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on June 25, 2011
Off the bat, the EVO 3D has been getting a lot of mixed reviews. People either love it or hate it, but many reviews floating around have tended to direct the focus of their positive or negative feedback towards one of two things: the 3D features, or everything else. I hope the dispel the mass hysteria of other reviews by giving you a realistic account of my ongoing experience with this undoubtedly groundbreaking new phone. I'll also be heavily comparing it side by side with its predecessor, the EVO 4G, which I've owned for a year now. And for those of you who will be replacing another Android phone, I'll include an overview of how to transfer apps and data from your other phone to the EVO 3D.

Note: Be aware that I will also be mentioning the EVO 4G frequently throughout this review, so be sure to pay attention and not confuse the two.

Let's quickly look at what's new. Here are my pros (+) and cons (-). More in-depth coverage follows:

+ 3D glasses-free display - simply reciting the obvious here!
+ Dual 5 megapixel rear cameras - photos and videos shot in 3D can also be viewed in 2D!
+ Dedicated physical camera button - with two pressure levels, like a real camera
+ qHD display - ultrafine, high quality graphics at 540x960 screen resolution
+ Dual core Snapdragon processor - hasn't freezed up on me once!
+ Numerous software improvements - details noted further below
+ Super fast boot up/restart - purportedly hinders some Market apps, can be disabled via Settings > Power
+ Larger 1730 mAh battery - yet seems physically smaller than EVO 4G's battery
- Battery still doesn't tend to last a full day - 3D drains it at 1% per minute, display also a power leach
- Camera takes too long to snap photos, especially 3D photos - a good 1-2 seconds!
- Camera glass easy to smudge when holding the EVO 3D in your hand, can ruin some 3D shots
- Camera's aluminum bezel easy to damage, doesn't fit evenly flush against the glass
- No kickstand - keep your eyes peeled for a kickstand case accessory

===== Look and Feel =====

The EVO 3D looks strikingly similar to its predecessor, the EVO 4G. Since the original 4G phone has been so successful, I guess they figured why fix what isn't broken. Sadly though, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. HTC decided to trade up the kickstand, supposedly for a bigger battery although the EVO 3D battery is physically smaller than its EVO 4G counterpart. I'll miss the kickstand, though it was awkward to use at times, most notably on soft or unlevel surfaces. Otherwise, we've got the same capacitive touch buttons along the bottom (home, menu, back & search... the perfect order), the same 4.3" screen, with a slightly taller, equal width body, and the same soft touch back side, this time with a bit of added texture, which I don't really care for personally, but I digress. Naturally, with the dual cameras spread across half the back, holding the EVO 3D is a bit awkward. The glass covering those rear cameras is definitely not oleophobic, so it smudges easily, and I find myself constantly cleaning it up so my photos turn out clearly. Also, the bezel around those rear cameras was also easily susceptible to damage (had some dents fresh out of the box!) and also won't stay flush with the glass and can get caught on loose threads, or scrape the palm occasionally, an awkward sensation much like that of a razor blade shaving across your skin. Undoubtedly, you'll also notice an unsightly huge silver button gracing the right side of the EVO 3D. This new camera button is a stragely welcome addition, more on that in a sec, but you should be aware that it can also greet your palm with a harsh scrape every now and then, as well. Otherwise, the EVO 3D has a generally comfortable feel for its form factor.

===== Camera =====

Aside from the dual rear facing cameras, one of the most unmistakable new features of the EVO 3D has to be the huge silver button that at first seems to marr the landscape. Upon further use, however, I began to realize that this may have been one of the best new features. Perhaps you're like me... when I got my EVO 4G, it all but replaced my point and shoot camera. However, having to touch a specific, small circular area of the screen to capture the image proved unhelpful at times, provoking blurred shots or requiring me to contort my wrist and hand in an odd way when taking self portraits and such with the 8mp rear camera. Not any more!

Also note: Engadget reviewer claimed the phone had to "spot" setting to control light metering like the EVO 4G has, whereby you can touch a subject on your screen, and the brightness automatically adjusts to that object. However, the reviewer failed to realize that there is indeed spot metering, it's just built into the phone now as a default. I like that, because this wasn't the default on the EVO 4G and I suffered some ill fated, over exposed shots before I found the setting. So now you just have to tap to focus and adjust brightness. Simple enough! Works in video mode too, even WHILE recording!

===== Camera in 3D =====

Taking pictures in 3D is novel, but getting the perfect shot can be hopelessly difficult. There's a 2 second delay. Your subject has to stay still, period. I tried taking pictures of my pets, and not one came out perfectly because they inevitably move in the 2 second wait after pressing the button till it actually takes the shot. Images captured in 3D can also be viewed in 2D, but there's a little trick involved. You have to use the pinch gesture to zoom into the photo slightly. Alternately, you can touch and drag the photo, as if moving between photos, although this doesn't technically disable the autostereoscopic display like pinching to zoom does, meaning you can still notice the subtle vertical lines of the autostereoscopic screen effect (much like those promotional lenticular "3D" holograms you may have seen on cereal boxes, or other places). Perhaps the device is capturing two shots, which explains why the 3D mode takes 2 seconds to fully capture the shot.

