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on June 26, 2012
I appreciated a review here by "Ivan" and wanted to bounce off his "2 months later" post with my experience with the phone.

1. Ivan mentioned that his unit takes 4 to 5 hours to recharge. I went round-n-round with Samsung tech support, which as anyone knows is one of the worst in the industry. After some board discussions and personal experience, I found out that COMPLETELY discharging the battery at least once monthly actually helps the battery hold a charge better. Also, I bought 4 2100mAh batteries for the Infuse which I rotate on a 5-day cycle. I also bought an auxiliary charger so that when one battery is charging, I've got another 4 I can use (counting the OEM battery). If i use the phone itself to charge the battery, it only takes 2 to 3 hours. If I use the generic charger, it does indeed take 4 or more hours to charge. (To completely discharge, turn on GPS and other battery drainers until the unit powers itself down. Then charge.)

2. Ivan observed that "Your battery will drain while using it plugged in." That has not been my experience. Something may be defective on the connector of his phone.

3 Ivan observed "GPS accuracy is not that great. It takes forever to determine your location..." Amen to that. But all GPS units need line-of-sight to the sky. I have found just sitting in car will prevent my phone from acquiring satellite signal. But if I stand outside in clear view of the sky, it does better. It still takes a little time, but so does my Garmin dedicated GPS unit.

4. Ivan said that "The iphone keyboard is by far snappier and better..." I can't comment on that. I've never drank the iPhoney coolaid and don't ever want to. I use Swype on my Infuse and I love it. On a regular keyboard, I've been clocked at 45 to 55 wpm. But hey, I'm not writing a book on this thing (Well, actually I am but that's another story). Most of what I do is short text msgs, so I'm very happy with Swype.

5. Ivan mentioned: "Although the dialing pad is fast its still not as crisp and fast as the iphone's dialing pad." My response: "Huh? What?" First of all, I rarely ever dial a number. I choose from my contact list or have created shortcuts. If it is business I'm looking up, I use Google's webpage number recognition and dial directly from the webpage. Finally, if I do need to dial a number, I use the voice action and just tell the phone: "dial 555-555-1234" and it does it. So I really am not sure what the big deal is about the dial pad. On the rare occasions that I have had to use it, it worked just fine.

6. About incoming images, Ivan wrote: "Cannot zoom in or make full screen on picture messages received. I really liked doing that when i had an iphone." My response: That really is a minor inconvenience. Just save the image to your phone and then open & view it. Doing that, you can zoom just fine.

7. Ivan wrote: "Extremely weak wifi antenna. If I go to my backyard which is not that far I lose the wifi signal. I can still use it fine inside the house. The only way for the wifi signal bars to be completely full is to hold it right next to the wireless router." My observations: I have a G-series router and live in a single level, 3-bedroom, 1200 squarefoot home. If I'm in the kitchen (farthest pt from router) my signal is one bar. If I am in the room with the router, I have full bars and no, I'm not touching the router.

8 Ivan wrote: "4g speeds aren't really that much faster than 3g when browsing the web, unless you have full signal bars then you could notice a speed difference...but how often do you have full bars with ATT?" My response: I also live in Northern CA. Not sure what town he's in but I have great reception in the Central Valley and in the Bay Area (So that is San Francisco to Stockton and all points in-between EXCEPT the Alta Mont pass). And data speeds ARE much faster for me than my wife's Captivate which she still uses.

I have only one other item to mention & that is about Samsung's Media Player--junk! I got one of the original Infuse phones on the first day of their release which came with $20 of free movie download. I was never able to download even one complete movie.

This month (June 2012) marks my having the Infuse for one year. It is without exception the best phone I have ever had but it is also the first "smartphone" I've ever had. My upgrade won't come for about another 10 months and I've got my eyes on the upcoming Samsung Note II.

So, the points that Ivan & I have differing experience on would only be a point of ponder. On the matters we agree on, you're going to need to ask yourself if those features are really that important to you.
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on June 13, 2011
I had a Samsung Captivate that was recently destroyed. I left it on top of my car and drove down the highway, no joke, and I actually found the pieces. Needless to say, I needed a new phone, and I've had my eye on the Infuse since it came out.

The big sell for me was the large display, I have no vision problems, but I always felt that my Captivate's 4" screen was too small.

