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on May 20, 2011
I've never had a phone or PDA where I didn't have to sacrifice a lot to get something else. Not with this one. I am a Google addict. I use Google Docs, Tasks, Contacts, GMail, Calendar, etc. So of course this phone works perfectly with all of that and syncs well with my Galaxy Tab, Windows 7 PC and MacBook Air.

Before this I had a Captivate running Froyo and wasn't sure if switching would be worth the cost, as I mainly have just wanted a bigger screen. I don't know why iPhone does so well at only 3.5". You can't read text on something that small. I could barely stand 4" Captivate. 4.5" seems to be the sweet spot. Especially since the phone is so thin and light. Perfect width for telephone conversation and surfing, typing.

The biggest surprise though is the battery life. I have never had a smartphone last a whole day and I do not talk much on them or play media. Just surfing, texting and updating calendar, tasks, etc usually drains the battery. On my Captivate I could go about 12 hours if I used a black background, turned off 3G, turned off WiFi except when needed, etc. But with the Infuse, I took it out of the box 1/2 charged Monday evening. Charged to full charge (takes up to 4 hours from 0%) and took it off the charger at 10:40pm. Tonight is Thursday and at 9:30pm it finally died! Nearly 3 whole days!! I used a 1/3 of each day with FaceBook Go Chat open on it, full color wallpaper, never turned off WiFi in the entire 3 days. Screen brightness has been on medium or Auto. Just normal use, nothing heavy and nothing to intentionally preserve battery. That in itself justified the cost.

But other perks have been how fast menus open and apps launch compared to some lags in Captivate. I put the Captivate and Infuse side by side expecting to see more text in Kindle app, web surfing, etc with the larger screen. It actually showed the same amount of text, but only larger which was nice. I guess I could reduce font and see more text, but I liked the larger text. The charger seems easier to insert than the Captivate.

Don't care if TouchWiz 3.0 vs 4.0. I install and launch apps easily. Who cares what they put out in Europe that could be crippled when it gets to us. I don't care if it's not running Gingerbread. Eventually I am sure it will, but if it never did. I wouldn't miss it. My Captivate had 2.1 for a long time, but eventually got Froyo. Be patient people. These O/S updates provide minor enhancements. I can do everything I need on this phone. If you are a task oriented, efficiency dependent person like I am, this phone is for you.

In summary. This is the best phone or PDA I have ever seen. I will keep this one until it dies (normally I keep a phone 6 - 10 months). I don't care what better specs come out down the road. Often specs are over-hyped or mean drained battery. I rarely review anything, but figured there were some Captivate owners on the fence out there like I was. So I hope this helps you make the decision.
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You are going to hear a lot of opinions on how this phone isn't dual core, isn't the Galaxy S II, too big, blah blah blah. Unless you simply must have the "next generation" phone this fall, if you are looking for the BEST AT&T Android phone, the Samsung Infuse is it.

On paper, I didn't upgrade by much...I already had the pretty good Samsung Captivate. But after a few minutes with the Infuse, I could already tell this was a great phone. The performance is so snappy and quick. I don't have official benchmarks but for instance, I am a heavy Google Reader user. On the Captivate, when I would choose "Mark All Previous Read", it would take, on average, 10 seconds. Now, it is about 1 second. This is on both Wi-Fi and "4G". App loading and closing is also much faster. I did have my home menu in a long "spinning symbol" after running some apps and I even rebooted but it has since not returned.

The screen is absolutely beautiful. Bight, big and sharp. The screen size was the selling point for me and it feels good in your hand. Slightly larger feeling but I expected it to feel much bigger.

Multimedia is also a joy to use on this phone. The front facing camera is a nice addition and I like having the flash on the 8MP camera on the back. We did try a Tango video call and never could get it to work right. If we weren't sideways, then it wasn't displaying correctly. Someone needs to make a definitive video chat client for Android.

