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on March 5, 2012
NOTE: This was initially written from the 1.01 patch that was released very early, which addressed many issues reviewers are talking about, particularly the long load times, which have been drastically reduced to not be that big an issue anymore. I expect the next patch will further reduce load times, so that really isn't a concern for me at this time.

**UPDATE: 6/23/2012**

Well, we knew we were getting DLC at some point, but they *really* handed it to us this time, potentially for free if you qualify. The most recent add-on for the game is the entire, complete version of WipEout HD Fury, which was initially solely a PSN title and then made cross-multiplayer possible on the Vita since launch. However, now you can do all of the single-player campaign and everything else, too. If you don't own Fury already, it's a $7.99 upgrade that also gives you the console version to play with. This is a great deal, especially considering that Fury was an expansion to WipEout HD and also If you already own Fury, though, it's a free add-on that adds every bit of the game on the Vita, along with all the Vita tweaks that take advantage of the hardware.

It took a long, long time, but the new DLC is potentially an entirely new experience for new players. Fury's campaign isn't a slouch, nor is the multiplayer or its own Fury-specific mechanics. It's different from the core game, sure, but it's still basically a totally different WipEout game.

Anyone looking for more content can't go wrong with Fury add-on pack for the core game. There's no reason not to get it, because, if you already own Fury, it's a free update so you can now play on the go, should you choose it. If you don't yet have Fury, then you've got a whole new campaign to play through, along with every Fury track, ship, and campaign to go with it. It's pretty much an entirely new game with the add-on pack.

**UPDATE: 5/28/2012**

1.02 has been out for quite some time now, with some talk of future DLC, the content of which has not been officially announced to my knowledge, if it happens at all. For anyone who still was frustrated by the load times even after 1.01 made them at least tolerable, 1.02 nearly halves them. The game now feels like it loads just as fast as any other given racer, console or portable. An initial load of a race is about 20-30 seconds maximum, with retries taking only a few seconds (this is not to be taken for granted, as many racers have the truly awful fault of reloading *everything* from scratch, with the same load times as if you were starting an entirely new race. Considering the unforgiving difficulty that WipEout is known for, this is definitely critical, as you will be restarting very often due to its punishing, yet still fair, difficulty.). Its initial load of the game before you can even pick a mode is also almost nonexistent now. Basically, load times aren't an issue anymore, so everyone can sleep easy on that point.

It should be noted, though, that if you have the digital version of the game instead of the cartridge, load times will have a few seconds added on, just like any other digital version of any game. It's a common myth that loading directly from a memory stick makes for better performance, but the opposite is actually true, due to mandatory data compression. While the idea of not using external media to load data and instead taking it directly from an internal memory would be faster in theory, the truth is that every digital game for consoles or handhelds is released with compressed data to conserve space--without the compression, the amount of space required would be astronomical, and unreasonable. Unlike cartridges, which have little to no compression, digital data has to be decompressed before it can even begin to load, which adds time, and takes away none.

Don't fall for the myth that digital downloads perform better, because the opposite is true. It was true with the PSP as well. If you want the best performance, you want to go with the physical copy. This is pretty much universal for all downloadable games and content.

Besides that, little else has changed besides a couple of minor bug fixes. As for the possible DLC, well, we'll see.

(end of update)

Really, this is *the* WipEout experience, absolutely loaded with content, and a multiplayer component including a "multiplayer campaign" which are all excellent. The multiplayer campaign, gorgeous graphics, thumping soundtrack, ship selection, weapon variety, balance, and general feel are all worth noting as exceeding my expectations.

The use of the camera is also a fun little feature, in which it will take an optional photograph of you before every race, and the top three players are shown with their photographs. If you're camera-shy, you don't have to do this, but I find it very fun.

Also worth noting is the multiplayer campaign aspect of this, which is essentially an extension of the single-player campaign that includes real people instead of AI ships. This is really a beautiful thing, as it is for the most part the single-player experience that you are playing with everyone at the same time. It isn't just a race or a battle--it's a campaign that everyone can participate in, and drop in or out of at any time. The experience system which has become so popular these days is there, so the more you play, the more you get. It's really just a lot of fun to do the campaign with other people instead of the AI.

