Customer Reviews: Samsung DROID CHARGE 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
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on July 30, 2011
I recently purchased Samsung Charge from amazon wireless. The local verizon store tried to scare me from making my purchase through amazon. They said the warranty was different and no one would get my contacts into my new phone. After checking a bit further on the phone, verizon does in fact back up the manufacturer warranty for 1 year. So first 30 days the issue is handled by amazon, and the other 11 months it is handled by verizon. Saving contacts and loading them into the new phone was easy. Activation the device was very easy.

I am learning the new device and like it so far. One thing I find difficult is if you are outside in the sunlight is is hard to see the screen.

The data plan requirements is not so easy to figure out. The phone is promoted as having the capability to download TV shows and movies, etc. but a 2 hours movie is about 2 GB of storage and if you have a 2GB data plan from Verizon it is shot with one movie. So that part isn't clear BEFORE you buy the device. You have to be committed to spending a boatload on the data plan from verizon to be able to download movies. This part is a real bummer and wish I knew it before I purchased the phone.
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on June 27, 2011
I nearly made a big mistake. I had decided based on specs and reviews to get this phone, but when we went to the store to check it out, the web access on their display model was very glitchy. So my wife and I decided to get iphones. Couple of days later, I went into a different store to take a 2nd look at the iphone, and ended up looking at the Droid Charge again.

Awesome! I compared picture and video quality and found both on the Charge to be superior to the IPhone. Web access was also smooth and fast.

We've had the phones now for a couple of days and I'm excited as a kid on Christmas morning every time I use it. (Confession: I'm new to smartphones, so that may account for some it.) The screen is beautiful, big, crystal clear and bright- what more could you ask for? I live in Vegas and we have 4G coverage, so it's fast. Just made my first call and was pleased to find that the call quality was crisp and clear. (Seems like that would be a no-brainer, but from some of the reviews I've read, apparently it's not.)

It's a bit large, the small price you pay for that big screen, but the shell/hoslter combo (by Verizon, with a kickstand!)that I got to hold it works perfectly. I don't know how practical it would be to try and carry it in my pocket, and I've always worn phones on my belt, so this works exactly like every other phone I've carried- only 10,000,000 times better, of course...

Verizon wanted $350 for the phone. AmazonWirelss sells it for $180. Hello....? Very happy with AmazonWirelss and ecstatic with the phone.
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on August 22, 2011
The Charge certainly has a lovely display, and LTE (Verizon's version of 4G) is definitely fast for a phone, but the phone has problems that need to be fixed:

There are plenty of reviews that deal with the phone's features, and with its good and bad points. This review is mainly about the problems that I had with the phone.

I'm not a newcomer to Android phones; I've had one or another since the G1 came out for T-Mobile. I know what to do in order to increase battery life, make the phone operate faster, etc.

DATA SPEED: 4G speed was in the 5-8 Mb/s range, while 3G clocked at 1.4-1.8 Mb/s. This was in a smaller metro area, population-wise. I'm told that LTE/4G speeds in large cities can be faster.

DISPLAY: The display looks good, although the colors didn't always seem to be correct. It also seemed to be over-saturated (the colors were unrealistically rich). I'm not a camera user, so I have no opinion on how that works.

Here are the problems:

INTERFACE: The Charge's TouchWiz is annoyingly slow. Screen-changing lags considerably until all of the many preinstalled widgets are removed; that helps speed things up a bit. Selecting a shortcut can take up to 45 seconds from the time the home-screen is pressed until all of the various menus. This can be alleviated somewhat by getting a different launcher (i.e. Go Launcher EX), but it still lags more than other phones I've had.

SCREEN BUG WHILE IN CALL: Don't plan on using the Charge for anything else while you're making a call, unless you have it on the home screen. Exiting via the Menu or Back buttons brings you to the home screen---and the phone's screen will then turn on and off, seemingly at will. Unlock the screen, and it will turn back off. Trying to slide to a different screen instantly turns it back off. I was able to exit to the main screen and QUICKLY choose an icon, but the screen still turned on and off.

LIGHT SENSOR BUGGED: The screen changed back and forth from dim to bright, even with the phone in a stationary location. This happened on many apps and long before the the screen timeout of 2 minutes was reached.

BATTERY LIFE IS HORRIBLE: After tweaking everything to conserve battery and even installing 2X Battery Saver to turn off the data connection when the screen was off, the phone still only lasted about 4 hours, this with very light usage. It may last longer than the Thunderbolt, but it certainly isn't acceptable to me. If you insist on getting this phone, you should consider buying an extended-life battery, carrying an extra battery (or two) around, or keeping a charger nearby.

GPS: The GPS took almost 2 minutes to find the satellites and get an exact fix, even standing outside in an open area.

The Charge doesn't quite seem ready for prime-time, a problem that seems to plague all Samsung
Android phones that I've seen.
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on August 6, 2011
This is a great phone, I do not give 5 stars unless the item is beyond my expectations. This phone lasts about 12 hours for me with continuous use. 4G is fast, using speakeasy I got 22 mbps down. Upload is not nearly as fast but still decent, around 2mb. Just for fun, I connected my laptop to the phone using the wireless modem 12mb down 1 up, very good for a phone. I bought it right before the 6th of July for the unlimited usage (was waiting on bionic). I haven't had any of the issues the 1 star ratings have had. The battery is good, not comparable to the iphone but it lasts a full day. The camera is not very good but that is about the only complaint I have besides for the battery. The single core processor does everything I need quickly enough. Overall, I love the phone and am very happy with it, especially at the price. 4G has been great for me. But if I were going to get a phone at this point I would just wait for the bionic or new samsung, both are set to arrive soon. I am happy with the phone.
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on November 29, 2011
I have used several cell phones including other android and I Phones. But this phone is the worst.
1 Battery very bad: do not believe if somebody says battery life is great, if you use for 3-4 hrs intermittently , battery is gone and once the battery is on yellow mode you can hardly use any other features but calling

