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on March 6, 2012
For the record this is my first smart phone. Before I bought it I read literally hundreds of reviews and comparisons, watched videos, went in and tested and handled countless models and studied the pros and cons of the three main smart phone operating platforms. In our home we have and iPhone and iPad, Windows PC's and an Android tablet, so I've had plenty of exposure to mobile technology and am decently tech literate

I purchased my Infuse about two months ago and I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with it. Yes, it is slightly older technology (only a single core processor and half a Gig of RAM). However, when I compared it to more expensive phones, the extra speed you get from the two cores is not worth the extra money you pay.

Here is why I like my Infuse so much:
1. It is stable. I have had no freezes and it really performs brilliantly.
2. The camera is excellent!
3. It upgraded to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread about a week after I bought it. No glitches and no headaches. (I bought it knowing it had 2.2 and may never get 2.3.6 so this was a HUGE plus).
4. It has a clear and bright 4.5 inch screen that makes it actually usable. (I don't think I'll ever get anything smaller than this, this is what makes it useful and realistically a do everything device).

Now here is what I have done to my phone to dial it in just right:
1. Went to the Android Market and downloaded Go Launcher and went with its default theme. This makes a huge difference in the performance of the phone.
2. I didn't go app crazy and indiscriminately download all kinds of crap to my phone. I shopped carefully and test drove a lot of apps, dumped a lot, and finally, kept the ones I found worthy. Read before you download folks!
3. I don't run a bunch of goofy widgets on my phone, actually just one, the Go Weather widget and it updates only when I check it. You have to realize if you have all this stuff (widgets & such) running it's going to use all your RAM (memory) and your performance will degrade and you'll be saying, "Bad Phone! Horrible Phone!" Also, skip the live wallpapers, they're pretty but they drain battery.
4. Skip the App and Task Killers and Battery Defenders and all that. Why? a) They take up system resources (memory and battery) and b) You can use the stock Task Manager or one that is embedded in the apps screen with Go Launcher (turn it on in Settings). This phone has a half a gig of memory and it runs pretty well with it, but after a long session of browsing, checking my calendar, making a few notes and doing other stuff, I'll just go in and with two taps the running apps and process are all cleared. (You have to remember to reboot it once in a while too - but how tough is that?)

The battery is a little weak on this phone but it is sufficient. I do everything I want: make calls, surf the web, take pictures, use Maps, use my calendar, play a couple of low key games, etc. I don't set my screen on auto bright, I just keep it at about 60%, which is plenty. The phone will tell you when to unplug it from charging, don't. Let it charge overnight. Do some research on battery conditioning.
The GPS is solid, the Data and WIFI are easy and reliable, the speeds are great most of the time and I am just really impressed with the device.

Two final points.
1. Get a decent case (I have a Ballistic SG two piece case. Yes, it adds some bulk but it also adds a lot of protection. (You can skip the screen protectors, it has Corning Gorilla Glass and you don't need them).
2. Life Tip: Don't reduce your life to a 4.5 inch screen or 3.5 or whatever you wind up with. Life is the people and world around you. Don't pull your phone out and stare at it every idle moment. Connect with people, make eye contact, smile, take in the world around you, use all your senses. Don't reduce the world and your life to a phone.
It's a great phone / mini-computer. I highly recommend it! Ciao!
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on September 24, 2011
I enjoyed this "phone"...except that I got about 20 dropped calls a day and call quality was horrific. It functions great as a beautiful mini-tablet, but not really as a phone.

The pros:
- the screen is beautiful
- Android market is great
- As a former longtime-Iphone user I greatly appreciate how Android allows one to alter the appearance of screens, keyboards, etc. For example, the simple live wallpaper "beach" that came pre-installed on this Samsung is better than anything I ever had on my iphone - and it was just one live wallpaper of many! It is now unacceptable to me to not be able to modify even basic appearance and user-experience settings on my devices. I am really over Apple's one-design-for-everyone approach. Android is vastly preferable for this reason. End of rant.
- battery was fine
-Super bright colors and dark blacks
- Netflix worked great. I have no idea why people have posted that one needs Gingerbread for it to work. I watched many Netflix films on my Infuse and they played great.

