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on November 3, 2011
First I must say this monitor is a looker, it is very thin with an artistic design that keeps all of the connections and features you want while looking great at the same time.

Picture quality is very crisp and the back light is consistent across the whole screen making the color reproduction and consistency very good. With a 2ms response time games and video are both clear and crisp even under heavy action scenes. For the gamers reading this there is little to no screen tearing.

The 3D features on this monitor work very well. I have tried it through a PS3, on the PC with movies and also on the PC with video games. The 3D effect was not choppy or straining on the eyes over prolonged use. The glasses are a little bulky though and I wish the manufacturer had provided one of their slimmer lightweight pairs with a premium unit like this. It must be stressed though that when using 3D make sure to use a quality video card, receiver if you are using one and cables. If you don't when 3D content is pushed through the system image quality will suffer.

The software on this monitor threw me for a bit of a loop when I first used it since what you label each input as determines how the incoming signal is handled. If you set an HDMI input as PC for instance it will look for audio over the HDMI cable plugged into it but if set to DVI PC it will not and will only look for the image portion of the signal. Once you understand this though the software is very well executed. Menus are clear and informative with as many advanced picture settings as an artist may want or as few simple settings a home user wants to configure to just get a great picture. There are also plenty of apps including support for Netflix and Hulu plus. Both ran well when I tried them out with minimal response lag from the TV.

The sound is OK and will do if you are not an audiophile. There are some features to enhance peoples voices in whatever you are viewing as well as a built in equalizer but overall the sound feels like an afterthought.

Overall a great monitor, TV, or both depending on your needs. The only lacking feature in my view is the audio, but if you are worried about that you most likely have an external sound system and this wont affect you.
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on December 27, 2011
The Samsung T27A950 has had a slow transition from CES to retail availability. Touted as a flagship monitor, I was surprised at how little information was readily available from Samsung and third parties.

At MSRP, this product is really hard to recommend, but like all leading-edge technology, prices drop off a bit over time. Even then, the value of the monitor is really up to if you really need the plethora of features that it offers.

This monitor is almost fully-loaded with everything you can think of feature-wise. SmartHub has been cloned straight off of Samsung's higher-end HDTVs, although it's value can be overlooked considering you'll most likely have a computer nearby most of the time. Regardless, the implementation is what you would expect. Menus are logically laid out and have pretty much any adjustment you can think of to adjust picture quality, sound quality, and what ever else you would like to fine-tune on the monitor. Anynet+ is actually pretty cool: when I turn on my PS3, the monitor detects the new signal and automatically switches from cable to HDMI, and vice versa for when the PS3 is shutdown. Although a computer is probably more useful, Allshare/Connectshare works as it should and supports most common mainstream formats, but it's nice to have. Picture-in-picture has quite a few options: you can place a medium or small inlay in any of the four screen corners or display side-by-side and you can select which input to output sound. However there are some limitations such as the inlay is always from cable and the main screen will be an HDMI input and there is no dual-TV tuner so no PiP with two channels. But, the PiP with two different inputs is one of the main features I bought this monitor for as it seems to be quite difficult to find. MagicAngle adjusts display colors so that the display doesn't look washed out at a user-selectable high angle or low angle, but that washes out straight on, so I fail to see this feature's usefulness. As for 3D performance, I'm personally impartial to 3D. All I can say is that the feature works, but that's not the reason why I bought this monitor. The future is 4K, not 3D.

For the price, Sammy really shouldn't have skimped on the product by deciding to not include built-in WiFi nor rechargeable 3D-Glasses. The glasses included are SSG-M3150GB, but the glasses are physically imprinted as SSG-3100GB which is Sammy's 2011 TV glasses. Cause for confusion? I think so, as the TV glasses are set to a different polarization angle. Therefore, the only way to get the 3D effect to work correctly is to offset the viewing plane by about 45 degrees, which is obviously not optimal for viewing. Also, this means that there is no rechargeable solution available as all of the glasses available at retail are for TVs and are thus offset. Luckily you can tell the difference between glasses as the ones that will work correctly are branded with a SyncMaster logo.

