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Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 - Black/Grey
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on January 6, 2012
Color Name: Navy/GreyProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
Logitech is known for their outstanding products, and this mouse appears to be rugged, stylish, and very functional!

Its a bit smaller than my M510 and not quite as "comfortable", but being compact, I expect it to feel a bit different than a full-size mouse. It definitely feels better than the M305 or M505
The stripes on the side add a touch of style, but they are "slick"... I would rather have the rubberized grip full-length of the sides, rather than in front and behind the stripe.
Scroll wheel is very smooth and "light" touch... rather then feeling the "deep clicks" of the scroll on the M510 or M310, this one is very sensitive and can easily scroll "fast". The texture of the scroll wheel is very nice and grips well for vertical or horizontal scrolling.
There are no "forward/back" buttons on the left side of the mouse, like the M510/710, but I knew that before ordering... no biggie, but you'd think Logitech would make those standard on all but their most basic lines.
Mouse is very responsive and works on pretty much any smooth surface (at least any I've tried so far).

Battery compartment is easy to open (release button on bottom of mouse), and the batteries (included, but not Duracell like normally included with Logitech devices) install easily. There is also a storage slot for the nano receiver... but most people will just leave it plugged into the computer/laptop. Syncing the device was a breeze... plugged in the receiver and after a few seconds, it recognized this mouse, as well as my M510 and K350 keyboard, which were both in the same room. Selection of devices to sync with was a breeze... click and go.

All in all, a great mouse for travel with my laptop, and I won't have to worry about batteries for at least a couple of years, even if I forget to turn it off before tossing it into the bag. I would have preferred a satin finish, rather than the shiny/slick finish, but that is just a matter of preference... does not affect function and does not appear to show finger-prints like you'd expect a shiny finish to do.


I've been using this mouse for nearly a year, and suddenly it stopped working. After some troubleshooting on my own, I found the Unified Receiver to be the fault. I contacted Logitech, and after speaking with them for only 3-4 minutes, they shipped out a new Unified Receiver! FANTASTIC customer service dept.! The new receiver arrived in a couple of days, and my mouse is happily scooting and scrolling along again!
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Color Name: Black/GreyProduct Packaging: Standard Packaging
I've used the Logitech M525 for ~9 months, and I've concluded this is the best "mobile" mouse that I've ever used (and that is quite a few). The M525 can be viewed as somewhat of an upgrade/refresh of the M505.

Some general points I thought worth highlighting:

- Excellent tracking on multiple surfaces, also does pretty well on uneven surfaces (couch, bed, etc).

- Pretty comfortable, even for extended use. It's larger than Logitech's M3XX series notebook mice and most other entry level notebook mice, but still small enough to fit in your pants pocket, i.e. while taking with you to a meeting at work; the M705 Marathon mouse was a little too bulky in this respect.

- Very long battery life (+ the SW shows the battery status) means you rarely have to worry about batteries dying when traveling, etc.

- Of course, the awesome tiny Unifying receiver, yada yada yada.

Some specific differences/improvements over the M505:

- Single battery operation: unlike the M505, the M525 allows you to operate the mouse with a single AA battery (instead of two) in either chamber without any performance loss (note: M705 and M515 also allows this). I really like this because the weight savings makes the mouse feel much more nimble, and there's less noticeable difference vs a regular corded mouse. The comfort, weight and tracking are good enough that I'll use the M525 for casual gaming when I set up my PC for display on my LCD TV (my normal gaming is behind the monitor using a gaming grade mouse). Battery life wise, after 9 months of pretty heavy (but not primary) use, the battery meter in Setpoint shows 2/3 remaining. This would lead me to reasonably believe that given the usage profile assumed by Logitech, one could expect to use single AA battery to still give you a full 50% (18 months) of the 3 year stated battery life.

