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on August 15, 2011
So, lucky me, last Sunday my old Samsung TV blew up. I've known that Samsung has one of the better screens out there so I returned to pick up another Samsung, though, I will say this - I'm FAR from a big fan of their customer service. They really try to send you on a wild goose chase so if you do pick up a Samsung TV, pick up a warranty through Amazon and/or Squaretrade - you'll be happy you did.

As for the actual TV - the color is fantastic. I had to alter it a bit to get it to my enjoyment level, but it's really one of the best looking TV's I've seen in the 32 inch style. Now, it is only 720p and 60hz, but at only 32 inches, it's not going to be a drastic noticeable difference. If you're wanting a big 40+ inch TV, I'd say pay for the 1080 but at 32 inches, the 720p and 60hz is more than fine.

Some have complained about the backlight and the running lines. As for myself, I've seen no running lines and I watch a LOT of sports which is a type of program that is notorious for the running lines. I don't see any blur in sporting events with all of the moving parts, which is quite impressive as even my older Samsung would blur occasionally when watching fast motion programming.

As for the backlight, yes, I have noticed some slight leakage on my TV from the four corners, though I'd say it's mostly from the bottom right corner on mine. With that said, it's not really a big deal at all. First off, there is a backlight setting on the TV - you can turn turn it from 1 to 20, 1 making it pretty much invisible. Samsung uses the true-edge style lighting on this tv which lights the TV from the corners to give a good overall appearance with the LED's and it works great, despite the small amount of leakage. If you have the backlight turned up to 20, yes, you'll notice it a bit. I've turned mine down to about 10 and I don't even notice it and trust me, I'd mention it if I did. If it bothers you, just turn it down and turn the true edge lighting off in the menu and ta-da, you wont even notice it - you'll just need to alter some of the other picture settings so it's not too dark for you.

Overall, it's really difficult to not love this TV. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of wireless, internet apps, etc, but I didn't want or need that. For the price, you're going to have a difficult time matching the quality of this picture.
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on July 9, 2011
I'm very pleased with this purchase from Amazon in every regard. My HDTV source is an over-the-air antenna in the attic. Being a retired TV tech, I was looking for the chassis during the unpacking process. I come to find out the chassis and display are a unit about a half inch thick. This product comes set up for retail store display which is too bright and gawdy. Follow the simple instructions to change that to home display which is excellent with no need to change. Unless you are an experienced pro you'll create a challenge. Set the LED backlighting
for "best Picture" The range is 0-20. Somewhere in between is fine. Setting too high or too low is very apparent. You'll know it when you see it. Sharpness is a video adjustment. For best picture along edges and borders without distortion set this control low or off. The range is 0-100.
This is a very satisfying product. If you are a Blue-Ray and Video game fan, you might want to select a product with higher native definition and refresh speed such as 1080P/120.The 720P/60 is good enough for most uses. You won't find many TV broadcasters transmitting 1080P anyway.
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on April 28, 2011
I selected this model for these reasons - 1: Thin case LED display, 2: Light weight to hang from the wall, 3: The even & sleek edge-trim around all corners of the TV, 5: Available inputs, and 6: Newest Samsung model. The 32" seemed about the right size for a guest bedroom in our home. Picked up a wall mount locally so didn't use the provided stand.

At first I was looking for a TV spec'd at 1080P, but with the certain features I wanted as noted above, and the price range, this 720P fits the bill for our needs just right. The picture quality is absolutely amazing and I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. The screen is bright, colors are vivid and the image is perfect. I didn't try adjusting anything as it looked perfectly clear to me right out of the box. From all areas of the room, the viewing angle is good. The only thing I didn't like was the dongle/pigtail connector for the RCA analog inputs as it would have been nice to have those connectors built right into the rear of the TV but I suppose that's too much to cram into this thin display (didnt need these anyway - using HDMI). Also thought it was odd that it didn't come with a short coax cable for the antenna/cable input.