As for the design, what can I say? The design speaks for itself, definitely a showpiece. The display is very thin as well as the bezel. The brushed metal is beautiful. The "physical" monitor buttons are touch sensitive and nicely laid out, but not obtrusive when lit. As for practicality, you need to be more careful with this monitor than it's brother the TA750 series. Make sure you only grab the monitor by it's base and not the display. The remote controller is easy to use and looks nicer than in pictures; it has a brushed metal like look on it's face, mush like that on the monitor, which looks very elegant. The 3D-Glasses easily fit over my prescription glasses and are very comfortable as they have rubberized sections. As for user interface, all of the display animations are sleek and top notch. As a hybrid monitor HDTV, this is perfect for a college student like me with limited living space.

Performance-wise, the display is gorgeous. FullHD 1080p 3D LED HDTV: pretty much every top-end feature of this generation. There is slight backlight bleeding in the lower left and right corners. There are plenty of display processing options to cater to your needs. Same goes for sound processing options. The speakers are surprisingly good, especially when the SRS options are selected. There are even options for external sound through either the HDMI audio return channel, or if your home theatre receiver doesn't support ARC, you can use optical output from the monitor. The base and external power brick do get warm, but not to the point where I would be worried. And for you gamers out there, there is a game mode which disables a lot of the image processing to reduce display lag, and the image is still incredible to boot. Odd why they didn't list that anywhere. Of course, PC gamers should still go with the SA950 for the DisplayPort/D-DVI for true 120Hz input, as HDMI maxes out at 1920x1080x60Hz. The LCD is capable of 120Hz, but there is no input capable of supporting that on the TA950.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase as I was interested in many of the features offered on this monitor. If, however, you aren't in need of a lot of the features offered, you can find an equivalent monitor for a fraction of the cost of this one or quite a large HDTV for the same money.
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on February 5, 2013
At the price of $1299 retail that the T27A950 cost a few years ago you can spend the same money today and buy three things: a 32 inch Samsung 1080P HDTV, a decent 27 inch Samsung PC Monitor and a Samsung BluRay/HD-wifi Smart Hub Player. Funny enough these the the very three things that this Samsung monitor promises to replace. My review will be based on whether or not this monitor does this.

I was lucky that I only paid $400 for my brand new T27A950 at a close-out sale last month. However, I kept wondering if I had $1299 to spend on an all in one monitor would I still buy this T27A950 over the three things it replaces.

Here is my experience using on this pricey monitor:

1. Before anything else read every page in the instruction booklet when you get this monitor. Never before have I seen such complicated settings for just the picture quality. Menus are buried deep within other menus. Menu Setting options disappear or reappear depending on what Source you are in. It gets extremely confusing and reading the set up instructions was a MUST for me. I don't think I ever had to do that for a TV or PC monitor before. It was a good thing though because it gave me a full grasp of what this T27A950 can and can't do. Having a remote control with this monitor is a MUST and you will find that even if using it as a PC monitor you may still want to use the remote control for basic adjustments. Another note about the manual is that Samsung put it on a CD disc instead of a paper manual. So if you throw out the CD thinking the quick start pamplet is a manual then you will have screwed yourself.

2. There is absolutely NO WiFi or Internet out of the box! This isn't clear beforehand on the box or the website that unless you place the TV next to your LAN modem and connect with an Ethernet cable then the ONLY way to get the Smart Hub access the internet is thru a rather expensive Samsung WIS09ABGN USB Wifi Dongle! It ONLY works with Samsung's proprietary WiFi dongle which cost anywhere between $60used and $140new. This is not cool considering your basic WiFi dongle starts at 99 cents on eBay and the European versions all come with the Samsung WiFi dongle for free in the box.

3. The 2D and 3D Picture quality in the HDMI-TV/DVD source are ABOVE AND BEYOND EXCELLENT! Even the old school co-axle TV tuner input here will beat out most LCD TVs running HDMI sources. The 3D up-convert works amazingly well. I wasn't expecting outstanding 3D results from this TV since all the online reviews did not favor the 3D picture effect. 3D just looks beautiful! You can watch anything from the 5 o'clock news to HBO movies in 3D! Even better is that this is not the dark shaky 3D you get in movie theaters but a clear and bright 3D effect.

What is important to understand is the 3D up-convert ONLY works thru HDMI source mode AND ONLY works for HD sources. So if you have basic non-HD cable or a non-HD DVD player then you will not get the best, if you do manage to get any, of the 3D effects.In Europe and the UK some TV channels offer 3D specific programming that will work on 3D TVs and from what I hear that is where a monitor like this would come in handy.