- Scroll wheel: this might be a love/hate for some people, but I do like this new "micro-precision" scroll wheel a lot. So far, it appears to be exclusive to the M525, and is not shared with any other Logitech mouse yet as far as I can tell. It's great for reading/browsing text/windows explorer. My attempt to describe the scrolling action: there are no notches/clicks so it's a smooth scrolling, slightly similar to the free-spin mode of the dual-mode scroll wheel found on mice like the M705, Anywhere Mouse MX, G9x, G500, etc. However, it is less sensitive and has greater control than those dual-mode scroll wheels in free-spinning "hyper-fast" mode. The M525 wheel is very light but will stop spinning/scrolling as soon as you stop applying force, whereas the other dual-mode wheel is weighty, and like a flywheel, it will keeping spinning/scrolling in free mode after you let go (which often leads to overshooting while scrolling). Scrolling with the M525, even though it is fast and smooth, I never feel like it is too sensitive or "runs away" from me; I find it very natural. For those who have used the dual-mode wheel, and find the precise mode too restrictive, and the hyper-fast mode too fast and sensitive, you might like the M525 "micro-precision" scroll wheel. I haven't evaluated the scroll wheel much for gaming uses, since it's not my primary gaming mouse and also I don't rely on the scroll wheel for weapon switch, but I'd imagine it's not the best for hardcore gaming use. One rare case where I've found the M525 smooth scrolling unusable is switching pages in Powerpoint. With a normal mouse, one notch is one page, but since there are no notches with this wheel, it's easy to skip over slides instead of just the next page. I end up having to use the keyboard PgUp/PgDn, but I feel it's a small price to pay for having a great scroll wheel for all my other reading/browsing.

- Application-specific button mappings in Setpoint: this may not affect most users, but I was disappointed and puzzled that the M505 does not support this function (but other, even older Logitech mice do - e.g. MX510, G5). Was pleased to find that in the M525 that this is supported again. Specifically in the M525, I remap the wheel tilt left/right to the keyboard mappings for Prev/Next Tab in Firefox, since I spawn and then switch between tabs more than I need the wheel tilt for back/forward or horizontal scroll. But I can leave the default mapping to back/forward so I use that in Windows Explorer or in Windows Media Player (prev/next playlist item). You can bind special functions for Word/Excel/Outlook/Powerpoint (listed in Setpoint by default), or you can add any application (as I did for Firefox) in Setpoint simply by directing it to the executable path.

- Very solid construction: surprisingly, even though the M505 and M525 look nearly identical, I noticed that the M525 feels much more solid in the hand. On the M505, the battery cover rattles/shifts a little, and the buttons are a bit more flimsy (not the clicking action, but they're not held down as well), but the M525 feels rock-solid and everything has a much more precise fit. It's noticeably better than the M505 (which itself isn't bad), and miles ahead of the M705, which definitely did not feel solid. The level of fit/finish and construction compares to Logitech's corded gaming grade mice, IMHO.

