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on November 23, 2011
As a Graphic Artist, I wanted to find a touch screen that I could use for digital drawing directly onto the monitor. I was drooling over the Wacom Cintiq for a while but wasn't willing to drop several grand... especially when touch screens with excellent reviews were hitting the market. I went into Best Buy and they allowed me to load Autodesk SketchBook Pro onto an Asus touchscreen PC (model ET2410-06 ) and the pressure and response was outstanding. I think that PC could give Cintiq a run for it's money. Again, I didn't want to drop nearly a grand on a PC when I had a three year old Quad Core HP with six gigs of ram and a dedicated graphics card that worked great.

So on with my search until I read raving reviews about the Planar 22" LCD touch screen. I did more research and found that Planar makes an LED touch screen slightly larger. There weren't any reviews on this model so I took a chance on buying it and I'm glad I did.

The LED monitor has brilliant colors and is more crisp than my older HP LCD that I bought three years ago. I'm a bit stunned with the difference in color and clarity. I had to do some tweeking in the control panel on both the Planar and mostly in the control panel on my Windows 7 system for touch response. Make sure you plug in the USB from the monitor to the computer since that is how the PC talks with the monitor for touch.

Also, I found for graphics programs, I needed to turn off the 'Flick' response in the control panel for best performance without lag when drawing on the screen. I'm psyched for Windows 8 to hit the market next year with even more touch capabilities. I'd imagine this monitor would seriously rock on an i7 processor but for now, it's fulfilling my expectations for the kind of work/play I do with graphics programs.

If you still use Windows XP, I don't believe the touch function will work. You'll need Windows Vista or Windows 7 for sure. Do your research. My only gripe is that I have one dead pixel way off on the upper left corner but it's out of the way and extremely tiny (blue) that it doesn't bother me. I had to really look for it. Also, the base at the bottom is a little wobbly and cheap plastic but again, not a huge issue. The screen seems durable although I love that I don't have to use a lot of pressure. Also, I use a stylus with a soft plastic tip and it works great on the screen. I paid under $350 through a reseller here on Amazon. Shop around.

If Planar had a way to make this LED monitor pressure sensitive with a driver or something, these would fly off the shelf and be a Wacom Cintiq Killer. If pressure is still important to you and you don't mind dropping a grand, then def check out the Asus ET2410 touch screen PC (i5 6gigs ram).
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on December 20, 2011
Since I started using a Xoom tablet all the time I've come to loath the use of a mouse when working with my PC. The interface is strewn with buttons, why can't I touch them to operate them?? I thought.

Well, this display resolves that quandry. It's really the best I could hope for in a touch display: It's like using a giant Android tablet (except it has Windows on it... FOR NOW).

Okay, so the cons:

1. When I got the monitor it was clear that the box had been thrown around a lot by FedEx because it was all busted up. The from and back components of the bezel of the monitor had become separated, but I was able to fasten them back together. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the monitor because of this. I would highly recommend that Planar pack these monitors in some more significant boxes because a monitor this expensive should at least survive the trip to my office intact.

2. Because the display is so glossy it's hard to slide my fingers across it. If the display was a more matte texture it would be easier to move windows and select text.

3. The display is extremely wide and high resolution and I had black bars to the left and right of the screen where the image cut off abruptly. Installing new drivers did not help with the problem even after a reboot. Oddly enough, while writing this review, I decided to try setting the resolution one more time and found I was able to set the display to its native resolution, fixing that problem. This, however, gave rise to a new problem.

4. When using the Windows 7 calibration tool I can't calibrate the right corners of the display. I touch where the crosshairs are but the little blip shows where I am touching shows off to the right of the crosshair, so the only way I can continue with the calibration is to touch way to the left of the crosshair, which results in a bad calibration. As a workaround I used the Clear Data button to clear the calibration data. This made the touch accurate. So, WARNING: Don't calibrate this display. It won't help, it will screw it up. It seems to be perfectly calibrated after clearing the calibration data.

5. The bezel is very deep, so it's nearly impossible to get your finger in there to use the right scroll bar in applications. This sucks for software where you can't swipe scroll.