To me, this phone is ready for the future. Even with dual core processors out there, this phone should do you for at least the terms of a 2 year contract, if not longer. If you simply can't wait for the fall lineup of phones, this is an excellent choice.
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on June 17, 2011
I used the iphone 2G, 3GS and iphone 4. Of course the last one had major issues with the dropped reception. I have been looking for an andriod phone to get me off Apple and iphone, but NO ONE could match the touch feeling of the iphone. Blackberry touch, you have to tap several times, even Motorola Atrix the response was not great and I returned it. Besides that in the Atrix email program, I could not see Html mail well. Then I heard that Samsung makes the screen that iphone uses and I had heard good feedback on the Galaxy series, that their touch was super. I decided to go with a Samsung product.

Outstanding. Impressive. Forget Iphone.
Touch: the response is super, even better than the iphone. Yes even better.
HTML Email: Excellent, reads it very well.
Speed: Excellent processes requests very fast
battery: Wow! for the smartphones these days that barely last a day, I have gone 3 days so far and not needed a charge. Although, I have GPS turned off, Wifi turned off and power management fully on. I am not a heavy user, I just want my email, little browsing and a bit of phone. yet for me, the Atrix&iphone4 would last 2 days at best.
Screen: its very big and beautiful, which I like very very much. If you are into watching videos etc with your phone you will enjoy it.

I say drop your iphone and get this.
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on May 17, 2011
What can I say. I really love this phone. It's quick. It's fast on the download. Typing is accurate. The camera is good. The styling is great. It's slim. Having the larger screen just makes everything so much easier - and it's exciting for multimedia.

I was disappointed that Tango wasn't working quite right, so I went to the Tango Web site to find a cure. Evidentally, there are a few different Samsung phones, including the Infuse, that are having trouble with sending a rotated and zoomed in video to the other party. The tech support said that they are aware of the problem and that the engineers are working on a fix.

One great benefit - you can use the Amazon App Store without taking extraordinary measures or rooting the phone. This is not possible on all ATT phones, so it's a welcome change. It means you can take advantage of the free app they offer every day and use your Amazon account to purchase apps.

I was worried about the phone fitting into my jeans pocket and allowing me to sit down. I found out that if I rotate it sideways, I can sit down easily. It's very slim and light, so you don't feel like you are carrying a brick. I'm so happy that I got this phone.
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on May 18, 2011
So I got my new phone yesterday from amazon. I decided to go with the Samsung Infuse 4G just to try something different.

Out of the box, the first thing you'll notice is the size of the phone itself. It's pretty big lengthwise (4.5 in screen) yet extremely thin, but still fits comfortably in my hand (I have huge hands). When I picked the phone up, I was in a state of disbelief at how light it is. It's really unbelievable how little the thing weighs. Overall the phone has a nice texture and looks rather professional. The glass on the front is made with corning gorilla glass, and looks gorgeous.

The phone is lightning fast, especially compared to my iphone 3Gs. Everything loads instantly, whether it be applications or zipping through the menus. I am thoroughly impressed with the phone's speed. I'm new to android, and navigating the phone was very easy. It comes preinstalled with 2.2 (FROYO).

The LCD screen is gorgeous (as are most samsung displays) and very bright. Even the lowest brightness setting is almost painful to look at in the dark for a long time.

The camera is very nice. It has an 8 megapixel 4x zoom + LED flash, and takes great pictures. The video camera take beautiful recordings at 720p. There are some settings you can fool around with that you normally wouldn't see on a phone, which is nice. I'll upload some pictures to give an example.

One of the cooler apps I installed and had time to fool around with was the N64 emulator, and to my suprise it ran flawlessly, no stuttering or anything. I played mario 64, and got the first star. I think this is a testament to the power and capabilities of the phone.

I love the phone so far, way better than my old IPhone. Definitely pick this up if you're in the market for a new AT&T phone. For the $150 price tag, I couldn't be happier.
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on June 12, 2011
I've had the phone for a little less than a week now and I really like it. This is my first 'really' smart phone after upgrading from an LG Xenon. The differences are impressive. I'm not sure if they're due to different manufacturer or just the natural evolution of technology. After all, two years is a tech eternity.