Also note that cross-platform play is possible with the PS3's WipEout HD Fury, meaning you will never have any shortage of people to enjoy the game with. Further, if someone you know has Fury, but not a Vita and this game, you can play with them without a hitch. Cross-platform multiplayer is always a welcome addition to anything, so this may be very important for people with friends who don't own a Vita, or you simply want to play Fury-specific style.

I have little to complain about, but one thing I dislike is the controls have three schemes only, and aren't fully customizable. At the same time, none feels *quite* right, the closest I can get being the "Racer" scheme. It takes some getting used to. One other complaint I have is that you can't add your own soundtrack a la WipEout Pulse for the PSP, which is a real shame. Pulse, if you don't know already, let you add up to 30 tracks from your memory card to the game, and then let you create your own soundtrack for the game. At the moment, this is not a feature, and you have the in-game soundtrack, which, while still very good, could benefit from more selection that you, yourself, should be able to add like Pulse did.

At the end of the day, though, this is WipEout at its finest, bar none. Its added Vita-specific features are just beautifully done, and a happy surprise for me, since they actually work. The multiplayer in particular stands out as excellent and far beyond my expectations, and the added multiplayer campaign is a joy. There's little to complain about now that the load times have become bearable with the patch, and we can expect them to lessen further in the next one.
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on February 13, 2012
I had no doubts that Wipeout for the Vita would have incredible graphics, tracks are very diverse and the ambient soundtrack very engaging. Speaking of tracks, they're as diverse and detailed as they are on the PS3.
Controls are smooth but responsive and the rear touchpad is supported as well as the six-axis motion control.
I'm only a couple of races into the game and I love it, it's also one of the cheapest games you can get for the Vita so you can't go wrong here.
I haven't experimented this feature yet but it seems like the game supports cross-play with the PS3 and most likely also remote play which doesn't work for any other PS3 game I have.
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on February 24, 2012
I'm not a huge racing game fan, I especially dislike the realistic ones because I'm just really bad at driving with a stick shift. Wipeout 2048 is the first racing game I've bought since Mario Kart Wii, and man is it awesome! You get to ride a huge selection of different futuristic racing 'cars' on beautifully crafted and exciting courses. The graphics are amazing and really made me feel like I was getting a taste of the future of hand-held gaming. There is no frame rate lag and beside the slow load screens there are not technical flaws that I've found so far. The racing is intense and gets increasingly difficult, I love how challenging the game is without being overly unfair like some racing games. The great techno music really gets you pumped and the combat missions especially get really crazy.
If you've just bought a Vita you cannot go wrong with this title. It supports online multiplayer as well as ad-hoc play so try it with your friends. One warning if you're buying this used, it does require an online pass to use multiplayer and I'm not entirely sure if it's a one-use thing or not, so you may want to check before you buy it.
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on December 30, 2014
Really quite a fantastic rendition of Wipeout for the handheld. It's nice that if you own the Fury add-on, that it's cross buy between PS3 and Vita. I ended up buying this when it was on sale so I could save the room on my 32 Gig memory card, as well as actually "own" it (as I've had it since it was initially in the Instant Game Collection for plus). Great game, fantastic visuals - especially for an early Vita game, and a good amount of content. If you like arcade racers, give it a shot. If you love Wipeout, we both know you've already bought this.
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on February 14, 2012
WipEout 2048 is a racing game. Instead of the the racing cars you're familiar with we get futuristic hover-racers that blaze across futuristic cities in an effort to come out on top. Couple this with the techno soundtrack and detailed graphics and you get one heck of a ride. As someone who doesn't normally play racing games, I was surprised to find myself enjoying this as much as I did.
WipEout 2048 introduces you to a futuristic world full of fantastic skyscrapers, intense vehicular battle, techno-style music, and high octane races that leave you with a sense of accomplishment after completing them. The gameplay starts of easy, you a few races that teach you the mechanics of gameplay, including racing and combat. The controls work well, with only a few times I found them to be a bit clunky. The level of difficulty increases dramatically a third of the way through the game. I found this to be a bit jarring, as did other reviewers, but it didn't detract from the fun for too long. Vehicular combat is fun, it gets more difficult as you progress. A few times it took me a few tries to finish a level, but this wasn't a frustrating experience at all.
The graphics are good, on par with some console games. They are detailed and I experienced very little slowdown while playing it. The soundtrack is very well done as well. Heavy techno beats and electronica help set the futuristic tone of the game and help get your pulse pounding while you're trying to come in first place.
There are a few flaws to this game. The load times are very long. 50 seconds to a minute for each track. The developer are working to fix this with an upcoming update and I will update my review once they do. Another flaw is the difficulty spike a third of the way through. While this isn't exactly a flaw, it is a bit jarring to the player.
Overall this is a fun and excellent launch title for the Vita. Anyone who has ever been interested in trying a racing game should give this a shot. WipEout 2048 shows what the Vita can do, and I'm looking forward to the next WipEout title for it. Four stars out of five and a recommended title for Vita players.
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on February 16, 2012
I bought a few games for the Vita, but this was the first I put in to play. I haven't played wipeout since its early days so to me the game has a lot of appeal as I feel it controls a lot better than the first game. If you're coming from some of the later in the series you might be less appeased by what the game has to offer.