The cons:
-20 + dropped calls a day! I bought my gf an Infuse as well, and we still had this problem. The number of dropped calls actually increased with this phone over my iphone on ATT.
-horrific sound call quality. I was asking "what?" about 50 times a day.
-poor sound quality on music, even with expensive headphones. Sounded tinny most of the time.
-It never felt like a phone, but rather like a small, glass tablet.
-AT&T, the biggest problem of all! I started to realize there was a problem when the ATT servers crashed multiple times even while BestBuy was trying to activate the phone. I have never had a phone carrier provide such lousy phone reception. I was with ATT for 3 years only because of the I-phone...but I do not plan on going back.
-I wasn't a fan of the black background on everything from the calendar to the back of text messages. I know the Super-Amoled black is great, but sometime I like white backgrounds, esp. for reading text.

Summary: Since Samsung has now released the Galaxy S2, I would go with this phone instead of the Infuse, unless you need to start with a cheaper phone. I switched to the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Sprint and am happy as a clam.
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on March 2, 2012
I bought this phone coming off a Samsung Captivate. I couldve chosen one of the Infuse's more advanced brothers (Galaxy S2 or the Skyrocket), but I chose this as a temporary until I can get my hands on an HD phone.

Anyways, I'll mainly be comparing this to the Captivate, because they are quite similarly spec'd, but I have been able to use both together.

Size - The Infuse is large, theres no doubt about it. And it's also very thin. This is good overall, because it maximizes the screen size. However, it can be difficult to hold on to because it is so flat and wide, and the material on the edges aren't grippy. The screen size makes doing everything very convenient. However, if you have medium to small hands, you may not be able to reach all 4 corners of the screen without substantially adjusting your grip.

Materials/build quality - Although this is considered "lesser" to the Galaxy S line, The build quality is great and I find the materials superior to the Captivate. The main frame is a hard-feeling material that does not seem to be plastic, but it has a smooth finish. The battery cover is very thin plastic, but is hard-textured, so it works fine. The phone itself feels solid in your hand, and doesn't feel like it would break, despite its large thinness.

Camera - The camera is just decent. It does 720p, and has 8mp, but in the end, I found the performance to be just okay, similar to the 5mp shooter on the Captivate. On the other hand, it has an LED flash (which can be used as a flashlight in emergencies), and it has a front facing camera, both of which are very useful.

Screen - So the Infuse has a 800x480 SAMOLED+ display. Compared to the captivate, everything is much smoother (except text, which is pixelated because of low resolution). The SAMOLED+ is an improvement over the regular SAMOLED in this respect, for the Captivate, in a pure white background you felt like you could see all those background pixels. The brightness is similar to the SAMOLED, and just barely bright enough for use in full sun.

Battery life - Its enough to lead a normal user through a full day, or two for a light user.

Software - Just decent. This needs to be upgrade to Gingerbread, but is stuck on Froyo. Once this occurs, the software will be good.

Speakers - Well, the speakerphone on the back is GREATLY improved over the Captivate. While their max volumes are similar, the Infuse's speaker is much, much clearer and crisper, especially when listening to music or movies. Its just a world of difference here, the Infuse's speaker can pass as a regular speaker, less the bass.

4g - The HSPA+ 4g on this phone is a great upgrade. I got 9Mbps down, and 1Mbps up on Speedtest.

Speed - This has a 1.2Ghz single core processor. Doesn't sound fast, but its fast enough. If you are multitasking and loading a bunch of things at once, it will lag. However, for most uses, its speedy.

Overall, I love the phone. Unlike my captivate, which would randomly shut down, could not lock onto GPS satellites, and lagged a lot. The Infuse is everything you really need in a Smartphone. You get a big screen, dual cameras, SAMOLED+ technology, sufficient battery, great speakerphone quality, good 4g speeds, and a sturdy phone.
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on January 24, 2012
I purchased to of these a year ago. i went from having an Atrix to this phone because i like the larger display, but have been disappointed ever since.

i use my phone as a GPS at work. i travel from house to house delivering and teaching about medical devices. The smaller Atrix had no problem getting a quick and accurate GPS lock, the Infuse jas lack luster performance in this market. I use the GPS when walking in the AM to keep track of time and distance, with this phone, i can complete my 3 mile daily walk and still not have a signal from the GPS.

My phone(s) will shut off, one phone has been replaced under warranty 2 weeks ago and now the battery will not charge, the other phone locks up a lot and you have to press the home button several times after waking up the phone. All three phones have these problems in common.

