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on February 18, 2012
TOTAL JUNK. Do not buy this phone. It's the worst phone i have ever used. It will not sync with my 45K 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup or with any of the other bluetooth devices from various brands i own. When on a call and vmail ask's if you want to save or delete, the screen is black and you have to restart the pnone to access the dial pad. Same thing when you want to end a call. The disply screen timeout is set to 10 mins yet goes dark in seconds when your on a call. when i called india, oops i mean tech support, they cant help and blame the other devices and have no fix for the screen timeout issue. Also there is no sweetspot for the speaker/ ear end to hear very well.
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on September 2, 2011
The Samsung Droid 4G Charge phone by Verizon Wireless is a worthless piece of electonic junk. This gem turns your 4g experience into a living nightmare. Let me count the ways it sucks: 1.) It is always dropping calls. 2.) it is always losing the 4g network and sometimes it won't connect to the 3g network. 3.) Sometimes it gets very slow and can take up to 10 seconds to back to your home page. Sometimes it never makes it there. '4.) Apps will hang up regulary, requiring a reboot. 5.) The voice recognition is terrible. I will often dial a number in your phone book that doesn't even remotely sound like what you said. 6.) The blue tooth connection is always dropping off. 7.) The bluetooth connection doesn't want to connect at times until you turn it off and on a number of times, or reboot. 8.) The battery is anemic and can ony handle 2.5 hours of continuous use. On a regular day I will get around half a day's use out of it. 9.) The battery will overheat if you try to use it while using a car charger, i.e., GPS while driving. and lastly, 10.) today it send some messages on its own in triplicate. I sent two messages after that and they were also in triplicate. Who designed this thing, Microsoft???? Stay away from the Samsung Charge. This is my second Charge already (the first one was even worse so they replaced it) and I'm ready to chunk it out the window!!!! Unfortunately, I waited too long to complain and Verizon will not replace it with a different brand. They'll only replace it with another Charge. Why go through the trouble when I know the problem is with the model and not this particular phone. I am stuck with the Charge and Verizon for another two years. When my contract is up I guarantee you I will be heading for another provider FAST!!! Are you listening Verizon and Samsung???!!!
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on March 28, 2012
The Battery is awful
It freezes constantly
Battery pulls are required constantly
Startup takes nearly 5 minutes
It has the hideous TouchWiz
It didn't receive the Gingerbread update for nearly a year
It may be 4G but it never picks up a signal

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on December 31, 2011
I have been counting down the days till I can upgrade this horrible phone. I live in the DC area so our connection is decent. The only way I have ever gotten a full day out of a charge is if I spend the day on a wireless connection. I watch the battery die so fast that it can go before noon if I'm not careful. I have my little portable external battery to get me past times when I can't be charging it.

The other thing is it's slow, slow to load aps, sometimes the key board freezes and is slow to respond. I have to reboot it almost every day. I am on the second battery and the second phone since I got this phone last Spring.

When I launch the Gmail app it takes forever to load the new emails (my old original Motorola Droid was much faster).

I'm also frustrated with how the satellite cannot find me when it's raining. I mean every single time it rains I can't use the satellite navigation.

It has another fun thing it does when I make a call that requires entering numbers like say, calling the bank. I get a few numbers in, then the key pad goes black, then it comes back, but won't take the numbers. Finally the computer is asking me to enter the numbers again. I have to go to a landline for these types of calls. They replaced my old phone for this issue, and now the new one does it. The screen freezes frequently, where it just won't respond and I have to restart it.

A little about how I use the phone
I don't play games, I don't watch videos.

I check my email, I check FB, I text and I take pictures. Sometimes I hit the web or do a google search, or use the navigation feature. We're not talking heavy user here.

My friends all make fun of me for my phone always dying or freezing. It happens so often that I can no longer defend it, and I am constantly being teased about how horrible my phone is.

The only pros I can think of is the screen is beautiful and the call quality is great. It does take nice photos too.