* Android: I don't really care that it's not the very latest version. 2.2 is working fine so there's no rush to upgrade the OS. It will come when it comes. In the meantime, I really like the Android OS.
* Screen: Bright and clear. Vibrant color. Touch screen is a huge improvement over anything else I've used. A lot of thought went into studying how people interface with the phone. I think this is probably the most important feature of the Infuse. It's not just a bunch of bells and whistles, Samsung paid a lot of attention to 'how' the phone is used. This is the most intuitive computer I've ever used. For example, when you hold the phone up to your ear the screen locks so you don't push buttons with your ear, but when you take it away the screen automatically unlocks. Brilliant!
* Voice: Talk about a grand slam. No training and it gets it right. I'm just getting started with voice but there's little doubt that voice commands and dictation will become the standard way of using the phone. This is an excellent first step in interacting with a computer by voice. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this technology.
* Android Apps: I can say, without any doubt, that you can install apps from the Android App store. I downloaded a bunch of them yesterday. It appears the AT&T lockout is over.
* 3G Speed: It's not as fast as a PC, (I'm spoiled by cable internet for download speed), but 3G seems to be plenty fast. Not much waiting at all.
* CPU Speed: Compared to the Xenon, the Infuse is extremely fast. Apps come up very quick and I don't have the frustrating wait like I had with the Xenon. CPU speed is more than adequate. Of course, as an old computer user, I believe there's always a need for more speed.
* Camera: Another winner! Beautiful pictures from a cell phone, you gotta be kidding me! I'm not. The 8MP camera produces the best pictures out of anything I have, which includes several digital cameras. It's another feature Samsung put a lot of thought into. Not only does it take great pictures, it has a lot of functions and settings, giving the user an impressive amount of control.
*Ear Buds: Somehow I missed that the Infuse comes with a set of earphones/buds. In this case I think they're not described accurately. These shouldn't be called earphones, they should be called a sound pump. Talk about a WOW moment. When I turned up the volume I was very impressed. Then I discovered the little 5.1 button. Since I was learning the phone I pressed it to see what it was. I went from being impressed to being totally blown off my chair. Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound! You gotta be kidding me, (again)!!!! Best sound experience I've ever had with a set of headphones, PERIOD!

As far as con's go, there aren't many. There isn't a single thing about the phone that I really dislike. The only negatives I've encountered probably have more to do with me just getting used to a new piece of tech. Rather than con's, I see these negatives as nothing more than things that could be better. Most of the negatives have to with something I call 'Task Intensive Computing'. Task intensive computing is defined as "Why do something with one or two clicks when you can do it in four or five clicks to achieve the same result." I'm not sure who's at fault Samsung or Android, it's still frustrating. I sure wish programmers would spend more time considering how to accomplish any task with the least amount of effort.

* Closing apps: Considering the limits AT&T has on data transfer, easily closing an app should be a no-brainer, but it's not. Here's one of my Task Intensive Computing peeve's. You have to go into the Task Manager to be certain an app is closed.
* Deleting files and icons: Another TIC peeve. There should be an easier way to delete a file or icon without having to get an app for it. The process of pressing down on an icon and having to wait for the trash can to appear, then having to drag it to the removal point is a huge waste of time. I want to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. What's the point of having a fast phone if it takes extra time to accomplish something as basic as deleting.
* Touch screen might be a little too sensitive: I'm sure this is more my fault than the phone's, but it's nearly impossible to do anything without unintentionally hitting something on the screen. How you hold the phone or pick it up is something that has to be re-learned. It's different and I find that I'm constantly opening things up that I didn't want to.
* Lock button directly across from the volume button: Another thing that's tough to get used to is that to lock/unlock the screen, the button is directly across from the volume down button. This position is not very ergonomic. It's natural to put your opposing finger directly across from the lock button, but in doing so you will almost always turn the volume down to -0-. This requires the user to get used to holding the phone in an unnatural way.
* Answering Calls: I don't like having to slide the answer button to answer a call. If I get a call I want to answer it not slide an icon across the screen two or three times before I finally slide it over far enough for the phone to answer. I know the problem is something I can learn to overcome, but it's also something Samsung could make much easier.
Screen Rotation: There's a lag when you rotate the screen from horizontal to vertical. I'm sure it's a complicated function for the phone to accomplish, I just wish it were faster. Other phones don't have this much of a lag.
* Recharging: The battery lasts long enough but recharging it takes more time than I expected. Mostly I charge it by connecting the USB cord to my PC, but charging takes far longer than any phone I've owned. It's probably a good thing because the phone gets warm when it's charging. Not hot, but warm enough for me to notice when I got a call after the phone had been recharging for a while.
* Nav Buttons: I wish there was a way to keep the nav buttons on the bottom of the screen lit longer. If it's dark it's hard to see them after the backlight turns off. Considering how integral they are to the operation of the phone it's a bit of a PITA to accidentally hit the wrong button and have to navigate back. I'm sure it's another thing that's more about me learning the phone, but I do think it's an area Samsung could make a little better.

