Customer Reviews: HTC myTouch Slide 4G Mobile Phone with QWERTY Keyboard - T-Mobile (Black)
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on August 22, 2011
I purchased the MyTouch 4G Slide in July 2011 when it came out. I previously came from the MyTouch 4G but my wife has a Motorola Cliq XT and I decided I wanted a QWERTY keyboard. Having rooted my MyTouch 4G I'm really anticipated the ability to load custom ROMs onto this phone; I know that the 1.2 GHz dual-core snapdragon processor is so capable and I can't wait to unleash it's potential. The camera is unbelievable and the UI is great - although T-Mobile left out a few features like a customizable lockscreen with this modified release of Sense 3.0, it's still really easy to use and very user-friendly. I can't wait to continue using this phone and explore all the fun things it can do!

EDIT 10/07/2011:
After having this device for over 3 months I can now say that the quirks it had before are gone. Granted I have rooted my phone and installed a custom ROM which has given me access to the software features I wished it had upon its release, but I couldn't be happier. Everything functions perfectly and it has replaced my p&s camera for all intents and purposes. Once we get source code and an overclocked kernel this phone will be unbeatable. I don't see any reason to replace it for a very long time - it has the hardware to backup the software now and leaves nothing to be desired!
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on November 30, 2011
I've had a myTouch 4G Slide for about a month as a replacement for a Samsung Galaxy S that had a dead radio after just 10 months (before the Galaxy S I owned a T-Mobile G1). As a phone, the MT4GS works very well. The phone is very responsive and pretty much does anything you want it to. Some interesting things:

-The home screens go in carousel mode (in other words, continuously around) instead of reaching the end (screen 5) and then flicking back the other way (to get to screen 1). Note that this phone only has five home screens (the Samsung Galaxy S had 7 screens)...

-The built in Friend Stream is great. Very responsive for integrating multiple social networks (Twitter, FB, Flickr, Skype, etc). Would be nice if it also supported Four Square as well. There's also a built in message center where you can display your texts on a home screen...

-This is a heavy phone. It's very different from the Samsung and the G1; you'll definitely always know which pocket the phone is in...

-The keyboard is so-so. In my opinion, the old G1 keyboard is superior. The MT4GS keys are a little awkward and they give very little feedback when pressed. Even though I have the keyboard, I rarely use it. If you're like me and prefer to use the on screen input, get SwiftKey X. It's a great app; after using it for a day you'll wonder how you survived without it! Another annoyance of the physical MT4GS keyboard- good luck getting the backlight to work (on both the keyboard and the hard keys on the bottom of the phone). They only seem to light up in extremely dark environments. To get around this- hold your thumb over the top part of the face of the phone to fool the light sensor. The physical keyboard of the MT4GS and the weight of the phone are two of the three reasons this is not a five star rating...

-Battery: this is the other reason. Like most Android phones, the battery life is also so-so. Light use gets me through a day; moderate use has the phone crying to be charged at night. Want a replacement battery- search for the CHICHITEC Sprint HTC EVO 3D 1930mAh battery on Amazon (this one is square and it fits- ignore the rectangular one that CHICHITEC thinks fits this phone)...

-Icons: the HTC icons are very different on this phone compared to the Samsung and my old G1. They're big and kind of blocky- in other words, not very attractive. To get around this, use Desktop Visualizer (you can use lots of different pictures for your widgets and shortcuts and customize the name of each widget or app too). As an example, instead of FourSquare as a widget, mine reads 4Square. I hate the Market widget, so I changed it to something else...

-Weather Live Wallpaper: very cool that the phone lets you use the AccuWeather app as a live background. When it works it's great. Right now mine is glitchy: it's 11:07pm and my wallpaper is showing a bright sunny day. Go figure...

-Camera: this is where this phone really shines. When it was released in July 2011, T-Mobile said this was the best camera phone on the market. The camera shoots up to 8mp shots and has lots of settings. The zero shutter lag is a bit of a stretch- it's fast but not THAT fast. My Canon P&S is a superior camera, but this one is pretty damn good (the zoom works well as does the flash and the ability to crop photos right after you take them). The dedicated camera button is also great- to take a picture just hold down a button on the right side for a second to wake it up and it's ready top go (no need to unlock the phone and navigate to the camera widget). There's also a front facing camera for video chatting as well...

