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on July 3, 2011
I've been using my new grinder for 2 days now and I am very pleased with it.
It is easy to use, looks good on the counter top, grinds fast and my coffee tastes great.

I'm glad I chose this one instead of one of the more expensive ones with good reviews, this one has all the functionality that I need to make delicious coffee.

I use it to grind coffee beans for espresso and french press, also for a drip machine (which I gladly tossed in the bin after getting a french press.)

**** UPDATE March 10th, 2012****

I've had this grinder now for about 7 months, and still going strong! Yes, it sometimes gets coffee grounds on the counter when scooping it out but I've never seen a grinder that doesn't do that.

However, I have regularly two problems with this grinder:

1. Sometimes the beans don't go through properly while grinding or get stuck, so I tend to shake it and hit the bottom gently against the counter top to get them to go on through. This is not a huge deal. Happened with my last grinder as well.

2. It likes to get clogged.
The opening where the grounds come out often just plugs up completely. This happens on a regular basis (every 6-10 weeks or so maybe), especially when I grind a lot of oily dark roasted beans. To solve the problem I unplug it, remove the beans, canister, and other parts. I take something to loosen the coffee grounds that are plugging up the hole. It'll work again after that, but to really get the job done I also make sure that the grinder elements are clear, and run some rice through the grinder a couple of times. The rice picks up a lot of those oils and residue that builds up on the inside of the machine. When I've done that it works like new again.

I will stick for now with my 5 star rating. We use our grinder twice every day and it is still working fine. For the really low price of this grinder I can't complain.

**** UPDATE January, 2015****

Still works! :-)
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on May 3, 2011
Having had two Krups GVX Burr Grinder over the last 10 years. I wanted to try one that was different after the last Krup's on/off button bit the dirt. I noticed the just released Mr Coffee grinder had a nice large bin to keep us from having to refill it so often and they claim it holds a 1/2 pound of beans which is about right. It seems to grind the beans faster than the Krups and is a bit less messy. It comes apart easy for cleaning. It is as noisy as all grinders are and a bit higher pitched than the Krups. The settings are easy to use and seem to be a little less prone to moving accidentally. It is nice looking on the counter and my wife is happy with it as I am. It is also several dollars cheaper than the Krups and this was also a bit of a factor. I could say the coffee tastes better now, which is true, but perhaps I just hit the settings better than I did with the Krups. I would highly recommend this to a friend if they wanted a coffee grinder.
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on October 22, 2012
This is a very inexpensive burr grinder. It's a first step up from the whirly blade type for those who want a better cup of coffee but don't want to break the bank. It can't be remotely compared to a Baratza, Rancilio (Rocky), Mazzer or Gaggia, which are primarily used for espresso, but do a perfect job for every other brewing method as well. If anyone expects that this grinder will grind fine enough, and the grind will be consistent enough, to use for an espresso pump machine, they will be very disappointed. If you're looking for a grinder for expresso, spend the money on one of the above brands. You will be amazed at the great pull you'll get.
That said, this grinder isn't all that terrible. I've read of the static mess it supposedly leaves, but I haven't had that problem, and my home is quite dry. A couple of sharp taps on the counter after grinding and the powder will drop back in the cup and not go all over. Dark roasted, oilier beans will plug up ANY burr grinder faster than lighter roasted beans, so the opening to the grounds cup needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, no matter what grinder you use. As for the "annoying blue light", that's easily fixed with a small piece of electrical tape applied over the light. Or, you can just pull the grounds cup out about 1/4" and voila, the light goes off. No need to worry about grounds spilling out because you have the cup out. You can't run the grinder until the cup is properly seated. End of problems.
As for a bit of powder in the bottom of your coffee mug, if you use a metal mesh filter, that is inevitable, many times even with a more expensive grinder, to a lesser extent. For drip pots, if it's a big deal to you, just switch to unbleached paper filters. No more powder.
Like I said, overall, if you want a step up from your whirly bird blade grinder, and you brew with an automatic drip or French press, for the price, it's a decent purchase.
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on July 20, 2011
Bottom line: this is an average burr grinder that produces consistent quantity grind-to-grind but it is marred by a flawed grinding chamber design that makes a uniform mess when opened to remove ground coffee.