Second thing to note is the 3D glasses use batteries that die quickly after a 2 or 3 movies viewings. However, I ordered a replacement of 20 batteries (two packs of 10 cells) off the internet for less than $5 shipped. So that is not an issue for me like most reviewers who griped about it. Also, once the novelty wears off, I don't expect to use the 3D glasses that much but I still love that it actually works.

Another thing about the HD picture quality is that it appears to have a very high Frame Rate so HD movies and TV shows coming thru the HD cable box have that 'Soap Opera' effect where every pixel is super clear and clean and there is little to no motion blur. I'm not sure if this a going to be a good thing or bad thing for me because it deletes all the magic out of the movie watching experience. For instance I just watched the French Connection (1971) and The Adjustment Bureau (2012) and both movies look like they were shot with the same home hi-def video camera. Costumes look like costumes, Make Up look like Make Up, Characters look like Actors because everything is shown super smooth and clear relative to what they would look like on a normal TV. This effect only occurs for movies and Prime Time TV shows on an HD source but everything else (regular non-HD tv, game shows, talk shows, news, live sports, older syndicated shows, music videos, reality tv, etc...) look normal.

4. PIP/PBP is both good and bad. It is not clear on Samsung's website but you can ONLY PIP or PBP between HDMI-TV/HDMI-PC sources and the Co-axle TV-input. Where the HDMI sources are main and the PIP is the co-axle source. Not sure why Samsung didn't extent the PIP at least to Component-AV for older DVD players and game consoles. My old 2003 Samsung SyncMaster 192MP offers the PIP over a range of sources that included Component-AV as well as Co-Axle-input. In 2013 the only things that have co-axles are 'some' cable TV boxes or analog/digital TV boxes. I figured Samsung knows 99% of most media is viewed over the PC or Smart Hub and all cable tv boxes have co-axles output so PIP on HDMI/CoAxle would be fine for everyone. The bad for me was no dedicated PIP button on the remote.

5. The sound quality is amazingly good. I don't understand how many people complain about the sound but once you get it set for what you want it to do then it is rich and loud. It is important to realize that the speakers are in the base and if you have anything blocking the base or there is clutter around the base, like a keyboard or books or dvd player, then it will block the sound.

6. The remote control is really good. It has automatic back lighting, braille, short cut keys for the smart hub, and easy to hold. My one gripe is there is no direct PIP control button on the remote. You have to go thru at least three menu pages to get to PIP options. My older SyncMaster 192mp had a PIP dedicated button and optimization section on it's remote. Which brings me to note that my 10 year old SyncMaster 192MP remote control works button for button with this newer TA27950 monitor. Strange but cool.

7. Lack of extra HDMI inputs and/or a specific DVI input makes the T27A950 utterly USELESS as an All-In-One monitor! Having only 2 HDMI ports is not cool when you have a video game console, a PC, a HD-Cable box, and a HD-BluRay player that all need to get hooked up to the T27A950. I have a feeling those HDMI multi splitter hubs may not work here since the T27A950 is very specific on how it allows it's HDMI ports to be used. For instance there is a mandatory 'Naming' option where you have to tell the T27A950 what is connected to that input. So for HDMI-1 you can name it TV or DVD/BluRay, etc... but not both at once. HDMI-2 can also be renamed for PC, DVD or Game Console or other but not more than one at a time.

The best way around this is ...well there is NO BEST way around it outside of getting a second unit that will serve solely as your HDTV or your PC which is what I ended up doing. I'm using my old SyncMaster 192MP for PC and component DVD purposes and I am using the T27A950 two HDMI inputs for HDTV-Cable and a PlayStation 3(which provides my BluRay, Gaming, and a second Smart Hub).

Samsung does offer the cheaper S27A950 alongside this T27A950. The S27A950 is the same monitor as the T27A950 with the exception that the S27A950 has PC specific DVI inputs and deletes the TV tuner/co-axle input with PIP/PBP function. These trade offs you get between these two brother monitors are revealing of the short comings each monitor has in terms of trying to be an all in one. These are not 100% All-In-One monitors.

So at the end of the day 5the T27A950 does NOT come close to being an able body ALL-IN-ONE HDTV Monitor!

FINAL VERDICT: This T27A950 will NOT replace your current PC Monitor and HDTV at the same time! Especially if you have a game console and a couple of Blu-Ray DVD discs laying around.