-Video: The video capture is 1080p (not 720 like a lot of other phones). My favorite app: Lapse It. It will turn your phone video into time lapse video. Upgrade it for $1.99 and it supports full 1080p. One thing not mentioned in most of the reviews: this phone can be connected to a plasma or LCD TV to watch a movie. Look for a 3.5mm to Stereo RCA Male Cable but be cautious- some cheap ones won't work! If you can find an old one from that camcorder you don't use anymore you'll probably be fine. And when you do find that cable, most times the yellow plug becomes audio and the white one is video. Don't ask why- it was like that on the both the Samsung and this phone. Also- the included video player is not so great- download MoboPlayer or some other video player to play AVIs. And when you go to find videos in the gallery, the phone shows the first frames and not the name of the video. What genius at HTC thought this was a good idea? At least give us the option for a list...

-Linked Contacts: this is an HTC thing that links different contacts from different networks all under one name. For instance, if you one person is on your SIM card and the same person is a friend on Facebook and they have a Twitter account, the phone will ask you if you want to combine all three under the same name. Neat...

-Visual Voicemail: You know how on other T-Mobile phones you can have a widget that takes you straight to Visual Voicemail? Not on this one- it kind of has its own version of VVM and the annoying part is if you don't have a notification up top, you have to go through the phone icon and scroll over to messages to get to it. Minor, but annoying. Really HTC? Really?...

Other things like Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS seem to work great. I use the Bluetooth every day in my car and the phone has never missed a beat (couldn't say the same for the Samsung). Haven't had any problems with the occasional usage of the WiFi Hotspot either. One thing I do find odd- this phone can't handle multiple automatic updates of apps from the market simultaneously. It's as if the spigot gets flooded; I have to stop each one and do them one at a time to get them to work. A minor inconvenience, but annoying nonetheless.

All in all, if you like slider phones, this is a good one. There aren't a lot of choices out there for each network, but T-Mobile and HTC did a better than average job on this one. There are better cameras (like the new HTC Amaze) and slimmer phones (insert almost any other phone name here). If you can see past the weightiness and you like keyboards, you'll probably enjoy this phone. It's got all the latest bells and whistles; the one question to be answered: will this phone be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich?
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on October 4, 2011
The features that put this phone on top, after extensive research on my part, were the physical keyboard plus touchscreen keyboard with swype; excellent camera; wi-fi calling (which improves reception in my area); 8gig sd card included; T-mobile cheap rates and deals if purchase plan (free data plan trial); lower cost at Walmart stores than from carrier or Amazon.
There are no real cons: I would like to see more acessories (car charger; case; screen protector).
There are many complaints about the short battery life, however when I turn off wifi, bluetooth, etc. the battery lasts as long as it's supposed to. When I use the internet and other applications extensively I stay plugged in, just as I do when using my laptop.
The user manual is online only, and I did have to consult it for a couple of tasks that were not intuitive (connecting to PC, adding contacts), but this was not a real issue for me.
Haven't had any problems yet, but I've only downloaded three apps and some pictures. I am very happy with this phone, however I only switch phones when I have to so I tend to be easily satisfied.

Update: December 9, 2012.
I have no intention of upgrading this phone until I absolutely have to. It rarely locks up on me as my friends' newer phones do every now and then. I do reboot and clear caches as recommended weekly; I uninstall any apps I don't use, or those that cause a crash. The best features are still the camera and keyboard. I use the onscreen keyboard for short messages only. I cannot find a decent cover, I've gone through several, but after a few drops, I'd say this is a tough phone. I would still recommend this product, if it is still available.
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on October 6, 2011
I purchase this phone as soon as it came out summer of 2011. This is my first smart phone that I have purchased with internet capabilities and I it. Fast internet and user friendly capabilities make it easy to perform certain tasks on your first try. I am a gamer so the Andriod market is fantastic and I have had no issues with crashing games or apps and the graphics are perfect considering this is a cellphone.

The QWERTY keyboard and touch screen combo were one of the qualities that pulled me in. The keyboard is nice and bumpy so it is very easy to type out long messages and emails. The keyboard also lights up when it senses that you are in a dark room. The size of the actual phone does make it somewhat difficult to real certain keys on the keyboard, but I have smallish hands so I had this trouble on most phones with a QWERTY keyboard.

The camera that is constantly boasted about when the phone is described is of very nice quality. I have acutally stopped carrying my digital camera with me when I go on trips. The only thing that I have trouble with is that the iris for the phone has trouble picking up light. So while you are taking the picture it looks like the picture will have nice light to it, but when you see the phone in the gallery its at least 2 shades darker. So I still love the camera it focuses really nicely and has lots of options to mess around with photos.