All in all, it's a great mouse for notebook/general/casual gaming/HTPC use. I'd wish for a couple extra buttons, but that's probably hard to manage well on an ambidextrous mouse that's a smaller size. I can see the M525 being easily overlooked, since it appears nearly identical to the existing M505, it doesn't receive as many reviews, and is in the middle of Logitech's range (i.e. not the top of the line, not the most righty ergo shape, no fancy Darkfield sensor, etc.), but I think Logitech has created an excellent sleeper-hit product with the M525. Great comfort, features/performance, battery life and all this for a low price (often on sale for $20 in B&M stores) - hard to ask for much more. It even looks pretty good to boot, and comes in multiple colors.
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on December 23, 2011
Color Name: White/RedProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
This is without a doubt the best mouse i have ever owned. I liked it so much i bought 4 of them in different colors so i can enjoy this mouse for the next 300 years! I WILL LIVE THAT LONG! When i first installed it along with my Logitech lighted keyboard, The mouse was not working the way i wanted it to. This was due to the outdated software that came on a disc with my Logitech keyboard. [There is no disc that comes with the mouse] That software controls the mouse and keyboard, and works along with the normal windows software for your mouse and keyboard that comes with a computer. The outdated software was OK, but the new version on the Logitech site, [SETPOINT version], has a few more settings that made all the difference in the world! Its all personal choice of course, and the new version RULES! Might i add that the new lighted Logitech keyboard i bought is also the BEST keyboard i ever owned! Its The Logitech Illuminated keyboard model # [920-000914]. Originally i bought it at best buy for 79.99, but found it on Amazon for 59.99! A full 20.00 less. This mouse, i also bought at best buy for 39.99 but again, found it on Amazon for 27.90. Free shipping and NO TAX! I love the fact that the mouses scroll wheel if pushed side to side acts as a back button while looking at pages on the Internet. The scroll action is SUPER FAST and "very smooth". The tiny USB receiver is also really cool. I have learned that with keyboards and mice its better to spend a little more money, if you can afford it, and go with the higher end stuff. It really does make a difference in your computing. Hope this helps anyone interested in these products from M.B. in Plymouth Ma.
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on October 20, 2012
Color Name: White/RedProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
Sure, this mouse is made by Logitech, so it's gotta be good; well it is. It's pretty solid and I can tell it will last a long time. The mouse movement itself is accurate and it feels nice in the hand; however

the size of the mouse is just too small to be considered a regular mouse (in fact it may as well be called a mobile mouse), the scroll wheel (while marketed as the most precise) just scrolls to freaking fast, and the middle-click button becomes nearly impossible to use because of that. There are no auxiliary buttons on this mouse. Just right click, left click, middle-click, scroll (and tilt-click left and right on the mouse wheel, which are also useless).

The reason I say the middle-click is useless is because I'm always navigating the internet, and I'm constantly middle-clicking links to open them in new tabs. The problem is, when you try to push the middle mouse button in, the wheel scrolls up or down, resulting in a middle-click on a blank part of the page. (Which also resulted in a lot of anger and frustration with me middle-clicking all around a link up to seven times with the link only actually opening in two new tabs.) I'm sure people will dislike this review since it is hinged on a single design flaw, but the truth is if you plan on middle-clicking at any point, buy a different freaking mouse.

Lastly, I'm also an artist and 3D modeler, this mouse really can't be used for programs where scrolling or middle-clicking is necessary (which is most modern programs). The scroll sensitivity is simply too high (tried changing it in Logitech's mouse settings, but it appears scroll speed is absent...or it was already at the lowest if I remember correctly) and it really cripples this mouse's functionality.
review image
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on July 30, 2012
Color Name: Black/GreyProduct Packaging: Standard Packaging
I am a big Logitech fan and use many of their products. I had no idea the mouse wheel would have zero rolling resistance and incredible sensitivity -- so little, in fact, that I am constantly accidentally rolling it, really just by touching it slightly with the side of my finger. This makes useing pull-down menus difficult. This means I'm scrolling when unintended. This means I'm constantly zooming in and out of graphics in Photoshop without intending too.

Just awful--seems like a huge mistake, honestly. You can actually spin the wheel as if it were an amusement park game wheel--it keeps going.

Not really sure what scenario one would want a wheel with zero traction and that's sensitive to merely touching it.
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on January 25, 2013
Color Name: Navy/GreyProduct Packaging: Standard Packaging
I have used at least 6 different Logitech mouse before, this one has the worst and possibly faulty scroll wheel design.

The first M525 I got, after 3 months, the scroll wheel stopped working properly. Out of 10 scrolls, it might scroll once. I though I might just have got a bad one.

I got another M525. Over 2 months of time, I could feel the scroll wheel function is deteriorating and getting less and less smooth. Now, it has stated missing my scroll.