===== Video =====

This is where EVO 3D's dual core processor shines. On my EVO 4G, capturing smooth video was often an utter disappointment. Video would often be choppy, pixelated and unsynched with the audio, that is, when the video would even record at all. Sometimes it completely cut out after a few seconds, or decided to capture sound but no video. It seemed to get worse as time went on. What was causing the issues was beyond me, but it had to be some other app's processes getting in the way. Email? Tasker? Sprint's own ridiculous and lousy built in apps? Not sure, but I had a class 4 SD card, so that shouldn't have been the bottleneck. Nevertheless, the EVO 3D records flawless video, even after transferring all my apps and settings to the new device. Perfect! Now I don't have to worry about whether I will capture flawed video of the kids, and in 3D to boot! Another great new addition is that you can now zoom in and refocus (by touching the screen on the subject you'd like to refocus on) DURING video capture! Phenomenal! Videos are also saved in MP4 format instead of that useless 3GP that the EVO 4G uses. This includes 3D videos, which when opened on a normal computer show the left and right channels side by side, though each channel appears stretched.

===== Video in 3D =====

Now, do beware of high battery usage with 3D capture--I calculated around 1% per minute. 3D video capture ate through the battery like it was a piece of pumpkin pie with an extra large dollop of whipped cream! Nevertheless, shooting video in 3D seems much easier than shooting photos in 3D because you don't really have to worry about your subject staying still. It's great for those shots of the kids, or pets, or a high-speed train coming right at you!

To my great relief, video shot in 3D can indeed be viewed in either 2D or 3D, on demand. When viewing a 3D video, it will default to 3D, but if you tap the screen, you'll see a 3D/2D box icon in the top right corner of the screen. Tap it to toggle between 3D and 2D. I'll add more info in the comments about converting between various 2D and 3D formats for viewing on other 2D and 3D devices, including 3D televisions and such, so stay tuned! Also, 3D videos as well as

BUG NOTICE: Within my first few days of using the 3D camera and camcorder, I noticed a fair number of my videos and pictures were only getting shot in 2D instead of 3D, and the 3D was definitely switched on. I think it may have something to do with powering the device on with the 3D already set to 3D mode. So be sure to switch it off and on if you're taking photos outside, where you won't necessarily see the 3D effects clearly.

===== Movies in 3D =====

HTC has included The Green Hornet in 3D, as a psuedo "app", so you can find it under the same name, on the apps screen in the T's. It seems like the "app" is merely just a link to HTC's "Watch" app. I also had to agreen to a mile-long terms of service agreement, install the software update, and create an HTC Watch account, before it would let me watch the included movie. For all the effort, they could have at least included a better 3D movie like Avatar or Tron! Something I'd not mind watching over and over. The Green Hornet wasn't that great of a movie, but I digress.

===== Other Thoughts on 3D =====

The 3D features of the EVO 3D may feel a bit gimicky to some, but that's likely only because of the small viewing "sweet spot" due to it being glasses-free technology. It's not likely that any glasses-free 3D device will be able to improve on that limitation without tracking your eyes, plus it will likely remain single-viewer. But, that's what you get without having to wear those nerdy specs/goggles! The 3D effect is definitely disorienting the first time you see it, but that fades quickly the more you get used to it. After a few days, I still find the 3D effects quite novel! Will it wear off? I'll keep you posted.

Thankfully, you can view 3D pictures and videos in either of the two landscape orientations. You aren't locked to just landscape-left such as you were limited to in the early days of Android. The EVO 3D is smart enough to flip the left & right eyes when you rotate the device. And to my surprise, you CAN view 3D media in portrait mode as well. I didn't think that'd be the case, but 3D does go in all 3 orientation directions. However, you cannot capture 3D photos and videos in portrait orientation like you can in 2D mode, and the 3D-viewing "sweet spot" is a lot more finicky to get right in portrait orientation. Some people have been reporting having headaches induced by the 3D effects, I've been messing with it almost all day with no ill effects. If you don't get headaches from 3D movies in the theater or on 3D TVs, you'll probably be fine.

===== qHD Display =====

The EVO 3D features a new display, which has a higher resolution of 540x960, as opposed to the EVO 4G's 480x800. This means the images are crisper, albeit slightly smaller, but I really like that. It makes the notification bar notably thinner than the EVO 4G, with smaller icons, meaning the EVO 3D can fit more icons on the notification bar than its predecessor. Beautiful! I'm also thankful that the display is not AMOLED, because its RGBG PenTile arrangement of pixels generates an annoying checkerboard effect. Look it up on Wikipedia to see what I mean. However, Super AMOLED is perfectly fine, as it uses the normal RGB pixel arrangement, so that's desirable. Also, for those of you interested in using a stylus, especially on those cold winter-glove days, you'll need a capacitive stylus like this Targus ([...]) which I used on my EVO 4G, and it works just as great now on my EVO 3D. It's especially handy on apps & games that require a lot of finger swipes, because the longer your skin touches against a surface, the more it perspires, thus making it stickier.