I walked in the store, pointed to the Infuse, and within 30 minutes I had one in my hands. It took me less than a day to realize just how nice this phone really was. The screen is simply brilliant. My co-workers were blown away by the quality of the screen (all of them own Androids, with the exception of one, who has an iPhone).

It also didn't take me long to notice the speed improvements. The Captivate is definitely noticeably slower. Don't get me wrong, the Captivate is decent, but I'm a power user. I have apps running / widgets / live wallpapers. And after awhile, my Captivate felt bogged down. I have my Infuse setup identically and it doesn't even hiccup.

The front facing camera is a nice bonus, and the battery life is surprisingly good. With the Captivate, I took it off the charger at 9AM and I was re-charging at about 6PM. With my Infuse, I went from 8AM to 9PM and I used the phone all day. I was blown away.

To put it simply

-Screen size
-4G (HSPA+)
-Front facing camera
-Thin / Light
-Amazing speaker / sound quality

CONS (All minor / small issues)
- Froyo (would be nice to see a newer version)
- HDMI needs dongle to work

Note: I'll definitely be keeping this phone for a longtime, does EVERYTHING I need it to.
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on September 23, 2011
Just like many reviewers I came from an iPhone 3GS I have a coworker who bought it and after much research and watching reviews on YouTube I was finally convinced to let go of the I phone having had the phone for over a month and learning how to adjust to the android system and the overall handling of the infuse 4G I,m very happy to report that this phone is really awesome it has sooooo many features I keep finding new stuff just about every day and the more I learn the more impress I get with this phone, the video quality it's just beautiful the pictures are just awesome and the movie trailers play with such high definition and sharpness I downloaded the movie "top gun" And actually sat there and watched the whole movie on my infuse and the android market has so many free apps which download and install at such high speed it's just incredible ,no apple password no hassels no waiting time , they download and install now
I keep hearing about the iPhone 5 they say it's going to bring this and do that I tell you nothing compares to that huge screen
my wives iPhone 4 feels so tiny on my hand now I don't know how I use to be able todo anything with it ,and that excuse that it's too big . . . it's not, it's just a matter of getting used to it you will learn to appreciate it afterward
so if you are thinking about it but have concerns just watch the YouTube video infuse 4G vs iPhone and you will see some of the things I'm talking about
I'm very happy with my infuse 4g and I'm glad samsung came out with a phone that it's much better than the I phone and the apple way of doing things
oh and the price of amazon it's great did I mention the $25.00 dollar coupon to buy Movies music or apps
Just get get it and you won't regret it
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on September 11, 2014
Came as advertised. Was in perfect condition, without a scratch or ding on it despite being used. If you do order it, you'll have to download the samsung desktop app to upgrade the OS to android gingerbread so you can access the google play store. Otherwise you will find that there are hardly any apps in the now defunct Android market. It's obsolete now that I got a better phone a week ago. But it's still a great phone to keep in the car to use for an mp3 player and GPS, even if you have no service for it.
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on November 13, 2011
My husband and I both purchased a Samsung Infuse 4G and signed up with a new contract through Amazon Wireless.

Previously, my husband had only a very basic, low-tech phone, and I had a Samsung Alias. We decided it was time to quit being tech laggards :)

We really enjoy the Samsung Infuse. Yes, it's big, but it's thin and the size does not bother us one bit. The screen is beautiful. The interface is intuitive. We are in the process of coverting our CDs to digital music and really appreciate that there is enough memory on the phones to use them as portable music players. Now we just need to purchase a blue-tooth speaker... Also, the speaker on the phone is great! Don't get me wrong, it's still a cell phone speaker and has limitations, but I bring it into the kitchen and stream Pandora while cooking...awesome!

I've read a lot about people who gripe about it not yet having the latest Android Gingerbread O.S., or not having dual-core processors, but what it currently has works great!

In summary, we are very happy with our purchase thus far, and even happier that we purchased the phones from AmazonWireless and saved a chunk of money :)
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on July 21, 2011
OK, I have been using my Samsung Infuse 4G for more than a month and I can say that It is the best 4g phone available in AT&T right now. Android is very nice operating system once you get used to it. Screen is breath taking and colors are very real. Battery life is very good if u stop running unnecessary applications from task manager, It lasts 2 days in my case with moderate phone and internet use. Unlike iPhone this phone has many ways to make it work your way.

