Customer Reviews: Yamaha RX-A710BL 7-Channel Network AV Receiver [OLD VERSION] (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on November 18, 2011
I've had the oppurtunity to install this receiver about 5 times now, and everytime i'm amazed at the sound. But the real reason why i've been pressed to write a review is the network capabilities. If you have a surround sound system in the main room and have two speakers out in the back patio and you have an iphone/ipad/ipod touch or most Android devices, like my HTC Evo 3D, you can control this receiver (as long as you're on the wifi network the receiver is on. I highly recommend using a Harmony remote for zone 1, then using the app on the mobile device for zone 2. Every one of my clients have been amazed at how easily they can control their second zone now. They're blown away about how you can listen to Pandora, almost every internet radio station in the world, SiriusXM, Napster, their ipod/iphone, all controlled from their mobile device. it's really easy to change stations on Pandora, scroll though your ipod, as if you had the ipod in your hand (even on my Android phone).

Setup is a breeze, connect all main speakers, connect zone 2 speakers, hdmis, and a few stereo rca's if necessary, run through the settings of the receiver, set it for dual-zone, connect an ethernet cable (i typically use a Netgear powerline ethernet adapter with 4 ports if the receiver is not next to the router), and you're done.

Properly set up, you will not be dissappointed.

FYI, the Pioneer Elite VSX-50 has the network capabilities but the Pioneer app does not allow you to listen to internet radio (HMG input) or the ipod with the provided cable on zone 2. You need to purchase the pioneer ipod dock in order to do so. I just tried it today.
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on April 21, 2012
I recently setup my own home theater and will copy this post for all the items involved. I bought a Yamaha A710 receiver, Polk Blackstone TL2600 speakers, and the JBL WEM-1 wireless amplifier to add to my Samsung 3D LED TV (UN55D6900WF), Samsung 3D Blu Ray player and XBOX 360. I did months of research reading reviews both online and on Amazon to find what I needed and what was over-the-top. This is my first attempt at a home theater and I am by no means an audiophile or HT enthusiast. I like to do tons of research and find the best items I can get for the money. Hopefully this helps somebody out.

Setting up the speakers and WEM-1 was straight forward and gave the receiver no issues when calibrating the speakers. Just to be clear, the WEM-1 keeps me from having to run speaker wire from one side of the room to the other. You still have speaker wire from the surround speakers to the wireless receiver and speaker wire from the receiver to the wireless transmitter.The A710 setup was very easy and straight forward. After hooking up all the speakers and running the YPAO sound calibration my wife came home so my first chance to see how everything worked was when we watched Cars 2 in 3D. I did note that with the WEM-1, the receiver says the surround speakers are farther away than they really are but I think it adjusts this based on the timing of the signal to be transmitted. When sound is played everything is synced up perfectly.

My first impression while watching the movie was "this is awesome!!!" Everything worked flawlessly from the initial setup and the Polk speakers sounded very clear and powerful for being such small speakers. They also look great and my wife approved of them to go with our home decor which is no small task. The subwoofer thumps out the perfect amount of bass (not too much but not too little) and the center and satellite speakers also surprisingly can handle their own in the range of lower frequencies. The volume on the sub is only at mid-level so if we wanted to irritate the neighbors it would be easy to crank it up. My only complaint with the WEM-1 is when there is no sound being played by the speakers it is powering, a very faint 1Hz hum can be heard while the system is waiting for the auto power-down to happen. It is only a very slight hum and is only noticeable when the house is completely quiet. Once the WEM-1 powers down, the hum is gone.

The A710 works very well with the Samsung 3D TV and 3D Blu Ray player. All 3 have HDMI control so that I can power-up/down or change the volume of all 3 with one touch of a button. It's awesome to use the "scene" button on the A710 remote to start up the TV, Blu Ray and Receiver (it doesn't work with the XBOX) with one touch. The volume buttons on the TV and Blu Ray remote control the volume on the receiver which nice to grab whatever remote is handy to change the volume. The Yamaha remote seems overwhelming at first (lots of buttons) but after seeing what everything does, it can do the necessary features for the TV and Blu Ray player (changing inputs, power, play, pause, FF, RW, and Blu Ray menu options).

