Customer Reviews: Danner Men's Mountain Trail Boot
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on November 1, 2012
These boots require patience! Though I've given them 4 stars, these are the type of boots that only continue to fit better the more you wear them. I've had mine for about 2 weeks and already love them. And I know they'll continue to get even better over time.

Keep in mind that this boot only comes in wide (EE) sizes, so you will probably want to size down a half size if you don't have a wide foot. I typically wear between a 8.5D and 9D in most shoes, and found I needed an 8.5. And even then, I found the boots to be a bit too big when I first put them on. WIth 2 pairs of socks (thick hiking socks and a thinner Injinji liner sock) they fit pretty well, however. And by adding Superfeet Blue insoles, they fit perfectly. So you may need to experiment to find what works for you.

The Vibram Gumlite soles are very cushy and provide excellent traction. No problem hiking up steep, loose terrain. However, the cushiness comes at a cost, and I can already tell that they will wear quickly. Fortunately, Danner can resole them when they do.

The boots attract a lot of compliments (I swapped the green laces for classic red). I've been wearing them around town and to work to break them in, but they might just become my go-to daily shoes. They're comfortable enough and classy enough to wear in a casual office environment, or out to casual dinner, etc. My only real complaint with them is that the back of the boots do rub my achilles a bit after extended wear. It's not as bad as when I first put them on, however, so I'm hoping this will continue to diminish over time.

If you're looking for something that's well-crafted, made to last, made in America, and has that classic hiker look, it'd be hard to find better.
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on January 19, 2014
I've been looking for some hand sewn leather hikers in the classic style. When I found the Mountain Trail boots in the Danner Stumptown collection I knew I had found what I was looking for!

I typically wear a 10D so I followed Danner's advice and ordered down a half size. The initial try-on felt a bit sloppy. The toe box was fine but the sides, under the tongue and heel were all loose. I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel so finding shoes that fit well is always a challenge. I put in some green Superfeet insoles and dug out my thickest wool hiking socks and they immediately felt much better. After a solid week of break-in they are fitting much better, though still a little loose in the heel and kind of "baggy" on the sides under my ankles. The Achilles area took a few days to break in, causing some initial discomfort. I powered through and now they are really starting to conform to my feet.

The fit and finish is top notch and exactly what I expected from a $300 pair of hand sewn boots. The Vibram Gumlite soles are surprisingly light and spongy which helps with traction and all day walking comfort. It's obvious that these boots are made to last a lifetime and will only get better with use. The only thing that surprised me was that the leather did not have any kind of dressing on it. I found and applied some Danner clear boot dressing which did a nice job of darkening the leather and added much needed weather and road salt protection.

UPDATE 3/18/14:
After 2 months of regular wear I finally have to admit that these boots simply do not fit right. I have tried everything: thick socks, double socks, various insoles, you name it! The problem is that as they continue to break in they just get baggier and sloppier on my feet. Wearing them for any extended walking results in all kinds of discomfort. It's too late to return them so I ordered a pair in a size 9 to see if they would work better. Out of the box they were snug on my toes and just a s loose on my heel. I'm returning them for a refund and stuck with the original pair. It's a shame, because they really are a well made and nice looking pair of boots.
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on November 9, 2013
10/27/2014 update- How to tell if a boot just needs more break-in time, or if it has a defect. I've owned these about a year now, and have taken many 4-5 mile treks in them. The left boot will not conform to my heel. It's not that my heel lifts, it's that the sole pulls down away from my heel so every time I plant my foot, the sole moves back which rubs the back of my heel.
I get a blister on the back of my left foot every time I wear these on a 3 1/2 mile or longer hike.
I've applied Filson boot oil twice and Obernaufs LP once which has softened up the leather but I don't believe that is going to help my left boot fit.
Also worth noting is that the tongues seem to be sewn in crooked.
I have to wonder, given the price Amazon was selling these for last year (less than 200) if they were in fact factory seconds or something.

Original review:
This is a well built pair of boots. I wear a size 13 so could not size down a half as suggested since they don't make a size 12.5
With a pair of thick smartwool trekking socks and grey superfeet insoles (same as the green but wool covered) these boots fit my medium width feet just fine. They are wider than my Mtn Light IIs but not by much.