The look of the cellphone is also really nice. The heavy weight of the phone has not been a fan favorite for some but I personally love it. The weight makes it easy to know if the cellphone with you or not.

The one thing that gets me about this phone is the battery life. While I have heard you can upgrade the battery of the phone, I am a bit of a cheapy and just keep it as it is. But the battery life is about a day or so if you arent a heavy cellphone user. While I was in New York City I was constantly using google maps and my phone died in about 8 hours. Now that I am back home it lasts me about 12 hours. But if you are a heavy user make sure to bring the charger.

All in all I highly recommend this phone if you enjoy a QWERTY keyboard, touch screen capabilities and a highly quality camera.
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on October 1, 2011
I went from complicated annoying crashes on the Galaxy S 4G to the myTouch 4G. Be careful downloading any third party applications. No matter what phone you have, it can defect it. Also understand the concept of the PC smart phone. Its a computer in your hand not a magic electronic that wont have faults. It DID have some glitches and freezes until I switched the battery. I'm a moderate user and the stock battery just doesn't last as they say. I since then replaced it with an aftermarket battery that is a 1900mah slim battery. That means no bulky battery with an extended backing with lack of protective case. The phone functions better and cooler. You'll be surprised, I promise. My phone has ran up to 18 hours. It's more than doubled the life of the phone and I only have to charge it once a day. This alone has increased the pleasure of using this excellent phone without the worry of running out of juice! Shipping, no hassel or wait time. I got it in 2 days!

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on January 29, 2012
I just got this phone last month and i love it. Its very fast and snappy, good size screen and a very impressive camera.

the only bad things i find about this phone is
1-battery life isn't very good
2-keyboard keys are stiff and hard to press sometimes.
3-randomly shuts off and restarts at times
4-Bloatware installed
5-Very hard to root
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on March 31, 2013
This thing was great when I first got it. Easy to use and decent apps. Over the last year it has progressively gotten slower. Phone reception non-existent. Frequent fatal crashes. Yesterday the phone just stopped responding. I gave it an assisted retirement, so I'm going to need a phone without a shattered screen and bent case. Total, it lasted 3 years which is not too bad.
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on December 24, 2011
This is a great phone, especially since it is my first smartphone. I do consider myself fairly tech-savvy, and I liked the camera specs and dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor. It is a little heavier than expected, but I did want the keyboard. Although Swype is good for texting, I do like the keyboard for entering login information or other things that have a lot of symbols. Anyhow, the weight isn't a killer for me, and it's not THAT heavy. I have never had a problem in 3 weeks, never had to force close an app or restart the phone. People complain about the battery life with Android; I am actually pretty pleased. I have watched TV episodes on Netflix for 4-5 hours on battery, and my laptop would only last 2-3 hours with just battery. My battery last about a day and a half with my normal usage, but obviously with heavy video/game usage it drains faster. The camera is great, probably the other reason I got this phone. We have a 10 MP entry-level Nikon camera, and I don't use it anymore because this auto-focuses better and my pictures always come out great. So far, being in rural and urban areas across 4 states over the holidays, voice service has been great. Data has been a little more varied, usually have 2G in urban areas but have 4G everywhere I'd expect it. I watched Netflix with great quality while passing through Las Vegas. Wifi Calling is awesome! So far two weeks into my billing cycle I've used like 15 plan minutes. Do make sure to add free wi-fi calling to your plan because it's not automatically added. GPS navigation is great and I love the apps. I got this free with a new 2 yr contract at Best Buy, so I'd check there.
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on July 27, 2013
I am enjoying my HTC my Touch 4G Mobile Phone. It works well. The seller met my needs. When I wasn't satisfied with the first phone I received, another one came within 2 days. It is great.
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on January 2, 2013
I've been looking for a new phone to replace my old one and use it as an mp3 player. But I really didnt want to spend a ton of money on all the newer android phones. After my friend bought her's and told me about it, it fit exactly all the things I wanted in a phone. It was cheap, semi-compact yet sturdy, good text touch screen with swype, and an awesome media player that not only holds music but videos. I definitely recommend this phone to anyone who wants a high powered android phone, but at a more reasonable price. I bought this used- like new and it was even cheaper than it already was. The only problem with the appearance is one tiny scratch on the edge but it was easily covered with the case that came with it. Overall I definitely recommend this phone. Hoped this help :)
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