I don't recommend this Logitech model.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2014
Color Name: Red/BlackProduct Packaging: Standard Packaging
Overall, I love this mouse and feel it was a worthy upgrade from my M305. I purchased it at a Best Buy store, rather than online; otherwise, I'd likely have never gone for the red and black based on Amazon's product images. The mouse is, in fact, a sort of cherry or candy apple red with a shiny, semi-reflective (mostly light) surface. The black is deep and solid but still shiny on the hard plastic areas. It's grey-ish on the soft rubber areas (except the scroll wheel, which is black).

The battery life has proven decent, in that I purchased the mouse in June 2013 and so far the supplied batteries have only started to display a critical power level alert in January 2014. Six months is very shy of the projected three years, but I do use this mouse daily for anywhere from 6-18 hours at a time and I don't expect the best of the best when it comes to batteries supplied with a product.

Compared to the M305, it's a very nice upgrade. The tracking is smoother and more precise (but needs some adjusting), and the middle and tilt wheel clicking requires much less pressure to activate. You won't feel as if you're going to break the button by using it.

Though I've noticed a few times that a click doesn't seem to register, I'm currently having computer issues and sometimes the click just registers with a bit of a delay. This doesn't happen often, and usually only while my system is under heavy load. I'd assume that means the problem is not with the mouse, but instead with my computer. However, since my M305 eventually died within a few months of exhibiting similar (and increasingly worsening) behaviour, I will be keeping a close eye on this mouse to make sure it isn't dying already.

That said, below I've broken down the good and the not-so-good about this mouse for anyone interested.

>>>>>>>> THE GOOD <<<<<<<<

** The nano-receiver is amazing. Even though I haven't used the unifying feature (due to not having another wireless device to test it with), I love that the receiver isn't in the way and doesn't really need to be removed when storing my laptop. (But if it did, there's a convenient slot inside the mouse for storing it.)

** Amazing optical tracking! I had to dial back the sensitivity just to keep my cursor from running away from me with the slightest nudge of the mouse.

** Though I'm not seeing anywhere near the claimed battery life, so far the first pair has lasted six months.

** The mouse is still running, but for the past three days has been insisting the battery level is low. To me, that's a plus, meaning that you have ample warning to purchase new batteries.

** I love the tilt wheel, and the customizable button functions for it. My favourite setup is left tilt for copy, right tilt for paste. Sometimes I revert to horizontal scroll, however, depending upon what I'll be doing. Changing the functions is very easy with the SetPoint software.

** Fits comfortably in my hand, and the grip is far easier to clean than on the models with purely soft rubber. This mouse has hard plastic around where the fingernails fall, avoiding the mess of cuts and ruined rubber caused by nails (even fairly short ones) on mice with the sides made entirely of soft rubber.

** The mouse is small without being too small; I find it fits more comfortably in my hand than most 'full size' mice do.

>>>>>>>> THE NOT-SO-GOOD AND BAD <<<<<<<<

** The micro-precision scroll wheel takes an immense bit of retraining yourself if you're used to the standard scroll wheel (such as on the original version of the M305 by Logitech). Six months after purchase, with daily use, I still find myself accidentally over-scrolling. A gentle nudge to the scroll wheel with the side of your finger can also engage a scroll. Too much of a good thing!

** Adjusting the tracking of the optical sensor requires the updated version of Logitech's SetPoint software, as well as just having the software in general -- at least with my Windows Vista machine. Before updating from the version used with my M305 (roughly four years old at the time I replaced it), the sensitivity of the mouse was unbearably acute. I was afraid I'd have to return the mouse because I couldn't control my cursor very well.

** Three years of battery life seems like an extreme stretch; so far I've only managed six months before the critical battery alert.

