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on November 26, 2011
This Onkyo TX-NR5009 replaced a 10y/o Pioneer Elite VSX47tx 130W receiver. The decision completed a recent overhaul of my home theater system and has been well worth it! The main reason for purchasing this receiver was to get the power needed to breeze through action scenes without having the receiver clip and turn off like my Pioneer occasionally did due to my 4ohm L/R Martin Logan electrostats. I have now achieved my goal of having a system that I cannnot listen to at its loudest due to it being uncomfortable, which previously I could not do. The reciever is 4ohm certified and must be set to 4ohms through Audyssey. I tested it before switching and reached a loud level before clipping, then reset to 4 ohm and I cannot clip it now! Awesome!!!
The On Screen Display is very nice! A huge upgrade in user compatibility, but I feel that this AVR still has a way to go to become more easily navigatable. 3-4 week learning curve with moderate use. Switching from analog to digital AVR creates an issue with low quality sound files like Pandora, static can now be heard which was concealed on the old reciever, even with Audyssey's smoothing bit technology. A better reciever puts a magnifying glass on content, so any shortcomings become noticeable. HDMI requires better input.
The graphics chips are not noticeable. DVD's still look bad, 720p cable looks like 720p, wouldn't even know if the processors were on or not. I am glad for the 4K converter for future life span of the AVR, hopefully another 10yrs. Sound is where the difference is, more activity on all speakers, especially the surrounds are way more active, Avatar 3D on my 82" was intense!!!! Favorite TV listening mode is Theater-Dimensional, which runs only the front 3 speakers, a much appreciated mode I never had.
Overall summary: get it, it will handle any tasks thrown at it, and enjoy it once you get through the learning curve. Although tweaking settings will never end, so many to choose from. Remember, after reading all the stats you will think this reciever can save the world, but in the end it is just a reciever and allows you to enjoy your favorite audio/video to make life just a little bit better.
Purchased the wireless reciever UWF-1, works ok. Gives a signal strength of 44% in a good wireless network, I will be getting a hardline ethernet run soon to the AVR, not a great nano usb. I have not explored all the plethora of internet apps yet, too many to comprehend:)
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on April 7, 2013
This 5009 was my third Onyko receiver over the last 10 years and it will definitely be the last. There is a systemic problem running (from my experience) over the entire A/V Receiver line. And the problem has been present for a number of years. I have had to replaced the HDMI video board in THREE of my receivers over the last year and a half! No small feat because the closest authorized Onyko service center is an hour and half drive away in Tampa! The replacement of the HDMI boards have been covered under warranty, but no compensation for the irritation and transporting of units! Especially in the Cable/Satellite mode, the pictures comes up immediately after turning on with flashing of video in color bands or it developes into snow completely losing video signal. As stated I own three units (TX-NR2009, TX-SR508 & TX-NR2006)all manufactured at different periods over the last 3 years. As with any manufacturer, they give no relief or assistance to their customers other than suggesting sending units back and forth to the Warranty service centers. I have my own A/V technician who maintains my equipment (I use the 5009 in a rather large Media Room) and he has tried to deal with Onyko support and found support mearly reads from scripts and neither cares or understands the problems he is facing in the field.

My regret is why I remained so loyal to the brand that I bought three different receivers while aware of the existing problem. My own defense: "Hope Springs Eternal."
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on June 7, 2013
I bought the TX-NR5009 in February 2013. In May 2013 the accessories using a HDMI output were not recognized by the receiver. Error message shown on TV was "Input not recognized. Check for correct input." Non-HDMI accessories -- turntable and tape deck worked fine. A receiver reset and firmware upgrade made no difference. I contacted the Onkyo help desk and we went through the Setup menu (which was shown on the TV indicating that the HDMI Main output from the receiver was working. The desk concluded that the HDMI inputs were not working. The desk required that I take the receiver for repair to an authorized Onkyo facility. I did so, and they replaced the PCB board; they indicated that it was not the first time they had seen this problem. After 2 weeks I picked up the receiver from the repair shop and hooked up all the inputs and outputs again. Very time consuming. After only four (4) hours of normal operation, the next time I turned the receiver on, the same problem occurred with the same error message. The Onkyo help desk wanted me to take the unit back to the repair facility, but I had had enough of Onkyo's electronics board quality control and decided to return the receiver to One Call. They were very cooperative and helpful in authorizing this at no cost to me. The return process was started through my Amazon order history. TIP: keep all your boxes and packing materials (including the outer box) if possible. This will make your return process much easier if you are unlucky enough to buy a "lemon".Onkyo TX-NR5009 9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver (Black)
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on March 5, 2013
After lots of searching and reviewing I found this Onkyo 5009 and it has replaced my old Denon A11SR.

The closest Denon competitor that was seriously considered was the AVR4311 here.

I was thinking about a 3009 but i think my brain wouldn't accept that knowing that there is a bigger brother out there...