For $1299 (or even the current $980+ refurbished) price that this T27A950 cost I would have recommend buying a 32 inch 1080P HDTV ($499), a separate 27 inch PC monitor ($299 to $499) and use the change to buy a Blu-Ray HD Smart Hub Player ($89).

However if you can get this T27A950 for under $600 and plan on ONLY using it an HDTV with Video Game console connection then you would be happy!
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on October 25, 2015
Perhaps my monitor is defective somehow, but for me, the 3d has never worked correctly. The ghosting/double images are ALWAYS a HUGE problem and are always visible, no amount of adjusting has ever made any difference. Also, you must constantly adjust the angle of the monitor as it has terrible off-center fading. The monitor also lacks a remote for the settings, which is a bit of a pain.

Again, I bought this monitor for its 3d capabilities and I have been VERY, very disappointed.
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on October 7, 2015
This is an awesome monitor however it's extremely overpriced by the seller for a new one. $1400 is over 2x more than what this items sold for brand new. I think the seller is betting on the fact that this monitor is no longer produced (newer model, but looks different) to jack up the price. I found it on ebay for $500. Great monitor with outstanding display. Very thin so it doesn't take up a lot of space. You can use it as a TV monitor is so desired. The 3d glasses aren't the best. I use it strictly as a PC Monitor and I love the screen quality and display.
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on January 29, 2013
I bought this precious about 4 weeks ago. Ive been into 3d gaming since E-Dimensional. I believe they were the first guys to use the shutter concept. Then nVidia started using their idea or baught it, dont know. But since nVidia specialises in GPUs and not screens they had to go into partnership with some company which makes screens. One of the most important factors in 3d screens is the refresh rate. The higher this the less strain on the eyes. I used to play games at 80 hertz with a CTR monitor untill nVidia stopped supporting E-Dimensional with drivers. So I put my my toys away and waited for this monitor for atleast 6years. When I saw this monitor at the store and saw the 120hz I knew this is what I was waiting for!!! I did some research before I bought it because I was concerned about its compatibility with my nVidia graphics card. (I use a gtx260 OC but upgrading to a gtx 680 4gb soon! Yaaah! lol) nVidia went rebel against Samsung cos of this new monitor. It doesnt support this monitor at all, I believe. 3d Vision, nVidia's 3d software, doesnt support these glasses! Only their own which they produce. Its a bit expensive and you need a monitor supported by them. Its all about the glasses.

At first I was dissapointed and VERY pissed at nVidia, after I baught the monitor. Since a lot of retailers said this setup should work fine for 3d gaming. (I've always been an nVidia fan and will always be! Just wish nVidia would go back to making GPUs and support Samsung in this break through technology) The glasses are much more effective I hear cos this uses blue tooth and not infra red like nVidia. The screen has a 2d to 3d function which really sucks if youre more familiar to 3d gaming. nVidia's software has an anaglaph mode (red and blue glasses) which works quite good BUT heavy strain on the eyes. After you play for a while and take it off you will notice youre eyes's sight is affected when you look through youre eyes individually. Really an excuse for 3d whice only make you crave the real stuff. After I read through a lot of forums, nVidia, MTBS and Tridef ddd I got this working with Tridef 3d (Syncmaster 3d game launcher). All my hope and excitement were restored and doubled!! hehe I started with Skyrim, using the power 3d function, which works awesome. But the depth isnt guite as good as with power 3d off. Then you have a custom- and outofocus which you could use when power 3d is off. This is the same settings as with nVidia's convergence settings. In my opinion this is way better than nVidia's!! Dont know how Tridef did it!!? First thing I noticed is that the shader s*** I had with 3d vision in the landscape were gone which makes the game playable! But there are still some problems when you go under water and you cant see youre destination indicators and healthbar and so forth which is a bit irritating. Tridef 3d works with directX. And for some reason it uses nVidia's hardware very effectively. Think this is a slap in the face for nVidia! hahaha After playing skyrim I tried CODBO with power3d on. Really not that bad! Some ppl mentioned turning on 3d in nVidia's control pannel but you should tick "hide 3d effects on launch" to get some boost from 3d vision. Dont really know if this works but I think so. Ive never really like blackops but since I saw it in true 3d I was hooked instantly!! Its almost like being inlove! lol Unfortunately without power 3d there are a lot of 3d objects wrongly placed in depth. But very few games doesnt have any trouble. I thought I would start with some older games and work my way up to the latest releases. Playin Half Life 2 was the greatest experience so far! A bit old but it was the most fun!! It really rocked!! Almost no problems. And the fun could be multiplied X7. Theres just no way I would ever be able to go back to 2d gaming! If a game doesnt support true 3d, Im not interested. Some other games I tried were MassEffect2. Working supperb! ModernWarfare3 also excellent! GTA san andreas. Just a problem with rendering of mirrors. Avatar. But you should use their options and not tridef's to get maximum performance. Crysis1. Absolutely awesome!!! But my card can only push it at medium so I will wait for my gtx680 before touching this one =D.

