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Size: 27-Inch|Change
Price:$381.59+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on December 16, 2011
I'm a Prime customer, and needed a replacement right away, so I got the monitor overnight for just 3.99 extra. The monitor arrived in perfect shape, and upon turning it on, there were no dead pixels at all -- First A+. The unit was very easy to calibrate using Spyder 3 Express, although the colors were pretty close right out of the box -- Second A+. IPS panels are wonderful, and I could never go back to the cheap panels where you have to be within 3 or 4 inches of a certain seating position to see a full screen image without dimming or color change. Now I can slump back in my chair and relax, and the screen image doesn't change -- Third A+. I use the monitor for Photoshop CS5 work, along with Qimage Ultimate, the great printing software that becomes indispensable along with a fine monitor such as this. I can get an image just right, then print with Qimage Ultimate managing the colors, and I already know exactly how the print will look. A calibrated monitor like this one is indispensable for use with high quality software such as Photoshop and Qimage -- Forth A+. I could have spent a lot more for a monitor -- and almost did -- but I don't see how I could have improved on this one.
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on March 13, 2012
There are a fair number of IPS monitors, most cost several times what this does. After you get by all the different versions, how many bits it uses, the real question is how accurate it is.
I happen to profile my monitors with a spectrophotometer, and am amazed just how good this monitor is. Compared to the latest high end apple monitor, this unit is .3 delta E better (several retestings just to make sure). Both are excellent, but every calibration is slightly better with the this model...pretty amazing when you consider the price difference.

All the IPS monitors, by the way, have difficulty with one color of soft blue..this one is no exception. But it is no worse than any other I have tested.

There is a small amount of edge bleed, and I would guess the apple has better overall uniformity, but considering the cost, it is one very nice monitor.
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on March 4, 2012
While this is not my first IPS monitor, this is my first monitor with LED back lighting. This monitor is replacing a, now fairly ancient, NEC Mitsubishi IPS monitor that I had been holding onto due to its excellent picture. All good things must come to an end however, and I decided I wanted the real estate that widescreen offered. Yes, it was that old. Six and a half years if you must know. Don't mess with tried and true.

I was originally looking at this monitor's predecessor, when Amazon notified me there was a newer model available. While I usually disregard this notice, having already ended up on the product I wanted due to looking for particular specifications, I threw my normal caution to the wind and looked at this model. The only glaring difference? LED back lighting. I had heard mixed reviews about the performance and was a bit wary. The predecessor also had reviews mentioning instability in the stand unless you removed the rotating base.

Once again, I threw caution to the wind. I figured if I was upgrading as far as I was from where I was, I might as well give it a shot. I do believe I've found a solid replacement. The viewing angle is everything you'd expect from an IPS monitor. I'd say it's even slightly better than my old one. The contrast is amazing. While others have complained of blacks not being true blacks, I've not noticed that being a problem unless you're using it as a cinema display in the dark. In that case, it's a little noticeable, but really not bad at all. If you're like me and my wife, however, and always have a lamp on to brighten the room, you'll never notice. The stand is solid and there's no signs of instability like others had mentioned with its predecessor.

Most of all, the LED back lighting is incredibly consistent across the entire panel. If there's one thing that bothers me, it's when black isn't as black on all parts of the screen. That's worse than the entire panel being slightly less than black as far as I'm concerned. I've encountered no situation with the display where uneven lighting has been a problem. I'm now a true believer in LED back lighting.

Maybe you're looking to replace tried and true, like myself. On the other hand, you might want to upgrade into a world where quality, durability, and features make frequent upgrades unnecessary. Either way, pay a serious look to this gem.
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on February 6, 2012
I am comparing the VP2365-LED side by side with a LG Flatron E2260, which is a consumer grade 21.5" LED monitor at about half the cost.

