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on December 23, 2011
I have had my Incredible 2 now for two and a half weeks, and if it can be a help to others, I'll share my experience here.

For those of you in the market for a new smartphone and are unsure of where to go amid the multitude of available options, I recommend you seriously consider the HTC Droid Incredible 2. As others have said before, it really is 'the phone for the masses'. The user experience is wonderful for both the novice and the expert, and you will find it can do something that so many phones out there cannot: it 'just works'.

And don't let the propaganda fool you, at this phase in the technology, 4G is not for everyone. When phones cannot keep up with the battery consumption required, and data outages on Verizon's network abound, it is obvious that the 4G technology is not yet ready for prime time. Unless you demand on-the-go video-streaming or frequent large-file transfers, 3G and local WiFi are more than sufficient. Why do you think Apple is waiting another year before it gives 4G to its trendsetting iPhone? From my own experience, the average user's web-browsing and overall phone experience whether on a 3G or a 4G phone is nearly indistinguishable.

Following is my review comparing the Samsung Droid Charge (a 4G phone) to the Incredible 2:


My first three smart phones were made by Samsung. I had the Omnia for 2 years, the Fascinate for 2 months, and the Charge for 4 months. The Omnia was a decent phone for its day, and it pretty well did everything I asked it to. When it came time to upgrade this last May, I read all of the reviews and decided on the HTC Droid Incredible 2. "But wait, you didn't say anything but non-Samsung phones." That's right, I bought the Incredible 2 for $$$ on contract, and returned it the next day, paid the restocking fee, and got a Fascinate from Best Buy, because it was FREE. On paper it was basically the same phone, so that's a big savings, right? I still remember returning the Incredible 2 to the Verizon tech. "Anything wrong with the phone?" he asked. "Actually, there is nothing wrong with the phone, it works great," I replied. Famous last words; I just wanted to save a little green paper.

As many "Fascinate Refugees" here can attest to, the Samsung Fascinate was a nice-looking phone with one-too-many flaws. Just when you thought you had a work-around to make the phone livable, something else quit working. The issues were so rampant that Verizon and Samsung finally abandoned solving the problems and outright offered 3 different phone models to Fascinate owners: a Motorola Droid X2, an HTC Droid Incredible 2, or a Samsung Droid Charge.

I, among many, was intrigued by the prospect of receiving new, illustrious 4G phone capabilities as a free replacement for my lemon Fascinate. The Droid Charge was Verizon's flagship phone at the time, on sale for $$$ with contract, and besides this, it was branded with the Droid name. "Fascinate 1.5??" everyone asked. "No! Not with the Droid name on this one," they all said. "Samsung and Verizon will be sure have the bugs worked out of this phone, and release updates in a timely manner."

I am not writing this review to bash on the Droid Charge. In all fairness, it has been a decent phone. It makes phone calls and receives text messages, which the Fascinate had trouble with, so for that I was happy. But as much as I tried to love the phone, I could not. The feel, the functionality, the reliability... there was always something lacking. "But it's a 4G phone, isn't that great!" I would encourage myself. But I ended up always leaving 4G off so that my battery would last through the day. For me, the Droid Charge was a 3G phone.

After spending considerable time with an HTC Droid Incredible 2, I decided I wanted to try it for myself. I tried to get Verizon to replace my Charge with an Incredible 2, but after much effort the Verizon tech finally concluded that the system would not allow him to send me a 3G phone CLNR replacement phone for my 4G phone. I acquiesced and went on my own to find a barely-used Incredible 2 for which I paid cash.

I waited to post this review so that some of the honeymoon-time would wear off and I could be a little more objective. I have had the Incredible 2 for over 2 weeks now, so here are my thoughts:


The Inc 2 feels great in the hand. I have large hands (I can span 10 keys on the piano), and I feel that the size of the Inc 2 is excellent - a little larger than the iPhone, a little smaller than the Charge. It also has a nice rubberized coating that gives it a good tactile feel without a case, and the contoured battery door really makes it feel thinner in hand than it actually is.


I thought the SAMOLED+ screen was a must-have. I had read about the great color contrast, the dark, inky blacks they produce, and, after owning two phones with such a screen, I can say that those things are true. However, I will tell you what my experience has been with the Inc 2. I have [I]never[/I]--no, not once--missed the SAMOLED+ screen. The Inc 2 S-LCD screen at a 4.0"-size (as compared to 4.3" on the Charge) has the exact same resolution of 480x800, text is more crisp and readable, and colors are actually rendered correctly!