** Two batteries required instead of one; since I'm used to the M305, I consider this a drawback of a difference.

** You have to go online to download the SetPoint software for this mouse. It does not come with an installation disc, and if you have an outdated version from different Logitech hardware, it will not perform so well with this mouse.
review image review image
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 2, 2012
Color Name: Black/GreyProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
I really like this mouse and the Unifying Receiver (this is my second one). I used to use the M505 and liked it but it now feels clunky compared to this one, especially the scroll wheel (I just ordered two more M525s to replace the two M505s I have on my desktop). The scroll wheel on the M525 is quieter and turns much more freely, allowing faster vertical scrolling without losing any precision. A quick flick on the wheel will send the page sailing up or down. Clicking the scroll wheel button was a bit tricky to learn how to do because the scroll wheel spins so freely but I was able to get the hang of it pretty quickly (allowing the side of my finger to rest on the right click button and letting it twist down on the wheel helps keep the wheel from turning).

The Unifying Receiver and the associated software allow up to six devices, such as mice and keyboards, to be paired up with one Receiver, a real plus when faced with a paucity of USB ports. There is a place inside the mouse's battery compartment where one can park an extra receiver (the Unifying keyboards also have a place to park extra receivers). Unfortunately, a device can be paired up with only one receiver (don't ask how I found that out).

The mouse is roughly midway in size between a full sized desktop mouse and a laptop mouse. Full size mice are a bit large for my hand and laptop mice are small enough to be hard to hang onto comfortably; the M525 fits my hand perfectly. After using the M525, a full sized mouse feels like a clunky monster.

The reason I gave it only four stars is because of the software. First, there is no CD with the drivers included with the mouse even though the box was more than large enough for one (come on, Logitech, how expensive would it be to include a CD?); one has to go to Logitech's website to download them (Logitech's website is not the easiest one to navigate). There are three programs to download: the one for pairing up devices with the Unifying Receiver, a scroll app that's supposed to make the mouse scroll more smoothly (I think), and the Set Point software for making settings on the mouse. The Unifying software works well and is easy to use (which is fortunate because Logitech's documentation is pathetic).

The Smooth Scroll software is supposed to make scrolling smoother, I think. It does seem to be smoother with it enabled but Logitech doesn't include any documentation saying exactly what it is supposed to do so I can't be sure if it is working the way it is supposed to or not.

Edit: After fooling around with it some more, I've found the Smooth Scroll does smooth out the vertical scrollig function. However, it did make the scroll wheel extremely sensitive and scrolling does overshoot a bit after you release the scroll wheel, making precisely positioning a page vertically difficult and unstable. Fortunately, it can be disabled, which I have done.

The Set Point software also suffers from a lack of documentation, such as Help screens. Most settings were easy to figure out but I had to go to my old friend Mr. Google to find out what the heck Smart Move was (it causes the mouse pointer to snap more quickly to a pop up box, which, in my opinion, would be annoying so I left it unenabled). The setting that drove me insane before I finally figured it out was for using the scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling by pressing the wheel sideways. First, Logitech labeled the left and right position of the wheel as Forward and Back. I eventually figured out if I selected Back, then clicked on Other on the menu to the right, a window would pop up. Clicking on the down arrow opens up a drop down menu that has around forty functions (seriously), one of which is Left Scroll. When I clicked on that, a couple of sliders popped up: one for scroll speed and one for scroll acceleration. I had to do the same thing for Forward to get Right Scroll, including setting the scroll speed and acceleration. Why someone would want to be able to want to be able to set different scroll speeds for left and right is beyond me.

There is a menu in Set Point for Gaming Settings. I didn't understand any of the settings in there but, then again, I'm not a gamer. Mayhap a gamer would be able to make sense of it. I just left it unenabled.

There is a section for check the battery condition (the mouse uses two AA batteries; I use Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables). It's a bit redundant since the mouse will give a popup alert when the batteries get low. Also, it will show the batteries for only one mouse at a time (I guess it never dawned on Logitech there may be someone who would want to have two mice turned on and connected to one machine). Changing out the batteries is easy since the battery compartment is clearly marked which end is positive.

There is also a section for pairing up the Unifying Receiver. I don't know if it can replace the separate software or not since I had all three programs already and I'm too lazy to check it out.

