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on August 18, 2012
If you need a device to do things on the web with 4g, this is an OK device.

If you need a phone (particularly if you're using it for business), don't trade in your flip phone.

This thing drops calls, CONSTANTLY drops audio, mis-dials, does stupid things with your contact list (like moving contacts around randomly), etc.

Truly a piece of crap (as a telephone).
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on July 12, 2014
Purchased because of great consumer reports rating and quickly became disappointed. Verizon launched this instead of the galaxy s2, big mistake. over the course of 20 months I had it replaced four times.

Battery life is aweful, I highly recommend an extended battery

It has android 3.7 if I recall and the software is just atrocious

The worse flaw in the phone is the amount of ram on it! Similar phones from the same period had about 7 times the ram

The one good feature was the 8 megapixel camera, but that too was ruined by bad software
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on June 11, 2012
I got this phone 2-months ago for 1 penny from Amazon. Verizon wanted $100...I waited to review until I got used to the phone and could give an honest review, instead of those people who give crappy reviews because they haven't gotten used to the phone...

Anyhow...This is an excellent phone. I made sure to get all the updates done the day I activated it. I restored my back-up from my Droid X and didn't lose a single contact. I made Diverse sound profiles so that I could tell who was calling and associated their text and social media profiles to my calling profile.

The battery lasts around 6 hours with all the gadgets turned on, (which is better than the Droid X) such as wireless, bluetooth and 4G. I get 10 to 14 hours if I turn off Bluetooh, and only a smidge more if I turn off Wireless. Compared to the Droid X this is a superstar phone...The screen is MUCH better, brighter, and displays many more vibrant colors (Super - AMOLED vs Moto Crapola). The microphone is better at understanding voice commands, and it comes with a 32GB Micro SD Card. The calls sound way better, too, IMO. Pair that with a nice headset (I used the Aliph 2nd gen Jawbone), and you are golden.

The android experience is better than the Droid X as more apps seem to be compatible with it. I got a case and a Car Charger for free from Amazon so 5 STARS to them too.

So far this phone has outshined all others I have had. 4G is awesome! I love how easily I can go to Hulu or Vudu or Netflix or...and stream movies. I was able to get an unlimited data plan as I have been grandfathered in so I'm not worried about that. The quality of playback are phenomenal, unlike the Droid X, there were no stutters or stops when acting as a Hot Spot through my wireless at home. And this phone has mirror mode so what you see on-screen you can see on your HDTV through a micro-HDMI port on the phone. As far as using it as a Hot-Spot, I have connected my Blueray, Wii, XBox, and HDTV to it at the same time and they have all performed flawlessly as described by Samsung.

The only thing, and it is VERY minor IMO, is that when the phone is on with a headset the screen sleeps after 30 seconds...there is a fix, which requires you to "touch" the screen, but that sort of defeats the purpose of hands-free communication...If anyone knows of a better workaround please post it so I can "fix" and "educate" myself better.

Overall I give the phone 5-Stars, because for my experiences with Blackberry Storm 2 (Waste of Money at any price)and Moto Droid X (too Slow), this phone rocks...Obviously it will be slower than a phone with a dual-core processor, but I didn't have one so I can't comment on that.

Get this phone if upgrading from a single core processor and you with love it...if you already have dual core, move to the Samsung Nexus, as that phone is just awesome, even when compared to the greatness of the Samsung Droid Charge.

Good Luck!
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on May 24, 2012
Added in edit 06/02/2012: Got the new phone. It's a marked improvement. I'm now happy. See the rest of the review. I'm holding off on awarding 5 stars because while this phone is a great improvement and one I'll be happy to have for the next two years, my sense is that the Charge I used for comparison is even clearer, which is also the sense of that phone's owner. This suggests that there is considerable variation among phones. This is cause for concern. Once one chooses a particular model, the quality of the phone one receives should not be a lottery.

Kudos to Amazon for the way the replacement was handled. One short phone call resolved everything.

Added in edit 05/27/2012: The title of this review was "Wonderful! Wonderful! ...except for the fidelity" but I became so disgusted with the phone that I tried swapping phones with someone else with a Charge. That phone sounds as clear as a bell! So, I called Amazon and am having a replacement shipped to arrive 5/30. More to be revealed...


I upgraded to this phone from my Samsung Fascinate. It's met my all of expectations save one--the fidelity of the calls is not very good.

I liked my Fascinate but we grew apart due to its slow processor. I was pushed over the edge by the Fascinate's unpredictable auto-reboot even when I had the phone on silence in seminars. Since one of my sons was not planning on upgrading in the near future, I swapped his current upgrade eligibility with my September eligibility on my family plan to get the Charge. I've been happy in every way but one--the audio quality of phone calls is poor.