+ Viewsonic has superior colors. More vibrant and consistent across the whole display. Even grays look subtle and beautiful on the Viewsonic. The colors seems to have a depth and solidness that the LG doesn't have.
+ Viewsonic has better anti-glare coating. It doesn't look dirty or sparkly like the LG's coating looks on solid white.
+ Viewsonic has a solid base and swivel and adjustable height. It feels sturdy. The LG is a "super thin" monitor so maybe not a valid comparison but it feels like it's going to bend and break every time I adjust the stand on the LG.
+ Text on the Viewsonic is nice and crisp, everywhere. I suppose the LG does well in the text department too.
+ Both monitors have Kensington lock slots.
- The Viewsonic although it is supposed to be an IPS panel, I still get color shifting at certain angles, for example looking down from above like if I stand up at my workstation. That's a bit of a disappointment.
- The Viewsonic has bright spots in the corners only if you are looking at a black screen. Although it depends at which angle you are looking at the display. That's also somewhat of a disappointment. This may just be the way IPS panels work, however.

So I'm definitely not giving this monitor a 5 star grade, but it's likely this is the best monitor monitor in it's class and it definitely easy on the eyes.
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on June 25, 2012
Being a Mac user since the early 90's I lean toward using Mac Monitors as well. I am a pro photographer and need my monitors to have good contrast and color. I needed a monitor at the camera capture station that was more true to what we were capturing than what we were seeing on the Mac Book Pro monitor. Didn't want to spend the money on an Apple Monitor but needed something that would do the job at a good price. This Monitor is exactly that. The feature of the stand being able to extend and turn was important to be able to have it behind the Laptop and be extended over the top for viewing. It also swivels so I can turn it for clients in the studio to review as we shoot. Good monitor for the money.
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on August 6, 2012
My application is day to day average use and first review of photo images and backup to my wide gamut editing monitor.

The supplied color profile was close but I did measure my own using a ColorMunki Photo device. As advertised the illumination was sufficiently even over a wider viewing range with this s-ips type panel than the TN panels used in the less expensive VA, VG, and VX Viewsonic lines. Color range was measured at the typical sRGB color space of a back lighted LED monitor. (I did not notice any wide gamut monitors that use LED back lighting but just CCFL back lighting.) For web publishing this meets the web standard sRGB restrictions.

This is my day to day use primary monitor. My critical photo editing second monitor is a much more expensive CCFL back lighted S-PVA type panel which provides a wide gamut. The Viewsonic will provide a backup however since while most printers will in part go somewhat beyond the sRGB color space it is not necessarily an even color distribution. This monitor then meets the typical sRGB color capabilities and closely matched my printed output of test calibration images after properly adjusting the typical default illumination (set for store display in bright areas) down to around 110 foot candles from the default approximate 300 foot-candles out of the box. This will be sufficient for first peview of my photos and backup to my editing monitor very well. Gray scale rendition is excellent with auto-dynamic contrast disabled (default) and should be set that way for photo editing.

For those doing several adjustments I recommend going first into the general settings and increasing the default fifteen second on screen menu display (OSD) to two minutes or so since it blanks anyway on main menu exit.

Highly recommended.
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on October 17, 2011
I started a search for the best made LCD monitor I could afford in the $300 dollar range. I was looking for a well made 1080p monitor that would aid my hobbies of computer graphics and video editing. Three features of this monitor really make it stand out to me are:

IPS - Extreme viewing angles with no color shifting & improved colors also
LED - Low power consumption & improved colors
Good Stand - Well build, easy to turn, raise/lower and tilt

It's hard to find a monitor with all of these, especially the quality stand (I love how the base is literally a turntable pedestal for the whole screen). It doesn't feel cheap, and while it looks spartan in design, it's also not as fragile as some of the other offerings out there.