I like to show photos of my family to friends on my phone, and the over-saturated colors of the Charge always rendered pinkness on people's faces as red blotches. In a recent experiment with the Inc 2, Charge, Motorola Bionic, and Motorola X2, the Inc 2 consistently reproduced photo colors most accurately, followed by the other phones in that order.

As an added benefit, the LCD screen on the Inc 2 uses the same amount of battery whether you are looking at a screen with a dark background or a light background, as opposed to the OLED screens which require more battery to display lighter colors.


One of the first things I noticed when I began using the Inc 2 is how [I]fast[/I] it is! Okay, you Charge owners will appreciate this: When you press that power button to turn on the screen, it is ON instantly. And it doesn't flash you with what's behind the lockscreen for a half-second like the Charge does at times, like, "Oh, don't look, I haven't put my lockscreen on yet!" And when you hit the power button to turn off the screen, there is no lag, it is instantly OFF.

The hardware of the Inc 2 and the Charge are very comparable, and both have a 1 GHz processor, although the Inc 2 does have 768 MB of RAM as compared to 512 in the Charge. I have a feeling there is more to it than just RAM, but the stock HTC Sense user interface of the Inc 2 just flies. There is no hesitation opening and closing apps and going from screen to screen, and only after I began downloading four or five apps from the Market at once did it begin slow a bit. In contrast, the Charge exhibits lag around every corner, and even the homescreens cannot operate smoothly without installing a custom launcher or ROM.


For me, a frequent traveler, Google Maps is one of my most-used apps that I refer to multiple times a day. Consequently, GPS performance is very important. Out of the 3 Samsung phones I have owned, not one has ever done GPS well. The Omnia would almost never get a lock, the Fascinate would rarely get a lock, and the Charge would get a lock from time to time.

Now some of you will say, "My Charge always gets a lock," and others will say, "My Charge's GPS is broken". My Charge was somewhere in between, but let me tell you folks... on the Inc2, the GPS [I]just works[/I]. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, you are standing still or moving in a car, the GPS gets a lock in 5 to 20 seconds. And, depending on the building, this oftentimes is the case indoors as well. I have tested the GPS on 4 other Inc 2 phones and the results have been the same, this is not just a matter of one good unit and one bad unit. So for those of you who are putting up with a mediocre GPS, waiting minutes on end for a lock, installing special GPS apps and workarounds, or--only forbid--you must use VZ Navigator to use your GPS, let me tell you, there are phone manufacturers out there that do it better than Samsung.


The camera on the Inc 2 packs 8 megapixels just like the Charge. The [I]speed [/I]of the camera on the Inc 2, however, is significantly faster than the Charge. There is virtually no lag when taking photos (think iPhone), and after a 2-second preview of the photo you just took (why did they get rid of this option on the Charge?), it's ready to snap another shot. In addition, pressing the power button while in camera mode turns off the screen (as you would expect), instead of locking the screen into camera mode like Samsung does. When my goal is to save battery life by turning off the screen, I don't want to lock the screen on. I could never figure out their logic on that one...

The front-facing camera on the Inc 2 is only 640x480 as compared to 1280x1024 on the Charge. So the video of you will look a little more grainy on a Skype call with the Inc 2 than it would on the Charge.


As we all know, Samsung and Verizon--whoever's fault it is--are infamously slow at releasing updates for their phones. One might hope that this would be because their official software releases are so flawless that frequent updates are not necessary, but it is certain that this is not the case.

The Inc 2 was released in April and it received an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in July. The Charge was released in May and it received an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in November. Yes, even though the Samsung Droid Charge was labeled a 'Droid' phone, it still took them twice as long as HTC to come out with an update. Did I mention, HTC just released another update for the Incredible 2? It tweaked the signal bars and made some security enhancements to the phone. Apparently HTC actually cares about the consumer's experience.


Some people will say Samsung TouchWiz is wonderful, some will say TouchWiz is terrible. Some will say HTC Sense is wonderful, some will say Sense is terrible. Personally, I don't really find one much more compelling than the other. Both can mostly be covered up with a custom launcher if the user so desires.

