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on December 5, 2011
.... I am NOT in love with this phone. I've owned it for a few months now (seemed a good idea before writing a review), and I find myself damning it more than I praise it. So here's my take:


1) The network on this thing is slow (I'm in San Diego, so no 4G here on Sprint, yet). Of course, that's more Sprint's fault, right? Well, yes, but as far as I know, Sprint is the only carrier with this phone, so the two go hand in hand. More frustrating, however, is how I can be standing next to another Sprint customer with a different smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, doesn't matter), and their phone will BLAST through whatever we're searching for. You have no idea how many times I've gone to look something up on my phone only to give up and have someone else look it up instead because my phone is taking so long. In this age of being defined by the phone you have, it's just downright embarrassing. And streaming Pandora or watching a video on Youtube? Ha! Forget it, unless I'm hooked to WiFi.

2) The camera is terrible. EVERY picture I take, no matter what I do, comes out blurry.

3) The phone basically has to live on a charger. It won't last the day otherwise, even if you don't use it. God help you if the stars align in just a way that streaming music actually works (if you call buffering every 30 seconds working) and you decide to listen for a bit, because then the phone won't last more than a couple hours. I have a charger at work, in my car, and at home because that's what it takes to keep this thing moving.

4) The screen occasionally will not accept inputs, with the only remedy being to restart it. Thankfully re-booting it only takes a few seconds, though. But, of course, that leads to other complaints I have.

5) The phone has an annoying bug where every app that I load onto the external SD card loses its icon when I restart the phone. A little digging online taught me how to fix it each time, but it is annoying that it's even necessary. *UPDATE 01/18/2012* This glitch appears to have been fixed with the HTC software update I received this morning.


1) I REALLY like the logic and functionality of the Droid software. Compared to the iPhone, it's extremely liberating. The number of options, settings, and configurations you can adjust to your liking is incredible.

2) Call quality is decent. Not the best, but I have no real complaints.

3) For a lot of the phone's shortcomings, there's a good chance someone has created an app to fix it.

4) Unlike the iPhone, the SD card gives you the ability to expand the storage space and you can also remove the battery.

5) Pretty sturdy construction. No scratches or dents to speak of, and that's just with a cheap gel case and screen protector installed.
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on October 4, 2011
I'm delighted with my HTC EVO 3D after using it for the past few weeks. I like its build quality, features, and its intuitive functionality.

This is my first smart phone (not counting my work BlackBerry Bold) and its thoroughly met my expectations. I shied away from buying one earlier because I don't do social networking and I had the (mis)perception that the only reason to buy a smart phone was to update your Facebook status or tweet your latest missive. Also, the expensive data plans didn't seem worth it. However, needing a new phone I took the plunge. Also Sprint's unlimited data plan seemed highly appealing (a couple of co-workers swore by it). So, my wife and I went with the family plan and two shiny new phones.

My review is geared at the smart phone newbie. I cross-shopped the Samsung Epic (my wife purchased one), the iPhone, Motorola Droid, Blackberry Torch, and a few others.

+ Antenna strength is impressive. My office is deep inside an old factory and cell reception is poor to non-existent. My Evo--while down to two or one bars--still has reception. Even at no bars, I'm still receiving email, taking calls, and listening to Pandora
+ The 4G network is blazing fast. Its as if I'm on my cable modem at home (or better). I've watched YouTube videos and done video calling (a bit of fun and great for kids--especially if the parents travel). Downloads occur smoothly and quickly.
+ The 3G Sprint network isn't too shabby either. My work BlackBerry is on Verizon's 3G network and it's a snoozing, overweight dog. While its hard to tell if it's the network or phone hardware (or a diabolical combo), my observations are the Evo on Sprint's 3G trounces Verizon's 3G network.
+ The touch screen (something I haven't really used before) works extremely well. It has the right sensitivity and I never hit the wrong button.
+ Typing on the touch screen isn't nearly as unpleasant as I thought. Its easy and the phone has a pleasant little vibration when you hit a key. HTC definitely put together a nice tactile sensation for those of us who prefer a real keyboard.
+ The 3D aspect is a bit of a gimmick. I don't use it on a day-to-day basis. That said, I love taking 3D pictures and it provides endless entertainment for my kids. Also, some of the 3D shots I've taken are really quite cool (and I'm not that skilled).
+ Phone hardware, memory, and display are excellent. It is slightly mind-boggling that the phone's stats would have equaled those of a solid desktop computer from just a few years ago. Start time is quick, apps download smoothly, and updates take place behind-the-scenes. Its an impressive experience.
+ Others have mentioned phone call quality, speaker phone volume, and other traditional "phone" features. My observations are the phone does its basic jobs well.