6. Although the manufacturer calls this a "capacitive" display, that is a lie. It's actually a resistive touch display. You can tell because the touch input works with any object, not just one that is conductive like your finger. While I was disappointed that I was lied to about the display being capacitive I wasn't disappointed enough to return the product because the resistive touch is pretty good. However, I anticipate that this monitor will eventually develop dead spots like every other resistive display I've ever used.

7. The speakers on this display are seriously awful. They're worse than the old pocket radio my dad used to have when he was a kid. Part of the problem is that there is no grille for the speakers. They are inside the monitor and completely covered up, so the sound is muffled and unpronounced. I can't imagine who thought this was a good design plan. Vocals in music sound like MMFF HMFF HMM MMFF HMMF. Good thing I don't buy displays for the speakers.

Now the pros:

That said, I agree with the other positive reviews of this monitor, it is very nice and well worth the money.

It is better than other touchscreen displays I tried that cost $1,000 or more.

The touchscreen is sensitive and responsive.

It is super easy to scroll, zoom, select text and move objects around on the screen. Touching the object I want to interact with makes interacting with my PC more organic and natural than using a mouse.

The multitouch works very well.

Hint: To use pinch zoom in Firefox you need to go to about:config in the address bar and set these values: cmd_fullZoomReduce cmd_fullZoomReset
browser.gesture.pinch.out cmd_fullZoomEnlarge
browser.gesture.pinch.out.shift cmd_fullZoomReset

The display is clear and vibrant.

It's also the most high resolution touch display I could find for under a thousand bucks.

Lastly, unlike some touch screen displays where users complained of endless issues getting the drivers to work, all I had to do was plug in the USB cable and the display's touch panel started working as soon as Windows 7 had finished automatically installing the driver. It's installed as a HID device!

If you're in the market for a fine and (relatively) affordable touch screen for your PC you can't get them better than this one.

I like this display so much I got one for use at the office and one for home. My co-workers are super jelly.

Oh and remember that Windows 8, which is highly touch oriented, is right around the corner.

Edit 3/9/2012:

Now that I've had this display for a while I have some additional comments.

1. The display is VERY bright. Even the lowest brightness setting is not low enough to use the display comfortably at ten inches distance in a dimly lit room. It seems like this display was designed for signage or interactive kiosks and not really for use as a regular computer monitor.

2. The touch sensitive controls are difficult to use. Sometimes I touch them and they don't respond.

3. When it's dark and the display is set too bright it's difficult to see the indicators on the front panel that show where the display adjustment controls are. I have to use my hand as a visor and squint to adjust the brightness.

4. It's impossible to get the display to sit level like most displays do because it has an easel style stand that it has to lean back onto.

5. The stylus that comes with the display is very difficult to remove from its slot in the bezel.

6. I can't really use the touch features for any extended period without my arms getting sore because the display is so large I have to reach up over shoulder level to touch it.

7. I'm worried about using the stylus that comes with the display because the manufacturer recommends using a soft stylus but the included stylus is made of hard plastic that I think will scratch or dent the display.

8. The bezel is really deep which makes touching the edges and corners of the display difficult.

Edit 12/26/2012

So I tried this display with Windows 8.

It doesn't work very well.

That problem with not being able to touch edges and corners easily? It makes using the display with Windows 8 practically impossible.

All the most important gestures in Windows 8:
* Swipe in from the side to open the Charms bar
* Swipe from top to bottom to close a Metro app
* Touch the lower left corner to access the Start screen
* Touch the lower right corner to access settings