I expected them to be a little heavier weight than they are. The leather is rather dry too so I would suggest applying a conditioner of some sort. I can tell that these are going to fit better and better as they break in and they will become a favorite.

One last thing - these were shipped in a large cardboard non-shoebox. They were loosely wrapped in a piece of paper and slid all around during their journey to my house. This left them scuffed and flattened a bit. Not enough to complain about but enough to mention here.
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on January 19, 2015
These are the most expensive pair of boots I have ever bought. I wore out my Carhartt 3935 leather work boots in about a year and a half. They were nothing special, far less expensive than these Danners but were comfortable out of the box and didn't require any break in. I also have a set of Merrell All Out Blaze, light weight hikers. I've had two pairs of Merrell Ventilators and think those are junk. I've worn Merrells for around 15 years and I think their quality has gone downhill. For the money my Blazes were ridiculous in price (list at $150). So far they've held up better than my old Merrells but don't hold a candle to these Danners as a hiking boot.

My first impressions comparing the Danners to my other shoes after wearing them was my Carhartt boots felt like a pair of tennis shoes and the Merrell's felt like socks. The Danners are stiff and supportive. They don't have much for cushioning but I've not noticed any problems with that. They definitely require a break in and initially pressed in onto my left ankle pretty badly. I then went online and read tons of fitting info about good quality boots as I was thinking I may have bought them too big. I had ordered a 1/2 size down from my normal size, like recommended by Danner, but I had to lace them up super tight. I then tried my wool hiking socks and they were like a totally different boot! I've spent hours walking in them this past weekend, no blisters but they still aren't totally broken in yet. Normally I wear a thin cotton sock for day to day, going to work, etc, but those wouldn't work for me to break this boot in. I'm going to buy some insoles to reduce the volume in the boot for every day wear (for work, etc).

I spent quite bit of time researching boots for what I wanted to buy. I wanted hiking boots first and foremost but I wanted something that was going to last and hold up for years. I did not want a gore-tex boot and was surprised by how hard it is to find a plain leather boot with this particular tread. I also didn't want to buy another made in China POS boot. These caught my eye and I loved the look. Just like the style of hiking boots I had as a kid. I was really pleased to find some made in the USA boots in this style! They seem really well built and are very sturdy as I hiked a little bit on a hill kicking steps into the crusty snow and they had tons of support. The sole is softer than I expected so we'll see how it holds up. They get good traction on snow and ice and with my wool socks my feet haven't gotten cold even at 14*F while walking. I rode my bike with them as well in the snow and my feet stayed warm so its all in the socks. I didn't want insulated boots as they are too hot in the summer.

I don't know if they are worth $280? But, as long as they last for years then I'll be happy. I've had plenty of cheaper shoes that last a year so I think it will be better to spend more to get a quality product. If they don't hold up I'll post the problems. I don't really have any serious doubts but still, $280 is a lot of money for basic leather boots but I can't think of any other made in the USA shoes I've bought in years so they will cost more. Now I just need to get a pair of red laces!
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on December 18, 2013
I ordered smaller than I would have guessed based off of many suggestions to go down a half size for Danner's Stumptown Mtn boots. That advice is hard to follow at best because I wear such a variety of sized footwear. I re-ordered a 9.5 and they fit well. I've only worn the boots once so the break in has just started. Its common sense, but be sure to tie the boot when checking for size; cinching the boot up pulls your foot back into the heel area. For size comparison I wear a 9 Red Wing Beckmans, 10 in FRYE boots, 9.5 Chuck Taylors, 10.5 (but probably a 10) in INOV8, 9.5 Florshiem Marlton, 9 Florshiem Veblen, 10.5 Addidas Rod Laver and I was a 10 in Danner's Combat Hiker. I found the width to be very comfortable. There seems to be a lot of room vertically across the toe box and top of the foot (the height) so, although I haven't tried it, an insole could be added. The existing insole is flat, having no arch support.