The A710 and TL2600s are a perfect combination and put out a great sound field. I haven't used the network features of the A710 yet but Pandora sounds awesome when played on the TV and output to the receiver via the Audio Return Channel. It's nice to have all of theses features made by different companies and they actually work as advertised!

If you're looking for a do-it-yourself, mid-level home theatre, I would definitely recommend a Yamaha to power whatever speakers you have. There are obviously tons of features out there so figure out which ones you really need and what is not required. If you have a feature-packed Samsung TV, Yamaha will work very well with it.

The Polk speakers sound and look great and put out a lot of punch for the small size.

The WEM-1 works as advertised with the only hiccup being the slight hum when not in use.

Hopefully this helps!!
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on August 23, 2011
I decided to replace a Yamaha A/V receiver that was 12 years old. I looked at the reviews for Pioneer, Onyko, and Denon, among others. I finally decided that the Yamaha RX-A710BL Audio Video Receiver (Black) was the best value for a receiver under $600. It has a tremendous number of features - some, perhaps, that I will never use. The owner's manual, which comes only on a CD, is about 130 pages long, but it is thorough and easy to follow. (My only complaint is that Yamaha should have included a printed copy). The YPOA system for testing and balancing the speakers is fast and effortless. Even though I have had it only a short time, I am very impressed with the RX-A710BL.

I have had good luck with Yamaha products(I also own a "bookshelf" receiver and CD changer). I give it 5 stars and a strong recommendation.
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on October 23, 2011
This new RX-A710 replaced my "aging" RX-V692. The V692 is still a great receiver but lacks HDMI and ethernet. The A710 setup was very intuitive and quick, including home theater speakers (5.1 in my case), ethernet and Sirius-XM over internet. I use HDMI ARC with the big screen TV which works perfectly. The on-screen menu system worked well for me. The remote is very busy but other than for setup, it's basically not used in our setup. If I needed it for general use I would prefer something with less buttons and larger buttons. I am extremely happy with this machine.
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on September 8, 2011
When I say entry level, I mean for higher end equipment. The RX-A710 gives a big taste of what the more expensive AV receivers can do. It's relatively easy to use due to the on screen display. Everything works the way it should and it does everything I need it to. If you are looking at lower end units VS the RX-A710, spend the extra money and get this entry level Aventage unit.

The only complaints I have are that the onscreen display is not in HD and the remote is very generic. To counter the remote issue though, Yamaha has an iPhone app that allows you to use it as a remote for most basic functions. This works great! I can control the receiver from anywhere in my home as long as I have my home wireless internet signal. Also when I have pandora playing, it shows all the information on the iPhone. So, honestly I can only complain about non HD onscreen display... but this is very common for other brands as well so I can't be mad about that either.

I do wish it came with more background image choices though... yeah, that's all I have bad to say about it.
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on February 2, 2013
Three weeks. Then went dead. Returned it, couldn't get another one anywhere--there were none to be had. I ended up getting the RX-A1010 for almost the same price as the 710. I probably would have been perfectly happy with the 710 if it hadn't become defective, but the 1010 is a monster (now available as the 1020 w/ Apple Airplay).

This series offers a Zone 2, but as noted elsewhere, it can't do HDMI in Zone 2 unless in Party Mode across the entire system. Go figure.
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on December 16, 2011

Easy To Use
IPhone/iPod/iPad via USB & Network
Low Power Consumption
Quality Circuitry Inside
Quality Construction
Sleek Looking Unit
Uses USB Thumbdrive


