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on October 20, 2011
Firstly multitasking is a breeze...I love how new android operating systems are Actually new and not just minor improvements(can't wait for "Ice Cream Sandwich" on this device). Dlna on this phone is great streaming movies and all sorts of media with all my devices gives me freedom to watch and see what I want when I want to. With this phone my kids love watching movies while I'm busy I know they are entertained the games are amazing 3d or not. It's such a fun device with developers making new apps daily for this device I won't get tired of it anytime soon. Ive had the new iPhone too and the battery on the new iPhone isn't very impressive. I used it just as much as I would in a normal day and the evo 3d would last longer for me. I've read about people who complain about the battery life but if you do a google search there are a couple of very interesting websites that have ways on how you can improve on the battery life and make it last much longer. Im not trying to start an android iOS war but I'm just saying that technology is moving very fast. The options in this phone are great for any person any age.....try to use this phone for a while and go out and use an will then notice what I see and words are hard to describe. I'm not an apple hater aim posting this using my iMac. Its just an honest opinion from me. Some of the things I've said are available on other android devices but the only other 3d one is lg and thats not on the same carrier as my device so I have no comparison if I want all the choices plus glasses free 3d it's the Evo 3d for me!
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on April 1, 2013
I purchased two HTC Evo 4g 3D phones in November 2011. One was for me and the other was my husband.

Oh sure, out of the box these phones were gorgeous. Seemed very sturdy, big pretty screen, beautiful graphics, etc. etc. But all of this has been a horrible, horrible trap to the truth about these phones. It makes me extremely nervous to ever get another HTC phone ever again, of any make or model.

First off, these phones overheat. This is a known issue. If you talk for more than 5 minutes, play a game for 5 minutes, or anything that takes about 5 minutes, it will start to get a bit hot.

Another odd issue, one of the phones would constantly reboot itself randomly for no reason. It would do this 3-4 times a day, every day. This began around May of 2012. It would even do it when you were in the middle of a phone call. This phone was the first one to become useless.

Around August 2012, my phone started to have digitizer issues. I use my phone a lot as I'm out of the house a lot. Also, I do the majority of the phone calls at my house. My husband isn't a big talker when it comes to the phone. So my phone was used more in the beginning. The digitizer problems escalated rather quickly, and within 3-4 weeks my phone became unusable without a great deal of frustration. The bottom third of the phone, where the unlock ring is, is where it's worst. Unlokcing the phone became a nightmare. Sometimes it would take over an hour to get it unlocked. Dialing numbers became impossible. The phone would type and text by itself. The screen would freeze up, sometimes for hours a time. Restarting, taking out the battery, all of this didn't help. Then, in an unfortunate acciden at the end of the November 2012, I dropped the phone so that it hit the edge of a chair on the screen, and the screen cracked. So, now I had broken digitizers and a cracked screen. So, my husband traded phones with me since I needed a phone more and we didn't have the money for a replacement.

So, I've been using my husband's phone since December 2012 and now it's April 2013. So 3.5 months. Now, the digitizers in this phone have stopped working the same as the first. It's in that beginning stages, where it's random. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But it's escalating quickly, just like before. The screen is starting to freeze up, texting by itself, doesn't respond to touch, can't unlock it. Again, it's the bottom third of the screen where it's worst, the part where you unlock the phone. So, my guess is that using this phone regularly is what breaks it.

The other problem with this particular phone, vs. the one I was using before, is that the phone speaker doesn't work. You can't hear anyone speaking unless you push the "speaker" button. I didn't have to do that with the first phone. It worked normally. This has always been an issue with this phone, right out of the box, but my husband didn't mind as he didn't need to talk much. He's more of a texter.

Now for the "durability" of the case. The first phone I used was fine. This second one is not. The whole outside of the case is coming unglued. Around the camera and the outer molding is just falling off. I'm not rough with the phone. It mostly sits on my desk. But carrying it in my pocket or purse seems to cause it to fall apart. But, I'm not rough but a couple of times I dropped it the screen seems very strong. Unless you drop it onto the corner of a chair.

Whatever you do, do NOT get this phone. As I said, having this experience with two phones now has made me very wary of HTC in general as I wonder if all of them have these digitizer problems.
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on May 31, 2012
I really wanted to love this phone, and after using it for about 5 months, I still LIKE it, but I don't LOVE it.

What I like:

The phone's display is beautiful. I love the HTC-specific flavor of Android that is included on the EVO 3D. The phone is fast, and I don't suffer from any iPhone envy. In fact, just the opposite. I've had several iPhone users tell me that they loved the features on my phone. I love the built-in memory; my last Android phone suffered from not having enough internal memory, and I haven't had any trouble with the EVO 3D. I love watching Netflix on my phone, and I love how my contacts are integrated from Facebook and Google in the address book, and how my Facebook friends' birthdays show as events on my calendar.