* consistent quantity is produced grind-to-grind,
* removing the grind chamber turns off the grinder, and
* inexpensive.

* inconsistent grind consistency that is typical of burr grinders (finicky coffee consumers should pursue conical models),
* when the grind chamber is opened fine grounds that cling to the roof of the chamber fall out onto anything in the vicinity, and
* limited grind fineness settings on the fine end of the range (may not get fine enough for some espresso beans or machines).

Other appraisals:
* the amount of ground coffee is measured in arbitrary "cup" units that the manual says are larger for coarser settings and smaller for finer; they're not really "cups"
* the grind mechanism is made primarily of plastic (may not be reliable)
* the power LED is glaring blue and is on anytime the grind chamber is fully inserted, leaving the chamber partially hanging out when not in use turns the LED off
review image
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on November 18, 2011
I purchased this grinder in 5 months ago based on the excellent reviews it had received. Not so. It always gave the coffee grounds a static charge which was messy and inconvenient. Today, it died. Smoke rose from the motor and everything. I have used this grinder less than 20 times. That works out to about $2 per grind with no residual value. Not good at all.
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on April 25, 2014
Unplug the coffee mill. By unthreading the bean hopper and setting it aside you can feel two tabs if you run finger over the top of mill. Remove the inner tab with a sharp knife so that the stop for the finer setting is eliminated. Remove the the three metal screws and pull black plastic ring out set aside. There is a prong sticking up with a spring, pull it out ,remove spring and reinstall prong by pushing flush with surface. Reinstall ring and screws. Now move the setting past the old expresso (finest) setting to get the finer grind you require I use the white pointer facing straight back to get the grind I like. By removing spring and pushing the prong back in you are eliminating a safety interlock which prevents the machine from running with the hopper removed which I doubt anyone would want to do. Be aware. Finally plug in unit and try it now grinds fine/ expresso beautifully.
review image review image
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on April 21, 2014
This grinder was fine for the cash,
but this morning it died in a flash.
4 months it worked fine,
until it's speedy decline,
from the counter, straight into the trash!

I can't say that this thing ever shined
but it worked till this morn when I find
that 4 months since I shopped
it started smoking and stopped
and monday, sans coffee, is a grind
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on September 26, 2011
This replaced a name brand grinder that we had for years. The switch finally failed. While Mr Coffee is not exactly a high end brand we thought the price was right and it works just fine. Don't know about longevity but the grind is consistent as well as the timer for the portions. The blue light is OK as it is right next to the on switch. Don't understand the complaint on this feature. You can turn it off by sliding out the container a little.

Update: switch failed after a few months which is very disappointing. We should have stuck with our original maker. Be sure to keep your packaging on this product.
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on July 10, 2011
For a burr grinder this is a steal. I love the fact that it can hold a few days of coffee in the holder. The grind is steady and even. My old grinder was constantly getting clogged and I would have to continuously clean it out. This one never gets clogged! It just keeps plugging away day after day. I love the fact that the beans in the holder do not get stale.
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on July 1, 2011
This is a great grinder for the price. It has a fairly consistent grind, and it seems well build and operates smoothly. It does produce some dust on the coarse settings, and it also does have some static/mess issues as any grinder with a plastic grounds container does -- but for forty bucks... it is at least as good as anything close to its price range. As long as you don't try to compare it to a $100+ grinder I think anyone would be satisfied.

The integrated cord wrap under the base is a nice touch for keeping the counter uncluttered. One odd feature is that the scoop/brush combo actually lives in a grooved out area in the lid to the ground coffee container, which surprised me (and led to it falling out several times until I got used to it).

My only serious complaint about this unit is that it falls victim to the annoying-bright-blue-led trend of consumer electronics. There is an extremely bright blue LED on the grinder that is ALWAYS on. I dearly wish these companies would realize that shiny blue lights that are always on are stupid and actually rather annoying (if i lived in a studio it would be enough for me to return it... as it is, I will just grumble and get on with it).
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