I like Samsung phones. The picture is crisp. The Charge's dual core processor means my live Koi pool wallpaper doesn't stutter. (I'd had to remove it from my Fascinate, which couldn't handle it.) No auto-reboot.

I had hundreds of apps on my Fascinate, which no doubt was part of the problem. I've been very careful with the Charge to install only apps that I'll use. No power savers. No task killers. I get through the day with one battery charge, no problem.

I find myself frustrated when owners report short battery life without explaining what's killing the battery. Settings/About Phone/Battery Use reveals exactly what has been using the battery. (Right now, I'm down to 72% after 7h 9m 58s since last charge. 36% of usage has gone to the display, 30 to cell standby, and so on. I've learned from my Fascinate and stick with the standard email app, checking my IMAP server only once an hour, since I'm almost always at a computer. I found that K-9 on the Fascinate with Push was often responsible for half of my battery use.)

If Settings/About Phone/Battery Use is too awkward, there are apps that one can install that will get you to the information faster. There's one in the AppStore, but, call me old-fashioned, I don't care for the name, so I got one elsewhere.
review image review image
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on May 3, 2012
I purchased this phone shortly before Verizon eliminated the unlimited data plan almost a year ago. The phone was brand new with the HTC Thunderbolt being the only other Android 4G phone available. I lived in a 4G area, but worked in a 3G area. Since the phone was new, it was at the introductory price (almost $300). I don't think the phone was worth that value (nor even worth getting). My various problems with the phone are listed below:

1. Limited upgrades from Samsung. This was my first smartphone, and I knew nothing about Android versions. After a few months it became obvious there were system issues. The phone ALWAYS dropped connectivity when leaving a 4G area and various system programs would crash. After 6 months, we finally received an "upgrade". The upgrade for the phone was for Gingerbread and not the newer Ice Cream Sandwich OS. While some issues were fixed, I am disappointed that users have not received support from Samsung/Verizon. Additionally, it appear the phone will never get Ice Cream Sandwich, which means I will never buy a Samsung phone again.

2. Battery usage - Don't listen to the lies. It is less than 12 hours with a fully charged factory battery. On a bad day, the battery lasts less than 8 hours. It has always been this way. My problem with this is I would leave for work in the morning and routinely lose cell signal while trying to arrange dinner. God forbid, I ever have a car breakdown at night. I started carrying around a second battery, and it is a constant reminder of how stupid I am for buying this phone. What is so stupid about this is that it would be dead by 8PM without me even using the phone one time throughout the day. I'm sorry, but I believe a phone should be able to survive 12+ hours on standby....

3. Connectivity and GPS issues. Originally the phone would have to be restarted when switching from a 4G to 3G area. This has lessened with the update; however, I did not enjoy living with it for 6+ months. The phone still has GPS issues where maps will not work 100% of the time. Sometimes requiring a force close of the program. I routinely have to force close Verizon's Backup Assistant.

4. No flashing light to notify of new messages.

5. TONS of bloatware that you can't delete (another reason why I will never buy a Samsung phone).

Call quality has been OK.
4G is fast (when available)
Colorful graphics/video are wonderful (probably why the battery dies so fast)
Camera quality is sufficient for both front and rear facing
I have been able to fine accessories that work well with the phone (case, cover, back up battery).
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on August 31, 2011
I am enjoying my new Droid Charge. Being a bit of a novice with smartphones I thought the 4G LTE sim card was the same as the SD card that comes preloaded on the phone. Well, inadvertantly , I had a slight problem with one of the cards and my problem was resolved very quickly and beyond my expectations, so hats off to Amazon Wireless customer service. I will continue to do business here ( oh yeah, prices are great too !! )
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on February 7, 2012
The Samsung Droid Charge is my first smart phone. It has a wonderful 4G connection for data that is very, very fast. The screen is great. The major drawback is the battery. With the 4G on, the battery life is somewhere between 4-6 hours typically.

This phone really acts like a mini-tablet with phone capabilities. When I first had this phone, I was troubled by the poor quality of battery life. I am not the only one, since if you do a search, you can find plenty of secondary vendors offering huge battery packs for the phone. I did some research about two months after having the phone and I found the solution: turn off the 4G.

Turning off the 4G is pretty simple. Use the drawdown menu at the top of the phone screen and turn off the data. With the data off, it behaves like any other phone and you can get 48 hours of standby time.