All things said, I really like this phone and I'm looking forward to integrating it into my daily life. I see it as more of a tool for making my day easier and from what I've seen so far, it's up to the job. I need to get used to it, but I can already see how it will change my life for the better. It seems that whatever I need to do or keep track of, there's an app for it. I'm sure that in two years, when I'm able to upgrade again, there'll be some new technologies in place that will make my Infuse look like a dinosaur, but for right now I think it's about as advanced as a phone can get. The size is nice for me as I have big hands. That makes the keyboard much easier for me to use. It's big enough for me to use, but not so big that it won't fit in my pocket. Like any computer, the Infuse comes pre-loaded with a ton of bells and whistles I'll probably never use, but I also see it as much more than a phone. It's like someone opened a gate to a whole new experience. The amount of things I will be using it for is going to change the way I manage my personal and business day. That says a lot for a phone.
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on July 12, 2011
I was biased towards a dual-core offering from the begining and had been waiting for an update from Android or Windows 7 to support multi-core architecture.
And then my iPhone (had been using it for the last 3 years) got stolen, forcing me to fill up the void space in my denim.

So I walk into the AT&T store and start reviewing the phones listening to the sales-assistants unconditional love for Samsung Infuse.
I think he had a point. The screen is huge and the quality is phenomenal! I tried Inspire and Atrix and the display is nowhere close to what Infuse had to offer.
As for the Speed, I saw little to no delay while switching between applications. One can wish for some performance improvements with a dual-core but then, who cares? We already waste enough time posting daily updates on FB and Twitter and saving microseconds would not save us from the impending doom@2012. I am not even sure if a multi core phone will lead to any significant performance improvements unless the underlying OS itself supports it.

Some amazing facts:
+ Awesome BIG OLED display with very good contrast levels(3rd time).
+ Very good Audio Quality. The 5.1 mode shines on instrumental.
+ Great 8MP Camera. Includes single-click focus with acceptable bokeh effects.
+ Very snappy, don't wait till they introduce quantum processors.
+ Big, Stylish and not heavy as one would expect :D.
+ Good Battery Life, survives a day with ease.

- The phone is a bit slippery, need to work on my grip.
- The HDMI adapter needs to be powered through the USB cord. Not that it matters but the connection scheme is ridiculous :).

P.S - This is my first review on Amazon and I felt compelled to write one.
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on June 17, 2011
I bought this phone after my iphone 3g broke. This phone is like night and day compared to an iphone 3g. There is simply no comparison. I even compared it to an iphone 3gs and its still blows it out of the water. The screen is huge and really clear, I think it's almost as good as the retina display from iphone. This phone is thin and powerful. This phone is really fast the only lag i've seen is when a webpage has a lot of flash player running then it's a little laggy to zoom in and out but its no big deal, the phone keeps up fine. There are way too many good things about this phone to just focus on the lag that it has when web pages are running flash player. People that i show my phone to think its too big for them, also for small people who wear tight jeans it would be hard to fit the phone in their pockets. For me the size is perfect because pictures, movies and the internet look absolutely beautiful!...Glad I waited to get this phone and glad I chose it over the iphone.