What I do like about Sense on the Inc 2 is that it is smooth, and it is pretty. The phone comes with several built-in skins to choose from, and, the color schemes actually seem to make sense. If the somewhat peculiar orange-and-brown color theme of the Charge wasn't odd enough, they decided to add in a splash of aqua-green on the notification menu in the Gingerbread update so-called 'color-enhancements.' In contrast, there is nothing revolting about the color scheme of the Inc 2, it is simple and not attracting unnecessary attention, like it should be.

When it comes to scrolling, the Inc 2 is very smooth. There is very little stuttering and jumpyness that was ever-present on the Fascinate and Charge.

Sense also has a lot of great built-in widgets to choose from, and again, they actually look good, compared to Samsung's cheesy-looking widgets that nobody would ever want to use. And--imagine this!--you can even use the volume rocker on your phone to put the phone in vibrate only OR silent mode... just like in the good old days.

Two things Sense does not have which TouchWiz does are:

1) Button in the drop-down notification to toggle screen Auto-Rotate on/off. This was easily remedied by downloading an app called Auto-Rotate Switch, which sits in the notification are and performs the same function.

2) Screen Capture capability. As I understand, the Inc 2 has to either be rooted or connected to a computer to take a screen capture.


The Inc 2 has a slightly smaller battery than the Charge (1450 mAh vs. 1600 mAh), but it is one of the best performers in smartphone battery life. Battery life is more or less comparable to the now-updated Charge running Gingerbread in CDMA-mode only (3G). On a recent day of very light phone use, I still had 70% battery remaining after 15 hours! But it is not uncommon for me to have half-a-battery remaining after a full day of moderate use.


From my own and others' experience, the Incredible 2 is a good phone with just two notable drawbacks:

1) Reception. Side-by-side with the Charge, the Inc 2 consistently has about 5-10 dB lower signal strength--about on par with the Samsung Fascinate. Now that may sound like a big difference, but in the real world results are not as distinguishable. I have not encountered any complaints of dropped calls, missed calls or missed text messages. Those who should take the reception issue into account are people who live in a fringe-coverage area or work deep inside an office building. For my practical use I have not had any problems with the reception on the Inc 2.

2) Speakerphone. The speakerphone on the Inc 2 is tinny-sounding and not very loud. If the speakerphone feature of your phone is important to you you may consider looking elsewhere. I use the speakerphone very infrequently, so this issue is not important to me.


You are entitled to like whatever phone you are currently holding, be it a Charge, a Nexus, or the next great invention. After putting up with two phones this year that gave me headaches in one way or another, I finally have a phone with which I can say, "I like this phone". My phone is not my life, and I have more to do than sit on my phone reading forum posts about problems with my phone. I needed a phone that 'just works', and for me, the Incredible 2 is the one. It doesn't require rooting or ROMing to do what I need it to do, it doesn't drop data connections, it makes and receives phone calls, and the GPS works every time. And it connects to WiFi everywhere I go, with blazing-fast speeds that never make me wish I had 4G. If you are like me and want a phone that 'just works', I highly recommend the HTC Droid Incredible 2, you will not be disappointed.
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on July 1, 2011
This is a very snappy and aesthetically pleasing phone. It's a great alternative to those larger form factor phones (such as the Thunderbolt, Charge, Droid X, X2). It doesn't support 4G but that's not a big deal to me. The faster download/upload will just kill the battery faster.

I don't want to deter people from considering this phone but I took a star away for the unremovable Verizon bloatware and another star for the battery life.

For those who don't know, Verizon packages the phone up with many unremovable applications and services. This is called "bloatware." They not only cause clutter, but they have an impact on battery life. The HTC hardware is fine, but the software Verizon chose to bundle is undesirable and repulsive.

Currently, it's whining about having only 15% battery left. I fully charged it less than 24 hours ago. The phone was turned completely off all night. Bluetooth was off. Wifi was on for a couple of hours. Other than that, I imagine some apps and/or services were passively using the data connection. This does not meet my expectation for a phone's battery life.
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on November 21, 2011
This phone gets a 4.5 rating!

