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141 of 146 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2011
This phone is great! It has a big white back light display on the base station. The base and the cordless handsets can play your phone messages back. You can call the base station or other cordless handsets with the intercom feature. It also has talking caller ID and you can have the ringers on the cordless handsets turn off automatically when you are sleeping. Your friends and family can have a separate ring tone. Plus the base station will still work when the power goes out. But the most important feature is that it blocks phone numbers! Such as sales people that call every night. Once you block that number, it rings once and then hangs up on them. I love this phone! Thanks Panasonic for the best phone ever made.
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208 of 224 people found the following review helpful
on November 11, 2011
I've been buying Panasonic phones for a good ten years now (mostly out of habit, I guess), but this new-for-2011 model is their first all-in-one combo that, by my standards, can satisfy all of a household's basic needs. Retailing for 100 bucks, it comes with a base unit, two handsets (each running on 2 AAA NiMH rechargeables and the 1.9 GHz band), a speakerphone on all three pieces, an answering machine, Talking Caller ID, Call Block, and finally, a NICE BIG-ASS BACKLIT LCD SCREEN. This is all a thankful relief, since up until now I had to make do with one of Panasonic ghetto corded phones (last redesigned in 2006) with its contrast-free screen and plain old Caller ID. Sure, there was Talking Caller ID on my separate Panasonic cordless unit, but that meant whenever I answered a call with the corded phone, the cordless one kept on shouting like a moron for five more seconds. So score one for elegant integration.

As far as the essentials go, voice quality is clear -- leagues better than even the best cell phone could dream of. The menus are easy to figure out, and the ringtones are more pleasing to the ear than those found on other brands. Claimed talk time is an eternal 13 hours thanks to something called Eco Mode, and they managed to design each of the three units to eat less than 2 watts of electricity when idle (eco indeed).

My complaints:
-The handsets have grown bigger/heavier, as well as less comfortable due to the removal of ear indents. Their ringtones were also cooler three years ago, and the base unit's kind of ugly and shapeless.
-As before, Talking Caller ID takes two full rings before speaking up, then wastes another second saying "CALL FROM" before announcing the name. Gotta run to pick up before the machine snags it.
-I had to check the manual to figure out how to record an answering machine message, which cryptically requires using the handset, selecting code entry mode, and typing "#302"... what the hell?
-Back in 2007, Panasonic decided to remove the number display from their answering machines, which can cause problems in households with more than one person. Whoever first checks the messages has to remember to tell other people about any waiting for them, since the light on the machine only blinks when NEW messages arrive.
-On the sample I got, all three units have a prominent background noise at all times -- it sounds almost like static. You can hear it as soon as you pick up the receiver, even if the phone cord's not plugged into the wall! Hopefully other reviewers can verify if I got a bad sample or if the problem is endemic to this model (which wouldn't surprise me, since not long ago Panasonic knowingly sold phones whose batteries died in 10 minutes).

This is basically a good phone, but the pathetic quality control implications of that last point make me dubious about keeping it.
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41 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2012
This very-capable system has many useful features:
1)Bright legible displays with large readable font.
2)Basic system has one base station with corded handset and one cordless unit, with large displays and buttons. Additional cordless units (up to 6) and a range-extender are available.
3) 50-entry "phonebook", with name/number entries done manually or by saving from incoming calls.
4) To use phonebook, simply step display to grouped name/number desired, then lift handset on base (press the on button on cordless) and the number is auto-dialed.
5) Both base-station and cordless have 3 multipurpose buttons directly under displays, the functions of the moment being defined by displayed names immediately above buttons.
6)Curiously, most setup is done from the cordless by first dialing "#", then a 3-digit code per user's guide. Example: to set date/time, (on cordless) dial "#101", then the date/time in specified order. etc.
7)Loudness of received voice is varied with up/down buttons; however the setting can be too easily changed (unintentionally) while fumbling with buttons.
8) Answering "machine" function works fine.
9) Base station has a locator/intercom button which when pressed, causes a distinctive warbling on cordless (for locating when misplaced), and if both base's handset(picked up) and remote turned on, voila ... an intercom!
10) Base has 5 quick-dial buttons ... the designated name/numbers must first be entered into the "phonebook".

This system has a long learning-curve, so keep the user's-guide handy.
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62 of 66 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2012
I purchased the Panasonic KX-TG6672B phone along with additional handsets. I have owned older Panasonic phones and have been happy with their sound quality and construction. The new phones do not share the sound quality of the older Panasonic phones. While the phone is loaded with features like talking caller ID, call blocking, and use standard AAA rechargeable batteries, I give it only one star because of the poor sound quality from all of the handsets including the corded base. The voice from the handsets seems to cut in and out when someone starts and finishes a sentence, much like the sound from a speaker phone. The sound from the base corded handset was so poor it was nearly impossible to understand what the caller was saying. I was happy that agreed to accept a return on the phones. To us they were unusable.
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85 of 93 people found the following review helpful
on January 19, 2012
Sound quality while listening to incoming calls is quite horrid. It's very strange. The quieter portions of the caller's speech are blocked to complete silence while the louder portions come through fine. This makes understandability for quiet or distant callers very difficult. I'm constantly asking callers to speak up... and I have no hearing deficit! It's not that callers aren't loud enough, it's just that the quieter parts of their enunciations are totally missing. Very loud local calls sound just fine. The phone's volume control has no effect on this problem. Turning the volume up high makes everything louder, but the missing pieces are still missing.