===== Battery Life =====

Speaking of battery life, there's nothing that's irked me about the EVO 4G more than the daily 2pm low-battery automatic power down! It used to last at least a good day, but lately it just tanks way too quickly. I was holding out hope that wouldn't be the case with the EVO 3D, but so far, after using it with the same apps and settings transferred from the EVO 4G, it lasts about a day if I don't use the 3D features. If I do use the 3D features, it tanks after just half a day. Thankfully, there's a handy feature called Power Save mode that disables backgrounded apps once the battery dips below a certain percentage, customizable via Settings > Power. In any case, the culprit reported by the Battery Use utility was the display, taking 70% of battery (likely due to the 3D effects), followed closely by "phone idle" at 9% and "wifi" at 5%. So either I need to not use this thing so much, or HTC needs to improve their display technology, and preferably not by going the AMOLED route! Super AMOLED is fine though, because it doesn't have the pixel-checkerboard effect like regular AMOLED does.

On that note, if you're looking for a Sprint smartphone with awesome battery life, check out my review of the Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Arrive ([...]), which lasts over two days on one charge, even with ridiculous settings, tons of email accounts and all that jazz.

===== Call Quality =====

I've never reported on call quality in a review before, never needed to. Besides, I make so few calls. But so many of the early reviews had complaints that I had to at least account for this myself, and I'm happy to report that it's been a non issue, on my device anyway. I've made plenty of test calls to confirm this in the first week of use.

===== Email =====

HTC's built in email app has always been subpar. Thankfully HTC updated their email app, and while it still isn't without flaws (such as defaulting to POP instead of IMAP, not keeping messages on the POP server by default, lack of selecting all messages for deleting or marking all as read), you can now select multiple messages to mark as read or delete, so that's great. There's also some UI improvements to get used to, words are now purely icons on the reply/action buttons. I have also noticed some bugs where I'll not get notified for new emails from one of my accounts, for several hours. Then, when it finally does work it wants to notify my every 5 minutes, even when new emails have not come in since the last notification. Annoying!

===== Dual Core Performance and Plentiful App Storage =====

Installing apps on the EVO 4G was often a pain in the neck, for two reasons. Thankfully the EVO 3D takes care of both those issues. The first issue is terrible download and installation performance, causing the EVO 4G to slow down or freeze up constantly throughout the process, and good luck trying to install multiple apps simultaneously (or even back to back). It often doesn't work! That could also partly be due to the second issue though, which is low disk space. On my EVO 4G, I have a bundle of apps that aren't capable of being moved to the SD card, and the built in app storage space is limited to less than 512MB. Still, you'd think that would be plenty for mobile apps, but some apps are surprisingly large, or get large quickly because of excessive data storage or caching... the biggest culprit being HTC's own email app which is currently consuming 90MB! Other offenders include Facebook, Google Reader, Google Docs and Google Voice. Wow, Google! Seriously?! In case you weren't aware, when your app storage reaches 90%, you can no longer install new apps (unless those apps default to installing to the SD card). This limitation issue is an outrageous annoyance.

Thankfully, the EVO 3D takes care of both the performance and the limitation issues. Naturally, the dual core processor has allowed me to install new apps without hindering my ability to do other things simultaneously. As for limits? Nope! It's got a whole 1GB of internal app storage! I'm not sure why so many sites are reporting 4GB of internal memory for app storage, but it's simply not true! My file browsing app noted just over 1100 MB of app storage. Nevertheless, even the apps I had on the SD card on my EVO 4G fit within the 1GB of internal app storage on the EVO 3D, so I'm not complaining! There was also a generous 8GB class 4 (fast) micro SD card included, and you're gonna need it with those 3D videos. They're absolutely huge! So, I decided to just pop in my 16GB SD card that I'd been using with my EVO 4G. (I got the Topram on Amazon for cheap: [...]). If you're going to be taking a lot of video (even 2D video), I do suggest getting the higher capacity card, no question!

===== Software Improvements =====

The EVO 3D has a task manager app which I'm assuming is provided by HTC and NOT built into Gingerbread, because it's not on the EVO 4G that I updated to Gingerbread. In any case, it's a simple app that lets you see other running apps, how much memory they're taking and freely kill one or all of them at will. We also gain the Mirror app, which is handy for checking your teeth via the front facing camera, but it seems to have come at a cost, as we've now lost the Flashlight app that was available on the EVO 4G. A good replacement for the Flashlight app is TeslaLED which also features an incredibly handy flashlight widget for the home screen! HTC also seems to have changed the functionality of the app listing screen, and I don't like what they've done to the scrollability of it. You cannot flick to scroll continuously through the entire selection of apps like you could before. Instead, the scrolling snaps to each set of 5 rows. This will be hugely annoying when looking for an app that starts with Z. There's no quick scroll feature on the side, either, such as the quick scroll bar you can drag when scrolling through the contacts. On the bright side, however, there are now two new tabs in the app screen. One lets you see the most used apps. The other lets you As for Gingerbread itself, there's now a RESTART option when you hold the power button down. I've been waiting for a restart feature for ages! It takes so long to turn off the phone, that sometimes I'd forget to turn it back on. So a restart feature is extremely handy!