As a little background, you should know that I've used the Droid OG, X, Bionic, and Charge prior to picking up the Incredible 2 and I'm very pleasantly surprised by the phone. I've been using the Dinc2 for only 1 week, but it's been a great phone so far. I'll start with the minor reasons why I couldn't give it a 5-star rating then talk about the positives.


1) Small size: in today's age of BIG phones, the Incredible 2 at around 4 inches feels small.

2) Keyboard: I'm probably too accustomed to Motorola's keyboard, so I'm knocking HTC for theirs. I don't like the suggestions/corrections and the highlighting is annoying. And the fact that Swype isn't pre-loaded is another knock against the phone. I'll let you know how I feel in a month, but initial use is not as smooth as the other phones I've used.

3) Verizon bloatware: More of a nuisance than anything else, but nobody likes being pre-loaded with a bunch of apps that you will never use.


1) Hardware/Software integration: This is the best phone that I've used that really integrates the software into the hardware. This phone runs really fast, switches seamlessly between apps, and everything just works.

2) Camera: By far, this is the best camera that I've ever used on a cell phone. Quick and responsive, this phone produces amazing shots. While not "zero-lag", this camera is great for a good quality, point and shoot picture taker.

3) Extremely strong build quality: I was expecting this phone to be cheaply made, but everything feels really tight and really solid. Gorilla Glass and the textured back make the phone feel very secure. I see no need to put a case around this phone.


I think HTC took a page out of the I-phone book and made a device that just works really well together. It doesn't have the fastest processor, highest RAM, nor most megapixels, but everything works much better than those other, high-powered phones. I would highly recommend this phone. And I have to give a shout-out to Amazon for their great pricing.
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on November 16, 2011
I have had my HTC Droid Incredible 2 for almost 4 months now and I really love it! This is my first experience with an HTC phone. I had always used Motorola (nonsmartphones), Nokia (smartphone and non), and Samsung (smartphone) before this. After my last phone, a Samsung, I thought I would always stick with Samsung because I liked it so much. However, I moved to a small town and to go with Verizon I had to buy my phone at Walmart and there just weren't many smartphones available to choose from. If I hadn't needed a phone right away I would have bought from Amazon or Wirefly instead. I was debating between this HTC or a Motorola. I wanted the iPhone but it wasn't available at the time. It finally came down to this HTC or another HTC and the Incredible 2 was a bit cheaper. Overall I have been pretty happy with it. It was easy to figure out how to use and it is pretty fast!

I use my phone mostly for texting, calls, internet, calendar, and a few apps such as Gmail, Kindle if I don't have my Tab with me, Paypal, Facebook, TweetDeck, Xtreme Alarm Clock, and a French-English dictionary. I play games on rare occasions and I let my son play Toddler Lock on it. My son has also thrown the phone several times and I've dropped it on concrete a couple of times and it has held up well. I'm able to find all the apps I want on the Android market and Amazon Appstore. There are a couple of apps I'd love to have that are only available for iPhone but not very many. One thing I love is the calendar that comes on the phone can be linked to your Google calendar. Anything I add to my calendar on the computer is synced with the calendar on my phone. It is also easy to add things to different Google calendars from your phone. For instance, I have a personal Google account and my blog Google account. I can add things to either calendar easily and get reminders for both!

I also like the Google Voice feature where you can speak into your phone to do a Google search. This comes in handy when your hands are tied up with something or if you don't want to type in your search query. That is another thing - this phone only has an onscreen keyboard. I was spoiled with my Samsung phone I had which had a slide out keyboard. I really don't like onscreen keyboards but I have gotten used to it. The buttons are big enough if you turn your phone horizontally, and I've gotten to where I can type in it pretty easily even without turning my phone if I want to see more of the rest of the screen while typing. It also has autocorrect which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Many times it tries to autocorrect things when it doesn't recognize the word and my texts wind up being nonsense. I'm learning to pay more attention to what it pops up while I am typing though so I can save words it doesn't recognize. I wish it would let me save contractions as a word such as "y'all" so when I type "yall" or when I put my son's name with an "'s" - "Davey's" - it would automatically put the apostrophe in. It is annoying to have to switch to the numbers page to put in the apostrophe when it seems to me it should be able to save those words.