This is a powerful AV amp with ample headroom in volume for my needs. Although some source material were plenty loud at 70% (especially certain BDs), others (DVDs and MKV files) needed up to 80% to be deafening in a small-to-medium sized room. The setup GUI looks nice and easy to navigate, although some features are filed under catagories one may not be used to. The adjustable functions and features are sufficient, I was impressed by an Equalizer function which can be used for each individual channel. Sound quality is great, robust, bold and muscular, leaning more to the warm side and fairly unoffensive, and it goes loud with ease. Very good surround steering - snappy and accurate. The Transformer series was the perfect movie to showcase its prowess - powerful bass slams with agile and accurate surround steering complimented by good detail and an unoffensive treble. It has an effortless way of producing HT sound so it should cope pretty well at head-banging volumes. The Android remote app works like a charm once a wired ethernet connection is made, it automatically streams whatever music was in my Android mobile phone and plays it nicely. The remote is decent, with backlit buttons and sensible navigation keys, though i would have liked certain buttons to be differentiated by different colors. The build is solid and the unit is heavy and it does get quite hot (at the right corner near the rear), even when idle. I had the chance to try the Onkyo 3009 and it runs cooler. But the heat was manageable, i could lay my hand on it w/o getting scorched and there was no clipping (there are 2 fans inside, with cooling fans at the side). I didnt try the web radio feature yet. Sticker labels for all your cable connections are provided, nice touch. Unlike my previous AV amps which require a change of input on the TV to view the setup menu, the setup menu pops out when activated while you're still watching the movie, it mutes the movie while you'll making adjustments, very convenient. Overall no regrets, its a muscular brute which hasn't shown its true potential yet as i'm currently using them with 2 B&W PV1s and am awaiting the arrival of my true HT Rhythmik sub (15" ported design compared to the current dual-8" sealed ones). A bold, confident & agile performer with plenty of muscle.
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on November 11, 2012
The unit arrived on time and was safely packaged. The setup was fast and to the point. The sound was complete and full of bass. The questions I had were promptly addressed by a phone call to Onkyo tech depart. Overall I am extremely pleased with the product, the delivery process,and the handling from Amazon and Onecall.
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on January 3, 2013
This is such a great price for this receiver its a steal! There is really no reason to buy the 1 year newer 5010 model for 2999.99 because there is such a mnute difference. Really the 5009 is better because it has more older connections like s video and component vidio. The 5010 does have the new Onkyo Instapreview that is like advanced pip. But not a big deal. And MHL support. First I bought a 1010 wich is the flagship 7.2 for 2012 but found this sweet deal.It just bugged the hell of me knowing that I coould have bought THE flagship model for the same price. Im replacing a Yamaha rx-v2600 and it blows it out of the water! The Onkyo is just beautiful to look at. I didnt even hook it up right away cause I loved looking at the beautiful craftsmanship of the unit.BUY THE 5009 YOU WILL NOT BE DISPOINTED!!!
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on April 23, 2013
This is my dream receiver, I love this machine look good and work good solid build, would not buy another brand beside Onkyo as a receiver, recommend to all music lover.
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on April 1, 2012
They have added a few bells and whistles and taken other things away...but My Chioce The TX-NR5009 DEFINITELY THE KING OF ALL A/V RECEIVERS!!AT This is INSANE not to own such a classy and amazing sounding Hometheater Brain...Go for it!!!
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on January 28, 2012
I have only had this one day so I can only give an initial impression. The reciever on first sight is impressive and heavey, the UPS driver made sure I was home before he brought it up. The set up is not entirely as easy as another reviewer stated but not to bad. I haven't completely finished setting it up but it sounds great even though it isn't set to the room. This reciever is replacing an Onkyo TX-NR708 and the 708 replaced a 10 year old Harmon/Kardon AVR 520 that still worked quite well. The 708 was nice but this thing is most incredable, it grabs the speakers even at very low volumes. At any volume the sound is very dense, very up close. Another reviewer went on at length and so far I concur. I am running a 5.1 setup in a smallish apartment and I am real happy. Three grand is a lot of money but if you love music and can pull it off it is well worth it.
30 MAR 2012
I have had this reciever for about 3 months now and it has done an outstanding job; it adds density to MP3's to the extent that I am unable to differentiate between a lossless file. I have some songs in both formats and in blind testing there is simply no difference. I am an audiophile and I can differentiate if there is a difference. I also have an Onkyo tx nr-708 and there is a noticible difference in files on that reciever. I plat alot of Blueray with audio and there is a distinct difference in 25 bit 128K audio. The Onkyo is also linked into my WLAN via HDMI from an MSI GTX 580 as well as a Claro Halo sound card (optical)and yes it is a bit of overkill so is being wired to the PC which allows the Onkyo to directly play files through DLNA without any other processing. The video quality is also outstanding (compaired to both the other Onkyo and a 10 year old Harmon Kardon). The PC attempts to "quess" what I will do with the reciever based on what I did before and it took about a week for the computer to simply take no action and let me decide what I'm going to do. At this moment I am listening to Ana Popovic play "I won't let you down" on an MP3 file and its is only missing the smell of beer and cigarette smoke (and drunken bafoons)to convince me I am there with her and her group. As for the learning curve, it does take a few hours to really get the hang of all the unit has to offer. I am also running a couple of 140mm fans with a Coller Guys thermostatic controller to keep the thing cool it typically runs at 30 C with the fans. I would also like to nothe that the pre-amp on the sound card really allows the reciever to assult the ears if one isn't careful. I am adding a set of Polk RTi A9's here shortly and they will be bi-amped as the speekers are quite demanding of power. I am looking forward to a 7.2 setup. As for other reviewers with negative comments, when I got the new reciever, the default setting was no sound. One must read the instructions, as for little buttons think very high quality cell phone. I am a well traveled 50 year old male with varied interests and this reviever as done an outstanding job with all of my AV interests; in short, by it.
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on June 12, 2015
I have been buying Onkyo receivers for the past 18 years. Always had a 5 star experience. Great sound and quality. With that experience in my mind, I have recommended 5009 and 3009 to my cousin and friend. They both ran in to the same issue after few months - No Picture. Contacted Onkyo, The units were sent back, fixed by factory technician and received. They worked fine for few months. 5009 developed the same problem again. 3009 wasn't in use as my friend is in the process of moving it to the basement so, we haven't tested it recently.

These are Onkyo's flagship receivers and very expensive to accept poor quality. Also, it is not easy to bring down these heavy receivers and reconnect. Plus, loosing the money on every time you hire the AV technician to tune it.
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