What I'm neutral about:

The 4G service is nice, but I don't have 4G coverage at my work, or at my house, which is kind of a bummer, but isn't the phone's fault. The 3D camera is gimmicky. It is fun to show people how you can see 3D images on the screen, but I find that I mostly still take 2D images and almost exclusively take 2D videos. I don't have a 3D television, and can't see myself getting one in the near future, so the 3D technology is nifty, but not all that practical for me.

What I dislike:

I've had battery issues with this phone from day one. I got a bad battery to start with, and I had to go to a Sprint repair facility to get it fixed. The Sprint worker just took the battery out of his phone and put it in mine and sent me on my way. (That was weird. I guess he wanted the new battery for himself.) Several times when I've been charging the phone in my car, it has frozen. I have to take the battery out for a couple of hours for the phone to reset (even 30 minutes hasn't been long enough to allow the phone to re-start). Speaking of the battery, the battery life is terrible. If I allow background data, I have to re-charge my phone at lunch because the battery can't make it through the work day (and I don't use it that much in the office). Even if I don't allow background data, while the phone does fine while I'm at work, it is often dead by bedtime. On the weekends, when I use my phone more, the battery life is particularly frustrating. I guess that my hands are just too big, because several times each day, when holding the phone in my right hand, I reach with my index finger to put the phone in standby, and my pinky hits the home button at the same moment, and I take a screen shot, rather than turn the phone off. While it is cool that HTC allows to to easily take screen shots (Android, by default, doesn't include this functionality), it is frustrating that this happens so often to me. I also have found the touch-sensitive hardware buttons (Home, Menu, Back, and Search) frustrating. It is very easy to press one of these "buttons" by accident. The speaker is on the back (???) of the phone, making it very hard to listen to movies or music without headphones. Finally, I don't think I'm unusually hard on my phone: I'm an office worker and often keep the phone in my pants pocket, but the phone shows a lot of wear after only 5 months. The black paint around the rim of the front of the phone has worn off, making an almost continuous silver border. The metal trim around the glass started to detach on the lower left side of the phone. I had to super-glue it back on, which doesn't seem like the best solution, but it worked.


Like I said, I like the phone, but I don't love it, though I really wanted to love it, but there are too many shortcomings. My next phone will still be an Android, but will likely be from a different manufacturer. I can upgrade in about 6 more months. I hope I can wait that long.
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on July 4, 2011
i've had this phone for a few days now and i have to say that I love it. I had the OG Evo and it was an awesome phone, but this phone has by far exceeded my expectations. the camera takes great pics (even though its an MP downgrade...8mp-5mp), the 3D (even though i'm not a fan of 3D) is a cool and different feature, the phone is super fast and the call quality is crisp, loud, and clear. my old evo's call quality wasn't the best and my only complaint on my OG evo was that the phone calls were too low for me. this phone doesn't have this problem. the calls are nice and clear. i love it. the battery is actually way better than the original evo. before i could only get maybe 8 hours or less and that was without me using battery life was horrible on the OG evo. and with this phone the Evo 3D, as i type this my phone has been on for over 23 hours and i'm finally at 9% battery life. i put my battery through everything: calls, texts, 4G, wifi, surfed the internet, bluetooth...and its now that i have to charge my battery. i love this phone. if you are thinking about getting it do it, you won't regret it!!
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on June 25, 2011
I too was on the fence on buying this phone since I do have an HTC EVO 4G and with the Gingerbread 2.3.3 release it has been wonderful. I decided to go ahead a treat myself and made the purchase.

The Pros:

1. HTC Sense 3.0 is absolutely the best custom UI on the market at this time. Very refined and many enhancements over the previous version that was included in the HTC EVO 4G.
2. Features galore. There are many subtle options built into the OS that many reviews don't mention like enable power efficiency and turn on power saver when your battery is @ xxx %.
3. 3D. Definitely a gimmick but once you see it in person it has a certain WOW factor that is hard to get over.
4. Battery life is good. This is mostly because of the OS version of Android 2.3.3 which the original HTC EVO 4G received recently and the battery life on that is now good as well.
5. Very responsive and fast.
6. iphone style texting with the speech bubbles. I know I'm a sucker for style and flash.

The Cons:

1. No kickstand. I did go to and purchased the hard case with kickstand but it is on backorder.
2. Speaker Volume is not as loud as the original HTC EVO 4G. Definitely noticeable so don't let the other reviewers tell you otherwise.
3. USB Charging port was moved to the left side of the phone. I preferred the bottom myself.

