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on August 26, 2011
First of all this is coming from an Android ex user, I used to have the Evo 4G and after growing bored of Android I took the plunge back into BB, and wow what a difference! I used to have the Bold 9700 back in the days and this to me is a HUGE improvement! Its fast its quality built is just incredible, I would put the quality built up there next to the iPhone 4. If feels solid and you just want to write something to someone LoL. I dont know what other are saying about the size, its the perfect size, its hands down the BEST keyboard Ive ever typed on!

The screen is gorgous and the LED light makes my old Evo look like a dimm light for notifications. I love that you can see the LED light from any angle and with the Evo you had to literally face the device to see the light turn on. As for the browser its not up to par with Android or iPhone, but its not the same old BB one either, its WAY quicker, smoother and overall a big leap forward.

As for the apps I found a lot that i can use as well. The best thing to do is to go to your local Sprint store and play with one. Although I will tell you that I did that and there is no comparison, the display unit feels cheap, yet once you buy one it feel way better ( quality) And whoever complained about carrier.... then why would you purchase it in the first place? LoL Sprint is # 1 right now for realesing the most devices, just look at their BB , Android , Windows phone line up...they got choices! I wont be going back to Android until a phone comes out that blows my mind away, until then I am loving this Bold Touch- heck I even got some of my die hard Android friends looking into buying one too!
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on September 22, 2011
Sales people tend to move around a lot and sales organizations like uniformity and sales managers often hand out phones. And so it has come to pass that I've tried just about all the smartphone platforms on the market today. BB CURVE(S), DROID 2, iPhone 2, BB Tour) I didn't mean for this to happen. I play sports and stuff. But here we are...

This new Bold rivals the iPhone for industrial design. Yes, I went there. The keyboard feel and function is simply the best on the market. I loved my BB Tour for its keyboard but now I know I was typing on Canada's Ford Taurus. The Bold my friends, drives like a Corvette with fresh tires on new asphalt. Also impressive in the design category is the slim graceful shape and really phenomenally vivid and responsive touch screen. The balance and shape of the device feels great in the hand. The screen isn't as big as some other phones on the market but it really does look fantastic. I will say however, that like the iPhone, this device resembles the kind of glass that should not be dropped. The BB Tour was unique in the level of abuse it could take. This new Bold, though solid and smartly finished, does not have that indomitable Blackberry brick weight to it.

It's all about speed and apps these days. Or so they tell me. The bold is fast and seems very stable from an operating system point of view. New apps launch quickly and it's easy to toggle between as many as 4 or 5 or so different open applications. The web loads credibly quickly and the browser is a quantum leap ahead of what blackberry has put forward to this point. Ah, but the app selection is on the skimpy side. Not an issue says me. As others have noted, the apps that are available work really well. My new favorite is iSpeech Translator. Look into fiction is today.

The camera has no auto-focus!. Don't let this smooth talk lead you astray. The camera on this device takes crystal clear beautiful pictures. Auto-focus on this phone has been replaced by a manual drop down camera settings menu that is easily accessed from the display view finder. Settings are intuitive to toggle through quickly and deliver beautifully clear images. Is it slower than auto focus? I'm not sure about that. In the right hands you could move quickly and take perhaps better pictures.

Other random impressions:

Important to me was impressive brightness of the LED. This phone doubles as a credible flashlight.
Streaming media apps like Pandora seem to do really well on this phone.
New interface is more intuitive and fun to operate....kind of like the iPhone, for me.
It does wifi
It interfaces with Twitter and Facebook very well
Like any blackberry you can change the flow and layout of critical functions. Only difference now is it's not so difficult.

I just noticed I haven't said anything about Android. For me this Bold can go toe to toe with the Bionic and other super phones for its brilliantly functional, balanced, and powerful design. The android and iPhone are superior in the way they handle multimedia but this is only true if your comparing this device to the iPhone 4 or Android Bionic and even in these instances the gap is small. This Bold seems to have plenty of processing horsepower to evolve around. It is a beautiful example of industrial engineering for me. I wish it was a touch more rugged but must give it a "Highly Recommend".
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on April 12, 2012
This phone is everything I have ever wanted in a phone. The keyboard is amazing (I hate on-screen keyboards they are never accurate). Blackberry phones always have superior reception compared to all other phones. Also, the battery lasts all day whereas other smartphones need to be charged several times throughout the day. I have dropped my bold on concrete about 20 times and there is not a single scratch on it. This phone is SOLID.

If you need a phone and not a toy get this Bold
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on August 23, 2011
I've been a dedicated crackberry addict for 11 years now, buying each new model on the day it was released. The Bold 9930 was no exception....picked it up last Friday, two days before the official release, from a retailer eager to make a sale.

Then, four days later, I returned it.

Don't get me wrong - the phone is everything it is advertised to be - super slim and sexy, *the* perfect keyboard, messaging is still the killer app. But therein lies the's just more of the same and in 2011 that is just not enough.

The biggest reason to get this phone is the faster processor - previously painful tasks are now a breeze with the additional horsepower. App World, browsing, video are all actually usable now. Touchscreen is nice. But that's where it ends.

The phone is a little too wide to be held comfortably...I actually like the previous generation's width...this new one goes back to the original 9000's width which was a few millimeters too many.