As for HTC Sense, I've always been a fan of it. The new lock screen is fantastic, customizable via Settings > Personalize > Lock Screen. From there you can choose one of six lock screen formats, which determines which large widget will appear on the lock screen: wallpaper, photo album, friend stream, weather, stocks or clock. The default is weather. For no large widget, simply change it to wallpaper. However, I do wish the weather on the lock screen showed the 3-5 day forecast, or at least allowed for adding custom widgets to the lock screen rather than having to choose from HTC's standard choices.

My biggest complaint with Sense is that it only provides 7 home screens when it should offer 9. If you trigger Sense's expose feature (see Hot Tips in comments) you'll see all 7 home screens at once, but clearly there's room for two more! Also be careful not to flick too hard on the home screen, or it'll spin through all the screens and you'll end up right back where you were! Pointless in my opinion, really.

===== Transferring Apps and Data =====

You'll probably be tempted to use the built in bluetooth transfer feature when it prompts you the first time you turn it on, which works great to transfer contacts if you don't have another Android phone, but if you DO have an Android phone I highly suggest using MyBackup (available in the Android marketplace for $5). I purchased it the day before I got my EVO 3D, and ran the backup which I saved to the SD card. You can save contacts, calendars, home screens, settings, and apps (but not app data, unless both phones are rooted). When I got the EVO 3D, I replaced the SD card, setup my Google account and redownloaded MyBackup (reinstalls of previously purchased apps are free), and restored my apps. The process went smoothly, and took about an hour both ways.

===== Bottom Line =====

All in all, the 3D aspect of the phone has huge potential, especially if planning to view 3D photos and videos from the EVO 3D on other devices, like 3D TVs and such, where the viewing experience doesn't require such a restricted viewing area. Thus it seems pretty future compatible in that sense. The camera could stand to benefit from some speed improvements more so than megapixel improvements, in my opinion. The picture quality of the EVO 3D is at least on par with the higher res camera on the EVO 4G, so I don't mind. Other than 3D, this device is still worth it just for the other improvements made over its predecessor. Thankfully being a Premier Gold member, I was able to upgrade after only a year, but I'm no doubt glad to be an early adopter. It was a worthy risk, especially since Sprint doesn't have an iPhone yet, but the EVO 3D is definitely much more comfortable than the iPhone in the hands. Now all we need is a breakthrough in battery technology, and we'll be all set! All in all, I decided to give the EVO 3D a healthy 4.5 stars. I rounded up for the Amazon rating though. :)

I hope you found this review informative and helpful so far. I'll keep the conversation going in the comments, including my favorite apps and some hot tips. Feel free to check them out and respond with any questions or comments!
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on July 9, 2011

- Battery management included in the software (explanation included in summary)
- Application / Memory management included in the software (explanation included in summary)
- QHD screen which displays full web pages equal to a PC
- Build quality
- 800mhz frequency added to this phones radio
- The 3d works which makes it more than a gimmick


- Would prefer more internal storage.
- High resolution display makes the icons smaller which you may not like coming from a phone with a lower resolution display because it may strain your eyes.
- Not full root capable at this time but HTC is working on it (so are the XDA developers)

Summary: Summary of the Pros:

I have always been a fan of HTC sense and its widgets. This version provides a user experience like no other. There are days were I like to position or day trade in the stock market and the HTC stock widget app is great for monitoring stocks' current trading price and it includes charts. I also make use of the HTC calendar for scheduling my appointments with clients. It is beautiful to look at and it works well.There is a battery management system included (go to menu,settings then power...) to enable power efficiency or power saving profiles that you can tweak to your needs. I like this because it eliminates the need to install a third party app. When you pull down the drawer from the top of the screen and touch "quick settings" at the bottom, there is an option that reads, "total memory".Touch "total memory" to open a list of currently running programs which you can move to the sd card... Here you can also stop select programs from running, or touch the "kill all" button on the bottom to shut off everything that is listed, this is another great accessible feature that will do well on its on without the need for a third party task killer.

The QHD screen is very responsive and great for web browsing. I know a lot of people have been reading the reviews on the Samsung Galaxy s2 and its super amoled plus screen. I went to an at&t store and looked at the samsung infuse which uses the same super amoled plus screen as the samsung gs2. Yes the colors look more rich than the QHD display, but in some areas the amoled was over saturated. Supposedly the new gs2 will feature a way of turning down the saturation. In short the difference was not enough for me to claim the super amoled plus screen as vastly superior to a super LCD QHD display. Plus this phone's build quality is solid, another improvement over the origanal EVO 4G. The photos you see on the web on this phone do not do it justice. I looks much better in person.

This phone has an upgraded radio which supports the 800mhz band. What this means is that when Sprint is done migrating the IDEN network used for Nextel, this phone will be able to make use of the 800mhz frequency. What does that mean to you? Basically your reception will increase inside buildings because lower radio frequencies penetrate through walls better.

I have viewed 3d content such as the green hornet, yes like most people have said what you see is depth in your viewing. But, there are times where you do have images that look like they pop of the screen. To have an idea what I am talking about watch the scene were Kato goes into the frig to get two beers, when he spins off both of the bottle caps you do see the affect where it looks like the bottle caps came at you off the screen. There are also plenty of you tube content in 3d.

Summary of cons:

In comparison to the samsung gs2 and the photon this phone comes up short on internal memory but I guess that is the trade of for the 3d cameras.

