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33 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on July 3, 2011
Eschatology has suffered at the hands of its friends as well as its enemies. Rick Warren insists that it is too divisive to possibly have a place in Church teaching. Well, here is a book that conjoins a balanced approach with tightly argued contentions. The Biblical focus is obvious in every page and the unique focus of 2nd Temple Jewish background permeates the text.

The book is subtitled "How the identity of the coming anti-Christ will be revealed to the faithful Church." It is about now that some will turn off, a text about the anti-Christ, how fundamentalist or sensationalist. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will not get names, dates, speculations, conspiracy theories or such. Rather, one gets a lesson - both theoretical and demonstrable in hermeneutics, Godly devotion and watchfulness.

The preface chapter, named "The Great Myth" addresses, in spectacular fashion, the issue of whether one should be alert to the coming anti-Christ. With flawless logic and perspicuity the chapter reveals the tensions in this matter. With grace and understanding Prasch approaches the issues behind the Pre-Tribulation rapture theory which lead faithful believers away from recognising the signs of the times and the coming of the anti-Christ.

The first chapter is a profound and extremely well written essay on Hermeneutics. I say well written because most of Prasch's books have been transcribed sermons, some better transcribed than others. This has been very well written; not simply because it isn't a transcription like past works, rather it is a near perfect balance of visual imagery and propositional content. These first two chapters are worth the cost of the book in their own right. Prasch's demonstration of Midrashic interpretive principles are as convincing as they are insightful as he slowly builds his case for the Modern Church to be aware of this coming deception.

The remainder of the book is focused on the anti-Christ and how we know about him. The survey in Scripture is broad and the teaching tools are varied. In this book we will find the pressing issues facing the modern Church. It is a book that belongs on every Christian's bookshelf - although most Christians will find it hard to digest. It is even more valuable to those who are interested in eschatology. Five stars.
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on August 30, 2011
I have just finished reading this book, and can I say, this book is the most succinct and well researched book on the subject of the Anti-christ. Jacob Prasch uses biblical resources to find shadows and/or types of Anti-christ's to teach the reader how to recognise the ultimate Anti-christ expected in the last days as outlined in the bible. He also looks at types and shadows from older historical accounts as well as more recent ones.

He comes to his conclusions concerning 'the character of the Anti-christ' using Hebraic understanding of the prophetic which is not lineal but rather cyclical and recapitulates towards the ultimate climax of prophetic events. This Hebraic understanding will be new to many people, but is MOST important to understand if you want to interpret prophecy in a biblical manner.

This book is packed with information, so much so that it deserves more than one reading. It is a book that I will definitely go back to and read again and again.

I can't wait to read his other book The Dilemma of Laodicea which spells out the characters of the Churches found in the apocalyptic book of Revelation, in particular the Church of Laodicea.
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on February 13, 2012
I have no hesitation in recommending what I can only describe as a meticulous and relevant study. A message which is extremely well presented, thoroughly researched, and replete with both historical and Scriptural references.

This work, by the founder of Moriel Ministries, investigates the many different approaches to interpreting end-times prophecy, involving a wide range of subjects which include the Antichrist, the Beast, the Church, the Jews and Israel.

Each and every issue is analized in considerable depth, with both Scriptural reason and reference being given. Such an extensive range of information is provided that it is virtually impossible to do justice to such within the confines of a review. This is required reading.

I can only qualify my statement by saying that I consider this to be a message that desperately needs to be heard by as wide an audience as possible. An audience which should include all elements of the professing Church, and the Jewish people.

The writer warns of the dangers of ignoring the Hebraic hermeneutics required to understand and interpret apocalyptic literature. He emphasising how the Scriptural solution is, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to handle and interpret Scripture in the same manner that Scripture does.

The reader being shown that without this approach, end-times prophecy cannot be correctly understood, and the Church cannot be prepared for either the return of Christ or the identification of the Anti-Christ.