- I was a bit surprised how heavy the phone was when I first received it. I quickly got use to the weight, but my initial impression was "this phone is a brick!" It weighs more than my wife's Galaxy (even with it ensconced in the protective cocoon). Nonetheless, the phone is slim and easily fits in my pocket.
- Esthetically, the phone doesn't stand out from the pack. It looks like dozens of others on the market. Compared to the Galaxy, it's vanilla. Contrasting it to the iPhone seems unfair. However, what it lacks in exterior styling it repays in interior power; screen display (3D!); and ease-of-use. It's a good phone (great in my opinion) but it doesn't stand out from the crowd.
- I took me a few days to really warm up to the phone. My wife's Samsung seemed a bit nicer with a more appealing design (and it was much lighter). However, after using the phone for a week it really grew on me.
- Battery life is pretty decent, but you do need to be judicious about turning off services (e.g. wireless or 4G) to keep it from seeking a source it can't find. I can stretch the battery life to 8 hours with moderate use (Pandora, a few calls, checking email, surfing the web at lunch) but my Blackberry can go for days when used similarly. It's a minor quibble--I know smart phones are resource intensive--but as this is a newbie review it warrants mentioning.

In summary... A very good phone that I am pleased to have purchased. I generally keep my tech equipment (laptops, tvs, etc.) around longer than the industry might prefer. From reading other reviews, I've seen that HTC does a good job of supporting its hardware and allowing upgrades. Apple's forced obsolescence always turned me off (I recognize it's a good market strategy--at least until other companies peel away their customers). If you are looking for a phone to keep for a few years (or more) this seems like a good bet. I like the Android OS and feel it stacks up well against the iPhone.

Lastly, I don't think you can go wrong ordering from Amazon. I cross-shopped the wireless provider sites and prices clearly favored Amazon. Sprint (at least in the North East) has a strong presence and their prices and plans are far better than AT&T and Verizon. Good luck! Hoped this helped...
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on July 8, 2011
I have heard from many HTC EVO 4G owners that the battery life was terrible. The background apps would drain the battery even when not in use. So much so that users would need to install so called "app killers" on their phone, and even with those people would experience battery issues. There's nothing worse than having a phone that won't last you all day. I can report that the HTC EVO 3D has no such battery issues. This is due to the fact that the HTC EVO 3D runs the latest Android operating system called Gingerbread. This new operating system manages the power much more efficiently and you will no longer need an "app killer". If you charge the phone overnight the phone will last you all day. I use the phone from 6am to around 5pm and it's usually almost dead when I get home. A typical days use for me is maybe 2 or 3 phone calls a day lasting no more than 15 minutes total, browsing on the internet throughout the day several times and maybe 2 hours of music with headphones on. I always carry a backup battery just in case I need it, I normally don't but it's always good to carry one just in case for emergencies!