My other issue is the higher resolution screen. While I like the better view of webpages and increased legibility of text, I have a hard time texting with one hand because the characters on the keyboard are smaller. Not that big of an issue but I do make more mistakes now then I did before with the original EVO.


This phone is a smart purchase. I did not buy this phone for its 3d capabilities but for its dual core processor, gpu and ram. I had considered waiting for the samsung gs2 and photon to be released before I made by decision but I decided to go with the EVO 3d because my experience with HTC has never been negative. In comparison to the Samsung, the latest samsung designs tries to hard to be an iphone clone, which just annoys me regardless of what hardware its built with. The motorola photon just seems boring, its only strong point is its GSM support and Internal storage. GSM is something I will barely use. The EVO 3D does everything I need, fast and with style. It has a rich feature set for all types of users.
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on June 24, 2011
4.7 stars*****

UPDATED Call Quality 6/25

USEFUL TIP: Want to find more 3D content for your EVO 3D? Use the Youtube app on the phone and search for: yt3d:enable=true.
This will provide you with a ton of 3D content! There are also some apps in the marketplace to allow you to download these videos to show friends when WIFI is not available.

The EVO 3D was a phone I was originally on the fence about purchasing. After all, I loved my HTC EVO 4G and was happy with its performance. I debated about whether this phone was really worth the extra cash simply for the sake of having the newest iteration on the market. My review that follows is my initial thoughts on the phone, particularly in comparison to the previous EVO 4G. If you have a question about the phone, want to see a picture, or want me to test a specific feature; simply post a comment and I will do my best to facilitate your request and answer any questions.


On the Outside:

The EVO 3D, in my opinion is striking in its general design and form. The black with red accenting looks great and the phone itself feels study, without being heavier (now 6 ounces) than the EVO 4g. The glass is the ultra-scratch-resistant gorilla glass, or a substance VERY much akin. The phone feels slightly more thin and narrow than its predecessor, ultimately making it more comfortable to hold, while the somewhat rough texture on its back provides a nice grip surface. When I first saw pictures of the phone, I thought it was less attractive than the original EVO. Now that I have the real deal physically in my hand I think it may be the most attractive phone I have seen to date (if you are in to that sort of thing). In terms of it's build quality, the phone feels like a baby tank- another HTC boon.

I would be remiss if I did not mention one detail of the hardware: the lack of a kickstand. This may not be painful, unless you are an EVO 4G owner. Where for art thou dearest kickstand? According to HTC the kickstand was sacrificed in order to accommodate the larger battery and double camera lenses. Whatever the reason, I miss it.


The EVO 3D boasts a duel-core 1.2Ghz CPU with the Adreno 220 GPU and 1 GB of dedicated RAM. When using the phone for daily operations it feels quick and responsive- though there is no sensation that this phone is more powerful than its predecessor in most tasks. However, there is one major caveat: while my prior EVO 4g takes over a minute to power on, the new EVO 3D is on in less than 20 seconds. I have yet to encounter any applications that feel sluggish on the EVO 3D, though I rarely encountered such problems on the previous version of the EVO. All-in -all it feels smooth and nimble even when pushed by demanding programs.

The Camera

Camera's on cell phones are not typically a make or break aspect for me. I can tell you that the 3D pictures are a lot of fun and the phone can easily convert them to a standard 2D image if needed. The quality of the 5MP cameras on the EVO 3D do seem to be slightly inferior to that of the previous 8MP camera on the EVO 4G. However, they are fairly close as to be hard to distinguish, at least by my untrained eye. If I had to pick (and I guess we do) I would rather have the 3D camera of the new unit in lieu of the higher MP EVO 4G simply for the added 3D benefits.
The Battery
Here again is an area where the EVO 3D easily outshines its forerunner. The new 1,730 mAH battery is noticeably more robust. I have been toying with the EVO 3D endlessly and still making it through a full day of use with relative ease. Unfortunately, where I live I was unable to test the 4G network- though I am quite sure the battery would drain significantly faster in this mode.

The Screen

This screen is pretty awesome- and I'm not talking about the 3D effects (I'll cover those later). The display boasts a crisp and clear qHd* 960 x540 resolution viewing area with excellent color and contrast. This is an area where the new EVO 3D makes a strong case for EVO 4g owners to make the leap to the new version.
(*qHD stands for quarter of full high definition)


3D Aspect

Obviously, HTC wanted to highlight the main "gimmick" of the device when they named the phone the EVO 3D. The 3D content is certainly cool. If you or anyone you know owns the new Nintendo DS, you will find the experience to be very similar. The phone comes with a trial version of a Spiderman game in 3D, and I must admit I had a dopey grin on my face the entire time I was playing. Pictures in 3D are interesting, however several people I surveyed found them to be headache inducing, or straining on their eyes. There is also a copy of the Green Hornet available to watch in 3D on the device which I found to be a lot of fun and a great resource to show off the phones capabilities to friends. While there are no glasses required to view the images in 3D, you must hold the phone at the correct angle in order to view them clearly- otherwise they look like blurry nonsense. Fortunately the 3D camera features are easily controllable with a 3D/2D slider button located on the exterior of the phone.