I was initially, pleasantly surprised how light the boot is. Even thought I knew this was a lighter model of the collection by design (no shank and lighter sole), I was expecting a heavier boot. The quality of craftsmanship is evident as can be expected. Also expected from an all leather hiking boot is stiff rigid leather. During the first wear the only area I noted that will take some break-in is atop the heel, at the back of the "cuff". I only walked about a dozen blocks and hot spots quickly blistered. I have no doubt they will work into a great comfortable boot, but it won't happen overnight.
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on December 3, 2014
Listen, I read all of the reviews on these and was not looking forward to a few months of pain. But they're cool looking, they have replaceable soles, and they're from Portland (where I grew up). So I bought them and have been wearing them for about 2 weeks, initially with two pairs of socks (one thick SmartWool and one thin running sock). I kept waiting for them to hurt, but they never did. I'm mostly wearing them with just the SmartWools now, and I stuck in a pair of SuperFeet (blue) for even more comfort. Gotta say, they're great boots!

Pro: Waterproof (though I applied Obenauf's right away, which does make them a little darker), cool lookin', soft sole, heavy tongue lets you lace 'em up without cutting off circulation, and very well made.

Con: Three things. First, the very top of the boot tends to press on my achilles tendon when I'm sitting around writing for hours. I expect that'll go away on its own, but I'm sure I could also stretch them out by hand. Second, the soles are so soft that I don't imagine they'll last the TOO many years everybody talks about. Third, the ankles are a bit loose; I pull the laces tight and there's not much play left, so if they stretch from the tight laces then I'll run out of room to tighten them.

Overall: Buy them.
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on December 14, 2015
I ordered 8D(M) but actually it came a pair of 8EE. So be careful when you choose 8D(M) and the size option in the detail page is wrong (When the order forms, the size will be changed to 8EE automatically). I contacted Dannar official for size information about the "Danner Men's Stumptown Mountain Trail Boot". The official reply was that there was no 8D(M) size for this style ever and never. All the size is EE in width for this style. If you need 8D(M), you'd better choose size 7.5EE which most corresponds to size 8D(M). 8EE of this style is far too big for my feet in the width. I usually take 8.5D(M).
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on May 30, 2015
If you sometimes where two diff. shoes sizes I would go with the smaller size for Danner boots in general.
I don't hike for 20 miles at a pop but I still want to have the coolest hiking boots I can on my short hikes lol.
These boots can give you a blister on your heal before you break them in, but once your over that you will
love these boots. The leather reminds me of a high quality baseball glove.
The angle opening is larger then some boots , before they are broken in a pebble or two
could pop in your boot, no big deal. When they are broken in you can chinch them up tight.
If you want to take your coolness to the next level you can switch to classic red laces.
Have fun on the trail and be careful. and remember If a snake kills you its nothing personal hes
just being a snake :)
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on October 17, 2014
These boots did not break in for me until after more than 6mos of ownership. Granted I didn't wear them daily, due to it been so damn painful. Now it is very comfortable. It also looks very good, which is obviously the main reason ppl are interested in it. However I have day hiked with it in the Rockies and it works just fine.

During the break in period, the tong has a tendency to create a rock hard knot anywhere it bends (from the laces pushing them down). As a result your foot is constantly rubbing against these hard knots. The most painful experience I have ever had with shoes. I am not a boots expert, so you tell if me this break in is typical.

Another trick is to leave the laces rather loose along the tongue and tighte it up at the top.

Fit is as described on danner's fit guide.
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on March 10, 2015
I love these boots. They're just plain cool. I feel ready to tackle anything while wearing them, whether it's out for supper or a coffee house/book store trip, or climbing the Alps. I definitely had some issues with the fit but found solutions to all my problems. As many others have said and as Danner says themselves, you have to size down in these boots. I normally wear a 13.5-14 in boots and chose a 13 in these. The toes fit nice and snug but my ankle area was uncomfortably loose at first. I decided to wear a pair of thicker boot socks with them and looked up tips on lacing boots on Youtube and discovered a way to tighten the ankle area considerably. They now feel great on my feet! I bought them on a whim and to wear occasionally but find myself wearing them every day I'm off work. Highly recommended if you have the time to experiment and discover how to wear them so they fit you comfortably.
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