The phone has some other nice features, but what good is a telephone with such poor understandability?

Separately: After just a couple of months, the painted numbers on the handset keypad are already starting to wear off.
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48 of 54 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2011
Yes, it is true that almost all the programming i.e. speed dial, phone book, etc. has to be done through the cordless phone. The set up was easy though. The extra cordless unit is so neat, all it needs is a power outlet, no need for phone line. It automatically works once the base unit is attached to the phone line. The base unit is not flimsy, although the phone cord is short, the base unit does not budge much when the phone handset is togged. I programmed the caller announcer and it does have a clear voice announcing who is calling. I think we will be enjoying using this phone for a long time. Highly recommended product.
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22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on October 16, 2012
The cordless phone did not work upon arrival and I called Panasonic immediately, the day I received the unit or the day afterwards, and asked for a new replacement. After waiting six weeks and several phone calls, they sent me a refurbished unit instead of a new unit. So, I paid for new, and I got used. What a great deal for Panasonic. They can sell you a defective unit and make you pay full price, and then follow-up with a used unit as your reward. After all, Panasonic is in control and you are nothing to them. They think it's okay to do this because it's their policy. I can see if the phone was used too - and returned under warranty - but this was not the case. The warranty indicates they will replace with new or used under warranty, but they are telling me it's their policy to replace with a refurbished unit no matter what, and I should have returned it to Amazon. Well I sure would have if when I asked for NEW replacement they had told me straight out that wasn't going to happen, and obviously their written policy is a misrepresentation. It's a disgrace how they have treated me.

Who wants some old used phone that somebody with bubonic plague used? It's like used underwear. These things are used in people's mouths, and they are made of plastic which will not repel bacteria and disease. I can't clean that phone enough to not make it really gross. It is wrong to tell someone you will give them a new phone, send them a used one, and then say too bad you should have returned it to Amazon. Now my 30 days are up, and I sure wish I had and I will never buy anything from them ever again.

Amazon - please consider not doing business with Panasonic who has such anti-consumer policies.

Update: I just found this article about how they were accused of marketing defective phones (same model numbers) back in 2004!!! Amazon - could they be using you as a portal? It's hard to return on-line and then you end up with a used unit. Wow - this is terrible.

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20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on September 6, 2012
This product is not worth purchasing. It cuts in and out when you are talking on the phone and sometimes the voice goes mute and you can't hear the other person on the line and they can't hear you. I am sorely dissatisfied with this purchase and wish to send it back for a refund... Sue Holt
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22 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2012
Been using this cordless phone set for about a week so here are my thoughts:
- Nice range, no issues in a decent sized house
- The consolidated phone book. One central list that can be accessed by the base units and handsets
- You can listen to your messages from the handsets
- You can screen a call (listen live when a message is being left) from both the base and the handsets
- They use standardized rechargeable batteries in the handsets (so you don't get screwed later with expensive proprietary replacements)
- When an incoming call matches a number in your phone book it shows the name from your phone book and announces (talking callerid) the name from your phone book

- The base unit has very limited functionality. It can access the phone book but it can't add/edit it. Even some of the settings specific to the base unit have to be changed on the handsets (Ex: if you want to turn on/off talking caller id on the base unit you have to do it on the handsets) Strange
- This is easy to replace with a $5 new cord but the coiled cord on the base unit is too short
- The screen on the base unit is hard to see when the backlight isn't on. If you just look at it (to check for missed calls) it is difficult to see until you press a button to light the screen
- The phone book system doesn't allow you mark whether a number is a home/cell/office number (only one number per name). This gets tricky because you want to put all of someones numbers into the phone book (so their name is announced) but then there is no way to distinguish the different numbers when you use the phone book. My work around is to set it as "John Smith C" and "John Smith H". This solves the problem but it strange when the voice announces it with the extra letter
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33 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on March 21, 2012
Purchased this for my parents, who needed to replace their cordless phone and answering machine.

-- Handsets clicks into the cradles (my parents have issues with not placing items in cradles correctly and wondering why the battery isn't charging).
-- Handsets take standard rechargeable batteries (no custom battery to purchase a few years from now that never work as well as the original batteries!)
-- Sound quality is very clear. Can wander around the yard with the cordless handsets and still have good reception.
-- Reviewing missed calls and messages is very simple. Nice indicators on both the handsets and base unit.
-- Nice large display on the base unit.
-- Comes with two belt clips for the cordless units.

-- Cannot customize ringer on base unit. Would like to have all the phones ring the same.
-- Not enough speed dials. Previous phone had ability to store 15 speed dial numbers. This phone only allows 5 on the base and none on the cordless units (searching the phone's directory is relatively simple but takes a few extra steps).
-- Cannot enter contact information from the base unit, must be done on the cordless units.

Wish there was battery backup for the base unit. I'm not sure how long the contact listing and answering machine message will remain in memory without power (lately it seems that we are without power for multiple days at least once a year).

I recently purchased a set of VTECH cordless phones for myself and realize I miss my old Panasonic cordless phone. Much better quality, easy to use, and lots of little (but helpful) features. I'd recommend it to anyone needing a corded/cordless phone combo.
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