If you are looking for a good cell phone, keep looking, you will not find it here.
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on October 1, 2011
I have been using an iPhone 3GS and was reluctant to change . But the screen was too small. So I switched to an android phone . The first one I got was a Htc , but that sucked. So I asked the 25 year old sales person what would she recomend , and she said I have a " samsung infuse 4g " I love it .. Well I looked at the screen size and fell in love .

Pros: big screen , finally I was able to read email and txt messages.
Very light phone .
Big screen , oh yeah I said already .
Easy to use , samsung did a good job. Easy user interface.
Battery life is better than most android phones.
Able to use as a modem, meaning I can you this phone as an Internet connection for my notebook... Can't do that w/ iPhone , unless you jailbreak it ..

Overall, I would give this phone 4.5 stars out of 5 . Highly recommend .
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on January 10, 2012
I was torn between this phone and the Atrix 2 for AT&T. I got lucky one day here at Amazon and caught the Infuse when it was on sale for 1 cent under 2 year contract. Being essentially free and $50 less than the Atrix 2 sealed the deal and I got the infuse.

During my research I found mostly positive reviews for the Infuse. The few user complaints I came across tended to be related to the large screen size (too big?), thin profile (fragile?), and light weight (toy like?). I too was concerned that it would be a little too large to be easily pocketable. After about a week with the device I can say that this device fits in pocket very well. It is so thin and light that most of the time I don't even notice that I have something in my pocket. I was considering a belt clip case for the phone, but probably won't get one for now.

There are several different facets that could be reviewed with this phone. Here are some of the most important for me.

Simple gorgeous. Makes even high end computer screens look bad. I had high expectations here, and they were exceeded handily. The screen has a resolution of a little over 200 pixels per inch - which is nearly three times as dense as most computer screens. It's incredibly crisp, bright, and vibrant. There is no color distortion at any viewing angle. The glass is well coated and although glossy, doesn't appear to suffer from excessive glare. The screen on my Android Tablet (Asus Transformer) is much more difficult to see in bright rooms.

Dimensions: 2.7" wide, 5.1" high, 0.35" thick
I was concerned it was going to be too big, but I haven't found this to be the case. It fits into my pocket with ease and so far seems to resist scratches well. I've even dropped it already and the phone suffered no ill effects (not even a scratch). The back cover is a thin textured plastic piece that looks great and gives it a high end feel. The sides are a glossy black plastic and while it looks very nice, can sometimes make it tricky to hold onto. I don't plan on getting a case for the phone, but if I find myself dropping it often, then I'll look into it.

In short, better than any other phone I've ever owned. I'm coming from a Samsung Impression (semi-smart phone), and the sound quality of the infuse is head and shoulders above it. Callers voices are clearer than I've ever heard from a cell phone before. This was an unexpected surprise. Reception also seems to be better than that of most other phones. I get abysmal phone reception in my apartment. Most people have to go outside to get a decent phone call. I can now move further away from the front of my apartment than I could before while still getting good reception. It doesn't sound like much, but for those who don't get great reception in their area, it could be very valuable.

This is a fast phone. I was concerned about "only" having a single core processor and "only" having 512MB of RAM, but again these concerns have been unfounded. Responsiveness of the phone is quite good and it almost never lags (slows down slightly when installing apps). The keyboard can actually keep up with my fast typing, and the swiping of screens and pushing of icons happens quickly. This phone installs and runs apps noticeably faster than my Asus Transformer, which is impressive given the huge size differential. I have zero remorse for passing up the faster Galaxy 2 for this phone.

I won't mince words, the speakers are awful. Don't even attempt to listen to music with the built in speakers because it won't do it justice. A far better option for any type of multimedia is plugging the included headphones into the jack on the top of the phone. This gives vastly improved sound instantly.

The camera feature is a mixed bag. The sensor seems to be quite good for a camera phone, however it's hobbled by the interface. There is no dedicated shutter button, but there is a basic mix of camera controls in the included software. Image quality is good for a phone, but point-and-shoots are still better in every way. For most casual users, this camera phone will probably take the place of their point and shoot.

It comes with Android 2.2 installed and it's pretty fantastic. I have Android 3.1 on my tablet and while "3.1" sounds a lot better than "2.2", the 2.2 on the Infuse does everything I could want and then some. For 99% of the population, you could leave 2.2 on this phone and be happy for the life of the phone.