There is no front facing camera, the rear camera does not auto-focus, battery is smaller than previous generation, apps that I want to use still don't exist - remote deposit capture for my bank, netflix, slingbox etc. CPU while perfectly adequate - especially in light of the lackluster CPU in previous models - is still a single core one and a generation behind other mobile platforms.

RIM, you've finally lost me. And when you lose faithful customers like me, maybe there's something wrong.

An oft-repeated refrain in reviews of this phone is that it offers more of the same to Blackberry loyalists - and that is both its saving grace and its downfall.
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on July 13, 2015
Excellent phone. It is too bad Sprint no longer carries such high quality builds or the operating system. The keyboard has large keys which allow us with dry fingertips to enter information into the phone. The phone is very well constructed and it is strong without the weight. Very little glare even in day time. The sound and microphone quality provides for very clear conversation and listening. The phone seems to have a limited number of applications because it is not an entertainment hub and so the applications appear to have dried up. Overall an excellent phone for the heavy email writing and texting, low web use and simple web searching/reading, and of course as a personal phone for the purpose of receiving and making phone calls.
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on September 15, 2014
My Curve 4 fell in water and that was its RIP. I then fall in love with the shape and specification of this Sprint Blackberry Bold 5 9930. My friends told me the phone's battery of Bold 5 phones are terrible. My brother opine the 9900 is better. In a nutshell, I eventually bought 9930. Honestly, I've never used a BB with a battery as strong as this. It functions perfectly well that I wonder why people rumour it as bad. I'm typing this review with it right now.
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on April 1, 2016
I've never written a review before but I feel like it's important for others to not make the same ignorant mistake I did. So for any of you who are looking to buy this or probably any other phone make sure it comes with a SIM or that you can buy the SIM for that specific model, because if you can't the phone will most likely be useless. I just barely made this mistake and don't get me wrong, the phone operates perfectly as it's supposed to, but it literally does nothing more than tell me the time because it doesn't have a SIM card nor can you buy one for it. Hopefully someone finds this helpful and yes I know I'm somewhat of an idiot to have not thought of this before hand, but at least I, because of my own ignorance and naivety, can with my mistake prevent more people from making this silly mistake.
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on August 3, 2014
Ahh, here I go again with another review on a piece of old tech.

To sum up, for $90 I scored this unlocked 3 y/o Sprint phone in great condition. I love everything about it except the fact I can only get on the EDGE network via T-Mobile.

I picked this phone up in Aug 2014, a day before my birthday (without realizing it was). I had been on the lookout for a 9900-series phone for about a couple of weeks now, and I came across this one Vietnamese guy at the stadium swap meet selling this lone 9930 in excellent condition (for a now 3 y/o phone). I tested it with my SIM card pulled from my other BB Z10 phone and it got on the TMo network with no problems.

What I didn't know is that the Sprint 9930 CANNOT utilize T-Mo's 3G/4G network, since it is broadcast on a different frequency than what the 9930 can pick up. As a result, I am stuck on the EDGE network. No amount of unlocking will rectify this. The 99330 is hardwired for the Sprint network and that is all there is to it. The only saving grace here is that it is wifi-enabled so I can surf at 4G speeds at home via my home internet or when I am in a public wifi hotspot.

Now why did I downgrade from BB's contemporary Z10 phone? I miss the use of keyboard, that's why.

Before the Z10, I used a 9780, and this 9930 is a nice improvement over the former phone. The screen is bigger and so is less strain on my eyes. The keyboard is bigger and much more comfy to type on.

BB OS 7.1 looks/acts pretty much like OS 6. But performance is much snappier due to the phone's faster processor.

I must say, that looks and build-wise, it is superior to the 9780. It feels much more solid; It looks and feels expensive, luxurious, and professional. That metal band that encircles the phone maybe lends to these qualities. Definitely a premium phone.

If you are BB fan and can't afford (or don't want) a Q10, then this is the only alternative. BB seems to think so as they have re-released this phone, citing continuing BB OS 7 phones' higher sales figures over BB10 phones. In this regard, I could say I have a current phone!
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on January 7, 2012
A phone and a business tool all in one. The bold 9930 is a nice phone. It has the functions and apps that I use most on a phone. Like always you know this would not be a BB review without mention of the Android and iPhone 4s.

My wife have the Evo 4g- very impressive small computer. I help her to set her phone and install apps and updates etc. and I much rather have the setup of the BB for myself. When is too much too much. These phones have a lot of potential, but do everybody need all of that bloatware.

So much talk about apps. Just show me a handful of apps that are tested and works with my device. I am not a "beta" tester. LOL

Phone 1st is what I like most about my BB 9930. I have 4 email accounts on my phone and each with its own purpose. I love the way I can separate them and know which is receiving mail. I hate to look in Outlook because all accounts are there together.

When it comes to power how much is enough... well I am able to surf the web while listening to Pandora without any interruptions in service... Sounds like enough power to me.

I use my BB for work and play. and the Docs to go premium is wonderful. I can write word docs while on the go. I definitely like the bright screen.
I am not into playing games ( never could get past level 2 on pac man) hahaha.

Overall I am happy with my purchase of this phone. Looking forward to purchasing my playbook this coming fall.
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on December 4, 2012
I bought this phone for the keyboard. I love love love typing on a true tactile keyboard. This phone is speedy, great, with a battery life that far surpasses my Galaxy S2. The only negative is the camera as it does not autofocus.
Great phone... it will hold me over until BB10.
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