Post Edit: I've found out the settings I make in Setpoint do not stick. I have to reset them frequently, especially everytime I boot up. I'm removing it.

When you register the mouse with Logitech (probably makes warranty claims easier when you do), the website asks for a bunch of information that isn't on the bottom of the mouse; it's hidden under the left battery. Also, the model number isn't M525; there is a different one under the battery. Break out a magnifying glass because the print is tiny.

As aggravating as the support software was to obtain, install, and use, I knocked off only one star since one only has to deal with it once when setting up the mouse. Amazon's price for this mouse is also very reasonable, almost half what I paid for my first one.

Post Edit: The two feet on the bottom of the mouse at the end closest to my arm came loose. I first had to clean the smeared adhesive off both the feet and the mice; it was amazing how hard it was to remove the adhesive because it was so sticky yet it couldn't keep the feet in place. I reattached the feet with double sided cellophane tape and that has been keeping them in place since. Not long after that, the mouse started dragging on the mouse pad. I checked with logitech to see if they carried replacement feet for this mouse. They didn't but offered to replace the mouse under warranty. I decided against doing so since I would have to pay to ship the mouse back and the replacment might have the same problems. Instead, I ordered a roll of mouse tape (check my reviews to see what kind it is) and applied that to the feet. That made the mouse glide over the pad like it never did before. I took another star off for the hassle with the feet but the mouse itself still works very well.
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VINE VOICEon November 24, 2011
Color Name: Black/GreyProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been absolutely thrilled with this Logitech Wireless Mouse, which I am using with an HP Pavilion laptop. First of all, there was no software to install. As soon as I plugged in the mouse, my computer automatically installed the drivers and the mouse was operating in a few seconds. The mouse responds really well on a variety of surfaces and is smooth to operate.

A few additional nice things about this mouse:

* The scroll wheel can be tilted left and right to go back and forward, respectively, on your browser.
* It has a tiny usb receiver that is barely visible. My last wireless mouse had a large usb receiver that stuck out about 1 inch from the computer.
* The receiver can be stored inside the mouse for travel.
* There is an on/off switch on the mouse to conserve battery life. My last mouse (Microsoft) required the usb receiver to be placed back on the bottom of the mouse in order to shut off.
* The receiver can be used with multiple Logitech products at once. I have not tried this yet, but it seems like it could potentially be a very useful feature.

Probably my only complaint here is that I don't find the black/grey design to be very visually appealing. Ultimately this is a very small concern for me, though, and it's really a matter of taste. The mouse is available in a number of other colors for those who are concerned about the design.
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VINE VOICEon November 24, 2011
Color Name: Black/GreyProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Logitech Wireless mouse is unquestionably the best mouse I've owned yet. My previous mouse was also a Logitech, although a rather inexpensive optical model. After several years of use one of the buttons was very nearly worn out, but apart from that the mouse worked quite well. Considering even Logitech's base model offers that level of quality, I have no doubt I'll be using this mouse for years to come. For starters, it's more responsive than my previous mouse. It takes less physical movement of the mouse to click what I want on the screen. It's also slightly smaller than mouses I'm accustomed to, being a laptop mouse, which makes it easy to stow away when traveling.

The scroll wheel contains "more grooves per millimeter", which means it's easier to scroll through webpages, as the wheel movement is quite fluid and without the slightest resistance. The box claims the mouse can work on any surface except glass and mirrors, and I've certainly found this to be true as I often use the mouse without a pad. Since the mouse operates on 2 AA batteries, there is an on/off switch as well as a sleep mode to save power. The USB receiver is small enough that there's no need to remove it from the laptop, as it fits almost flush into the the port with just enough sticking out to remove the device. If for whatever reason you choose to remove the receiver between sessions, there is a slot to safely store it within the mouse next to the batteries. I've enjoyed this mouse so much I'm currently using it with my desktop computer. Highly recommended.
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