As for the battery life, overall I am pretty happy with it. As I said I rarely play games and do things that would suck up the battery. I charge it every night when I go to bed and it lasts all day. I even leave it on WiFi most the time and it still lasts all day. Occasionally it will be down to the yellow color on the battery bar saying it is nearly dead but I rarely have it run down so much that it beeps at me.

Also WiFi is a cinch to use. It is easy to find and connect to networks. I live in an apartment on campus so I have it almost always connected to either my home network in my apartment or the campus network. It switches automatically to the campus network when I leave my apartment and switches back when I get home. If I go elsewhere it switches to 3G and then automatically switches back to WiFi when I get home or back on campus. Also the fact that it doesn't have 4G is not a problem for me because we don't even have 4G available here yet. My last phone was a 4G phone and when I got it and went home I quickly found out 4G wasn't available where I lived and that was even right outside of Memphis, TN, a big city! I live in a small town now with no big cities nearby so I am sure it is not available here!

If you're looking for a good smartphone I highly recommend the HTC Droid Incredible 2!
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on August 31, 2011
I got an Incredible 2 to replace a faulty Droid 2 Global in August 2011. It's been an upgrade in almost all ways, and it also keeps global roaming capability available to me.

Better on the Incredible 2:

Display--Games that didn't look all that great on the Droid 2 jump off the screen, and I never have to worry about it being bright enough in direct sunlight.

Feel--I actually liked the Droid 2's design, but the Incredible 2 feels melded to my hand. Caveats: I have fairly large hands (can just palm a regulation basketball), and if I wanted to put a case on the Incredible 2, it would probably start to get too big for a standard pants pocket. I've opted to go without a case this time (I do have handset insurance), primarily because the phone feels so natural in my hand that I can't imagine dropping it.

Battery life--Before opting for the Incredible 2, I checked out a number of gadget blogs, most of which found its battery life to be exceptional compared to other top-of-the-line Android phones. As part of my replacement package, I got an extended battery, so I cannot speak to the standard battery. I can say, though, that the extended battery is phenomenal. I routinely get two days of heavy use out of one charge, and could easily stretch it to three days of light use. With the Droid 2, heavy use would drain the standard battery completely in 4-6 hours.

Speed--I like to get a lot out of my phone. I use a customized application launcher, more than a few widgets, and a number of applications beyond the standard Twitter/Facebook/Email/SMS that require always-on push notifications (I average at least 5GB per month of data usage, plus another 10GB of wifi data). With the Droid 2, I began to pay attention to how I could trim my use so as not to slow the phone down to wow-is-this-aggravating-I'll-go-make-a-sandwich-while-I'm-waiting levels. While the Incredible 2 has slowed down just a smidge as I've tricked everything out, it's gone from impossibly fast to eye-blink fast. Perfectly acceptable and far better than I'd anticipated.

HTC "Sense" "improvements"--Believe it or not, many of the changes HTC made to the stock Android experience make a lot of sense (no pun intended). In particular, I like the swipe-down to unlock, the Quick Settings panel built into the notifications pull-down, the more intuitive stock calendar tweaks, the snazzy changes to the standard Clock app, and the excellent built-in Voice Recorder interface. (Some of these may just be changes from Android 2.2 on the Droid 2 to 2.3 on the Incredible 2, I'm not sure.)

Better physical buttons--The Incredible 2 features only a power button, which is nicely recessed, and volume rocker, which is super slim and has a very satisfying throw and feel. Bonus for well-designed hardware: I haven't once had the Incredible 2 turn on in my pocket, a huge improvement over the Droid 2.
An even better camera--The Droid 2 has an excellent camera; believe it or not, the Incredible 2 has an even better one.

Front-facing camera--Incredible 2 has it; Droid 2 doesn't.


Worse on the Incredible 2:

Call quality--I'm basing this on a small sample size, but call quality on my end of conversations has seemed to take a step down. People on the other end haven't noticed anything, however.

Bluetooth range--My multi-purpose Motorola bluetooth stereo headset had a pretty consistent 20-foot range with the Droid 2. With the Incredible 2, it's more like eight feet, and walls usually mean a complete break in connectivity.

Less on-board disk space--The Droid 2 comes with 8GB on-board and an 8GB micro-SD card. As far as I can tell, the Incredible 2 comes with only 2GB on-board. Not sure what SD card it ships with--mine didn't have one because I got it through Verizon's replacement program. A good App2SD application has made this pretty much a non-issue; I still have 1GB free on the phone itself.