Come Jan 2013 I'm getting a Motorola Droid again.
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on August 20, 2011
I've been using the Droid Charge for 2 months and I am disappointed. I consider myself a power user. My previous phone was the HTC G2. I'll keep it succinct.

First the positives:

1. Gorgeous Super Amoled+ screen.
2. Excellent camera/video capture.

Now the negatives:

1. Processor/Ram feels under-powered. The phone often lags or feels slow. This phone would have been much better served by a dual core CPU or more RAM.
2. The GPS is terrible. This is my second Samsung phone that takes a while to find the satellites (I briefly owned the first generation Galaxy). Compared to my previous phone (G2), the GPS performance almost borders on unacceptable.
3. Terrible network switching. Since I live in NYC, I'm often going in and out of the subway. The Charge often takes way too long to find either a 3G or 4G signal. I sometimes turn off and on the wireless to speed it up. Again, not acceptable.
4. Charging the phone takes FOREVER. It's mystifying considering the phone's name.
5. Wi-Fi antenna not as sensitive as my previous phone. This is not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

There you have it folks.
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on April 23, 2013
The battery life is awful. It only lasts a couple of hours. The phone freezes all the time. The only way to get it restarted is to turn the power off and restart it. I would give it 0 stars, if that was possible.
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on June 16, 2012
I got this phone as a replacement for my HTC Incredible 2.

This phone is not as bad as the HTC, but it does have its own problems.

1.) Battery life is bad. 4g is more battery intensive, but it's still annoying when your phone is always needing a charge, and a car charger barely keeps it at the current level let alone charging it.

2.) phone "forgets" my ringtones. Weird, because if I have an MP3 as a default ringer, it will still play that, though not the custom tone I have set for a contact.

3.) Interface, holy crap is it slow, it takes forever to bring up the app list, phone, contacts, or even return to home screen.

4.) Music app is horrible.

5.) Memory usage is terrible. Why would a phone running higher than android 2.0 have to include a factory task killer? Oh, because it sucks at managing memory.

6.) the default weatherbug clock/weather widget does not have the option to show a digital clock. I know, small complaint, but why the heck isn't that an option? If I want a digital clock and a weather widget, I have to install 2 additional apps on the phone? every other manufacturer has a digital clock with weather, it's like including a rotary dial for the phone.

Really wish I kept my original droidx.
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on May 12, 2014
I had high hopes for this phone as it was my first smart phone and my hopes were quickly dashed when I started using this piece of junk from Samsung. The battery can barely last a few hours and if you take photos with the phone, it will drain from 100% to 0% in just a few hours. The sound quallity is ok for phone calls, but battery life is awful. Not sure what Samsung was thinking when they released this phone. Please don't buy this phone.
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on August 12, 2011
There are several sections to review about this phone: The phone and call quality, the Internet, and Media Hub.

I bought my first Samsung Charge about 6 weeks ago and already needed a replacement. The first one started acting up soon after I got it. It would "chirp" every few seconds during calls. I could hear this, but the other person I was talking to couldn't. Then, the sound would drop from the call even though the call itself still seemed in progress. The phone was still counting the time, but either I couldn't hear the other person, the other person couldn't hear me, or neither of us could hear the other. I would have to press End Call at this point. I would try to call back but still couldn't hear the phone ringing or the other person answer even though I know it rang at the other person's phone as they would text and ask what was going on. I finally turned it off and pulled the battery out for 30 seconds to reset the phone. I called my carrier (Verizon), and they had me reset the phone back to factory defaults. This briefly fixed the problem but the "chirping" returned, then the dropped sound returned. Verizon has since given me a replacement which I have used for about 5 days. So far, so good. However, the call quality of this high-end phone doesn't seem to be much better than my previous phone, the LG Chocolate. (See other 1-star reviews about the sound dropping out.)