The sections and chapters of the study speak for themselves;-

Part One: The Spirit of the Antichrist
Ch1; Understanding the Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Church
Ch2; "In Place Of" and "The Pseudologon"
Ch3; False Prophets, False Teachers & the Antichrist

Part Two: The Many Antichrists - Biblical
Ch4; From Among Us, Come Among Us
Ch5; The Other Major Biblical Types

Part Three: The Many Antichrists - Historical
Ch6; Historical Types

Part Four: The Milieu of the Antichrist
Ch7; The Iron and the Clay
Ch8; The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Ch9; If One Cannot See the Obvious, They Cannot See the Hidden
Ch10; The Antichrist & the Jews
Ch11; The Recapitulation of Hanukkah & the Nativity

Part Five: The False Prophet
Ch12; The Contemporary Configuration Takes Shape
Ch13; Biblical & Historical Types of the False Prophet
Ch14; The Harbinger
Ch15; The Final False Prophet

Part Six: The Final Antichrist
Ch16; The Number of the Beast
Ch17; Attributes of the Antichrist
Ch18; The Person of the Antichrist
Ch19; In Conclusion.

The Parable of the Fig Tree & the Other Trees - The Epilogue.

This has to be one of the finest books that I have ever read on this subject. Part of my career involved criminal investigation as part of the Metropolitan Police. The incisive manner in which the author of this study has investigated Scripture has deeply impressed me. I highly recommend this work, together with the following studies which relate to similar issues.

When Jesus Returns

Israel, the Church and the Jews

Promised Land: The Future of Israel Revealed in Prophecy

Thank you for your time.
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on December 9, 2012
Of the many books I've read on the subject of the Antichrist this book ranks at the very top. Naturally, the Bible is the faithful source of all information about the Antichrist, but James Jacob Prasch certainly helps provide insight as a gifted teacher seeking the Holy Spirit as his Helper. Mr. Prasch identifies the times we live in as the generation to be ready to see the signs Jesus Christ gave us for His soon return. Mr. Prasch also correctly ties together the rapture and resurrection as a near-future concurrent event. And that before this can happen the Antichrist must be revealed. Like all true teachers he supports his points about the Antichrist with the Scriptures. I doubt after searching and reading many books on the Antichrist that any other book agreed so much with my own research. Further, I have reviewed more than a few books here on Amazon and this is the only book I would give more than five stars, if possible. The only issue of difference that needs mentioned is the time of the rapture/resurrection. It will be on the "last day" at the end of the age on no less authority than Jesus Christ. All a seeker of the truth needs to confirm that it is the last day when the bodies of dead saints come out of the ground is to read John 6:39, 40, 44, and 54. Martha had it right when she told Jesus what she knew to be the truth, "I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day." John 11:24. This also agrees with what Daniel was told, "But you go your way till the end for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the age." Daniel 12:13. Mr. Prasch has it right when he tells us that the surrest sign that we have today that the Antichrist is to be soon revealed, other than the return of Israel to Israel, is the great falling away and apostasy so prevelent at our time. Get the book and read it as Mr. Prasch walks you through the Scriptures. Thank you Mr. Prasch and I pray many will be helped by your work and book to enable the believer in Christ to identify the soon-coming false Messiah. AMEN
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2012
The best study I have ever seen on this topic. Helps you to see how the Bible sees/explains the world and world events (as opposed to our interpretation). It is also a good insight/introduction into a Biblically minded Jewish interpretation of scripture AND deception in the church and the world, that most Christians are not aware of - a real eye opener.
Important to read with an open mind when it comes to the topic of deception in the church - you may be surprised by the points made, but I think the author makes some insightful observations.
I think this book can also help you to understand the Bible better (which is ofcourse the best reason to read a Christian book other than the Bible).
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on April 10, 2013
Some of the hardest things to walk through as a Christian is having sacred cows shot. I started this book determined to be as unbiased as I could while understanding that I would still be biased to what I have always wanted to hold on to to a point. I will not be able to process all that is in here in one read. But, few books have ever caused me to start over with multiple note books in tow. I love my brother Jacob for writing this and am very excited to start again from page one. I would recommend this book to all believers in Christ and to read through it prayerfully.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 20, 2014
You know there is something different about a book on Bible prophecy when the introduction delves into a discussion about Minnesota Fats, Birkhoff and multi-dimensional geometry as it relates to a game of billiards. Frankly I was a little worried the entire subject matter of the book was going to be dealt with at that level.

Well I made it through the introduction and finished the book and I am glad that I did. In twenty five plus years as a student of Bible prophecy I’ve not read a more thorough investigation regarding the subject of the Biblical Antichrist than James Jacob Prasch’s: Shadows of the Beast.

This book was definitely not a light read but the subject deserved the serious scholarship with which Mr. Prasch addressed it. Few stones were left uncovered in this work. From direct Biblical descriptions of the Antichrist, to shadows and types of both Biblical and historical figures Mr. Prasch really looks deep into the subject. I thought the author’s thoughts on Judas as a type of Antichrist were especially illuminating.