For those who have never used a touch screen Android before will be happy to know the phone comes with a guide, so no excuses on upgrading! The touch screen is big and easy to navigate. I use this phone all the time for internet browsing and the built-in internet browser is fast. Although the phone supports 4G, i always keep it disabled as 3G service is more common where I live. Also, leaving 4G enabled on the phone will drain your battery faster as it will continually search for 4G signal. I recommend installing the free Adobe Flash Player from the Android Market to ensure that you can view any webpage you come across. The best part of Sprint is unlimited internet, so no holding back download all the apps and games you want!

The 3D feature is only present when viewing an object in 3D, whether it be a game, movie, or picture and you do not need glasses to view the effect. There's a switch on the side to easily switch between 2D and 3D modes. This only affects the camera features of the phone, the normal operation of the phone is in 2D. The phone comes preloaded with the 3D game Spiderman 3D and the 3D movie The Green Hornet, which can be streamed to your phone anytime you have an internet connection/3G/4G signal.

The phone comes with 808mb of internal memory and an 8gb MicroSD card. So there's pleanty of space for installing apps or using the phone as an ipod. There is a built in headphone jack that works great with my sony earbuds. Just make sure to push the headphones in all the way. I have a bunch of mp3's on my phone that i transfered from my pc using the included usb data cable. If you want to create your own ringtones that's easy. Just download a free ringtone app from the android market, which will allow you to select a segment on one of your mp3's to use as a ringtone. no more paying for ringtones of your favorite songs! You can either charge the phone through the pc or mount the phone as a hard drive. If you want to transfer files to the phone, then when you first plug in the phone to the pc, you need to enable the option "mount as hard drive". You then will get a popup from windows recognizing the hard drive. I use Windows Explorer to transfer files to and from your phone. Note that unless your monitor is 3D you won't be able to playback 3D pictures and 3D videos on your pc monitor.
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on January 22, 2012
This phone is just awesome. Sense 3.0 is phenomenal. 3D is fun, but just a small part of what makes this phone special. It's super fast and will get the android 4.0 ice cream sandwich update. HTC knows how to make a top of the line handset.
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on May 1, 2014
My phone has a dead strip of screen along the ZXCVBNM keyboard row. This started after it was about 14 months old. Sporadic at first, becoming more frequent. Often I can't answer the phone because the unlock swipe passes over the dead spot on the screen. Can't text without turning screen sideways and QWASZ are constantly mistyping. Sometimes my phone will start swiping and typing by itself. The lock will jump over and over as the screen shorts and detects phantom touches. It has become useless. $300+ dollars down the drain.

The camera on this phone has always been abysmal. Colors are often wildly off. Blurs and softness abound. I didn't care about 3d. When I asked around people said HTC is know for crappy cameras in their phone.

I often don't get 4G, and if you travel say good buy to having a phone if you travel outside of metropolitan cities. I didn't have data access on my phone for weeks. I lost PHONE access heavily in northern michigan. I actually had to ask people if there was a public phone booth around. Because of this I ended up buying a Verizon pay-as-you-go phone while traveling around the U.S. I simply couldn't go days and weeks without phone service.

I wouldn't buy another HTC unless I got a big bargain and a warranty. Everything I liked about it was courtesy of Android, not specific to HTC. HTC specific hardware was bad.

Battery drain from the start was bad, as is usual amongst smart phones. I have a Samsung flip-phone. I charge it and it is good for most of the week.
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on August 23, 2011
I really like the EVO 3D for blazing fast speed and cool features. I can download and use apps within a few seconds. The video is amazing and I love the customizable interface of the phone.

However, weighing heavily against the features I like about this phone are the following (in order of magnitude):

#1 - The battery life is terrible - Even after I did all of the battery saving tricks (dimming the phone, app killers, battery saver apps, shutting down network features...etc), the battery still runs out way too quickly. I'm always trying to find a place to charge my phone and I don't use it that often.

#2 - The onscreen keypad is way too sensitive, very small, and difficult to use. I've been trying to train my fingers on the keypad, but it is difficult to use because a key will be pressed just before my finger touches the screen and the keys appear very narrow.