The Internet and some of the apps are quite fun. I like that I can download and surf using WiFi or 4G. The WiFi doesn't cut into my data package, which is nice to know even though I have unlimited data at this time. The phone doesn't always stay on 4G, though, sometimes going to 3G. This doesn't always depend on the area as I have had it go from 4G to 3G in the same room in my house. I have only had an issue with one website that streams video as this site says my "platform" cannot handle the streaming from their site. Others, however, have worked fine. I stream some TV shows from sites like, and they are fairly smooth with only a few streaming/buffering problems here and there. But, overall, not bad for a little phone. I have had other people look at the screen and think the picture is great, but I think it is decent, so this could be debated, but the picture is still decent to very good depending on what you are streaming or playing.

Now, for the ugly: Media Hub. BEWARE OF THIS PROGRAM. This program came with the phone and is used for purchasing movies and TV shows from Samsung. I had a $25 gift card that I redeemed and downloaded my first movie for $9.99. This worked fine with no problems. I went to purchase another movie for $9.99. This movie will not download even though Samsung took the $9.99 for it. I called them, and they said someone would call in 24-48 hours. When I finally got a call, I was told to reset Media Hub and call back if I couldn't download the movie. I couldn't, so I called them back. They said someone checked it, and the movie file is fine. I told them it downloads 533 MB out of 815 MB, stalls, then restarts the download. I asked for a refund so I could try another movie. I was told that now, since I am asking for a refund, I'd get a call in 4-5 business days! I never got that call. I have e-mailed them. Their response e-mails tell me to call. I call and am told someone will call back in 24-48 hours! This has been going on for 4 weeks now. It is obvious at this point Samsung has no intention of refunding my $9.99 they stole from me through their Media Hub. My last e-mail told them that they lost a customer over $9.99. They responded by thanking me for being a loyal customer! That just shows that they don't read e-mails or listen to customers. I was thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but after this, I know that there would be absolutely no customer support should I have a problem with it, so I'll go elsewhere for any electronics in the future. Samsung's customer service number should be 1-800-DO-NOTHING!

Final advice: If you can wait until the 4G phone issues are worked out, I'd advise that. After I got my phone, I was told that 4G is still new technology with new technology bugs, so I'd advise waiting for the phones to come up to speed. Then, I'd advise you to look elsewhere for a phone. Your carrier might help with physical phone issues, but don't count on any help from Samsung - you'll be on your own.

Edit: I've called Samsung since approximately 7/12/11 regarding the Media Hub issue. As of 8/23/11, they finally reimbursed me for the $9.99 movie that didn't download. I will say, they gave me a $25 credit instead of just $9.99.
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on September 13, 2011
This is a beautiful phone -- works great and I agree with the glowing reviews, except:

#1 -- It's underpowered, in that the battery doesn't keep it running all day, or even for 12 hours. Yes, I am a heavy user, using wi-fi, 4g, Lookout, but, still, I seem to be getting only about 6 hours without the need for a charge. This is notably larger and heavier than my Samsung Vibrant (on which the USB port broke 1 month after warranty ran out, but I digress), so it seems likely they could have further beefed up the battery. On my Vibrant, I could have added one of those fat backs for a bigger batter, and it would have seemed OK. Adding that to the back of my bigger, heavier Charge Droid would be too much.

#2 -- It's underpowered, in that the processor can't keep up with the apps. The nightmare is receiving a call, with the phone vibrating, but too it is too busy doing some !@#$%^&*! other thing to allow me to actually answer the call. I had to root my Vibrant, to flash a better Android, to stop that problem. I thought surely, with Samsung having another year to develop phones, this would never happen with my Charge Droid. I did root the Charge Droid, so I could freeze the bloatware, and figured that would be enough, but the 3rd call I got I could not answer. So, I flashed a new Android, and now it's lovely. Flashing the phone took me hours to figure out how to do (then, finally, doing it was relatively quick and easy). If you want a full featured phone, but don't plan to root & flash, I'd recommend you get either an iphone, or something with a dual processor.
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