Call Quality

The call quality on the EVO 3D is rather unexceptional. In my experience I noticed extremely similar results with my previous EVO 4G in terms of call quality. The earpiece transmitted voice consistently unbroken and I could easily understand my callers. The microphone allowed my callers to hear my own speech perfectly well with no complaints.

UPDATE 6/25: Today, I went back and forth between my E3D and E4G. I have to say the speaker is better on my 3D in terms of clarity, and despite what some profession reviews state the call quality on my end is considerably higher.


The Evo 3D comes equipped with the latest version of Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense 3.0 on top. The new version of Sense is quite sleek and is probably my favorite stock user interface from any phone developer to date. The new lockscreen options are quite welcome and aid in accessing frequenting used areas of the phone with greater efficiency and speed.

Sense uses a new "3D" carousel for its page transitions which took me a few minutes to become accustomed, yet provide a sleek system for browsing the phone contents. The new HTC widgets are ultra-impressive, particularly the live weather backgrounds and widgets. The new Sense offers a great balance between worthwhile features and glitzy eye-candy making the phone a joy to operate.

One minor thing I don't like about the new Sense 3.0 is that is does not permit wallpaper/background scrolling. Therefore, as you move along the navigation panels the background image remains stagnant and fixed. This adversely effects many wallpapers on the market as they can no longer be viewed in their entirety. Hopefully, HTC modifies this aspect- otherwise I'm switching launchers in the future.

Final Thoughts

The Evo 3D is a great phone and easily the new king of the hill for Sprint Customers. While current EVO 4G owners may be hesitant to upgrade simply for 3D capabilities
(especially if you are running some exceptional custom software), the improved screen, battery and software might be enough to sway the majority of 4G users into the new EVO 3D. If you are looking for a great phone on Sprint and don't already own an EVO 4G, this phone choice is a no-brainer. While I miss the kickstand on the EVO 4G more than I thought I would, the EVO 3D shines in every area where I thought the original could use improvement- making this one fairly amazing daily driver.

Questions? Feel free to leave me a comment and I'll try to respond as soon as possible.
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on June 29, 2011
This is a good phone. I bought it to upgrade from Nexus One (unlocked) and because of the 1.2 ghz dual core processor and 1 g of processor memory.

few things:


1. I went in buying this phone with "3d is a gimmick" thought, but I think it's more than that. I think 3d feature is just a stepping stone for what 5 years in the future looks like where everything would be in 3d. I think there is a great market for it because the application for 3d goes way beyond than just what we see today, so I think this phone is a productive progress

2. 3d pictures and video works well. There is a narrow angle and distance you have to keep it to enjoy the 3d, but it's worth it, I think. 3d (yt3d tagged)youtube videos work well with this phone.

3. processing speed: never slowed down once running 12 apps. Google Sky worked so fast without lag, I could see how it's vastly different than 1ghz processor.

4. feel of the material is superior to any other phone I saw.

5. Green Hornet Movie: It was ok to watch it. Wasn't so "wow" by it since the screen size, but it was still cool. You have to sign up with "watch", download 4 updates first before you could watch this. Also, turn "schedule update" unchecked.

6. the battery life isn't great as I hoped, but can't complaint. It's either great battery life like Black Berry and wait forever for anything to work, or sacrifice battery life for performance.

Bad: (it's mostly ergonomics of the phone, but there are tons of things crammed in this tiny phone, so it's understandable)

1. I do like the dedicated phone button but it sort of in the way when you're holding the phone.

2. the size of the phone is skinny, and that's good to carry it in the pocket but not very comfortable in your hands.

3. the plastic screen for the cameras always have finger print on them because that's where my fingers go when I'm holding the phone, so I have to wipe it before taking the pictures

4. 3d picture isn't so good with light and dark contrast. It will only do well in a well lit room

5. the 2d picture comes out oversaturated and the 3d picture is almost better at controlling the white balance than the 2d picture. However, the 2d picture does better at low light

6. Speaker is a joke on this phone. But worked very well with the headset (Klipsch Image S4). Phone calls are decent but it does skip a bit, but there is a amplify option under accessibility setting which worked great.

7. 4G sucks. Haven't been able to get on 4G anywhere in South Maryland.

Overall, excellent phone with amazing features, and processor speed that will make any impatient people like me happy.
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on July 4, 2011
I didn't purchase this phone for the 3D capabilities, but instead for the dual core 1.2 gHz processor, and high resolution screen. I wasn't interested in the 3D because I always felt like it was a gimmick, but it turns out it is now one of my favorite features on the phone! Once my eyes got used to it, taking 3D photos, and recording 3D video ended up being what I spent the most time doing on the first day, really impressed. I definitely recommend this phone even if you're not into the 3D. The performance is great, the screen resolution is one of the best for Android devices (540x960), and the colors/brightness look great in 2D.

HTC Sense and Android 2.3 provide over 80 widgets, 3D camera and camcorder, and 3D version of Green Hornet is amazing. The 3D Spiderman gave me a headache, and I wish it had better graphics, but some may enjoy it. Won't get into reviewing Android, since I'm sure there are plenty of reviews on that.

