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on August 9, 2011
I ordered this stylus after realizing I wouldn't be able to sketch well with the other styli I had (a pogo sketch and a Bluecell Pen Stylus also ordered from Amazon). The "pencil-like" angled tip seems promising. The tip is slightly bigger than I hoped, but works better than I dreamed. The tip is made so that whatever angle you hold it at it works.

The rubber tip is hollow, like with all the rubber tipped capacitive styli I've tried, but it works well, and is stiffer than most. That is to say it resists flattening/bending unless you are REALLY trying. The body feels like solid aluminum, but there appears to be some kind of core, that may just be for looks. The shape is like a "Dr. Grip" or PHD Pen. Very much on the edge of too big, but actually very comfortable and nice to work with.

So far I'm rather happy, hopefully I won't need to use the replaceable tip for quite a while to come.

I think I may have hit the one...


A few weeks in and this is indeed my first true "keeper" stylus. Comfortable while sketching, more legible while writing. Definitely a keeper.
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on September 20, 2011
I really like this product!
The multi-faceted sides gives it a feel of a pencil. So far this stylus really gives me a lot of control compared to other styluses (almost like writing with a real pen/pencil). The aluminum body of the pencil gives it some weight so that you don't need to put any unnatural pressure into your writing.

The way it writes on my iPad (1 generation) is excellent. It's easier to get detailed motions into my iPad.

I've tried the acase stylus and I thought that was pretty good, until I tried elago's product.
I couldn't go back to the acase after using the elago.

Not only that, it comes with replaceable tips and you have to understand I have a young son in the house and he likes to bite off the rubber tips of any stylus that's in the house. So far 4 styluses have fallen victim to my son... however this option is great so I don't spend a bajillion dollars buying other styluses when the tips wear out or gets bitten off.

Thanks elago!
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on December 5, 2015
Simply, the best stylus for note taking. I like go less with paper notebooks. I found that taking notes and summarizing subjects on my ipad 3 is so efficient. I tried several kinds of stylus, the elago one is the best of them. I don't recommend the electric conductive stylus because it is so weak. I really like this rubber tip one. If you take care of it, it will never rip off.
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on April 17, 2012
I've gone through a few different styluses (stylii?) for my Kindle Fire, and while none of them have been exactly what I've been looking for, this has come much closer than any of the others I have tried. What I would like is a true pen-type stylus, like what you found on Palm Pilots or what I have on my Wacom tablet, but presumably due to the type of touchscreen on the Fire, what I can find is a stylus with a comparably large rubber bulb for a tip. So in the context of what's actually available right now, this stylus is head and shoulders above the rest because its bulb is pretty firm and offers a more pen-like feel than the many others whose tip is made of much thinner rubber and collapses much more easily.

This thing has weight, too. It feels solid, and rests comfortably in your hand. It has a sort of rounded triangular shape, which makes it very comfortable to hold. I wish it were a little longer, though, because it doesn't have the same balance as a good pen. Not that any stylus does, but it seems odd for this stylus to have gone so far to feel pen-like and yet be about an inch too short to have a more familiar balance. Still, with every other stylus I have tried feeling feather-light, it's nice to finally have one that feels solid.

Including a replacement tip is another nice move. These tips can tear, and without them the stylus is pretty well useless, so it's much appreciated to have a second one ready to go just in case.


The main reason I wanted a stylus was for playing Draw Something, a game where you draw...something. I wanted something more precise than my fingertip, that would give me a similar feel to what I'm familiar with from pen and paper, or even my aforementioned Wacom tablet. And it's close, but it's just not there. Part of this is due to the Kindle Fire's screen itself. It simply doesn't allow for the same fine-grained precision as one might expect from a tablet, which is fine, but just know what you're going to be able to do and not do, even with a stylus. The other issue is that the tip on this stylus doesn't glide smoothly across the Invisible Shield screen protector I have on my Fire. Trying to draw a straight line slowly usually results in either breaks in the line or wobbles as the tip skips across the screen. Using it on my phone, which has no screen protector at all, the stylus slides around the screen just as smoothly as you'd like.

That said, I'd happily buy one of these again before I bought any other stylus.
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on May 14, 2012
Great stylus. I first owned an Elago that had the pocket clip which a rarely used. What I like about this one is that it has a little more weight to it. I noticed this makes it a lot easier to navigate on my IPad when touching on sites and apps. Elago gives you an extra tip as well. Well thought out on their part.Just purchase another tip when you need to. Would recommend this seller and product to all. You will not be disappointed. A+++
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on February 23, 2013
I have purchased a number of stylii, looking for one with the right feel. This one has it. I started with a griffin, then a bamboo, and a couple of others, then this one. All the others were either imprecise, or like the bamboo, required too much pressure. The elago has the right pressure and drag on the screen to feel like a real pen. No stylus I have tried is super precise, but this one is the best compromise I have found.

The aluminum feels nice in the hand. I only wished it had a clip or magnet as I have come close to losing it a couple of times.
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on February 15, 2013
I purchased the "Slim" and "Grip" models of the Elago Stylus several months ago and they have performed perfectly for me. Truly a five star product.

Recently I purchased two more styli to make useage more convenient in different locations. Each stylus is the same, but they have changed the rubber tips to make them stiffer and completely ruined their performance. The original tips are softer and provide a better touch on the screen with immediate response and accuracy. Swipe actions are quick and accurate.

The newer, stiffer tips require more pressure after touched to the screen to get any recognition of the contact or swipe.

I replaced the tips in the newest styli with the replacement tips that came with the first styli purchased, which solved my problem, but leaves me with no usable replacement tips.

Elago makes it impossile to communicate with them if you do not use "Outlook", so I am using this review to warn others that although the stylus bodies are great, the new tips are not.
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on May 17, 2012
This is a nicely made stylus; very solid. It's a good weight and length. I find it is a bit slippery in the hand. The main problem - and I knew this would be the case - is that it needs to be carried separately. I would have gotten the version with a built-in pen for that reason, but for two issues: 1) how to refill the ink when it is exhausted, and 2) I tend to mislay things, and it gets EXPENSIVE.

I do find that using this stylus is a useful alternative to using my finger: I'm less likely to enter a character incorrectly, and if I'm drawing (e.g., the "DrawSomething" app), I have much more control and accuracy.

FYI: The stylus was designed in California, and MADE IN CHINA.
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on May 20, 2012
By far the best I have tried to date of approximately 10 different varieties. I am learning quickly that when it comes to stylus', a little more money is well invested, especially if you buy the Elago (both the Slim and Girp are really nice, depending on your hand size and what you are using it for. I like both for general use, but personally prefer the Grip for my big hands and overall sturdy feel to it.
I also have the slim model and tried drawing with it and found it more precise for that kind of activity.
Both come with replaceable tip included and then you can buy more for $3.99 when/if you need them.

elago Replaceable Tip for Stylus Slim / Grip / Rustic / Hexa

Myself, I am still on the originals after pretty heavy use for 6 months now.
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on January 5, 2012
I bought this to use with my Kindle Fire. I have not ever had any electronics that I needed a stylus for, so I looked at a lot of reviews before settling on this one. I do not like the ones with clips because really, they are unnecessary, as I would not ever carry one in my pocket. I like the fact that if the tip breaks down I can replace it, and it is a good weight and the shape that makes it easy to hold gently. I do not feel like my fingers are slipping or anything. Overall it works great and looks nice too!
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