Other issues I encountered with this phone are the dizzying array of apps for preserving power. The biggest problem: they interfered with the 4G operation. I have dumped them all. I am my own juice defender now.

The other issue with 4G is the apps use the 4G constantly, contributing to the battery drain. Many of the apps push data into the phone constantly. I am still trying to figure out how to tailor these apps to use the 4G only when I need it. The easiest fix is to turn off the 4G when I am not using it.

The phone is pretty big, but I am working around that issue. If you have a big screen, the phone is going to be big, no matter how thin it is.

Overall, I would rate this phone as inferior to the iPhone 4S (my spouse's), but a lot of it comes from a lack of manuals and technical support. You have to work with this phone; the phone does not work with you. If there were some more support when you buy this phone, expectations would be different. As it is, you have to learn the "ins and outs" of this phone. Comparatively, I do not believe my spouse ever thought twice about her iPhone 4S.

I have now had the phone nearly 2 years. Some of the issues with the phone are still issues today. This is a 1st generation 4G phone and had a lot of issues.
1. The power drain and battery life are terrible. I went from a cell phone with 2 weeks of stanby time and 5 hours of talk time to a phone with 4 hours of standby time and 2 hour of talk time. The Droid Charge is well below my expectations in this part and is the biggest failure of the phone. Shame on you Samsung for sending out a substandard product.
2. The 4G surfing is wonderful and quick. I cannot imagine going back to a slower phone with 3G. However, while the 4G is everywhere now, it was only in a few select cities when I bought the phone. When not in a 4G area, the power drain is especially high and the phone can get HOT.
3. In fact, the only way you know something is not right with your phone is because it becomes HOT. The apps run regardless of how you try to manage them. When they are downloading when you are sitting on a subway or in a meeting, the hotter the phone becomes. This is not a good thing because the hotter your phone gets the less battery life you have.
4. The audio quality is poor and became worst over time. Aside from the battery, this is next biggest flaw in the phone. I had much better sound quality from Motorola and Blackberry phones. As a primary function, this failure is inexcusible. Shame on you Samsung.
5. The Android OS is excellent, but good luck getting updates. The phone came out a month or two before the "gingerbread" OS update, but it took nearly 6 months to receive the update. Whereas the Apple OS is updated regularly and increases functionality, Android is basically WYSIWYG when you buy it. Samsung is not in the business to update the OS, but to sell you new phones. Shame on you Samsung, you turned me away from your products.
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on September 6, 2011
I had such high hopes for this phone. My first smart phone. UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST piece of junk. Cannot get a reliable browser or hotspot wifi connection despite having a strong signal in my area. They replaced the SIM card, said it would fix the problem. IT DID NOT. They are sending me a refurbished replacement to see if it improves. Now I have to use the throwaways from someone else? I paid full price for this phone and it is the worst.
I am paying for a data package and hotspot phone and Verizon won't give me credit even thought I can't get on the internet!! The only nice thing is the screen clarity. This helps you see the error message when not able to connect to internet.
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on July 28, 2014
This has been a good phone for me. The camera is the best I've seen in a phone of this level. The software was great when I first got this, although now I've found more apps that I would have thought could work but don't (Hulu being the most important).

I used this is a non-phone, when tablets were new and too large/expensive for me, but bought this phone used for $50 as a wifi device that could make calls over Skype.
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on May 7, 2012
I've had this phone for about 8 months now and I want nothing more than to replace it. I consider myself a bit of a "power user", I'll often flash other ROMs to my phone, I use a lot of data, text often, don't make a ton of phone calls, though. Overall this phone sucks. Battery life is awful. On 4G, I'm lucky to get through my work-day without having to charge the battery. Developer support is not good. Of the 4-5 ROMs I've tried over the past 8 months on this phone, none of them work particularly well. Some seem to run great for a few days, but then they slow down to a crawl where the phone is unusable. Samsung's stock UI (Touchwiz) is the most awful Android interface I've ever used, and their RFS file system is outdated and laggy. Samsung's own support for this phone is highly lacking, with no ICS update scheduled.

The only good things... First, the screen. It's a perfect size and the color saturation and resolution quality are superb. I haven't seen a screen this nice on another phone (granted I haven't checked out any of the newer phones). The 4G data speeds are pretty nice, too, at least when running a speed test. The browser, however, is still pretty slow (more a drawback to Android Gingerbread than the 4G, though). Downloads through the market are quick, as well. I can download about 300MB of apps in only a few minutes.

Overall, I can say that for the first month or two I had this phone I loved it. That quickly turned to an indifference to the phone, which now has turned to hatred.
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