Of course the main course of this monitor is its colors, which combine IPS and LED in a sweet symphony. After little adjustment, I got the color to look perfect, and very true to life. I love it's viewing angles too, it just looks great. The black level, while going no where near my Pioneer Plasma, is fairly low, and does a great job overall given how naturally it creates flesh tones. It's a great prosumer monitor. I am sure people entering graphic design, video editing (or other related fields) who are on a budget would also find it a pleasure to use.
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on November 6, 2011
Why spend $300 for a 24" monitor when there are other 24" monitors available for half the cost? Because this monitor uses IPS (In-Plane Switching), which means you can view it from any angle (horizontal or vertical) with no noticeable distortion in color or picture. LCD monitors have always annoyed me with the color shifting/distortion that occurs because you're not looking at it straight on. Thankfully, this monitor is free from that annoyance. It also has a 5ms response time, which means little to no motion blur. The only drawback to this monitor is that the blacks are not true blacks, but it is only noticeable in scenes with large amounts of black. It was enough to cost one star in my rating. However, those first two features were more important to me than having true black. Hence, I am very pleased with this monitor, and would still purchase it if I had to make the decision over again.
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on February 27, 2013
I have had this monitor for about a month and have been very pleased with it. This monitor is well suited for those of us that demand accurate colors without sacrificing our pocket book or versatility to play games.

Do buy this monitor if you want a cost effective IPS
Don't buy this monitor if you want a cheap TN

Anti-Glare Coating
If you have read a bunch of reviews or looked at many matte monitors you know that some screens have such an intense anti-glare coating it "rainbows" or makes text very grainy (despite the resolution of the screen). I am so happy with the anit-glare coating on this monitor. I really have to credit a review written about a Dell UltraSharp I was considering getting that warned about the finish, and recommended this monitor as superior. Boy were they right. A big part of what I do involves looking at text and I cannot stand it being grainy.

The Stand
Very solid and sturdy. It has height adjustment, tilt, and even rotates. Better yet, it has cord clips on the back that really tidy things up. The USB ports are great too - I have a keyboard, mouse, cell phone charger all connected and the cords are completely hidden. The stand really makes this monitor feel like a professional, high quality product.

The Colors
The colors are absolutely wonderful. At work I use an iMac and MacBook pro so I expect colors to be reasonably accurate. I do not notice any significant difference when I look at my ViewSonic side by side with the MacBook pro. You can read the other reviews from customers who have fancy calibration gear who found little difference out of the box and after calibration.

My Set Up
Connect to mid 2010 MacBook pro via mini display to DVI converter
I sit about 2 feet back from the monitor

My Uses
Working from home, entertainment
Web Development - writing code in an IDE and also designing front ends
Gaming - a play the occasional MMORPG
Casual Graphic Design/Photos

I originally bought a 23" Samsung SyncMaster from bestbuy. Compared to this ViewSonic, that thing is a complete piece of junk. Granted, the Samsung is fine for watching movies but really falls short for my needs. Unless you are a professional gamer or just don't care about quality, I don't see any reason to get a TN screen with the IPS coming down in price and faster response times these days. I haven't noticed any ghosting - the response time seems fine.
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on March 21, 2013
I bought two of these monitors...


- The stand is very nice. You can turn the monitor 90 degrees and easily adjust its height and tilt.

Major cons:

- One has a green stuck pixel!
- It took me a frustrating hour to isolate a subtle flickering problem with one of the two monitors. After several tests using spare cables and a second computer, I discovered that the VGA port on one is defective and causes the screen to flicker like an old CRT after a couple minutes! I was so close from sending the monitor back until I found a "solution". Another reviewer had a similar issue.
- On both monitors, there is a color and brightness gradient so the top of the monitor looks brighter and warmer, and the bottom looks darker and colder. On a white screen, it looks like it goes from a pale orange to a soft blue, but I have very sensitive vision so probably most people will not be able to notice it. It is even more obvious when the monitor is tilted 90 degrees, because it stays at the same edges.

Minor cons:

- Both the VGA and DVI cables are fairly short. It barely reaches my PC which now hugs the right side of my desk and blocks the vent. I'll have to get an extension.
- The blue power light is very bright and distracting. It can be turned off in the control panel: Hit the 1 button, navigate to "Setup" and uncheck "Power Indicator".
- The bottom corners are fairly dark.
- This model is more expensive than the competition.
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