No physical keyboard--This one is user-dependent. I actually don't miss the physical keyboard. Lacking it, the Incredible 2 is much slimmer and fits more nicely in my hand. Also, a bigger screen means bigger buttons and a much nicer landscape-mode soft keyboard experience, which I'd never bothered to learn or even activate on the Droid 2. Turns out it's just as fast and nearly as accurate for me. (I don't like Swype, for what it's worth, and I use SwiftkeyX.)

No physical shutter button--Again, user-dependent. I never used mine on the Droid 2, and it often got bumped and turned on the phone's display in my pocket, so I don't miss it.


Annoyances on both devices:

Your standard "on top of stock Android" apps and tweaks--Both phones came with a bunch of garbage apps, games, and widgets that I couldn't uninstall (would require root access to get rid of them). Once I deleted all the shortcuts and widgets that came pre-installed on the homescreens, however, I was able to pretty much ignore them. I'd recommend an alternative launcher like LauncherPro that allows the user to hide unwanted apps from the app drawer.



The Droid Incredible 2 is by far the best Android handset I have set eyes or hands on. None of my friends with Android phones (or even iPhones) like theirs as much as I like this one. If not having 4G is not a deal breaker for you, I highly recommend picking this one up. It's as fast, good-looking, and future-proof as you're likely to find among phones this year.
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on September 27, 2011
Five stars to the phone, one star to VZW, three stars overall. Get the phone, but look for a less intrusive provider if you want to enjoy it fully.

This was an upgrade from my previous phone, a fairly basic HTC Eris. The phone is everything a smartphone should be. Large screen, an excellent camera, a pretty powerful processor. I was worried about the size, but it does fit into most of my pockets. The highlight to me is the screen - not only the size and clarity, but the precision of the touch sensor. I find typing, etc. much easier. My daughter and I compared my phone against her latest iPhone and found the Incredible to be much better overall. The battery life is pretty decent for a large screen smartphone.

The provider experience, however, was disappointing - maddening, in fact. I'm an old Verizon customer, since the times they were called Bell Atlantic. I was one of the early FIOS adopters. The area I live in is pretty much the Verizon country. Yet at this point I'm pretty sure Verizon will be the dead last option when my current cell phone contract expires.

The first disappointment was the boatload of crapware the phone came with. The maddening part was that Verizon made it impossible to uninstall these.
The second disappointment was when I tried to use Skype off my home network. Verizon installs Skype AND THEN LOCKS IT OUT for domestic calls. Thank you very much indeed.
The third one was a recent software update VZW pushed onto my phone. Some marketing genius <redacted> decided it is okay to defecate into my bookmarks. Ten or so bookmarks (ESPN Sports, MS Bing, CNN, what have you) were added to my personal bookmarks. I spent an hour cleaning them up.

I'm sorry, but this is MY phone, I paid for it and I would like to configure it to MY needs. VZW is a service provider, and they should pay attention to reception quality, not to pushing substandard garbage into my personal space.

This is easily fixed once the phone is out of warranty, of course. But VZW has definitely made owning this excellent phone a lot less enjoyable than it should have been. Get the phone, but look for a less obnoxious provider.
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on May 26, 2011
* 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
* 4" Super LCD Display (480x800)
* 768 MB of RAM
* Global CDMA/GSM Radio (3G)
* 16GB microSD
* 8 Megapixel Camera
* 1.3 Megapixel Front-facing Camera
* 720p Video Capture

As far as looks, the Droid Incredible 2 is all business and definitely believes that black is still the new black. While the original Incredible had some touches of red, this phone is *all* black. Engadget's own review calls this "Darth Vader's phone." Compared to the original Incredible, it has more rounded edges and the build feels higher quality. The back includes charging contacts so that you can equip another battery to the back of the device to extend the device's 1450mAh battery life, although my device easily manages to last a full day of fairly heavy use with some battery to spare. I wouldn't recommend trying to go more than two days between charges, however. It doesn't have a hardware keyboard, but Swype pretty much makes up for that.