All in all, it is a great phone and I am please to have it. If you are on the fence and can afford it, why not? Is this phone a huge step up from the original HTC EVO 4G? Probably not so if you don't care for the extra bells and whistles, you can probably get away with keeping the EVO 4G for another year.
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on December 10, 2011
So i have had this phone since June and at first i loved it. It has a beautiful screen. The 3D is actually pretty nice. It is fun to take pics on it. I had no problem with it and then suddenly one day it turned into a nightmare. The camera stopped working. I have to literally take the battery out and put it back in to work. Then i had problems sending texts messages (which might be a sprint problem but i don't know). Also, the battery is awful! I mean it started going crazy. It was telling me it wasn't charging when it was plugged in correctly. Then when it should have a full battery life it would be telling me it was dying. I called sprint and they were helpful up to a point! Also it started to turn itself off and restarting itself. Now this may just be a faulty phone but i would wait until they release it! I got it when it first came out and sadly i think it needs some work before it turns out to be a great phone.
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on April 9, 2012
This is my first smartphone. I got to say that it is pretty powerful and gets the job done. The downside to this phone is that it lags a little sometimes and the battery life is below satisfaction. I would recommend getting a spare battery to carry around because it is a hassle if you run out of battery while you are on the road to a meeting or something important. There are a lot of pros to this phone. The 3D function is very neat and is something that you can show off to your friends. The processor is super fast and makes everything look very smooth. There is a pretty big screen so you can see pretty much everything on it. It is one of the better phones because of its design and the way it can do so many things. 3D pictures are my favorite. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants to have a cool 3D feature or rather anyone who just wants a powerful phone that can get pretty much any job done.
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on July 22, 2011
To be honest, the 3D is gimmicky, and shouldn't be a reason to buy this phone aside from the fact you can show off to your buddies once or twice. But everything else is fantastic. Very quick phone, 3G coverage seems heaps and bounds quicker than my previous phone (I rarely get on 4g). Battery life is amazing. If you activiate the power widget to your home screen, you can shut off the backlight on your screen when you don't need it, and your battery should last more than 24 hours with usage (facebook, words with friends, email). The screen is very nice, not as nice as the samsung screens, but if you arent comparing them side by side, it wouldnt even matter.

Other than that, i switched my keyboard to SwiftKeyX which i believe is better than the native keyboard app and SWYPE that comes preinstalled. For music, I am using google music (cloud based so no need for a lot of space).
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on July 18, 2011
I absolutely love this phone.

This phone is unbelievably fast - I multitask a lot, so I'll have many apps open, browsers open, take pictures, etc. etc. and the the system barely ever slows down.

Accessing the internet on this phone is amazing, I don't use my laptop as much anymore when I'm home because of how great the browsing experience is. Unfortunately, I don't ever get 4g speeds to the point where I don't even try it anymore. But 3g and WiFi are great.

The battery life on the phone isn't as bad as some make it out to be. Few big things, download a battery management application and make sure your screen brightness is set to low. You'll be fine.

Sense 3.0 is great, it's fast, it's easy to setup shortcuts, widgets, folders, etc. on your home screen. Very easy to use.

Google Marketplace is also unbelievable, it feels like I have access to an unlimited amount of apps whenever I want them, and they download and install so fast.

I can go on and on about this phone, I just love it. Best phone I've ever had, Hands Down!
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on March 28, 2012
The short and sweet of this review is that i upgraded from my Evo 4G to the 3D when it first hit stores last June -
So essentially i have had this phone now for a year to date (just about) here is my quick list of things to look for (or the good, bad and the ugly list)

The Good
1. The phone itself - the processor, the ability to run everything you could throw at it and more makes this an almost bullet proof phone

2. The battery believe it or not lasts alot longer than the original 4G but results may vary (one thing NOT to do is install a task killer, that makes it worse trust me) just lower your brightness, turn things off that you dont need etc. It also has the first task killer software built in that you could use that works as well -

3. The lock screen really helps get things done alot quicker - being able to choose a quick task w/o opening the phone up and selecting an app is great - 4 icons in the lock screen can be custizable too!

4. The wifi is fast really fast

5. The front 1.2 mp camera is really good for portrait shots

The Bad

1. The camera can be great but can also be terrible at 5mp i wish they would have just stuck with the 4gs 8mp - but on the flip side the special effects that come preloaded to add to pictures is pretty cool

2. The 3D is great but terrible because its just not useful - a more gimmick than anything - trust me after the first week you'll never use it again - even for games

3. Can be a bit buggy at times, force closing things, or randomly shutting down, but maybe a handful of times this has happened in a years time.

4. I miss the left and right scrolling homescreens which feels like more screen real estate, now we have a carousel like tile thing, and wallpapers are not configured to this screen being its only vertical now not horizontal (scrolling left to right to see the whole wallpaper)

The Ugly

1. The screen is not a vivid as you would like and is extremely susceptible to cracking if dropped

2. Charging the phone on the top left side of the phone is awkward - it works for getting the cord out of the way but im not a fan

3. The camera button is extremely slow to getting the camera up and running -

4. No kickstand a real crowd pleaser ...

5. Booting up from a restart or reset is crazy slow!!

Overall great phone for taking care of buisness, playing with apps, mutlitasking, etc. but highly disappointed with the camera for normal pics (esp in sunlight and lowlight conditions) 3D a waste of time, and the screen could be better in terms of vividness -

My next upgrade will be looking into the HTC ONE X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 -
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