Would definitely recommend this phone! I switched from my Verizon iPhone 4 even taking a loss on all the games/apps I purchased :( and I am very satisfied.
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on June 24, 2011
Update: 1/14/12 - After a few months of use, I stand by my review. The 3D feature was indeed a novelty, as none of my friends had the same feature, so I could't share any of my 3D pictures. The stereoscopic camera went mostly unused and just added bulk and weight. When the original Evo came out, it was arguably the best phone on any US carrier for a long time, considering how fast tech moves, while the 3D quickly became old news. The Epic 4G Touch is far and away superior (lighter, thinner, more vivid screen, better notification bar, more open to root), despite the Galaxy S2 technically coming out months before in Europe. HTC is falling behind by trying to implement gimmicks that aren't more than a passing curiosity.

Original review:
When the Evo 4G came out, it was a beast like nothing before it. Even a year later, it's keeping up nicely, as one of the few Android phones with Netflix streaming and a fresh Gingerbread update.

HTC's follow-up to the blockbuster Evo 4G is to give us a feature that nobody was asking for: a 3D capable display with stereoscopic cameras. The 3D effect is pretty cool. You do have some blur until the camera adjusts. While it's something you've probably never seen, short of the Nintendo 3DS, it just not something most people will find all that impressive. At no point have I thought wow, I'm really glad my phone can do this. You do have the option to turn it off and take regular pictures. The 3D has dual LED flash, just like the first Evo and the standard pictures come out sharp.


The dual core processor is fast and you will notice it from the first boot-up. Subsequent boot-ups take about 12 seconds to get to the home screen. Even when downloading my 30-40 apps from Market, you are just clicking away all those options without the intermittent lag. You have 1.15GB of internal memory for apps, so you won't have to worry about running out of space like the first Evo. HTC is still only throwing in an 8GB micro SD, but it's class 4 speed this time. 16GB cards are cheap, so that's a worthwhile upgrade for those that want to put a lot of media on their phone.


The Evo 3D has improved resolution over the original with the qHD display. It can now show off millions of colors, instead of only thousands. A parallax screen is required for the 3D, which reduces the viewing angles and takes a little pop out of the colors. All in all, it is better than the slightly washed out colors of the original Evo, but I still prefer Samsung's year old Super AMOLED display, even at the lower resolution.

Sense 3.0

There's a lot of improvements to love here. The carousel effect when flicking screens is cool, but just some eye candy I won't personally use other than to show off. You still have 7 home screens, without an option to reduce that number. The notification bar has a quick settings tab that let's you toggle all your data widgets, a feature that is overdue. The lock screen has the ability to go to custom apps, and to display weather or other items that you can personalize. You will notice other little things like the segmented app drawer pages.


The battery life has been holding up very well so far, about on par with the original Evo. On most days of moderate use (lots of texting, a couple calls, 15 minutes of web, 30 minutes of music), I end up with about 40% at the end of the days, (about 14 hours). I'm always on Wi-Fi, if it's available, which is a big key to good battery life on any smartphone. I work from home and the one day I was on Wi-Fi all day, only 15% of battery was used by the end of the day. So all in all, it's not a concern. If you use GPS and bluetooth often, you'll want to have a car charger, same as any smartphone.

Call quality

Call quality has been excellent, just as the original. As always, reception depends on your area. I get 4 bars throughout the greater Los Angeles area and couldn't be happier with Sprint's service. The other person comes through clear and I haven't had a dropped call on my end in years, other than obvious spots, such as parking garages.

Other considerations

The 3D is slightly slimmer on the sides (now matted), than the original and feels great in the hand. I love the giant camera button. The power button takes a very light press, something you have to get used to, but will appreciate once you do. The camera is not flush with the rest of the back, which can be annoying, just like the first Evo, if you didn't use a case.


The Evo 3D is Sprint's king of the hill, for the time being, and will give you the best user experience. If you are getting a new phone on Sprint, this is the clear choice, but is it worth it if you have an Evo 4G, or an Epic 4G? If you are getting the upgrade price, go for it, then sell the old one. You will appreciate how fast this phone is the more you use it. As for the 3D option, I don't think many will have much use for it, other than a novelty. My personal feeling is that most would prefer a thinner and lighter phone, such as Samsung's Galaxy S II, when it arrives.
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on July 12, 2011
I will just say the HTC EVO 4G was the best phone I ever had (I had a lot of smartphones). The EVO 3D is a set above the EVO 3D with a higher resolution screen (The EVO 4G resolution was nice but the EVO 3D display is like going from a TV that has a 480P display to one that has Full 1080P everything is clearer).

The phone is fast it usually boots up in a couple of seconds. It has a MHL port (Mobile High Definition Link) which allows you to connect a MHL cable to a TV with a MHL port to get: 1080P video, 7.1 surround sound,use your TV remote to control your EVO 3D, mirror the phone's image (show Everything that is on the EVO 3D on the TV) and it charges the phone all with one MHL cable.