#3 - USB on the side of the phone. This wasn't an issue when I first started using the phone, but now I find it increasingly annoying because I find it necessary to be plugged in so frequently (see issue #1 above).

#4 - The speaker is very weak on high volume. For turn by turn directions I could barely hear the voice navigation over the engine noise.

Unfortunately if I can't find a good enough fix for the battery life issue, this will be a deal breaker and I will return the phone. Because what's the point of having this phone if the battery is constantly going dead?
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on September 16, 2012
Have had this phone since out came out and can only get about 4 hours put of it even if I never even turn the screen on. By lunch time I will be at 7%. They won't cover the battery with insurance either.
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on March 8, 2012
Evo3D is the successor to the widely successful HTC EVO 4G that launched on Sprint in 2010. This phone has a better screen (higher resolution, better contrast), better processor (Qualcomm S3 as opposed to S1 in the original) better battery life (compared to EVO 4G) and is running Gingerbread with sense 3.0. The only thing missing from EVO3D that was available on the original EVO is the stand which you can get if you buy a (specific) cover. It has MHL port which allows it to be connected to TVs via an MHL to HDMI cable (same price as mini HDMI to regular HDMI cable).
3D camera on this phone works really well and the 3D screen is easy to view. I viewed 3D as an added benefit and I have not been disappointed. Pictures taken through this phone look great.

In my experience the screen is prone to scratches so contrary to some reports it does NOT have gorilla glass screen. The resolution on this phone is qHD and the screen is SLCD (not IPS ) but the performance of the screen is much better than EVO. The colors are vibrant and text is crisp. After using this my EPIC 4G's screen did not look as good to me as before. I still think that a (non-pentile) SAMOLED Plus screen with 720p resolution would probably look better but this is the next best thing (so not as big a con as it may seem).
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on September 21, 2011
I don't have a long review. I got the EVO 3D a month after it came out. I had a Hero the funny thing was my husband had the same phone and his was never a problem but mine must have been a Monday or Friday Hero cause I had nothing but problems. The Sprint guy let me get this 8 months early and I have not looked back. I LOVE this phone. First of all I have to say I cannot physically see 3d I am blind in one eye. I do not mean I can't just not see I actually lost and eye but that is neither here nor there. I can't see 3D. That was not a selling point. The display was awesome. I loved the size and the apps and storage I bought a 16 gig card quick and all is well. Everything I do on this phone is great. I can't use 4G here but when I go to St Louis I can and I notice it sucks the battery. I also notice when I go wireless (and that is VERY easy to do) That saves the battery too. I put it up to my friends IPhone4 and mine wins!!! I do wish we had some Iphone aps but other than that I LOVE this phone!!! I am very glad I got it. I have had not one problem thus far. I did by an otter box for it. Sadly I could only get black black or black but it saved my phone when I dropped in a concrete floor. So I Hardily suggest an otterbox to protect your investment.
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on December 3, 2011
This phone has many excellent traits that help to push it ahead of many others in its class. The screen is quite responsive and feels nice, in my opinion, and the phone, with its dual-core processor, is quite snappy. The internet (quality) is good, and I find that Dolphin HD browser works the best on it. The camera is a wonder in itself: I usually don't care about the phone camera, but the 3D in this phone is amazing. If you can get a perfect shot, it truly will make objects pop out at you. The 2D is also quite nice, though, and a 5mp camera seems fine to me. The phone actually seems pretty sturdy to me: it's light, which is good, so when I put on a plastic, durable case it isn't too heavy. Swype works well on this phone and I am not missing my previous physical keyboard.
A few days ago the camera was being weird and had many green vertical lines all over it. I removed the battery and the problem was fixed, however.
When I first got the phone, the battery life was dreadful, but it has since gotten better, surprisingly being at half battery when I go to sleep after a day of surfing, texting, and listening to music while also watching a youtube video or two.
Not many other flaws.
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