Either way if you're new to the series, a long time fan, or just a casual wipeout player there is something to be said about really actually being able to play wipeout in a form that looks like it should be on your TV, but is in your hands instead.

Wipeout 2048 really sold the Vita to me in terms of it providing an experience I would expect from an Xbox 360 or PS3. It doesn't utilize all of the Vita's new control schemes and features over the PSP, but it does really show you what kind of games we can expect from the Vita in the future.

I don't want just pretty games on the Vita... I want fun, fast paced games that look great too. Wipeout does that and playing it on the Vita makes me a little sad I've missed out on all the previous games up until now.

Another plus for me was Amazon had it priced below even what the PSN discount was at launch. At full price it might become less of a deal if you've already got a next gen Wipeout. If you don't or really want a portable version then definitely pick it up as it's every bit of a game as its bigger brother is.
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on August 25, 2015
Pretty good Wipeout game. I've played them all since PS1 days and this one isn't the best, but it's definitely far from the worst of them. The only real disappointment is the lack of options and choice. You're spoon feed ships and tracks in single player and have no way of doing any form of quick race. The racing is just as enjoyable as the Wipeout games from PS3, HD and Fury.
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on June 12, 2016
I picked this up on a whim because I don't have a racing game on the Vita. This seems pretty good so far and has a good amount of challenge within it due to the pickups similar to that you would see in a kart racer. Overall it isn't a bad game. However, I was unable to connect to the online servers so I feel I may only be able to experience this game offline.
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on March 1, 2014
Gave this game to my brother. He likes it a lot but the fast moving images hurt his eyes. He has perfect eyesight and generally games don't hurt his eyes. But this one in particular, he mentioned as being hard on eyes. He enjoys racing games in general. The price though is very good for a PS Vita game. Overall, if you are just looking to supplement your game library, I would get this.
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on August 10, 2012
this game is great. This is my first wipeout because I'm not into racing games. I use my vita to play titles I normally wouldn't buy for the ps3. I currently own wipeout, rayman origins, mortal kombat, and uncharted golden abyss. Uncharted is the only ps3 game I also own.

this game is great but can be hard to get the elite pass on some of the levels. I'm about 14 levels in, and I'm really enjoying the game. Its fast paced, and I know some reviewers have complained about loading times. Patch 1.04 was downloaded when I bought this, and the load times don't bother me. Retrying levels the load is only a few seconds. I always replay until I get an elite pass. I'm going for a platinum trophy on this one.

if you like racing games or are new to the series, I would suggest buying it. I got it for free because of amazon credit.
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