Although the screen is larger, the device is only slightly larger than my original Droid. They seem to weigh about the same (can't tell a difference holding both) and, according to the official specs, the Incredible 2 is slightly thinner than the Incredible but, again, I can't tell the difference. The front is supposedly protected by Gorilla Glass, but I'm not going to drop mine to find out!

I haven't taken that many pictures with the device, but the quality of the ones that I have taken is quite good as long as you have decent lighting, otherwise quality seems to noticeably decrease. Compared to how badly other phones do at low light, it's still pretty impressive, but it still doesn't compare to a dedicated camera. There is a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front of the device, which is really low quality, but I don't know anyone to video chat with anyways, so who cares? One cool thing is that the phone comes with an FM radio so you can tune in and listen to radio stations. Quality seems pretty good from fiddling with it while on the metra.

Altogether, I'm very happy with my second Droid purchase. It's definitely better than the original Droid and, from the other phones I looked at in Verizon's store, probably the best Verizon phone you can get at the moment. Really, the only complaint I can make about the phone is that it comes bundled with some software that most people probably won't use.
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on October 15, 2011
I previously owned a Samsung Propel on AT&T, so this is my first smartphone. When my contract ended two months ago, I decided to make the jump to Verizon due to AT&T's rattletrap of a network. I had no desire for an iPhone because I have an iPod 3rd gen and apps are VERY unstable on it. So I took a look at Verizon's Droid line and came across this puppy. After playing with it at the Verizon retail store I finally made the upgrade.


Battery life is incredible for an HTC.

Very smooth HTC Sense U. I. It's much faster than my old iPod. I also love the clock and weather widget that animates when you start up the phone.

Apps are a LOT more stable compared to iPhone iOS.

LED indicator light that blinks when you have a new text message or email.

Dependable clear Verizon network. No dropped calls or unsent text messages.

Feels very comfortable in the hand.

Not 4G. I don't really need fast downloads/uploads in exchange for my battery life.

Touch buttons are invisible when the display is off.

Call quality is awesome! I've heard some complaints about call quality but it's actually pretty good.


Browser can be buggy at times.

Reception is questionable. My two year old Samsung got better reception.

As great as Verizon's network coverage is, they are the WORST when it comes to software. I have 15+ apps that Verizon bloated on my phone that I CANNOT delete(unless rooting were an option). These apps run in the background using the data connection thus draining the battery. It makes wonder why in the world does Verizon do this. Even if the apps are unremovable, Verizon can't force me to use them.

Display not as bright as the Charge or new iPhone 4S screen.

Sometimes it has weird touchscreen issues. It'll work fine when I'm clicking on the menu, but when I'm trying to switch between screens, it won't respond. It doesn't happen often though.

In conclusion,this is a pretty cool phone. If you're on the market looking for the latest and the greatest, then get this one. However, if you aren't well experienced with the technology world, I would get something a little more modest. If you choose this phone, though, you'll have a great experience. Trust me.
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on May 15, 2011
This is a great phone! I went to Verizon wireless store to purchase a Thunderbolt, the first thing that struck me was that the thunderbolt was huge. The first thing the salesman told me was to carry a charger with you because of the battery life. I asked about the incredible 2 and was told except for some minor details and the size its basically the same phone as the thunderbolt. I wasn't interested in 4g since it wont be in my area for a yr.

I purchased the incredible 2 and I don't regret it. Its super fast on 3g. I don't download movies but if i did i could do it on wifi but this phone is plenty fast. They battery life is good. Using normally, texting, email some web browsing the battery lasted 14hrs plus. If you don't have a life and you are on your phone all day long ( as was I the first day i got it ) the battery will last around 6 hrs.

If 4G isn't important to you this is a fantastic phone.
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on August 9, 2011
My bf (now husband) got the iPhone 4 about three months ago, and started badgering me to get one. While I enjoyed the interface, ease of controls, and aesthetic of the iPhone, I didn't actually have the 300 dollars to invest in such an item. And then Amazon was selling phones for a penny. I chose the Incredible 2 for its sleek look, the upgradable memory, and good pricing. For a penny, this phone has changed my outlook on a phone! I only charge up once a week (while my husband has to charge everyday.Even with his battery skin). I can surf the net quicker than he can, and have access to a growing collection of apps. It's not 4G-fast, but I live in the middle of nowhere, so that's not a problem. The Google Navigation program is worth the price of admission itself. Just try it!
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