AT&T has installed a handful of branded apps which can't be removed without rooting the phone. Most are fairly unintrusive, so there is no great harm in leaving them. Most of these apps are geared towards getting you to spend more money on subscription services to AT&T when in reality you can probably find free apps to do the exact same thing. You can use "Superoneclick" and "Titanium Backup" (both free) to quickly and safely remove these apps if you are so inclined.

Aside from the handful of AT&T apps, the phone is set up very well with a couple dozen of basic, but very useful apps. Being Android, there is obviously a TON of customization here, but right off the bat you get the most basic apps to do what most people need to do. Emailing and texting are excellent on this phone straight out of the box.

Again here, better than expected. I read horror stories about terrible battery life with this phone (granted these reviews are from mid 2011), but I just haven't experienced it. I typically get a full day (14 hours) out of the phone with moderate usage while only running the battery down to 30% or so late at night. While I definitely expect to have to charge the phone every day, as of now I never worry about making it through the day without charging. You can install various battery saver apps (I use Battery Dr Saver) which will extend life further.

Charging is done via a standard micro-USB cable and plugs up into any USB port. Charging isn't particularly quick, so you'll probably have to leave it overnight to charge it completely when it runs low.

So far I'm delighted with the phone. I've found the hardware to be exceptional and the software platform to be reliable and extremely useful and innovative. The somewhat largish screen on this phone just makes the software that much more usable. It performs basic phone functions flawlessly and handles moderately complex multimedia without a hiccup. While this phone is technically a step down from the Galaxy 2, it doesn't feel like a compromise phone at all. Given the exceptional price under contract, this phone is a no brainer for those looking for an upgrade.
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on May 27, 2011
This phone is hands down the best Android device currently available for US carriers.

The screen is a massive 4.5" Super AMOLED that will make all the iPhone 4 users you know drool with envy. It's perfect for movies, TV, gaming and just having more real estate for typing on the keyboard or reading. The phone is large but very thin so it slips into comfortably into a front pants pocket.

The processor makes the phone very snappy, apps and widgets perform at top speed. Dual core phones are on the horizon but there's no need to wait for them because nearly no apps can utilize them and Android 2.x is only partially taking advantage of them at the moment.

The battery is a sizable 1750 mAh, significantly larger than the batteries in HTC phones. It will get you through a full day and them some. The SAMOLED+ screen also helps with battery life. Tip: set your apps to use dark themes as black areas use no power in organic LED displays.

Touchwiz 3.0 is the Samsung interface and it will feel very comfortable to anyone who's used an iPhone.

AT&T has removed the "sideloading" restriction from this phone allowing you to install and use the Amazon App store. Definitely a plus, as you get 1 free app a day and you know the apps have been examined to prevent malicious software from reaching your phone.

The only possible downside to this phone is how quickly Samsung will deliver the needed 2.3 Gingerbread update to its customers.
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on May 26, 2011
Decided to dump my Blackberry for an Android, and needless to say, there were a ton of phones and providers to sift through. I coincidentally decided to upgrade the week the Infuse hit the shelves, and when I saw it in the AT&T store, I was sold almost immediately on the screen. A few more minutes playing with it and I was completely sold. Now two weeks later, I couldn't be happier.

I mentioned the screen - bright, bold, and big. Thanks to the AMOLED, the black levels are better than my backlit LED HDTV. I decided to rip a few of my Blu-Rays to the device in 480p to see its full potential, and it's absolutely a pleasure to watch - sharp and ghost-free.

It's thin - really thin, which makes up for its size in the other two dimensions. I have big hands and deep pockets, so the length/width isn't an issue for me (I actually like having some screen real estate so my sausage fingers can type on the touch screen). However, this is one of those phones that is you really need to get your hands on before you buy, just to make sure it won't be too big for you.

Despite Samsung's decision to go with a slightly faster Hummingbird on this phone rather than a newer dual-core, it's still really fast. In day-to-day use it's been lag free, and I've only slowed it down a couple of times by purposely running several intensive applications. As long as you're good about closing applications you're not using, you'll probably never see any slow down.

UI is nice, and if you've used an Android phone in the past, or if you're familiar with an iPhone, you'll be able to dive right in. It's quick and responsive. Apps are a piece of cake to download/install, and thanks to AT&T's policy changes, you can now use the Amazon App Store on this phone. Plenty of storage, with 16GB on-board and an external SD slot for up to 32GB more (though it comes with just a 2GB card).