Ok so ive been using this phone for 2 months now and i have been getting a lot of compliments on the phone and i really like it but since i already named the great things about the phone im going to name the bad things about it and take a star away. First and foremost no phone is perfect that being said here are the NEGATIVE things about the phone...

1. The battery charge time, it takes a good 4 to 5 hours to completely charge your phone but it will last all day with moderate use.
2. Your battery will drain while using it plugged in. I have owned many electronic devices over my life and this is the first device that will actually drain the battery while using it plugged in.
3 GPS accuracy is not that great. It takes forever to determine your location and once it does it is not as accurate as the iphone. Ive compared with iphone and the iphone determines GPS location much faster. It's so slow to pick up your exact location that most of the time its unusable.
4. Keyboard. The iphone keyboard is by far snappier and and better than this keyboard...yes you can download apps that will make this keyboard like the iphone but its still not as good as iphone
5. Although the dialing pad is fast its still not as crisp and fast as the iphone's dialing pad.
6. Cannot zoom in or make full screen on picture messages recieved. I really liked doing that when i had an iphone.
7. Extremely weak wifi antenna. If i go to my backyard which is not that far i lose the wifi signal. I can still use it fine inside the house. The only way for the wifi signal bars to be completely full is to hold it right next to the wireless router.
8 4g speeds aren't really that much faster than 3g when browsing the web, unless you have full signal bars then you could notice a speed difference...but how often do you have full bars with ATT?
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on July 8, 2011
After using an iPhone for so long, I felt that it was time for something new and I saw the Samsung Infuse 4G. It's a bit bigger than my iPhone but the screen is sharp and colors so vibrant! Navigating the phone has been a breeze and everything loads really fast. While there are tons of options on this device (perhaps a bit too much, especially for those who have used iPhones for awhile), I've grown to appreciate it because there is so much you can do and many ways to customize such as setting custom ringtones for messages, widgets, etc. I also appreciate that it asks you first when you activate apps that require data usage if you really want to use it because of data charges(I guess it depends on the app?).

What really sealed the deal for me was the 8MP camera as well as 720p HD video recording! Considering that the iPhone 4 only has 5MP camera, I thought this was pretty sweet. The photos really do look great and you can set the exposure level, different lighting environments, ISO, etc. I have yet to try the video though.

One noticeable thing I noticed was that the wifi scanner is a bit delayed compared even to the iPhone 1G. While it will remember my wifi network, when I move to a new location, it will take as long as several minutes for it to scan and detect new networks. There are occasional times when even though I'm in my home area, the wifi icon won't show up for several minutes. So in summary:

- Fast and responsive
- Bright and vibrant screen
- Long battery usage (the first charge lasted me 2.5 days!)
- Awesome camera

- WiFi slow to detect new networks
- Synced ALL my Gmail contacts that I've EVER emailed as well as Google+ too! It took me awhile to re-organize it and do selective sync. Lesson learned: clean your Gmail contact lists before syncing!
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DUAL CORE: No, it's not dual core... and neither is the Nexus One or the iPhone 4 & those phones multi-task quite well. Right now, dual core is more gimmick than anything. High-end phones weren't having any problems multi-tasking.

Now that that's out of the way, this phone gives you everything you want in a high-end phone (I won't echo the stats). The larger screen is more appreciated than another core. All the better for viewing the web. Adding to this the Super AMOLED Plus, there's nothing that beats the viewing experience.

REQUISITE IPHONE COMPARISON: Unlike the iPhone, the Infuse can take on a 32gb memory card. Even the front camera is mp, though iPhone's camera is better in general. It's customizable, lighter & has a larger screen. The iPhone is like a prefabricated tract home. They all look alike - squares on a screen. If you simply want a portal for apps, iPhone is your man. It's like an automatic transmission. Get in, sit down and ride. If you want customized phone that allows you to choose your gears, rev the engine, choose your options and tailor-make your experience, then Infuse is your guy.

Big, beautiful, fast, vivid, customizable, tons of apps, works well.
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