I did find parts of the book to be repetitive though. In some cases the repetition helped drill the idea’s into your mind, in other cases especially when dealing with the subject of today’s many false prophets and Antichrist type spirits I thought the repetition became distracting. For instance I agree with the Mr. Prasch concerning Rick Warren’s message and the damage he is doing to the faith “once delivered”. Those who did not get the point by the third time Mr. Prasch described Mr. Warren erroneous doctrine would not have gotten the message any clearer by the 69th time Mr. Warren was mentioned, likewise for many of the other modern day charlatans mentioned in the book.

In the spirit of a Berean I would like to address a couple of points Mr. Parsch makes regarding the book of Daniel in general and the prophecy of Seventy Weeks in particular. Mr. Prasch said the following: (location 5286, 5305 & 5364 Kindle edition)

“Daniel 9 is a lynchpin that can help reconcile the true and valid considerations surrounding the Antichrist which they highlight with those other elements they downplay or mistakenly dismiss.”


“Meanwhile, it is of solid merit for Christians to exercise humility and recognize that even Daniel could only partially understand the things he saw until he was progressively given divine illumination. The same will be true for us.”


“In our quest to establish how the Antichrist will be identified we cannot overestimate the importance of the 70th week of Daniel and the events surrounding it.”

I believe these quotes by Mr. Prasch sum up the case perfect. Daniel 9 is in fact the “lynchpin” of Bible prophecy. It has influenced our view of eschatology in general and the Antichrist in particular more than any other prophecy in the Bible. Considering its importance it is troubling that Mr. Prasch takes the very basic assumptions regarding this prophecy for granted without consideration to the contextual Biblical premises upon which they rest. Two of the most problematic assumptions are worth noting here.

1. The assumption that Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries of the Persian king Longimanus is without any reasonable Biblical merit. All Biblical evidence given in the book of Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah and Chronicles builds a conclusive case that Ezra and Nehemiah were contemporaries of Darius “the Great” Artaxerxes.

2. The authors reliance on a 360 day “lunar” year as it relates to Daniel 9 is also erroneous. Such a year is not mentioned in the Scriptural record and must be assumed based upon the presupposition that the 5 months/150 days of Genesis can be extrapolated into a strictly lunar year. This further assumes that such a lunar year was not intercalated with the solar year. Indeed the historical record does bear out a 360 day calendar but it also acknowledges the missing “5 days over the year” which the ancients understood were necessary to keep the lunar cycles in balance with the solar cycle. Historically speaking, from those who did not intercalate their years we get the “wandering” or “vague” calendar such as is exemplified by the Islamic calendar today.

The Scripture is clear that the Bibles calendar is based upon the lunar and solar cycles, not one or the other, but both. That YHWH commanded Israel to begin the first month in the “Abib”, thus fixing the first month to the agricultural cycle, provides reasonable evidence that early Israel used an intercalated calendar. Further, such an intercalated calendar can be identified in the book of Ezekiel.

On the practical side of things it makes little sense for YHWH to give the Jewish people a prophecy about the coming Messiah, yet make its interpretation based upon a reckoning of time which was not only unbiblical but also unfamiliar to how they understood time during the 2nd temple era.

In summary, my concerns above not withstanding, I agree with Mr. Prasch that it is imperative that we as believers in these last days be able to identify not only the spirit of the antichrist but the literal manifestation of him as well. Time is short as this generation races headlong into the events mentioned in the book of Revelation and Daniel. Mr. Prasch’s book Shadows of the Beast is a much need exploration of the subject. I would recommend any serious student of Bible prophecy to get a copy and then open your Bible and “see if these things be so”. Maranatha!
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on September 5, 2013
I study the HOLY BIBLE with a Passion. I have wondered about first and second Thessalonians, when Paul speaks of first the Apostasy of the Church or the falling away of the Church and the son of perdition being introduced. I have heard many a Preacher say the Church will be raptured before the antichrist was introduced. After deeply studying the BIBLE; It does not support that preaching anywhere. I think that teaching is part of the big lie spoken of. I will say Jacob done a masterful job of explaining it with the help of THE HOLY SPRIT. Thank you Jacob!! Job well done!!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2012
fascinating look at the antichrist from the jewish perspective.a great work .which sheds historical light on what to look for in the coming world dictator
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2013
This book compels me to search scriptures and study the bible even more. This book is for those who are searching for biblical truth.
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