no issues with the range of this unit, and I can carry the phone to my adjoining neigbors properties with success...

Also, if you lose power in your home, by leaving a handset in the base unit, it will maintain power to the base for several hours, and allow you to use another handset to make calls with the system. I've tested this option, and it works good, although it takes a few seconds for the backup power to kick in. I don't know if this would be an issue if you were on a call, but you'd be able to call back within about ten seconds of the power going out...

The price is great for what I am able to get out of this system. My only complaint, which is minor, is with the handsets being a little larger than many. Not a deal breaker, but I'd be happier with a slightly smaller handset. The charging base does not have a light on it to indicate the phone is charging, however, a light on the handset does light when placed in the charger for charging. The battery level meter on the phone is much better than any other cordless phone I've seen on the market.

I'd recommend this phone to anyone needing a new phone system or upgrading their current system. Great range, AAA rechargeable batteries, and the link to cell feature are all features that should appeal to a large percentage of the population. For the thirty dollar difference, the cell phone linking is a great option...

UPDATE 9-11-14:

OK, I've never had a cordless phone where the batteries lasted more than a year or two, after over three years of use, I've not had to replace one battery (mind you the handsets take two AAA rechargeable betteries) in three years, and the handsets still hold a good charge. I don't leave them off the charger often, but when I do, they still have battery life after four days. The sound quality is still excellent, and I've had absolutely no issues with the phones to date. The added benefit of the base being powered during power outages is still beneficial, and the range is still great.

We have been using the phone system with our iPhones without any issues over the past 2 1/2 years. Although the bluetooth range is better than expected, I do recommend having the cellphone close to the base, as there can be static. We've had the base in the basement, and the iPhones two stories up and a room apart from the base unit, and still get bluetooth pairing and calls... There can be a little static at that range though, but it does give you time to get to the cellphone and maintain the call...

Without reservations, I'd recommend these phones to anyone looking to buy a cordless set of phones, and is interested in battery life and convenience of replacing batteries when needed, as well as quality in signal and sound...
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on November 20, 2011
Awesome phone features. It has everything I ever need in a phone primarily used for home-office as well as personal use. The feature list is too good and my wife and I use it extensively. However after approximately 6 months the phone is giving me a lot of trouble. I would have rated it 5 stars however now I question it's durability and quality.

It suddernly disconnects the call without warning. I am now going to contact the company. Will update with developments.

UPDATE1: Above issue was resolved by re-initializing the phone.

UPDATE2: It has been 10 months since I purchased this product. I use it extensively for my home-office in hour-long conference calls, sometimes at a stretch for 4 hours when I did virtual training. No issues when it works.

However, so far I have had two separate handsets with speaker problems. Each time they were sent in and Panasonic sent me a replacement. There seems to be a trend with my speakers.

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