None of them work because the display responds poorly to edge contact.
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on September 6, 2012
Well I got this for my first foray into windows 8 and it does yoemans' work as a touchscreen but it is not for anyone doing a lot of reading on the screen or anything that requires accurate color. I guess it would be OK for gaming and the saturated color they generally use but not for Photoshop work or Word work. As others have said the raised edges negate swiping for the start screen so you must use a mouse too. Oh well live and learn......An update to this review ---after changing to a 7870 AMD video card the text is fine so the poor text was due to a 2 year old graphics card.
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on November 4, 2015
These touchscreens are garbage. I ordered many of these for the company I work at through Amazon as well as directly from Planar and I have had to get RMAs for probably 10 of them in the past year. They fail all the time and I have had cases where Planar sent 2 additional bad monitors to replace the original I had purchased. I have decided to go with another brand in hopes to avoid these problems.
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on March 14, 2016
I needed a touchscreen monitor for use with a chromebox at a preschool. As luck would have it, this is the monitor that gave the most bang for the buck and it is explicitly supported by ChromeOS. Setup was a breeze. I connected the hdmi and usb cables from the computer to the monitor, and the touch just worked. Not only that , it worked great. No calibration was needed. All touch inputs were true and accurate.
The stand is a little unusual on this thing. It has a kickstand, which is actually fairly handy. Unfortunately it does get in the way of mounting the chromebox to the back of the monitor the way I wanted. You can still hook the Asus Chromebox to the monitor. The computer just sits up a little higher than I would like. Depending on the relative height of your sitting position, you may be able to see the computer. I was hoping to hide it completely.
The picture and controls are great on this monitor. I would highly recommend it.
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on January 4, 2016
I use several monitors at work--one of them is on a swing arm (Ergotron) so that I can turn it to the side & use it when I am meeting with a few people at my desk. I often find that I am reaching back & forth between my monitor & my mouse to show people things. I opted to buy a touchscreen monitor instead so that I can drive presentations, zoom in on CAD drawings & much more.

This monitor does everything that could be expected out of a 1080p touchscreen monitor. The picture quality is good, although tuning it in is not as easy as some of the other monitors I have used. It is VESA mountable, which is a very good thing.

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a functional touchscreen that can be used as a daily monitor. The 24" size is just right & it works plug and play with Windows. I wish it had DisplayPort, but it does have HDMI & DVI. Just run one of those with USB & power and you're ready to roll.
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on October 5, 2013
Great budget touch screen. We are using two of these as a touch screens in our bar. One controls an a/v marix computer and another controls our streaming music, streaming video, and auxiliary video systems. Plug and play. Multitude of connections. And as always great customer service and fast shopping through Amazon.
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on April 28, 2013
I think this is a excellent value for the money, only been using for a week or so but it seems pretty smooth and crisp. A matte screen would be a little better but oh well. Basically plug and play, easy to use, needs calibrated first, easy. Can't seem to get full resolution of screen with HDMI... :/ Don't know whats up with that.. might want to look into it.
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on November 25, 2014
This is an excellent monitor, crisp & quite bright. The touchscreen controls work very well and the glass front makes for easy cleaning and prevents any finger damage. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is Windows' fault, not the monitor's.
I don't have a smartphone or "mobile device" and am new to touchscreens. Some "experts" had assured me that Windows 7's touchscreen interpreter does indeed see a touch as a mouse click, and that most programs will interpret a touch in exactly that way.
So I bought this monitor for use with a "glass cockpit" flight simulation trainer, thinking that I could use my hand to touch the screen and "push the buttons" same as I would on the real aircraft display, so as to enhance the realism and the training value.
Unfortunately the touchscreen doesn't behave that way and it didn't work. I later learned from the mfg'r that the simulator package "does not support the use of touchscreens". Oh, well.
This is still a great monitor; the touch controls work with other programs.
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on March 13, 2015
My biggest complaint is the glossy screen. Like laptop displays, monitors are showing up with glossy instead of matte-finish screens. The glossy screen can make dark areas of the image appear deeper and less washed out in bright, ambient light. But it can also reflect light-colored objects in the room like a mirror. I can't use this monitor after sunset without getting a headache because the lamp behind me and/or my overhead light cast a glare that makes it very hard to see what I'm doing

The image is crisp, and I like that this monitor has a native 1080 resolution at 60 Hz. I prefer a mouse, but the times I have used the touchscreen, it's been very responsive. As with any inbuilt speakers (even on modern giant TVs), this monitor's speakers are lousy, but I've heard worse. Any external speaker from the last 20 years will do a better job. The backing on the monitor is its stand, being used to prop up the screen. You can tilt the monitor more by pulling out the stand more, but you can't have the monitor completely upright, or it'll fall onto its face. You can mount it on the wall (it complies to the international VESA standards), but that's impractical for my setup (and for most touchscreen setups, I reckon).
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