So yeah this screen is defintely worth it when youre looking for the ulimate 3d gaming experince!! Dont know why but the price is a bit high in America...? Got mine here in SA for 606$

Edit: So I got this baby working with 3d vision now and my new 680GTX. Didnt think this was possible. Have to say 3d Vision is still way better than tridef! Theres a big difference between frame sequential and side by side. Where tridef's drivers split your frames in two (1920 / 2) 3d vision gives you two 1920 frames. Only things I like more about tridef is the convergence and gun detection options. And ofcourse the frame counter ingame. I still get huge lag with this new card in Crysis with tridef. So it werent my 260. The 3d just look much better with tridef in crysis but it doensnt use the GPU effectively. With 3d vision you'll get much better performance and eye candy but the 3d isnt very nice. Still need to look for a way to get the water to look better. Skyrim is completely fixed now. A .ini setup and patch fixed everything, sky water and shadows. But at the cost of some performance. All the CODies looks amazing now. Assasins Creed very good. GTA4 was a bit dissapointing. Game cant use the GPU effectively. Think a patch could fix this. Mass Effect is the game running smoothest. Game has an excellent engine!! Or perhaps it doesnt render as much as other games.

I havent tried ATi and tridefs combination so I dont know how their performance compare. For legal reasons it will be better to use ATi's combination with this screen. Unless youre heart is nVidia and you want to sneak past 3d Vision's security guard. lol

Another thing to add like some alreeady mentioned, this screen isnt matte antiglare so if youre fussy about the reflections in "mirror" screens or working/playing in a well-lit environment this screen might irritate you.

Now Im just waiting for Maximus IV and i7 to join the party. Unfortunately it seems America doenst want to share all its toys so I have to buy local? :(
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on August 27, 2011
This monitor blew my mind away, right out of the box. It's just such a looker. I must say though, if you are looking for a 3D experience, look elsewhere. The 3D on this monitor is not that spectacular. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sexy showpiece that works very well as a 2D TV and monitor, look no further. This is the coolest addition to any dorm room (where I use mine).

A unique feature that I love about this monitor is that it has the ability to have different settings watching the source is an AV/TV vs. a PC source. The viewing requirements and settings of a TV monitor and a PC monitor is different. Thus, this feature allows this monitor to be truly hybrid.

I'm not a gaming or TV enthusiast, so screen quality doesn't bother me that much. However, if you looking for a true 120Hz PC monitor. You should be looking at the Samsung S27A950 instead. This model, the T27A950, only runs at 60Hz. Additionally, the resolution on this monitor is not as high as a 27inch monitor should be, which becomes apparent when reading text or small objects on the screen. I preferred size over pixel density because I primarily use it to game or watch movies with friends on my Mac, which this monitor is stellar at due to its hybrid nature.

Sound is not anything special but will be sufficient for the average user. Bassheads should connect their separate speakers though which I'm planning to do.

Verdict? Don't use 3D. Admire the design. Remember to adjust the settings for the TV mode and PC mode as they are separate even though you will find the settings in the same menu format. What menu pops up depends on the source you are on. The connectivity on this monitor is quite extensive, so you will have no troubles with that. PC users, I would suggest getting a DVI to HDMI cord for the best experience. Finally, this monitor will not dissapoint.
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on April 27, 2014
I bought this monitor when it first came 2 yrs ago very happy but it was 300.00 /400.00 dollars.
May I can find one used
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on January 6, 2012
Samsung advertises this TV as picture in a picture (PIP). Do not order this TV if you are expecting to use your cable box or other inputs for the PIP. The PIP function only accepts coax connections thus no HD or modern cable box connection for PIP not to mention computer DVD or DVD player. My 7 year old Dell monitor allowed me to select whatever was connected to the Monitor/TV for PIP input. This is very disappointing and misleading by Samsung. One expects more out of Samsung and an $800.00 TV/Monitor. It's going back.
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