2 Screen display: they boast of amoled but what kind of amoled once you are out in the sun light you can hardly see anythin on the screen, nothing is visible on screen in the day light

3 Phone hangs up invariably every 2-3 days

4 yesterday all my contacts were deleted from the phone , reason still unknown to

I own this phone for almost a month now and i am writing this review not in any hurry, i have used the phone and know what are the real faults .

camera: it boasts of 8mp camera but i dont think its of any use if all the photos and photographs taken have a yellowish background to everything

Sincere advise do not buy this phone
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on August 14, 2011
the Samsung Charge is aptly named, because it needs a charge all the time.

i use the phone both for business and recreation.
i bought the phone for all the bells and whistles, particularly the 4G hotspot, and ability to view Netflix.

the bells and whistles on the phone are decent, but the phone does not fulfill its capabilities well because it's power hungry and if you are not plugged in you get little life out of the phone.
for Netflix, 30-45 minutes from a full charge.
for GPS, 1-hour tops from a full charge.
for ordinary usage, email, phone calls, it has never lasted past late afternoon. admittedly, i have a busy worklife, i'm on the phone a lot, i email alot, i like to read the news on the phone, and i expect my phone to last a full working day, or at least 8-hours. this has never happened.
i travel with a charger and i've bought a spare battery.

the phone is good for what it can do, but it is a reach too far for its own capacity. a better battery would've made the phone functional.
instead, it is too often a doorstop and i have begun to look for other options.
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on May 7, 2012
Like the title says, this is the worst phone I have ever had the displeasure of using. When the phone isn't freezing or rebooting, it is busy overheating and draining the battery, so that you need to plug it in by 2pm. Did I mention that the user interface is slow and laggy with apps that crash all the time? Thankfully, when my phone finally received it's OTA upgrade to Gingerbread, the boot time was cut from 4 minutes to 1 minute, which is really handy since the phone needs to reboot so frequently. See Verizon's forum for all of the other problems with this phone: [...]. I can't believe Verizon and Samsung would actually let this miserable phone fall into the hands of consumers.

On the plus side, at least the screen is pretty and 4G data is fast...when the phone is working.
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on May 4, 2013
After this phone I'm done with both Samsung and Verizon. The battery life has always been terrible, the updates (the few that I got) were slow, and the phone came loaded with both Verizon and Samsung bloat ware.

For my next phone I'll be looking to get one straight from Google or perhaps switch over to Apple. At least with them you know the phone will be updated and they don't allow carriers to load the phones down with useless apps.
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on June 14, 2011
I have had this phone for a little over two weeks now, and I just love it! I am consistently surprised bythe battery life of this phone Today i shot and uploaded two several minute long videos, played an hour of Pandora Radio, surged the net, read for half an hour on Kindle, made a few phone calls, and played a.bit of Unblock Me. I still have over 60% battery left, and it is now 10 Pm (I had taken the phone off the charger at 7 AM )

For the most part the voice is crystal.clear, especially when you hold it to your ear, but the speaker also works well.

And oh my gosh but the DL speed when using 4G is incredible! !! It beats the WiFi speeds. It has gone out once or twice, but not for more than a min pr two But that's a Verizon issue, not a Charge issue

I love the video on this phone, and i takes a very decent picture as well

I highly recommend this phone if only for the sheer customization. I recommend Google Voice Light if you don't want to spend extra cash for Visual Voicemail I also recommend Go Launcher I have experienced no bugs with it at all.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!
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on April 19, 2013
Ahh, where to begin with this hunk of junk.

Let's start with the beginning almost 2 years ago. Within only a few days, the phone was noticeably slower. But, whatever, I figured that happens with all phones. Over the next 2 years, a laundry list of problems has developed that has made me despise my phone to the point that I want to go "Office Space" on it once my upgrade comes in about 2 months.

-Let's see, I would say about 1/2 of the times I use the flash on the camera, it freezes the phone entirely, forcing me to pull the battery out to get it restarted.

-It constantly locks up and restarts itself.

-I would say... 80% of the phone calls I try to make freezes the "Dialer". Whenever it freezes the Dialer, 1 of 2 things happens. Either, it makes a phone call to the number I was trying to reach and gave up on about 5-10 minutes later and I only notice once I hear voices coming from my pocket, or it never makes any call at all. Pick your poison on that one.

-Forget trying to connect it to the PC to transfer files... it doesn't even get recognized anymore. Don't know at what point that problem started.

-Lately, texts from friends aren't coming through. I'll get texts from friends asking why I'm not responding to them, if I'm mad at them, or why I'm ignoring them? That's quite frustrating when your gf send you a list of groceries to pick up on the way home and you never get it and immediately get yelled at after walking in from work. Thanks Samsung...

-Opening any app slows the thing down to a crawl.

-I have 2 games on the thing (I figured keeping it light would make it work better), but the one freezes about half of the time, so I just have to get rid of that now too.

-The keyboard doesn't seem to want to work the majority of the time. It'll recognize me touching the letters, it just won't input them into the message bar. The only way to fix that is to lock it, wait about 5 minutes and try again. Good times.

So... there's more, I just don't feel like typing anymore. All-in-all, I'd say the Droid Charge the droid charge isn't just the worst phone I've ever owned, it's one of the worst electronic devices I've ever owned, period. Good riddance...
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