The camera is great - 8MP with flash (unlike the Captivate), though the LED flash is a little harsh in low light. This problem is not exclusive to the Infuse though - LED flashes just suck. The video, on the other hand, is exceptional. I took this to a friend's wedding last weekend in even in some tricky light situations, it maintained artifact-free recording at 720, with nary a hiccup. Output to HDMI works really well, though it does require you to carry around the HDMI adapter. A minor shortcoming.

My highest praise for this phone, however, is that the battery life has been exceptional. I'd say I'm a moderate to heavy data user, and without any major power tweaks, Wifi on all day, the occasional viewing of video, a little Angry Birds mixed in, I can go almost two days without a charge. With minimal use and some manual management of the radio (turning of GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi), I can get almost three. I don't know of any other phone on the market with this kind of performance that even comes close. My girlfriend's Inspire and my coworker's iPhone 4 get a day each, if they're lucky, with similar usage.

I could keep raving, but the bottom line: if you want a fully-featured phone with an amazing screen and exceptional battery, look no further. There are a host of new dual-core phones on the horizon, but whether or not they'll be able to match this phone in battery life is TBD. It's cheaper on Amazon, but before you click "Add to Cart", I'd highly recommend stopping into a store and checking one out first, just to make sure it fits in your hand.
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on September 22, 2011
I'm an AT&T fan for a long time and I own both I897 and I997. I897 is very similar to I997 in many ways except for the smaller screen and new body style. Both phone performs well on speed, screen quality and battery life. What I did not like about the I997 is the sound quality and low resolution. For having a bigger screen the amount of icons you can place on the screen are the same in I897, Basically the screen just got bigger not much sharper or better. Plus it's hard for me to carry the I997 in my pocket because of the size. What nice about the I997 is when you read txt, emails, and books because of the large screen. All in all I like both phones, I897 for games and other stuff and I997 for txt, emails, web and reading books.
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on August 29, 2011
Ok first off i am wrighting this review from my samsung infuse!

This phone is great and does everything i wanted it to do and more!
1) the screen! The screen is nice and big so you dont have to zoom in on text, the color on the screen is amazing, so good that alot of time my friends will send me pictures just so they can see it on my big colorfull screen! The size makes it easy to text on-wether its on its side or upright!
2) app run fast! My apps open up fast and rarely is there lag! I can easily have 5 apps open at the same time
3) built in file manager, this makes it really easy to open, delete or rename files on your phone---be aware though it does not grant root access!
4)easy built in task manager to kill ir stop apps-just hold tge home button and a menu pops up with the six apps you used last and than a button for task manager. In the task manager you cam "End" apps or even go to the ram manager and end all background processes!
4)the built in samsung keyboard-its layed out nice with the normal "qwerty" style but what makes it special is if you go to the numbers and its got three pages of symbols/numbers the last page being a list of pre-built faces-here are a few :-) :-( :-P =-O :O o_O :-Q :-C X-(
5) great music player and is easy to controll/manuever.
6) great loud sound quality for playing music/videos with out headphones
7) good GPS through google maps-actually beat our Garmin GPS at locating and giving directions!
8) very easy to add music or other mediafiles-just plug into the computer with provided usb cord choose the option "use as mass storage device" than simply drag any media into the device! Doesnt matter whaf folder you put it in either, doesnt even have to be in any folder! Just drag it in and wgen you eject it it will do a media scan and locate all new files and put them in music app or gallery app
9) easily turn off data to conserve data usage by holding down the lock/power button-a menu will pop up and you just choose "data network mode" to either deactivate or activate
10) camera-takes amazing pictures with the back 8MP camera and decent pictures with the front 1.3MP. Video recording is great with awsome clarity and sound!

1) from time to time apps force close/crash
2) sometimes screen gets hot and when this happens battery dies faster
3) dont really like the stock browser-i miss the safari on the iphone---mainly just the google search bar shortcut that was on safari
4) this is not alth phones fault but some apps arent ment for this big of a screen causing the picture to look pixalated-such as Fruit Ninja

Overall this phone is great and i love it, i would easily recommend it to a friend. It looks great, its fast, has wifi built in, has 4g, fast processor, and overall just works great!
For $150 it is well worth it and it is money well spent!
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