Challenge To Setup via Cables
Lack Of Printed Manual
Networking Is Fussy Setup

I use this as a Home Theater and for Classical Music interest.
Has some great features! USB for thumb drives and your iPhone/iPod is great. You can even control these from the remote once hooked to unit...NEAT!
App for iPhone/iPod/iPad to use as remote BUT it hasta be hooked to your personal network for this feature to work. This feature is awesome!
I bought a WiFi Internet adapter to plug into the Ethernet port to communicate with my PC hub wireless.
Bad part is it's not real easy to setup with online services.
I finally just went and got a Cat6 Ethernet Cable and hooked it direct....after that it was simple.
Woulda preferred it to be WiFi with my Router but it's not possible without a 3rd party bridge and a lotta aggravation!
This was a upgrade to my RX-V459 I had for 5yrs.
Setup after using my old one so long was a slight learning curve.
Hooking everything up if you have cables and not HDMI is a real challenge.
HD Cable box threw me a curve till I just hooked a HDMI cable to it and not composite cables.
HDMI is simple and cuts a LOT of cumbersome wires.
Not having a printed manual at your side was disappointing but a sign of the times.
Unit looks very sleek and fits right in with other non Yamaha components.
It's 2" shorter than mypast RX-V459. Back when I got my RX-V459 a unit with the features this one has woulda cost $1500+.

You have a chance to upgrade from a mid grade unit to this it!!
The newer technology...features and build quality are well worth it.
Also the sound quality is just spectacular!
This AVENTAGE series is Yamaha's best yet!!!

Any faults I have found with this unit were VERY minor at best.
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on June 10, 2012
So much greatness to share about the RX-A710 it would take too much time to type it all up...I'll make this review short. Sound and picture quality is outstanding. What I really like are the networking capabilities, control using the iPhone app and especially the separate 'Zone 1' and 'Zone 2' outputs. I have 'Zone 1' setup for home theater viewing and 'Zone 2' for listening to music on the outside patio deck. What is great about this unit is that one group may watch a Blu-ray/HD movie in 5.1 surround sound in the living room. At the same time, another group on the deck can be listening to music stored on an iPhone 3GS (Yamaha iPhone app and iPhone OS 5 installed), streaming music from Pandora or from their lifetime CD collection ripped to a PC running Windows Media Player 11. Basic functions in both zones can be controlled using the Yamaha iPhone app. The app acts like a remote control utilizing your home Wi-fi connection. Unlike a typical infra-red remote control, one does not have to be in the line-of-sight of the receiver to control it.

Update: Just purchased an iPad "3". iTunes music stored on the iPad 3 stream to the A710 perfectly. Tried an iPad 2 but it wouldn't stream the stored music.
Update: As of May 2013, still no streaming with the current OS update on iPad 2 and current firmware update on A710.
review image
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on April 23, 2012
This was my upgrade from Onkyo HTR 580.

The setup was simple, the YAPO takes care of the speaker configuration.

For the android users, there is a "AV Controller App" for this receiver. It also has a web based user interface, but I think it is more useful for developers.

The most interesting feature I like is the Parametric equalizer available per speaker. I could tweak the setting to attenuate the voice band a bit.

Then there are a number of network sources I use
- Pandora
- Internet Radio
- DLNA (I use Verbatim network hard drive)

Yamaha has got very good sound quality. You have good control over the sound via the parametric equalizer. Then there is the "STRAIGHT" option, whereby you can remove any "processing" of the sound. I would love to have a Spotify source (Some Onkyo models have Spotify).

Also it doesn't heat up compared my previous Onkyo.

For those who complain about lack of WiFi - please understand that this is NOT a mobile/pocketable device. Most users will keep their receiver adjacent to their TV, Blueray etc. So it is better to have a wired ethernet switch at the entertainment center, and have a wireless bridge from there to the router.

1. Very good sound quality
2. The parametric equalizer
3. Android App
4. USB port - it plays music from USB pen drives
5. Plays from network shares
6. Pandora and other online music sources
7. Automatic firmware upgrade

1. No Spotify

I discovered this feature. You can configure a video source for an Audio only input - something useful.
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on July 11, 2012
I'm a long time Yamaha user and this one lives up to all my expectations. I coupled it with Polk speakers and the 7.1 surround is excellent. The iPad/iPhone app is easy to use and compliments the home theater experience. I have it connected to my internet and enjoy Pandora music when entertaining. The onscreen display is easy to use and the YAPO mic makes getting the sound "right" easy. My old Yamaha (which after 13 years still works perfect) will be part of the game room for the kids.

Thanks Yamaha!!
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