I don't have cable - using OTA HDTV and Netflix streaming via an attached player. The TV quickly found all channels in my area with no problems. When I first turned the unit on, I selected AIR as opposed to Cable, and it went right into the channel scan so setup was easy.
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on June 14, 2011
Bought one of these about a week ago from HHGregg when it was on sale. So far I am very happy with the TV, great black levels as well as great color after tinkering just a bit with the picture settings. Mine does have corner bleed from the backlighting but it is not noticeable unless you REALLY look for it, my GF hasn't noticed and I always forget about it unless I look for it...I turned my backlight level down a little and it almost eliminated it, so to me it is absolutely not an issue. TV is extremely lightweight and THIN! I was amazed at how thin it is! Stand is alright, doesn't swivel but I don't need that in my bedroom. Remote isnt bad, has rubber buttons for the most part, could be better but this is a low-end TV so no complaint from me. HD looks absolutely flawless on it and SD is perfectly watchable. I was amazed by the sticker on the TV that states the estimated energy usage for 5hrs/day for a year is $6!! Great product from Samsung, I highly recommend it!
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on November 27, 2011
Purchased one of these 'like-new' from Amazon's Warehouse deals. As far as I could tell, the one we received was brand-new, factory sealed and never used. Only difference from the 4003 we bought (and have since returned) from Costco was that Amazon's shipped in a generic, brown box. Out of the box, this TV has fantastic picture quality and audio. So glad I didn't fall for the 1080p, 120hz refresh hype touted on the more expensive models, as it would have been a total waste of $$. For our use (bedroom), this was the perfect choice. Just an FYI for anyone comparing the similar Samsung 32" TV's: the 4003 (Costco) and the 4005 (BestBuy, I think) only have 5-watt speakers, no audio out, and only 2 HDMI ports. The 4000 has 10-watt speakers, audio outs, and 4 HDMI ports. I missed the fact that the 4003 didn't have audio out (I had assumed they all did). This, and the far superior audio on the 4000 made the decision to return the Costco set a no-brainer. Plus, by going through Amazon's warehouse deals, we paid less for the 4000 than what we paid at Costco for their lesser model.
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on January 13, 2012
The first thing you need to realize is that you are wasting your money if you buy a 32" t.v. that is 1080p. Because the t.v. is only 32", the pixels are more condensed (higher PPI) making it more clear that a 51" inch t.v. that is 1080p. The important thing to consider is PPI when buying a t.v. That is why I bought this t.v.. Overall I must say this is a very nice t.v.. This t.v. is not 60hz. It is 60 clear motion rate. The basic difference is that samsung t.v.'s have a microprocessor that takes many factors into account to give a fluid picture. So compared to other brands, 60cmr is better than just 60hz. For more details visit the link below. Another thing you should realize is that this is the same thing as an LCD t.v. the only difference is that LEDs are used as a backlight rather than traditional flourescent lights. The use of LEDs as a backlight yeilds many benifits but also a big price jump.

The next best samsung t.v. of this size and type is the 5500. It's about an additional $170. For reasons I explained before, the only major reason you should buy this t.v. is because is has a 120cmr. So technically it gives a more fluid motion, but I can't tell the difference. Some minor benifits are about double the pixels which as I explained before is useless unless you sit 2 feet in front of the t.v.. It also has a slightly better contrast, an ultra clear panel, and other minor features.

All in all it is a great t.v. that is a little pricy, but is top-of the line and a smart buy.

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on August 15, 2011
I could write a review speaking about the great qualities of the Samsung LED 720p television, but there are plenty of reviews out here like that. What i'd rather do is respond to some the few negative reviews out here about it as they almost deterred me from purchasing it (but i'm glad they didn't). If you do read the bad reviews out here, the picture they paint is that the TV has major visually offensive qualities, most notably, that the back-light "bleeds" and shows in the corners of the TV and that some people can see "lines" when there are camera pans. I'm not sure if they had the TV settings wrong or if in fact they got lemons, but i've had this TV for a week now and have not seen even the remotest sign of anything they had mentioned. No back-light bleeding whatsoever and definitely no "lines" during fast camera pans. Not to discredit them, but I watched diligently to find any of that, and I simply did not.
My only point: Don't let the negative reviews prevent you from this TV if you're considering buying it. It's been a fantastic product for me so far and I would highly recommend it, especially for the price point.
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on July 26, 2011
Like most people, I was constantly going back and forth between what sizes/brands/models I should consider when buying a new TV. However, I have already had two Samsung's in the house, and everybody I would talk to said that they love their Samsung, and I couldn't agree more. Very happy with my purchase! I did read the reviews for this TV before I went out and bought it, however the problem with the back lighting bleeding through doesn't really exist. I mean I'm sure that depending on the tv's settings, things can be more or less, but I have the back light up all the way and I just can't help smiling when I watch a movie, or play video games on it. It looks amazing and I strongly recommend it
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on September 12, 2011
It's been 7 years since I last bought a TV, so alot of research went into this purchase...

Now, the Samsung is mounted above my fireplace, viewed from about 10 feet away, and is totally amazing! There's not a bad angle anywhere in the living room!

PROS: Lots of HDMI inputs, side-mounted inputs make it great for low profile mounting, menu system is easy to manage, TV still looks great in Economy mode setting, nobody better supports their products than Samsung! (other work-related experience, not with this tv)

CON: The component input dongle is somewhat bulky, and at one point, was sensitive to movement, losing signal if I moved it. I reset the connection and it's been fine since.

All in all, I love this tv and recommend it to my friends and family!
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on December 19, 2011
Many of the reviewers ding this TV for its (somewhat) lower picture quality and sound, for most regular Joe's like me this DTV is great (especially for the price). Most of our viewing is for the kids watching NetFlix w an occasional movie or other such viewing for the adults. We replaced a 26" LED Panasonic w this Samsung and the price comparison is amazing! Just 5 years ago the Panasonic was going for over $800 for a much thicker and heaver form factor. Granted, the Panasonic did have a slightly better picture, but the Samsung is only slightly larger overall, much thinner and lighter and is very easy to use. We especially liked the automatic channel scanning that the TV did when we hooked it up, pretty much everything was already to go by the time we were all wired and pushed back into place, all the various "boxes" had already been recognized by the TV, just plug-n-play. Easy! Overall we are very pleased and would definitely buy again (especially for $440 "out-the-door") 5***** A++++++++!!!!
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