Pros:4G capable
Breath taking screen, light weight, excellent camera and video recording capability
Flash support, Mozilla Firefox
GPS, 5.1 surround sound is a big plus

Though some issues I would like to mention,
1: Phone takes 3.5 to 4hrs to charge completely. I am not sure everybody has same experience or not.
2: Wi-Fi reception is weak compare to other devices and I tested Samsung Infuse side by side with other phones and It shows one signal strength bar when I keep it only 3 feet away from my router where all other devices including my laptop, TV, Home Theater, iPhone shows full signal strength.
3: Volume of incoming and outgoing calls could be better.
4: At&T's 4G network is just a joke as I get around 3Mbps in St Louis Metro area and I also tested during my trip to Michigan and it is nowhere near to even 5Mbps and they advertise up to 21mbps...!! I would say it is just 3G+.
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on November 17, 2011
I am happier with the Samsung Infuse over the iPhone 3GS for a few reasons and they may just be personal preferences. First, the size of the phone is a plus for me. I know in today's world smaller and faster is what everyone else is after but I like the screen size of the Samsung Infuse. It is easier to read and type on and videos are better on the larger screen. I have large fingers and typing on the keyboard allows for fewer errors. A lot of electronic documents are adobe type documents and I got fed up with Apple's obstinate and hardheaded refusal to work something out with Adobe. I am not an intensive apps guy but the apps on the Samsung are just as plentiful on the Samsung Infuse in my experience as far as usefulness. Some apps available on the iPhone are useless just like a lot channels on cable or satellite TV. They can boast about how many apps they have but are they really useful? I am not trying to convince iPhone users to switch if they are happy. I am only providing my opinion on a phone that provides an alternative to the iPhone for anyone else that may have the same ideas about what they desire in a smart phone.
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on January 12, 2013
My 7 month old Samsung Infuse Model SGH-I997 mobile phone started turning itself off after being attached to the charger and/or the computer. Once the plug was removed the phone would either power up on its own or I would have to turn the unit back on. The purchase date was May 28, 2012 through
On January 3, 2013, I contacted Samsung customer service and sent the phone in for repair under repair ticket number 4117532029.
Samsung denied my warranty claim. Samsung claimed the phone suffered corrosion damage due to exposure to moisture. This claim was untrue since the phone has not been subjected to any moisture other than the humidity of the atmosphere.
The phone operates fine other than the charging problem. I just change batteries to continue use. I purchased a spare battery and a stand alone battery charger.
If the phone had true water damage then it would not operate at all.
I'm disappointed to find there is no appeal process to contest this decision by Samsung. It seems Samsung pays a guy in Texas to say all the phones have moisture problems to same millions of dollars in repairs.
Any moisture problem is actually caused by a design flaw from the manufacturer.
If this connection bay/port is subject to moisture damage from only exposure to the atmosphere then Samsung should have protected the bay/port in the design of the phone by having a rubber cover or door like many other phones.
The phone cost $300.00. That money is now wasted on a worthless phone since Samsung has refused to honor their warranty and has designed a defective phone from the start.
Samsung has made a false claim about moisture issues to avoid their responsibility. Buyer beware. Avoid Samsung products. You will not be treated fairly.
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on July 30, 2012
My phone has had an issue with the gps since I bought it. I didn't realize it in time for me to send it back to amazon and had to go through samsung to resolve it. After waiting 2 or so weeks to get my phone back, it came back worse off than when I started. The phone won't start up and I now have to wait another 2 weeks to fix the issue I believe Samsung caused. The AT&T store won't do anything since I bought it through Amazon. They also admitted there were quite a few issues with this phone.
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on July 15, 2011
The Samsung Infuse is a great phone. It has a fast Internet connection, the applications flow seamlessly, etc. For me, upgrading from a 3G phone to a 4G Android, was a major improvement. My only problem now, is (after 30 days) the speakers stopped working. Any phone calls where I use to put the person on speaker, as well as when I played music aloud, doesn't work now. I'm currently using my protection plan to get it repaired. *** Has anyone else experienced 'speaker's not working'?
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