Since there aren't any current TVs with MHL ports you have to get a MHL adapter to connect to your EVO 3D (this adapter has a HDMI output at the end and a charging port so you can charge your phone while it displays on you HDTV. I got a MHL adapter for my EVO 3D, it displays Everything that is on your phone to the HDTV (Games, apps, Netflix, YouTube, the internet, picture and movies). The only thing I can't do with the MHL adapter that you can do with MHL cable and a TV that has a MHL port built in, is control my EVO 3D with my TV remote. MHL Adapter Link: [...]

And for those that say the speaker/ringer is too low "There's an App for That" (sorry had to do it. Lol).
The "Volume+" app it has an equalizer for the speaker, Headphone and bluetooth headset. It has a main volume of 10 and sub volume level of +8 (this is +8 times higher than the EVO 3D's highest volume). I can hear my Green Hornet, Youtube and Netflix movies with ease. It is actually louder than my EVO 4G was. The Volume+ App is in Android Market for $1.49 well worth it.

Oh and the low speaker sound on the EVO 3D is not the phone it is one of the many bugs of the Gingerbread 2.3 update.

Look at this Review:
HTC EVO got screwed up by gingerbread update and this app saved the day ...
by Daniel- June 14, 2011
"HTC EVO got screwed up by gingerbread update and this app saved the day it allowed me to fix the lack of volume and alter my audio sound"

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I have loved HTC phones. I've owned the PPC-6700, PPC-6800, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2 and Evo 4G and mostly delighted in each and every one of them, shortcomings and all. But the Evo 3D has left me wanting to the point that I am returning it and trying another brand.

Please understand that this is MY review and my sujective impressions. Others may justifiably consider what I view as shortcomings as trivial concerns. So be it.

On the plus side, the build quality is typical HTC: solid. I've never had an HTC unit that lost pieces or started splitting at the seams. Treat the Evo 3D with respect and it should last longer than you own the phone.

The quality of the qVGA screen is excellent. No, it doesn't perform well in bright sunlight, but virtually nothing else does either. Everywhere else, the screen is splendid. The higher resolution, however, comes with some drawbacks for me. The Swype keyboard is more difficult to use because the keycaps appear smaller. I'm pretty proficient with Swype on my Evo 4G, but suddenly I am all thumbs, so to speak.It would be nice if the Swype folks made it possible to somehow scale the keyboard display, but I suspect that may remain an unfulfilled wish. Instead, I will have to practice, practice and practice.

The dual-core processor is snappy, there is plenty of user accessible memory. The form is nice: slimmer than the Evo 4G.

There's also a separate camera button, a piece of sensibility many manufacturers are coming back to.

The 3D photo and video capability does nothing for me. Some people may love it: does nothing for me one way or the other. Took some photos and video to play with it and was not impressed with the depth of the 3D effect. Again, subjective response - your experience may vary.

Including the 3D cameras, though, led to HTC including only 5 Megapixel cameras. In 2D mode, I think they are inferior to the 8MP camera on the Evo 3D. Also, the kickstand that appeared on the Evo 3D is gone and that I consider to be a major omission. The kickstand was very, very handy and I didn't realize how much I used it until going without it.

Next on my short list of Evo 3D shortcomings is the audio. I find it entirely inadequate. The Evo 4G was loud: the 3D - at least my Evo 3D - is not. Headphone volume is lousy. Speakerphone volume is lousy. The audio is lousy. Period.

Next to last on my list is touch screen sensitivity. Like I said, I've owned a number of HTC phones and they all were basically fine, but the Evo 3D - and I hold open the possibility that it could just be my unit - isn't up to snuff. There are portions of the screen that sometimes seem as if they are dead.

Finally is the USB port placement: HTC put the USB port on the side of the Evo 3D which drives me nuts. I usually put the phone on a charge cable in the car. Try picking it up with a USB cable coming out the side. It is not, in my opinion, convenient and I just don't like it.

So, is the Evo 3D a bad phone? No. There are just some things about it that I don't like and they are serious enough in my mind to cause me to return the Evo 3D and get another new model. Would another person be likely to say I'm all wet and that what appear to be shortcomings to me aren't even minor annoyances to them? Yes.

The Evo 3D merits a look, but make sure it really fits your requirements.

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on July 11, 2011
I had old evo and phone was great but battery life was only about 4hr, this new evo 3d i have had for one week it's faster and battery last whole day. love the evo 3dHTC EVO 3D 4G Android Phone (Sprint)
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on June 24, 2011
pros: I moved on to this phone from a first gen evo. Let me tell you first that the processor is lightning fast. Wifi on this phone is faster than my laptop and thats with standard sights, not mobile. I was sceptical about the 3d, but I must admit i am impressed. The phone comes with green hornet 3d installed and it looks amazing. I also took some video of my dogs in 3d and it also looks awesome. The 4.3 inch screen is crystal clear as well. The phone also comes with swype pre installed. Additionally there is a built in program to easily upload videos to facebook and youtube, much better than qik. Camera takes decent pictures in 2d and 3d modes. Finally the new sense from HTC is the best interface I have seen on a phone to date!

Cons: No built in kickstand, however a case with a kickstand is in the works. The charging port is on the side of the phone and its really awkward. I can honestly say this is the only feature I truly hate on the phone.

Overall I highly recommend this phone and I am very satisfied with the purchase. The verdict is still put on battery life. I always keep background data turned off, helps tremendously with battery life.
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